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    One of the leading propagandists of the self-styled “Skeptic” internet movement is Steven Novella, MD, a cohort of the now infamous Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, aka the “Amazing Randi,” a career amateur stage magician, who was recently caught on tape engaging in explicit sexual exploits with a teenage boy (trying solicit oral sex). Novella is a blogging fanatic who identifies himself as part of the “quackbuster” team, seeking out and destroying the character of anyone who questions cancer-causing chemicals in food or medicine. Novella works for a medical center that rents the name “Yale” from Yale University, and thus claims that every staff doctor who works with him are “professors at Yale.” (6) (7) The extent of Novella’s career is best defined as a man who testifies for insurance companies, often claiming serious injuries caused no neurological damage and that people are all making false claims or creating self-inflicted injuries to rob the insurance companies.

    Novella denounces all cases of autism as having nothing to do with vaccines. Novella has filmed collaborative videos with the notorious James Randi, and his relationship with Randi raises major red flags about not only Novella’s credibility, but his ethics and moral character. Novella’s already weak structure of credibility was completely dismantled by the famous Dr. Oz on live television, when Novella attempted to discredit all forms of alternative, herbal, complementary medicine in one fell swoop. (1)

    Pseudo-Skeptic Movement is really just propaganda and character assassinations of anyone who questions chemical-based medicine and GMOs

    Steven Novella joins the ranks of the most insidious shills in America, pushing toxic medicine and toxic food for paychecks. Labeling anyone and everyone who challenges their false narratives as quacks, cranks and skeptics, this national “quack-buster” conglomeration of sellouts and hucksters are easy to find on the internet, as they all blog relentlessly and are given the spotlight by rogue corporations and companies that want to “debunk” anyone (skeptics) challenging their own “bunk” philosophies. (8)

    A skeptic is basically any person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions or what seems rational and therefore accepted as the “norm.” However, the “skeptical public” in the eyes of biotechnology are the people who don’t understand how dangerous GMOs really are, and so they are more likely to be brainwashed into believing they are good, useful, healthy and so forth, if presented with the right lingo, jargon and pro-GMO propaganda.

    A huckster is someone who cheers along what they know is a scam, for part of the “cut.” The bigger the scam and the better the con and the huckster work together, the more clients they get and the better the score. Enter PR firms, sellout journalists, poser public scientists and shill (ex) TV producers who cheer along Monsanto, selling pesticide-laden seeds and growing pesticide-laden crops for the whole country to consume – leading them straight to the hospitals for chronic symptom sick care.

    The main goal of all of the chemical pushing hucksters is to convince all Americans that anything that contains chemicals is “science-based” and reliable, safe, and effective, and anything (food or medicine) that is not concocted in a laboratory is useless. Novella is just one character in a deeply embedded circle of biotech and pharma hucksters.

    A conglomeration of shills, charlatans, hucksters and hacks have one thing in common – pushing anything that contains chemicals

    Novella, like all of his other cohorts and pseudo-skeptics, have multiple made-up internet names and fake identities so they can slam everyone that challenges them and not get caught. Novella is just another charlatan and a shill, just like David Gorski (psycho-blogger aka ORAC), James Randi, Jon Entine (violent sociopath wife beater fired by Forbes), Kevin Folta (Univ. of Florida horticulturalist “public scientist” who shills for Monsanto), Richard Pan, Paul Offit, and the list goes on. (9)

    Their blogs are made to seem intellectual and thought challenging, but it’s all a front, a guise for convincing their readers and anyone who is questioning the massive onslaught of genetically modified crops, toxic vaccines, dangerous prescription medications, deadly chemotherapy, and anything else they are all paid to “sell” on line and to their own patients. It is believed that these same internet trolls created and control the content for the majority of the healthcare portion of Wikipedia. (3) (4)

    These same hacks refer to everything they support as having a world consensus (agreement) that whatever they shill for has been universally determined to forever be safe, effective, and science-based.

    Novella wildly off base and completely uneducated when talking about vaccines and autism

    Novella has been described by experts as being “wildly off base” when talking on the subject of vaccines and autism, trying his best to discredit the now known link, while making a fool of himself in the process. His lack of knowledge quickly comes to the surface when he tries to criticize and dismantle the vaccine-autism debate. Novella is just an immature shill who, like his cohorts, reveals his real motives when speaking on subjects he knows little or nothing about. (11)

    Novella specializes in neuromuscular disease and the known to be highly dangerous botulinum injections. He attended medical school at Georgetown University. He wrote his own biography for wikipedia and often quotes himself in other wikipedia entries where he tries to character assassinate people who know he’s a shill. The band of shills back each other up on all controversial issues, even ones they don’t understand at all.

    Steven Novella is co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society and fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

    Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, or CSI, was begun as a paranormal discrediting group three decades ago (1976) by a rogue man named Kendrick Frazier, who is now the editor of the online “Skeptical Inquirer.” The main mission of the group is to convince Americans they should never be worried about eating synthetic, chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides, whether they are contained in the plants genes or sprayed on them before processing. Novella is a regular shill for “Science-Based Medicine” a blog dedicated to pushing all vaccines (including the flu shot), tested or untested, as safe and effective. (12)

    Any parent, doctor, investigative journalist, nutritionist, or naturopathic physician who questions the safety of vaccines, or even more so, the fact that neurotoxic mercury is still laced heavily into several vaccines–those professionals are vilified and called quacks, skeptics, cranks, and any other buzzword “debunking” names the group of shills at these “anti-skeptics” societies can come up with.

    ScienceBasedMedicine.org (SBM) just another hub of shills and charlatans pushing chemical meds for cash

    If doctors decided to put plutonium or snake venom in vaccines, SBM would swear up and down it’s safe, tested and 100% effective. SBM supports the chronic sick care system in America and is a website designed to miseducate consumers of chemical-based food and chemical-based medicine. Just like GMOAnswers.com, Genetic Literacy Project, American Council on Science & Health (ACSH), ScienceBasedMedicine.org provides pages upon pages of long-winded explanations of how chemical medicine is all peer-reviewed and accredited, when in essence, most or all of it is unproven, non-scientific rhetoric and theory.

    The same hucksters moonlight on each other’s blogs, posing as academics, doctors and scientists who care about people and their health. (10)

    As internet research grows by leaps and bounds, it’s easier for people to find answers to important questions, if they know where to look–but take caution. (5)

    All “peer-reviewed” science is not legitimate. Some of it is simply paid for by corporations, manipulated, twisted, faked, and published with end goal results to help push drugs. In fact, 75 years ago, peer reviews claimed cigarettes were safe and healthy because that is what supported the booming tobacco industry and the lobbyists motives at the time. Most of hacks and hucksters at SBM are paid well to keep the propaganda about vaccines, pharmaceuticals and GMOs going. (2) (13)

    Steven Novella shills for Monsanto, the evil GMO seed manufacturers and massive chemical-herbicide company

    Monsanto is famous for shaving time off known studies that show laboratory rats that consume their Bt corn and Bt soy toxins die early from horrific cancer tumors. Monsanto simply cuts the data off before the rats begin showing cancer signs, around 3 months. Mountains of research by independent scientists reveal that after that time, many female animals begin growing tumors and die off, far earlier than their usual 2 year life span. Monsanto simply shows only short term periods and says there’s no problem.

    Shills and propaganda specialists for Monsanto, like Steven Novella, concentrate their blogging efforts on discrediting the best proof in the world that humans should not be consuming genetically modified crops and produce for this very reason.

    Novella creates skepticism and second-guessing doubt for the health skeptics regarding real science so they’ll stop asking questions

    Novella will try to sound intelligent and well-versed also, while he posts complete bunk. He will use all the appropriate buzz-words, science research terminology, and what other scientists actually say about studies that are not legitimate, in order to brain-wash his readers into continuing to eat toxic food, but most of all, Novella’s goal is to propel his lies to the top of the search engines, so people doing online research will see his posts near or at the top, and thus give them undue credibility.

    Novella will mention “using too few subjects” (meaning the lab rats), or he’ll speak of whether the scientists involved in the study are “dispassionate observers” who have “legitimate scientific concern” – this of course is to raise question for you as a reader as to whether the scientists have ulterior motives for their research. This is the “skeptics” angle of reverse psychology. Novella creates skepticism for the skeptics.

    In other words, Novella wants you to question your own line of questioning, so you’ll stop asking questions and just eat the poisonous food (GMOs). When GMOs are put to the real science test they always come up as toxic to animals, including humans.

    The insidious cover-up of toxic GMOs and the truth about eating chemical-based herbicides, pesticides and insecticides

    Monsanto is also known for testing their already deadly herbicide glyphosate in isolation, even though it’s most commonly sold combined with many other toxic ingredients that make the glyphosate much more toxic to animals and humans (they’ll list the other ingredients as “inert” to sound harmless). This testing reveals less toxicity and they know it. Shills like Novella use this to their advantage too when blogging propaganda about Monsanto’s deadly corn, soy, canola, sugar beets (think of MSG here and sugar) and alfalfa (animal feed). (14)

    Scientists who attack the independent studies revealing the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate are nearly always the industry insiders who get paid to blast every single study that reveals their company’s insidious inner-workings.


    Who is Steven Paul Novella, really?

    Novella is not a Yale graduate, although a quick look at his credentials imply that he is. Novella is a blogging mad-man involved deeply in the “skeptical movement” – a gang of malfeasant pseudo-doctors, pseudo-scientists and pseudo-academics who lie about vital health issues to help biotech and pharma corporations spread their scripted lies about toxic products.

    Novella claims to specialize in treating hyperactive neurological disorders, but that condition may not even actually exist. (15) One highly accredited and retired neurologist says the condition (ADHD) is not a disorder at all, but simply an array of symptoms lumped together, and not a “disease” at all. It’s simply a “catch-all diagnosis” and that many parents simply “seek an easy way to get their children to sit down and shut up, and the treatments for ADHD – Adderall and Ritalan – simply do the trick.” Author Richard Saul goes on to write that those ADHD drugs are “dangerous and addictive stimulants, and they shouldn’t be prescribed so cavalierly” and that “… ADHD makes a great excuse.”

    The only real “Yale” experience Novella entertains is that he completed his last stint of residency in neurology at Yale–New Haven Hospital in 1995.

    Today, the real Steven Paul Novella is not much more than his forte, which is another ego-driven, psycho-blogger apologist for the chemical-agriculture and chemical-medicine industries that dominate American markets today. Novella is so proud of his shilling that he serves as president of the New England Skeptical Society.

    Novella works almost full-time with known perverts to discredit “fringe” science and ghost chasers

    Novella, along with the perverted James Randi, investigates paranormal claims as a foundation for discrediting people who question anything about science. This is part of Novella’s fall-back conversations (to “denounce” skeptics) when someone debates a science subject he does not want to discuss or for which he has no real research backing, such as proof of ADHD as a real disease or disorder.

    Imagine a neurologist who spends most of his time blogging and hosting, editing, and producing a show with the sole aim of discrediting ghost chasers. Novella admits that it takes him at least 20 to 30 hours a week to produce his show “Skeptics Guide to the Universe,” and attests that it’s “a labor of love.” What about his patients?

    His own description of the show reveals that he primarily deals with the “fringe of science,” so he’s not even trying to discredit any real scientists who address the dangers of GMOs, vaccines or pharmaceuticals. Novella even functions as a “medical advisor” to Quackwatch, the completely discredited group of hucksters (led by Stephen Barrett) who call every known health expert that’s not an MD a quack. (16)

    June 2014: Novella (and his Society for Science-Based Medicine) is charged in a Florida District Court for false advertising and defamation

    In Violation of the Lanham Act, Steven Novella was accused of publishing false advertisements in his blog disparaging (INR plaintiffs) Tobinick plaintiffs calling them ineffective, useless.

    This is just one of thousands of times Novella trash talks anything and everything having to do with alternative medicine, complementary medicine (CAM), holistic medicine, organic food, acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal remedies, and the list goes on. Novella equates every form of nutritional care or holistic healing with “pseudoscience” – drawing unwarranted parallels to ghost chasers and paranormal “parapsychology.” Novella also dogmatically denies in his incessant blogs any link between vaccines and autism, even though mountains of evidence reveal the connection involving mercury in vaccines, as Dr. William Thompson, head scientist at the CDC, confessed recently. The mercury-autism connection has also been completely revealed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the World Mercury Project that’s now under way and backed by President Donald Trump. (17)

    In fact, Novella goes on the record saying, “With regard to vaccines, the data is there, published in the peer-reviewed literature. Many professional groups have thoroughly analyzed the literature and independently concluded that vaccines are safe and effective.” This is wholly a fabricated lie. There is not one single peer-reviewed study ever done that shows mercury is vaccines is safe.

    To the contrary, mountains of studies show how harmful it is to the human brain and central nervous system. So no, Novella, the data is not “there.”

    Novella’s rogue attempt to apologize for the human lives destroyed by GMOs and vaccines

    Steven Novella aspires to blog as insanely as David H. Gorsky, aka ORAC, the infamous breast cancer doctor who worked near Farid Fata at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit (Fata is now serving 45 years in Federal prison for killing non-cancer patients with massive doses of chemotherapy). Gorsky blogs during breaks from surgery at about 20,000 words per day.

    Novella’s “skeptics” derailment blog called “NeuroLogica Blog” (accessible via “TheNess.com”) bears much of the Gorski-esque psycho rants about anti-science propaganda (they both call anyone who questions chemotherapy, vaccines, or pharma drugs “anti-science”). Novella has to get his “daily fix” of blogging or his day as a “doctor” just is not complete. (19)

    Novella claims that organic food is responsible for the rise in allergies since the 1990’s, not GMOs.

    Novella says food allergies are a target for fear mongering (tell that to parents of children with severe peanut allergies). He claims there are no cases linking food allergies to consuming chemicals in pesticides, insecticides or toxic herbicides. His argument? He says the proteins that provoke allergies survive stomach acids, so therefore scientists can easily test any “new proteins” against known allergens. All of the sudden Novella is a gastroenterologist (in his blog).

    He says animals eating GMOs experience no ill health effects (except for the billions in CAFOs across the US). Now Novella is a farmer and a veterinarian (in his blog). He goes on to try to discredit the now repeatedly credited Seralini Study that proved GM corn and soy are toxic to animal cleansing organs. (18)

    Novella says all chemical-based pesticides are safe to eat and good for the environment

    Novella falsely claims the introduction of Bt GMO has “clearly reduced” the use of insecticides, but Monsanto farmers admit to using up to ten times as much of the herbicide Roundup now to try to stave off superweeds that have become immune to the Monsanto concoction. Novella claims that because GMO’s make up 70 to 80% of US crops that they must be safe to eat and good for the environment.

    His baseless claims expose him for making wild assumptions in his efforts to discredit “skeptics” with “facts” that are “science-based” or “evidence based.”

    He says he would be happy if “…100% of our crops were genetically modified in order to optimize their traits.” He lies and says all of our crops have been extensively genetically modified through breeding over millennia.

    This is now a common thread among the biotech shills to blur the line and distinct difference between traditional cross-breeding that takes place in nature and gene-splicing pesticides in a laboratory.

    Novella also writes that because all life on earth shares a common genetic code and basic biochemistry, that nobody should care where the genes come from that are now being spliced into our food.



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