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    Alfred P. Sloan (Jr.), Nazi collaborator and traitor to U.S. , is the original founder of the Sloan Foundation and former CEO of General Motors Corporation who supplied Hitler and the WWII Nazis with the machinery for invading Russia (1941) and defeating Poland (1939). Sloan and GM provided factory technology for building assault vehicles. A eugenicist and hater of blacks and Jews, just like Hitler, this General Motors Chairperson wore the disguise of “philanthropist.” (1) (2) Sloan loved Hitler’s “Master Race” plan so much that during the World War II, GM transformed their production lines to make airplanes, tanks and trucks to help Hitler become more powerful. This is the SAME EXACT traitor who founded the Sloan Kettering Institute in Manhattan, New York, treating a disease that is caused mainly by consuming some of the very chemicals used by Hitler to gas millions of innocent people to death in concentration camps (maybe Hitler should have called them cancer centers). Sloan’s ultimate goal with Kettering Institute was to treat all Americans who either believe they have cancer (whether they do or not didn’t matter) with deadly chemotherapy and make millions in the process. In this same light, Sloan could accomplish the same ultimate end goals of Adolf Hitler, and that is to maim, weaken and eventually kill off “undesirables” while accumulating wealth, power, and control of the genocide industry (3) that is sold to the public as a false bill of goods. Meet Alfred P. Sloan, Nazi collaborator and U.S. death camp creator.



    1960: New Corporate Entity combines efforts to diagnose more people with cancer at the Sloan Kettering Institute AND the Memorial Hospital

    It’s called “memorial hospital” for good reason, you’re chancing of dying there are outrageous. This biomedical research conglomerate nightmare, fueled by synthetic and chemical medicine that Nazi scientists engineered (4) less than 10 years after WWII, was a master plan to exterminate US citizens slowly, on US soil, but the true story of Alfred Sloan was covered up, and all Americans knew about Sloan was that he was the capitalist maverick who build up GM motors. Why wouldn’t some “great” businessman want to build a cancer “research” hospital and help his country folk stave off cell disorders? Sloan was only a business cohort of one of the most nefarious and psychotic “Emperors” of all time, who had exterminated 6,000,000 Jews with fluoride, insecticide, experimental pharmaceuticals, and invasive, destructive surgery. So how different is Sloan Kettering (5) from the largest concentration camp of WWII–Auschwitz? Does it matter if the victims die in a month, year, or five years–isn’t it still murder? The Sloan Foundation is also a financial promoter of synthetic biology — the next stage of genetic engineering attempting to create artificial life to control humanity’s future. Alfred P. Sloan Jr., ironically died at his Sloan Memorial Cancer Center in February of 1966.


    Sloan-Kettering, Ralph Moss, and the cover-up of Laetrile

    The cancer “business” in the USA is booming. Chemotherapy is an archaic method of treating chemical overload disease with a chemical overload. It’s an insidious form of population control. (10) Chemotherapy has a miserable 2.3% success rate on average, and that’s only for a five year survival from first diagnosis. Drug companies make a fortune treating the pain, damage symptoms, and constant nausea from chemotherapy with lab-made drugs that prolong the almost inevitable–more cancers caused by the medical chemicals, usually in new parts of the body. Most cancers begin and end in the lymph fluid and eventually take over vital organs, the brain, or the digestive tract. A doctor named Ralph Moss (PhD) served as the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He knew the cancer industry inside and out. Soon after Dr. Ralph Moss began his work at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, he met a man who was working on a cancer cure called Laetrile (Vitamin B17), that had already proven results in STOPPING THE SPREAD of cancer. Moss’ associates in Public Affairs lied and said there was to proof or evidence Laetrile worked. Moss then called for a press conference and publicly charged those Sloan-Kettering officials with what was the beginning of a massive cover-up scheme–specifically naming the conspirators working at Sloan in the process. Moss was fired from Sloan-Kettering the next day.


    The true massive cover-up followed, with dozens of (propaganda-filled) fake studies and fraudulent test reports on the toxicity of Laetrile, which meant they weren’t even trying to see if it was effective, but rather testing to see how much of it would overdose a patient. Then came newspaper character assassinations and the FDA sent out 10,000 posters and published nearly a million leaflets warning about the supposed dangers of the non-toxic alternative medicine. Note that hundreds of FDA employees at the time had financial interests as shares in the pharmaceutical industry. They even had their ultimate scare story where they claimed a one-year-old girl in upstate New York had overdosed with B17 (and died of “cyanide” poisoning) when she swallowed her daddy’s pills. What really killed the little girl was the cyanide antidote she was given at the hospital. It was all a set up. Notice the propaganda campaign is similar to Adolf Hitler’s propaganda using scare-tactic literature, flyers and film.


    Naturally occurring cyanide in B17 is only released in human body when cancerous cells are recognized, that’s why the natural therapy works!

    Fruits such as apples, peaches, cherries and apricots contain B17 naturally (amygdalin). B17 cyanide attacks cancer cells specifically, with no side effects. Apricot pits are the richest source of Laetrile. To date, there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that any amount of B17 can kill anyone, yet there is a mile high pile of scientific evidence that chemotherapy can KILL a person, in fact, millions have died from the experimental, unproven chemical medication concoction. The only problem with B17, and this is a HUGE problem, is that it cures cancer and the sick care industry of the USA cannot have doctors curing cancer while they rake in the money treating only the symptoms with the most expensive diagnostics, radiation, surgery, chemo and pharmaceuticals known to the world.


    Laetrile was a simple recipe for success–organic cyanide (not inorganic). It dates back more than three millennia to ancient China where doctors used the highly concentrated substance from the pits of apricots (and other fruits) to treat tumors, and it was all documented 2,000 years ago. In 1920, California physician Ernest Krebs (and his son) published findings on the connection between cancer and nutritional deficiency. Their studies showed that a sufficient intake of hydrocyanic acid in its natural form was SELECTIVELY TOXIC TO CANCER CELLS. Then, in the early 1970s, a Loyola University biologist Dr. Harold Manner ran a study on mice using Laetrile with vitamin A and a combination of enzymes, and published this in a book about the “smart vitamin” B17:


    “After 6-8 days, an ulceration appeared at the tumor site. Within the ulceration was a pus-like fluid. An examination of this fluid revealed dead malignant cells. The tumor gradually underwent complete regression in 75 of the experimental animals. This represented 89.3% of the total group.”


    When B17 comes into contact with normal cells, a protective enzyme rhodanase neutralizes the cyanide molecule on contact, but cancer cells have no rhodanase! Instead, they have another enzyme, beta-glucosidase that specifically releases the cyanide, which in turn poisons the cancer cells! In other words, only cancer cells possess this key that unlocks the cyanide, and that is why the therapy is described as “selective toxicity.” Laetrile has been proven in multiple research studies to be highly effective against ALL types of cancer, by the way.


    Pay it back to 1970: The Fake “War on Cancer” is launched, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is tasked with destroying Laetrile by calling it “quack” therapy (12)

    Sloan cancer institution would test “Laetrile” – the unconventional therapy that was winning public opinion fast. Sloan-Kettering hired Dr. Moss (in 1974), an eager science writer, to brief the American public on the center’s “contribution to the War on Cancer.” Moss was to promote the co-inventor of chemotherapy, one Dr. Sugiura, by writing his biography. Ironically, Sugiura had been studying B17 and had found positive results, so Moss covered that angle, and this infuriated the top executives at Sloan. Moss tried to secretly publicize Sugiura’s findings by leaking them through an underground organization called “Second Opinion.”


    Thanks to the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and Sloan-Kettering Institution (SKI), (9) most people have never even heard about Laetrile. The medical industrial complex succeeded in burying Sugiura’s findings, a doctor who had worked at Sloan for more than 50 years. All of his data was black-holed. Sloan Kettering went on to change his testing protocols and the amounts of Laetrile to ensure failure, then reran tests on mice, and reported failure to cure cancer. It’s that simple. The FDA did the same thing to Stanislaw Burzynski and his cure for brain cancer that used anti-neoplastons. (17) Sloan Kettering’s Laetrile trials were just a pack of lies and propaganda to bury the cure for cancer, the very disease the ENTIRE INSTUTION was founded on curing.


    This is a real conspiracy and it’s functioning at full capacity today, similar to the infamous Karmanos Institute and Cancer “Care” Center in Detroit, Michigan, where the notorious evil Dr. Farid Fata was found guilty of murdering healthy patients with overdoses of toxic chemotherapy he called the “European Protocol,” that turned out to be completely fictitious. He is set to serve 45 years in federal prison for his crimes and conspiracy. Investigations in Detroit at Karmanos are still underway, as Fata named at least 8 co-conspirators who are still practicing medicine there at Crittenton and Karmanos chemo-camp institutions.  (18)


    Sloan Kettering is still purported to be one of the world’s leading cancer research centers, all while they use the most primitive method for fighting a disorder of the cells and blood–chemical-based chemotherapy. Sloan Kettering only supports the use of petrochemicals on cancer, knowing they don’t work, but rather help cancer spread throughout the lymph fluid and the entire human body. Sloan Kettering’s Board of Directors is nothing more than a cabal of petrochemical investors who make their money by investing in the worst cancer-causing chemicals on planet earth. The Board is dominated by CEOs from top pharmaceutical companies that produce toxic cancer drugs. Also included in that mafia-style Board are Directors (13) of the biggest tobacco companies in the United States–Phillip Morris and RJR Nabisco. Still think Sloan Kettering wants to help people with cancer? Think again. Corporate greed knows no bounds.


    For more on the Sloan Kettering cancer cure COVER-UP (5), watch the new documentary film “VAXXED” coming to theatres (11) across America, all while the Sloan Foundation, the vaccine industry, the FDA, and the cancer industrial complex all try their very best to keep you from seeing it. (8) (15)



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