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    Evidence recently brought against Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, aka the “Amazing Randi,” career amateur stage magician, was presented in court as a taped telephone conversation where Randi engages in explicit sexual exploits with a teenage boy, trying to obviously solicit oral sex from a young boy. (1) The exact audio file used in court is available HERE. Randi has several completely different alibis for the audio tape, including that he made the tape himself, that police ASKED him to make it, and that the tape was made by his enemies to blackmail him. All this from a “slight-of-hand” atheist who enjoys (and has actually received grants for) harassing and investigating “false claims” by natural health enthusiasts, and people who witness anything “paranormal,” plus those who believe in God, nature, and true investigative science. Randi is being investigated himself now, as a pervert, as a fake “scientific advisor,” and as a team member of internet terrorists who create fake identities to destroy healthy conversations on line about anyone the team calls “cranks” or “anti-science” or “anti-vaxxers.” (4) The not-so-amazing Randi is part of the “skeptics” team of internet writers (terrorists), including CSI (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry*) (6) that threaten and verbally abuse anyone who questions vaccine safety, especially those in the forefront of exposing the vaccine MMR-autism connection. The Bolen Report published shocking details linking the magical “king pin” to an oncologist (3) who is still practicing surgery and the application of toxic chemotherapy at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit. http://www.truthwiki.org/orac-david-h-gorski/


    The “skeptic” assassinators all know each other well and work in cahoots

    The skeptics’ “acquaintances” deepen: David Gorski (2) is tied to Farid Fata, having worked under the same roof for years (Gorski may be named in court documents as co-conspirator with Fata), allegedly conspiring with a man who is now serving his first of 45 years in federal prison for administering chemotherapy to healthy people.

    July 10th, 2015: Detroit area oncologist Farid Fata, M.D., sentenced to 45 years in prison for administering chemotherapy on healthy patients, some of whom died, and for defrauding Medicare and private insurance companies to the tune of $34 million in filed claims. Fata plead guilty (less than a year ago) to thirteen counts of health care fraud, two counts of money laundering, and one count of conspiracy involving kickbacks. A U.S. District Judge in Michigan imposed the sentence (5) while ordering the criminal doctor to forfeit more than $17 million he embezzled in one of the biggest and most insidious health care schemes ever recorded. Investigations of Fata’s named co-conspirators in underway, but the names are not released to the public, yet.

    Committee for Skeptical Inquiry* (CSI) was started as a paranormal discrediting group in the 1970s, but now envelops the hate groups that push vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and chemotherapy as part of a fake “science-based” mission to convince Americans there is never any danger in injecting mercury, eating chemical-based pest and weed-killer, or flooding the body with chemicals (chemo) when suffering from chemically-driven diseases and disorders, including cancer and autism. These skeptic hate groups need to be monitored by the FBI for several reasons listed.

    James Randi has spent the latter part of his life discrediting other fakes and shills, but now his own history of hiding behind a mask has been uncovered, and the James Randi Educational Foundation is nothing more than a front group for shilling. The committee for skeptical inquiry calls health enthusiasts paranormal. (6) CSI is its own faith-based science group of trolls for pharma and biotechnology. It took a few decades to become popular, but after adding several biotech shills and hack scientists who fully support propagandizing anything GMO, the website and journal gained much traffic and attention, as the chemical-agriculture industry in general spends millions in different arenas of misinformation to mislead consumers who question the risks of consuming GMO foods.

    Inner-Connected Front Groups (haters, shills, puppets, violent extremists, and perverts) for Pharma and Biotech uncovered: (8) (9)

    Jimmy Wales, porn-king and founder of Wikipedia (using his porn money) http://www.truthwiki.org/jimmy-wales-wikipedia-founder/

    Kevin Folta, GMO-maker at University of Florida, uses multiple on-line identities to push GMO:


    Jon Entine; former Forbes.com writer and GMO propagandist, has a decade-long (court-documented) domestic violence and abuse record with his ex-wife and teenage daughter: http://www.truthwiki.org/jon_entine/

    Bill Nye, who “fell in love” with GMO after visiting Monsanto Headquarters: http://www.truthwiki.org/bill-nye-science-guy/

    The whole cabal caught red-handed perpetuating GMO lies: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/us/food-industry-enlisted-academics-in-gmo-lobbying-war-emails-show.html?_r=1

    GMO main front website for propaganda:


    The fake “War on Cancer” charge lead by ACS:


    Racketeering activities meticulously plotted by Randi and Gorski

    The JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) holds what are called “Amazing Meeting” events to train the new skeptic assassins for racketeering activities on line. A skeptic, by their definition, is a person who questions the safety of anything science creates for money that feeds and fuels the sick care industry. The skeptics on line are mainly people who don’t understand how dangerous GMOs are, and so they are more likely to be brainwashed into believing they are good, useful, healthy and so forth. This is the pure push of propaganda using scare tactics that lead the sheep right to slaughter. By intimidating people on line with terror tactics and then using their own website fronts for miseducation, the “science” trolls commit crimes day in, day out.

    The so-called “Amazing meeting” is the brainchild of “skeptics” kingpin James Randi, and “Orac” Gorski is the center point of the whole meeting presentation. Susan Gerbic leads the pack that controls health articles, such as on Wikipedia.



    The FBI has been called on to investigate key players of the Science Skeptics “SS” Info-Terrorism Network:

    In a recent piece published by professor, author and human rights advocate Brian Martin for the Townsend Letter, some of the most common tactics used by S&S terrorists are revealed, as they mainly go after alternative medicine practitioners and advocates, who routinely fight back, and now, are exposing the whole illegal racket full of internet thugs who insidiously plan but carelessly leave tracks back to their Grand Dragon.


    James Randi has been tied to David “Orac” Gorski, the insane-blogger oncologis

    The secretive “Orac” (or science “Oracle”) is the Grand Dragon of the hate-spewing prose on his sites “Respectful Insolence” and “ScienceBlogs,” who even wrote the new Wikipedia entry for the movie “Vaxxed,” that exposes the vaccine-MMR-autism connection in full. The JREF also sponsors the “$1 million dollar paranormal challenge” – a win/win ponzi scam contest where Randi offers the huge prize if applicants can demonstrate evidence of anything paranormal or supernatural. The conditions are of course fixed so Randi never has to pay out. Randi has been an imposter before, pretending to be an astrologer for tabloid money. His claim to fame is when he debunked a “mind-reading” preacher (Popoff) who was wearing a wire and getting personal information on his audience fed to him. Randi’s career as a hack stage magician made it all the way to the NBC “Today” show, where he tried to break a Harry Houdini escape record. He has performed on stage as a “mad dentist” and as Alice Cooper’s “executioner.” Randi likes building stage props and using his own “psychic powers” to bend spoons. Randi was CAUGHT stealing tricks and duplicating performances of professionals. When caught red-handed at University of Buffalo, Randi replied to the accuser: “Yes, indeed, I’m a trickster, I’m a cheat, I’m a charlatan, that’s what I do for a living.” Randi is self-proclaimed to have practiced Wizardry and Deception.


    Wikipedia pushes Nazi propaganda and promotes James Randi’s biographical epic-failure film, the “Honest Liar”

    Randi’s partner of 25 years, Jose Alvarez, lived under false identity, and was part of a flop of a documentary on James Randi and his hoaky career as a magician and escape artist. The film was screened at the Nazi-funded Tribeca Film Festival in 2014. It won no awards, but featured Alice Cooper (rock singer), Penn & Teller, and the Science Fraud Guy, Bill Nye. Tribeca Film Festival only shows films that support the genocidal eugenics viewpoint of Adolf Hitler, (14) that population reduction is important and can be accomplished using chemical food, chemical medicine, and propaganda to support it all. Wikipedia has published thousands of words to support this bottom-of-the-barrell propaganda.


    Gorski and Randi caught collaborating after sex scandal blown open

    Already the subject of a Natural News investigation that has submitted numerous allegations to the Federal Bureau of Investigation — David Gorski has been connected to the “skeptics” kingpin, who himself has been caught on tape soliciting sex from a young man, according to sources. An ongoing Natural News investigation has revealed that Gorski is just one of several co-conspirators who engage in online racketeering, identity deceptions and alleged cyber crimes to commit scientific fraud while destroying their targeted enemies in the holistic health realm. (7) Gorski, who has terrible reviews on line of his medical practices as a breast cancer surgeon and applicator of toxic chemotherapy, is a master of deception on line, reports Child Health Safety–the words and phrases often used to describe David Gorski include “pathological,” “Silence of the Lambs” and “psychologically unfit to treat patients.” Gorski, aka “Orac” urges his fellow science trolls to engage in “emotional warfare(13) by creating fake IDs and impersonating other people (using “sock puppet” trolling tactics) to spread fictional, highly charged accounts of horrible things that happen to parents who don’t obediently surrender their children to the vicious and insidious, above-the-law vaccine industry that has its own predators and its own court of law, with its own judges and slush fund for settling vaccine damage cases silently. Gorski is deranged and puts lives at risk every day. Gorski’s colleague, Farid Fata, was just convicted of massive medical fraud and sentenced to 45 years in federal prison. (10) The cabal of online predators must be taken down to protect innocent children across America. Beware of James Randi and David Gorski, the Grand Dragons of the “SS” science skeptics online terrorism network. (11) (12)



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