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    The term “science-based medicine” (SBM) has come to take on more than one meaning. Originally science, or “evidence”-based medicine (EBM), was an approach to medicine based on research conducted with some degree of empirical support, systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials in order to help physicians make informed decisions, especially in regards to individual patients or applying it to a population. This supplements the doctor’s opinion with scientific literature from analyzed evidence and in turn helps the writers of medical policy for health care, hospitals, clinics, etc. Clinical judgments, as it came to pass at the beginning of the 20th century, would no longer rely on education and experience, but rather a rogue agency led by hucksters of pharmacology. Nutrition, per the AMA, the American Medical Association and JAMA, would no longer be taught in medical colleges across the United States, and if a doctor couldn’t use chemicals and/or surgery to treat ailments, he was never to speak of the traditional approach again, or of natural remedies or indigenous cures if he wanted to keep his medical license in tact.


    Science-based Medicine” took on a whole new meaning after World War II, when Hitler’s mad scientists went to work for American “Pharma” corporations and “Big Food” companies engineering toxic food additives and preservatives. Then came vaccinations a decade later, the “new age” medicine that includes carcinogenic and neurotoxic agents and heavy metal toxins like aluminum, mercury (as thimerosal), formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate. Evidence-based medicine would now rely 100% on these chemical factions and they would be responsible for massive epidemics of preventable diseases that were NOT being prevented or even treated properly by Allopathic America and the chemical-food and chemical-medicine onslaught of the mid-to-late 1900s so incorrectly named “science-based.”


    Science-based medicine catapulted preventable disease epidemics in USA

    Allopathic America took credit for wiping out infectious diseases with vaccines, when in fact most infectious diseases were on a long, steady decline and on their way “out” since the late 1880s and early 1990s when hygiene in hospitals, care centers, and plumbing and water purification systems became prominent in developed nations.


    Take the “inventor” of the polio vaccine, for example, Dr. Jonas Salk. Between World War II and the Vietnam War, doctors in the United States believed it was a good thing to medically experiment on disabled people, people in mental hospitals and prisoners of the State. They would often say it was being done for the “greater good.” Plus, these people had no recourse and couldn’t defend themselves legally nor sign consent. These experiments included spraying pandemic flu virus up the noses of Maryland state prisoners. These experiments also included purposely giving mental patients in Connecticut hepatitis. If that’s not enough, in a New York hospital, doctors intentionally injected cancer cells into chronically ill people. Of course, there is the well-known Tuskegee “study” where U.S. health officials observed over 500 African American men in Alabama who were already suffering from syphilis and while observing and tracking them – never gave them penicillin even though it was readily available then. It was all about testing for cures, but at what cost? The federally-funded study in 1942, where mental patients were injected with experimental flu vaccine, was co-authored by one Dr. Jonas Salk, who was give the label of polio vaccine inventor just one year later. But true medical history now reveals that Dr. Jonas F. Salk, the “father of vaccines,” did not cure Polio, but actually created new strains and spread it with infected carriers. Controlled trials weren’t even being run. Experimental variables were all over the place. Results were forced and fabricated to meet the agenda of “Western Medicine” and that was to prop up a hero to usher in the new era of toxic vaccines as the magic pill for infectious diseases.


    That vaccine’s fake success story would turn into a schedule of vaccines that includes over thirty inoculations, many in combination form, for US children before age seven. That was “science-based medicine” then and the same horrendous lies, propaganda and fear-based medicine hoaxes are being perpetuated today. Science-based medicine today has gone to great lengths to deny the link between the sharp rise in autism statistics with the continued insertion of mercury in vaccines, especially the MMR–mumps, measles, rubella combo jab (and MMR-2). Any studies done to discredit the link are propped up as monumental, though they are done by hucksters, criminals and even psychiatrists instead of scientists. Any studies done, and especially the science-based and evidence-based studies done by actual scientists, are stricken from record or denied as legitimate by the pharmaceutical powers that be, meaning the shills of the regulatory agencies like the CDC and the FDA.


    In Western Medicine, the term science-based is never truly invoked and proven regarding vaccines, pharmaceuticals and genetically modified food because there is no proof any of it is safe. Although surgeons and anestheticians are phenomenally great at their jobs, medical doctors and oncologists alike are working inside of parameters that dictate only chemical drugs can be prescribed for any and all sickness, and even “cross-prescribing” drugs for ailments the drugs were never intended to treat is allowed without regulation whatsoever. Just ask any US pharmacist.


    The indictment of a psychiatrist who tried to denounce the vaccine–autism link with his HOAX research called the “Danish Study”

    ” A Danish man was indicted on charges of wire fraud and money laundering for allegedly concocting a scheme to steal more than $1 million in autism research money from the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The indictment charges Poul Thorsen, 49, with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering. The wire fraud counts each carry a maximum of 20 years in prison and the money laundering counts each carry a maximum of 10 years in prison, with a fine of up to $250,000 for each count.” (1)


    The publication of a scientific study in a peer-reviewed journal is commonly recognized noble and worthy. The peer-review process was designed to assure quality and validity science seeking publication. In the case of Dr. Poul Thorsen and his fraudulent “Danish Study” we see the most haphazard “research” heralded, praised and nearly worshipped by the US “scientific community” and the vaccine industry, Big Pharma and the like, because the results, which were not scientific but theoretical, fit the agenda of Western Medicine in that the “study” denounces the link between mercury-laced vaccines and the sudden steep rise in autism rates. Now Dr. Thorsen is on the run (living peacefully in Denmark in his home town still writing science papers) after embezzling (laundering into his own bank accounts) millions of dollars from phony grants he created for a well-known US university by scamming the CDC. Thorsen took more than $2 million in taxpayer money and lived the “high life” while he fabricated a study to “save” the vaccine industry from their guilty fate of ruining children’s lives, instead of protecting them from infectious diseases. (2)


    “Peer Review” a term paid for, misused and abused by SBM

    The study, though completely debunked now, remains an icon and is sourced frequently by the ever-misleading AMA, CDC and “public scientists” and “academics” who scream “science!’ whenever the vaccine–autism debate ensues. Dr. Thorsen is a wanted man, but “evidence-based science” loves his fraud because it fits the bill of advancing chemical medicine in the face of health detriment and a TOTAL LACK OF SCIENTIFIC PROOF that the “Danish Study” deserved any merit whatsoever. The study basically said that vaccines couldn’t be connected to a spike in autism rates because the country of Denmark had recently banned mercury-based preservatives from being used in vaccines (which speaks for itself). What the criminal Thorsen did was leave out the HUGE FACT that the Denmark National Registry had just required every parent to report autism cases, so the huge wave of new autism cases, a “twenty-fold increase,” instantly came from there.


    All Thorsen, the psychiatrist, did was add 2 + 2, by mentioning both statistics in the same study, he made it look like there was simply no way mercury was responsible for the autism spike–that it must have been something else. Once the lying “science-based” medical community (SBM) realized the power of this lie, they jumped on board, falsified more research, signed their names, and catapulted Thorsen’s name, much like they did Jonas Salk years before. Thorsen colluded with other pro-vaccine propaganda pushers and researchers to form an “alliance” called NANEA, the North Atlantic Epidemiology Alliance (always has to sound official) and they advertised close affiliation with the “CDC autism team” – – racking up millions and millions in research fees, payouts and “grants” to churn out these preposterous research papers that the US public was devouring in their quest to quell fears and reassure vaccine safety.


    Unbelievably, the HOAX “Danish Study” remains as a valid peer-reviewed article in the British Medical Journal

    “The Danish Study” is quoted extensively to “debunk” the autism vaccine connection. This is NOT science-based medicine. This is fraud and abuse, and it’s still accepted and used by the CDC as a cited source for research and furthering the lie that mercury in vaccines is safe and doesn’t cause autism spectrum disorder and many other severe disorders that are proven by independent research that’s not paid for and controlled by the vaccine manufacturers who profit greatly from lying to the public.


    At least 1,300 of 2,000 “peer-reviewed” and published “studies” retracted from biomedical and life-science journals

    According to an analysis published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than 65 percent of over 2,000 studies were retracted from biomedical and life-science journals as of 2012 due to scientific misconduct. This is only a small portion of the total fraudulent studies cited as having major flaws or even as being COMPUTER GENERATED. Editors and scientists who are supposed to thoroughly investigate the quality of findings have simply been sloppy, shoddy, or paid to look the other way and approve paper after paper as “peer-reviewed.” This is quack science at its best, and does not ever deserve the label of evidence-based medicine. This is sub-par science becoming more and more entrenched in medical journals and relied upon papers. The whole peer-review processed needs to be restructured, with proper checks and balances, and all the fraud (and so-called “errors) need to be retracted, permanently, including those published in JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, and the ever-popular British Medical Journal.


    Retraction Watch

    July, 2014: In another big bust of a “Peer Review and Citation” ring, at least 60 papers were retracted (3) after getting busted by Sage Publication. The articles were published in JVC–the “Journal of Vibration and Control,” a prominent international journal, and were implicated after a 14-month-long investigation that revealed massive misconduct at an educational institution – Pingtung University. (4) The bust involved a whole ring of fabricated identities used to manipulate online submissions. Peter Chen, who was at the center of the ring of deceit and fraud, had created various aliases, and the co-authors and phony peer-reviewers of this fraud were implicated along with Chen. On one occasion, Peter Chen even REVIEWED HIS OWN PAPER. (6) Chen resigned from his post at NPUE. This is NOT the first time we have seen peer-reviewed retractions because a researcher managed to do his own peer review, and it’s certainly not the last time either.


    120 “Peer-Reviewed” studies retracted because they were computer-generated The Germany-based publishing group Springer and the New York-based Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) pulled over 100 papers recently after a computer scientist blew the whistle about their illegitimacy. The papers were produced using a software program called SCIgen, created to string together buzz words and scientific-sounding phrases to produce peer-review papers for evidence-based medicine to quote later as legitimate sourcing. These complete fabrications and rampant dishonesty of papers found their way into at least thirty conference proceedings published as authentic scientific papers over the span of five years, right up until 2013. All of the phony papers, as reported the publication head (at Nature), had undergone peer review. (7)


    Introducing the pro-everything-vaccine website called “ScienceBasedMedicine.org”

    Much like the website GMOAnswers.com, “sciencebasedmedicine.org” is propaganda to support the chronic-sick-care system of Big Pharma in America. GMOAnswers.com is a website designed to miseducate consumers of food, (9) where ScienceBasedMedicine.org is a website designed to mislead people who second-guess chemical medicine (8) or who want to do their own research online, little do they know, they’re stepping right on the bear trap. In fact, SBM hires pharma hacks and “public scientists” who are shills to write or simply copy their propaganda word for word. There are long-winded explanations of how chemical medicine is all peer-reviewed and accredited, when in essence, most or all of it is unproven, non-scientific rhetoric and theory. Remember, there once was a time in America, just 50 to 70 years ago, that peer reviews claimed cigarettes were safe and healthy because that is what supported the booming tobacco industry and the lobbyists motives at the time. Most of the Thorsen-type of hacks and hucksters (5) are responsible for the content on SBM and are paid well to keep it going.


    Toxic Vaccines and Statin Drugs – “Science-Based” America at its worst

    Statin drugs prescribed to at least 100 million people around the world have been exposed as cellular poisons that ACCELERATE AGING and promote sickness, according to scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans. Statin drugs have been exposed as health detriments because they “deactivate” stem cells responsible for cellular repair throughout the body. Side effects, if you can even call them that, include memory loss, muscle pain, DIABETES, liver dysfunction, fatigue and more. This is science-based medicine? What quack science journal are these drugs published in that says controlled, reviewed studies determine this is actual medicine meant to heal humans, not kill them? The study revealed that statin drug users become older faster, leaving them open to “long-term mental and physical decline.” As published in UK Express:


    Scientists have found the heart disease drug badly affects our stem cells, the internal medical system which repairs damage to our bodies and protects us from muscle and joint pain as well as memory loss. … Professor Reza Izadpanah, a stem cell biologist and lead author of the research published in the American Journal of Physiology, said: “Our study shows statins may speed up the aging process.”


    Basically, drug companies and doctors have conspired for years and years to downplay the health detriment of statin drugs, promoting them instead as miracle drugs that all Americans should be taking daily, for life. They’ve even suggested putting statin drugs (more than already exist) in the municipal water supplies, along with toxic sodium fluoride. (12)


    The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of NaturalNews.com, informs us of an important and ominous parallel: “Just like with the vaccine industry, the statin drug industry is far more concerned with pocketing huge profits than protecting lives. Now, thanks to researchers at Tulane University, the science of what causes statin drugs to be so dangerous to human health is better understood.”
    Science-Based Medicine – the REAL kind

    Evidence-based medicine has a 100-year history of trying to discredit natural remedies, herbal tinctures, organic healing, indigenous cures, and even preventative medicine in general. (11) Ever since the AMA was created, so were the preventable disease epidemics. (13) Sure cancer existed in 1915, and so did Alzheimer’s, but nary was the case to be found, not until chemical-based agriculture and chemical-based processed food and chemical-based vaccines and chemical-based pharmaceuticals got so popular. Still, despite the “allopathic” concerted efforts to bury the truth, the “real” research, and the “real” results, plenty of research is available on amazing herbal remedies that have worked for millennium, rather than tests that have been run by paid shills of the chemical-pharma world. Rather than relying one-hundred percent on that which is “peer reviewed,” science-based medicine must keep in mind organics, sustainability and 100% human, animal, plant and environmental ethics.



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