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    A cohort and “very good friend” of exposed biotech shill Jon Entine, Mr. Keith Kloor is a “freelance journalist” and is a former editor of Audubon Magazine, specializing in theorizing about climate change. Recently, Kloor has been “enlisted” by the chemical agri-business to spread propaganda written in-large-part by industry insiders (2) who know the game of chemical agriculture politics quite well. Kloor has also written propaganda for Science Insider, a hokey blog for Discover, articles for Nature, and rhetoric pieces for the infamous Slate; then top off all of that with Kloor serving as a former fellow (2000 – 2008) of the Center for Environmental Journalism (via University of Colorado), an apologist website front for the hydrolic fracturing or “fracking” industry.


    Before selling out to biotech, Kloor’s favorite writing subject was climate change

    Kloor the “spinmeister” and ultimate environment-conspiracist-creator also spins his usual rhetoric on the leftist online magazine Slate, (1) using all the tricky brain-washing industry jargon, lingo, diction and buzz words. He accuses anyone suspect of GMO toxins of stoking fear that “warps the climate debate.” He sets up the old “straw man” and then knocks him down–because as he writes, he has “learned that the emotionally charged, politicized discourse is mired in the kind of fever swamps that have polluted climate science beyond recognition.” His exaggerated and emotional “back-lashes” are against pretend enemies here, and he is creating exactly what he says he is trying to prevent from happening–and that’s brainwashed public that believes in myths.

    Slate.com is a leftist daily online magazine founded in 1996 that offers dogmatic, editorial and highly opinionated commentary about politics and current event news. Slate uses witty banter to push consistently for Big Government, genetically modified food consumption and allopathic medicine. Slate.com is aimed at influencing readers to interpret and take ownership of the editors’ left-nut view of the world and receives enormous amounts of criticism from professional journalists and reporters around the globe. Kloor additionally writes hit pieces for Jon Entine’s Genetic Literacy Project, a pro-GMO rhetoric platform.


    Kloor quite often refers to the French scientist Seralini who ran a long term (2-year) study on rats eating GMO corn and the rats grew huge cancerous tumors and died within a few months. Kloor works around the clock to discredit this research that sent shockwaves throughout the world and proved to everyone that GMOs are highly dangerous to health (and the environment), which over 90% of people already knew, but Seralini solidified everyone who was second guessing what they already knew. Kloor is now part of an intricate network of propagandists paid by the chemical and agri-business giants to take his climate change spins and add prolific-sounding discussions and retorts to the challenging GMO conversations, debates on line and conferences around the world.


    Reverse Psychology: Entine and Kloor say “science trumps ideology” but their platform supports inserting chemical-pesticides into plants, soil, animals and humans

    “Thought leaders” and “think tanks” are some buzz words used to “trump” ideology, and Keith Kloor’s intellectual-sounding writing is far from the course he once took as a writer describing climate change and its effects on birds. He’s “relatively new to the GMO debate” he posts on “Genetic Literacy Project” with a picture of Bill Nye in the background, who recently was “bought out” by Monsanto. Bill Nye now claims he is “in love” with GMO. Kloor goes on to debunk “ingrained myths” on his spectator’s behalf, seemingly very sincere in his approach, and concerned. Recently he has helped purport the term “cultural brokers”–a term for someone being paid to spread propaganda, as HE HIMSELF spreads propaganda that pesticide-laden food is good for health and sustainability of environment. In his world, a cultural broker might be an environmental group, or a food safety watch-dog group or person (like Food Babe Vani Hari), or well respected scholars and legendary journalists who challenge their biggest platforms, like Mike Adams–the Health Ranger–Editor of NaturalNews.com. The Health Ranger helped expose Jon Entine as a complete fraud, biotechnology shill, wife abuser and wikipedia vandal, and that is why Forbes.com fired Entine as a writer, when they saw the series of artiles published that exposed all the court documents revealing Entine as having a very long, violent history (3) with his (then) wife and estranged teenage daughter. (4)


    GM Watch, Quackery and the Anti-Science “Science” of Biotechnology

    Jon Entine is the ring leader (7), though, of the BIG circus of selling humans on GMO. Kloor is merely a side-clown learning the tricks of the high wire act (Entine’s job), taming the lions (attacking intelligent opposition), and entertaining the onlookers (use industry propaganda to answer tough questions). The biotech shills sell people on distrusting “NGOs” – Non-governmental organizations and they tell people to distrust the non-profits that are challenging GMO especially. They’ll refer to health enthusiasts who don’t trust GMO as “anti-science” when it’s genetically modified crops and food that is new, untested and saturated with chemical toxins. Biotech’s “molecular techniques” are nothing more than the insertion of toxic pesticides and herbicidal genes into plants in order to kill or stave off insects and weeds that affect profits–period. There is no concern for the safety or well-being of the environment when your mission is to spread the propaganda written by the manufacturers of cancer-causing food. (5)

    Convoluting consumer trust using academics, public scientists and hack journalists is not a noble cause or venture, it’s rather insidious, and alternative news is exposing the whole “Rico” case of fraud, miseducation and psychological manipulation being carried out by rogue journalists in the false name of “science” and “technology.” Science-based medicine doesn’t mean what it once did, or is supposed to mean. Today the term is used and abused by the agri-business world to sell humans toxic pesticides as food, which in turn feeds the “Big Pharma” monster the perfect food that corporations want the most–your health and money.


    Kloor is an agent and advocate of anything Monsanto

    In a series of hundreds of documents and emails exposed by US Right to Know using Freedom of Information Act requests, a large group of journalists, public scientists, academics and biotech industry propaganda promoters are collaborating to spread misinformation through several media channels not only to influence public opinion of GMOs and chemical agriculture but to influence public officials, USDA regulators and even to fool Congress. The documents reveal all of these cohorts conspiring to write what Monsanto PR firm Ketchum tells them to write, which, ironically, is NOT founded in science-based research that could prove any human, animal, soil or environmental safety measures have been considered. Kloor is mentioned in the documents is more than one place, including Jon Entine referring to him as a “very good friend of mine.”


    Monsanto “Mafia” and the Academic Hall of Shame!

    Kloor also recieves emails and is included in major discussions taking place and originated by BIO–the Biotechnology Industry Organization, as an alert that hackers are attempting to target their websites. Those included in the group discussions include Entine, Dr. Kevin Folta of the horticulture department at University of Florida, and the sophmoric Keith Kloor who is just learning the ropes of GMO propaganda. At the fulcrum of the propaganda is Dr. Prakash, the former Director of Corporate Communications for Monsanto. These are the top shills of the agrichemical industry and they are advocates of spreading propaganda as long as they get paid well to do so. It’s easy to see from the slew of documents that Kloor is a hack journalist who works very closely with the prominent advocates of the sleazy and insidious biotech industry. A hack is defined as a writer who is paid to write low-quality, rushed articles, books, blogs or columns “to order” by an industry, and usually with a short deadline. (6)

    Kloor is currently engaged in writing counter-articles to apologize for or to discredit the U.S. Right to Know’s FOIA requests, as he splatters his propaganda across his GMO-fronting websites like Science Insider, Nature and Discover. Kloor also gave a talk at Cornell’s “Alliance for Science,” where the top biotech promoters work their magic of convincing the world GMOs are safe and beneficial and can “save the world.” This is NOT science-based or evidence-based research or studies done independent of the biotech industry and manufacturers, by any means. (7)

    Other biotech shills implicated of collusion, coercion and misrepresentation in the FOIA documents and state public records requests include Washington Post columnist Tamar Haspel, who admitted receiving “plenty” of money from pro-agrichemical industry sources. Most of the money pays for the GMO enlisted “front-men” (and women like Tamar Haspel, to travel the country and spread propaganda online. Another reporter/journalist implicated in the findings is Amy Harmon, who works for the New York Times and colluded and conspired with Jon Entine and Kevin Folta, along with the HCIA–Hawaii Crop Improvement Association–an agrichemical industry front group. All of the enlisted shills, as noted in several emails, are taking instruction from the leader Jon Entine and the information is further disseminated by PR firms, like Ketchum and MediaMetrics, that shape the public perception and the public opinion of these chemical-manufacturing firms and their shady practices. (9)


    The headlines of shill articles are usually catchy and inquisitive, such as Amy Harmon’s New York Times piece entitled, “A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops.” It’s pure corruption that journalists, academics, and public scientists would accept tens of thousands of dollars from Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Bayer and Syngenta, to make speeches and write articles and books that promote “Franken-journalism” and typical GMO propaganda. Several journalists openly admit to being paid by Monsanto and gladly accept the money, then turn around and write stories attacking clean food activists and hawking GMO propaganda and whatever Monsanto has pushed into the forefront of discussion and disinformation. Kloor is becoming seasoned quickly at distorting evidence and fabricating false claims, as mentioned earlier. (10)


    Journalists and public scientists collaborating as biotech shills – all revealed by USRTK in thousands of pages of FOIA requests

    The U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) is a consumer advocacy group that exposes what the food industry doesn’t want consumers, health advocates and actual honest journalists and reporters to know. It is very useful for the public to see how the biotechnology and agri-chemical food companies handle their public relations work. USRTK helps consumers assess the claims and information posted and published by the companies involved in food production, including their PR firms and operatives, and the journalists who work with them. (11)

    Click here for a compiled list of sellouts and charlatans working for the biotech industry.



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