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    A skeptic is a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions or what seems rational and therefore accepted as the “norm.” The “skeptical public” in the eyes of biotechnology are the people who don’t understand how dangerous GMOs are, and so they are more likely to be brainwashed into believing they are good, useful, healthy and so forth, if presented with the right lingo, jargon and pro-GMO propaganda, sort of the way Adolf Hitler convinced millions of people he was a legitimate ruler with a legitimate mission, though he was a complete psychopath. A huckster is someone who cheers along what they know is a scam, for part of the “cut.” The bigger the scam and the better the con and the huckster work together, the more clients they get and the better the score. Enter PR firms, sellout journalists, poser public scientists and shill (ex) TV producers who cheer along Monsanto, selling pesticide-laden seeds and growing pesticide-laden crops for the whole country to consume – leading them straight to the hospitals for chronic symptom sick care.


    Toxic food and toxic medicine are BIG BUSINESS in America, and the profits rank up there with the military industrial complex. Many Americans are skeptics, afraid to believe that so much infrastructure in the United States is built on deception of consumers, that biotechnology targets this crowd, being the most valuable at the store and at the voting booths. From corrupting city counsel members to coercing small to mid-sized farmers into doing business with the “devil,” Frankenfoods got their nick name for one good reason–they are not “human.” GMO means the manmade-chemical-insertion of toxic pesticide genes into food and animals alike. This does NOT happen in normal nature. Even vaccines (1) today contain genetically modified experimental genes from chickens, embryos, mosquitoes, bacteria, and viruses with new strains and combinations of strands that do not have cures (like swine flu vaccines and HPV).


    Toxic insecticide-virus-food and herbicidal-bacteria-food

    Literary groups and literary websites are created by biotech front groups online to dissuade and persuade and turn anyone they possibly can away from organic food. The largest manufacturers and laboratory “brewers” of insecticide-food and herbicidal-bacteria-food (GMO) steal their language and diction from real health enthusiasts, herbalists, naturalists and those who try to protect the ongoing sustainable farming efforts that do not endanger the soil health, the animal’s health, plant health or human health. These front groups are lead by what health enthusiasts call shills and charlatans. They are the same type of people we saw run the AMA and JAMA nearly a century ago. They are the same people – just recycled by big business and deep pockets that fund chemical-agriculture, as it spawned from the likes of Adolf Hitler and the “food” scientists the US government and pharma hired fresh out of prison after WWII, in the early 1950s. Check the facts. Research runs deep here.


    Today’s PR firms like Ketchum run the gamut for Monsanto (2) and make sure all the talking points are preset, including questions, answers and many a montra and mission statement to repeat, over and over, and over again. Biotech mission statements are the exact opposite of what they do, what they offer, what they sell. This is why the “representatives” enlisted in their spread of propaganda include academics, public figures, public speakers, and the ultimate liars who pledge allegiance to the Monsanto flag. These are the hired mercenaries who coerce the “fence riders” – the skeptics. These mercenary journalists and scientists have one job and that is to reel in any skeptics who have good questions, major concerns, and any shadow of a doubt about their current choices where food and agriculture are concerned. (3)


    Agri-chemical industry front groups con consumers and legislatures alike with well-drafted GMO propaganda

    There are a few major front groups that must be brought out into the open as far as public knowledge is concerned for the ultimate protection of consumer’s right to know (what’s in their food). Genetic Literacy Project, Academics Review and GMOAnswers are all part of an intricately crafted network of GMO propaganda written by industry insiders with one goal in mind – convince “skeptics” that GMO is the best way to feed an overpopulated world. Biotechnology has already “won over” the junk-food addicts, who are addicted to junk science, meaning the artificial sweeteners, the monosodium glutamate concentrated salts, the sweet-gluten breads laced with Roundup toxic herbicide and bleach. The US agri-chemical giants have already “won over” the processed-food, fast-food and microwave-oven-food junkies, so they don’t have to waste any marketing money on them, they just keep creating junk food, advertise it well and sell it cheap and everywhere.


    For the rest of society and consumers who actually don’t want to get sick and die from preventable diseases, biotech firms wage war to win over the confused, the information-hungry, the mal-educated and of course, politicians at every level. This is the GMO-lobbying war and we are thirty years deep into it. Nearly all corn, soy, cottonseed and canola is GMO in the USA, is NOT labeled as GMO, and causes most of the preventable diseases that biotechnology never ever mentions or tests for in their gene-splicing laboratories.


    Meet skeptic assassin Tamar Haspel of the Washington Post

    Tamar Haspel, a food columnist for the Washington Post (5) and one of the latest “skeptic assassins” hired by biotechnology to write pro-GMO propaganda, (9) admitted on Twitter that she receives “plenty” of money from the agrichemical industry and its front groups to promote what they tell her to promote. Her excuse in her reply to that question of receiving money from biotech was included a snare of a remark that any group believing that GMO has something to offer would be considered by health enthusiasts as a “front group” – except for the fact that there are only about eight major biotechnology firms controlling everything, with the head of the snake being Monsanto. The “front groups” Haspel claims are taking criticism are like the right arm of Adolf Hitler and his pharmaceutical regime known as IG Farben. This is simply history repeating itself, and the only ones protected will be the informed, who turn from their skeptic viewpoints and learn the truth about the health detriment incurred from continually eating, drinking (and medicating with) chemical-laden products.


    Here’s the quote from Haspel on Twitter, in case you want it verbatim. While answering a question about whether she receives money from agri-chemical-industry sources, Ms. Haspel wrote; “I speak and moderate panels and debates often, and it’s work I’m paid for.” Later that day, “Since any group believing biotech has something to offer is a ‘front group’, plenty!” Even when confronted about taking money to write propaganda, certain shill journalists make the mistake of reveling in the moment, or getting too arrogant, too proud, and the truth comes out. These are the flashing warning signs that all skeptics should heed. This is not an anti-science point of view, to regard chemical-agriculture as health and environment detriment. This is not anti-American, to regard experimental “transgenics” as possibly deadly, when even its zealots are bragging they are paid to write positive reviews, even peer reviews, when the safety tests have not been run – not on the food, the soil, the plants or the animals.


    GMO shills sow confusion for skeptics

    The fake “GMO safety consensus” and “world scientific consensus” is put in place for skeptics who don’t do their research – or look in all the wrong places. Pesticide apologists all have one thing in common – they act like they sympathize with your position of doubt and question. That is their first mode of addressing skeptics and their “M.O.” – method of operation. Pesticide apologists cater to the concern being shown by skeptics and play on their ignorance of the genetic modification process. They also refer to massive peer-reviewed research conglomerations that either don’t exist or don’t even address GMO safety and efficacy research. They refer to “science bodies” of independent scientists who have all “agreed” or come to the “consensus” that GMO is perfectly safe and beneficial to everything, no matter what the technology being used, whether it’s inserting foreign bacteria or viruses into food to kill bugs and weeds in the crop fields.


    How could chemicals ever be dangerous for humans to consume – what a preposterous theory and wild conspiracy-claim these clean food activists have concocted! – the biotech shills and charlatans and hucksters, led by Jon Entine, might say or write. (6) They’ll say that clean food activists promote a “fear factor” with GM food. They’ll claim it’s the food activists that “muddy the science” debate, but it’s really the biotech shills. They call it a “manufactured controversy” that organic advocates created without research or insight into the processes of inserting pesticide genes into food. They don’t want to unveil the true ecological disasters underway with GMO. They especially don’t want any labels on GMO, yet the US population overwhelmingly (more than 90%) want labels for GM food. All the biotech shills are scrambling right now for cover, as they have been uncovered themselves in all of alternative media. The shills often quote the corrupted AMA or the fake “world consensus” they’ve all manufactured themselves. (4)


    Tamar Haspel has been critical of the U.S. Right to Know FOIA requests because they have been very successful as of late at uncovering this public relations SHILL network of posers who outright admit to reiterating industry propaganda and calling it their own, and some of them even admit to being shills, while they crack jokes in their emails to each other – emails they never thought would become public information – all thanks to one nefarious public scientist from the University of Florida who got careless with his conversations with Monsanto reps and said he’d write anything they said to write, while he pocketed $25,000 to do so. Read the personal emails from the FOIA requests as published in the New York Times recently.


    When “skeptics” turn into healthy health enthusiasts that share the truth with the world, which is NOT “anti-science”

    Recently, over the past few years, public entertainment and science-related celebrities have completely “sold out” to the biotech industry wants, desires and needs. Bill Nye the “Science Guy” and Neil DeGrasse Tyson the “Space Exploration” Guy – have both 100% endorsed anything GMO in their own public rants that are sponsored by Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, BASF, Syngenta and the likes of the agri-chemical industry cartel. The good news is that the organic food industry is booming, all over the world, and more and more countries are completely banning GMO from even being grown on their soil, much less being sold. Those countries include Italy and Austria, Japan and Russia. (7)


    Check out the fact that most of the developed worlds have rejected GMO entirely, not trusting the infancy of the research and the industry-insider liars who purport propaganda saying they’ve done all the research already and that there’s some kind of world consensus on it. Only in America are the “sheeple” so easily conned into believing that if they question GMO, they are questioning all science, like the moon landing, climate change, Hubble space craft, anything. The “ultimate shills” (8) are failing miserably and being called out by real journalists, real reporters, and health enthusiasts who care about other humans, other animals, the environment and the future of sustainable agriculture without chemicals. (10)


    Next time someone calls you a skeptic, as them to show you the research that “disproves” your suspected outcomes they’ve derived or contrived. They can’t do it. The only research they will refer to is the research done by themselves and their own well-paid industry insiders, who fake and force results needed to sell contracts and coerce politicians into doing business. It’s all just one big epic fail. (12)


    Meanwhile, the clean food movement is stronger than ever, and it’s your right to know exactly what’s in your food. Skeptics are people who question science and science theories, not those who deny it. Investigate everything you eat, drink, breathe and put on your skin and never second guess the power of knowledge when making informed decisions. (11)

    A skeptic has been redefined as someone who is intelligent, informed, curious and realistic about new science, new technology, new forms of agriculture, new food products, new food ingredients, and any corporation that promotes their own research as the “be all end all” of the science consensus and discussion about safety, integrity, ethics and sustainability. The Truthwiki is out and health enthusiasts and “skeptics” are asking all the RIGHT QUESTIONS and making informed decisions about the future.


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