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    The Ku Klux Klan was created and launched immediately after the Civil War in Tennessee (by former officers of the Confederate army) as a paramilitary force to serve the interests of the Democratic party as they launched a reign of terror in the name of white supremacy. The KKK used extreme violence, including murder, to exhibit hatred for Blacks, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and leaders of the Republican party. (1) Racism and destruction of the Republican party’s infrastructure served as core Klan missions, and the KKK sought to prevent all newly freed slaves from having any rights, including the right to vote. The Klan wanted to restore racial subordination, and by 1868, had elected its first Grand Wizard, one Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.

    All across the South, the Klan functioned as terrorist cells using brutal violence to intimidate Republican voters, much in the same way the Democrats recently functioned to secretly incite violence at Trump rallies, just before the election of President Donald J. Trump. (2)

    The Democratic Party’s KKK murdered thousands of innocent people before elections

    After the Civil War, in the late 1860s, in a major effort to suppress Republican voters, the Klan murdered over 2,000 people in Kansas and 1,000 blacks in Louisiana, as the election drew close. The KKK also severely beat and threatened thousands others in Georgia. It worked, because those three states turned into Democratic victories at the polls. The Klan tried to overthrow Republican state governments in the South during the Reconstruction Era by using extreme violence against several African American leaders. Wearing masks, robes and cone-shaped hats, the Klan disguised themselves while committing acts of terror, including burning churches to the ground, burning crosses in front of people’s homes, burning houses, and hanging blacks with nooses from trees.

    The Klan insurgent movement promoted white supremacy, targeting freed men with assassinations and threats to any of their allies, including white Republicans. Slowly, the KKK’s power began to fade, until the early 1900s. (3)

    2nd Klan revival begins by 1920 in Georgia utilizing full-time paid recruiters, just like George Soros recruits violent anti-Republican protesters today

    With its appeal to new members as a fraternal-type organization, the KKK began paying members like a full time job, using money from initiation fees and costume sales for funding. Using social tensions to instigate hatred of rural lifestyle, the KKK fueled the bigoted fires of urban folks in every state. Just like today when George Soros funds violence by backing Black Lives Matter by paying protesters to beat up anyone supporting Donald Trump, break windows of local businesses, and start fires in the streets, all in the name of racism, intolerance, and extreme left-wing Democrats who oppose normal, equality-driven Republican points of view. (8)

    The second uprising of the KKK managed to rally upwards of 4 million men, who engaged criminal behavior to oppress Republican points of view. The Klan even spread north to Canada, including into Saskatchewan by the late 1920s, where the KKK denounced immigrants from Eastern Europe and said they were a threat to the Canadian British heritage.

    1950s: 3rd KKK uprising gains momentum in opposition to Civil Rights Movement

    In order to suppress activists, hate groups grew in the 1950s and KKK membership nationwide reached more than 6,000 members. Anyone who opposed desegregation used the KKK name for clout and power, and some even forged alliances with police departments and even governor’s offices in the deep South. Again, KKK members were convicted of murder in Alabama and Mississippi, and for bombing a Baptist church in Birmingham in 1963.

    By 1997, the FBI arrested members of True Knights of the KKK for conspiracy to blow up a natural gas processing plant in Dallas, Texas. In 1999, the city council of Charleston, South Carolina declared the KKK a terrorist organization.

    Historical facts most Americans don’t know about the KKK and genocide in America

    The Democratic Party fought to maintain and expand slavery.

    The Democratics founded the KKK as an arm of the Southern Democratic Party

    Democrats invented the term “Radical Republicans” to describe people who wanted to end slavery and give those people citizenship and equal rights.

    The 14th Amendment that gave full citizenship to freed slaves was passed in 1868 with 94% Republican support but 0% Democratic support from Congress.

    The 15th Amendment that gave freed slaves the right to vote in 1870 was supported by 100% of the Republicans in Congress and 0% of the Democrats.

    The Democratic Party’s KKK mission was to terrorize freed slaves and any Republicans who sympathized with them.

    The Democratic Party has never switched stances on racism, but rather subverted the enslavement of blacks by promoting their absolute dependence on Big Government to secure their votes. Anyone who now opposes this subversion is labeled racist.

    Planned Parenthood is another subversion attempt at genocide to abort as many black babies as possible, as the organization is primarily based in inner cities and slums.

    Most metropolitan cities in America are run by liberal Democrats who fuel dysfunctional anarchies full of gangs, drug dealers and poor blacks who depend on welfare for food.

    Democrats are the party of the KKK, but they call everyone else racist who opposes their insidious agendas

    Just recently, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called the Democrats “the party of the Ku Klux Klan” and said they conveniently ignore their own history when falsely accusing Republicans of being racist. He went on to say that the most racist people in America are the Dixiecrats who were Democrats who imposed segregation and Jim Crow laws, and who actually founded the KKK. (5)

    Today, mainstream media has embedded lies in the brains of their “sheeple” followers via CNN, Washington Post, Forbes, Politifact, Boston Globe, LA Times, MSNBC, and the New York Times by falsely labeling President Trump as a racist and saying he has secret dealings with the Klan. It’s actually Hillary Clinton who befriended her “mentor” and the lead recruiter of the Klan, Robert Byrd, (9) and it’s Clinton who totally supports Planned Parenthood and the relentless pursuit of aborting black babies while selling their body parts, heads and organs on the black market for cash. The Democratic Party still engages in falsely accusing Republican officials of being racist just to breed contempt. Democratic “journo-terrorists” try to subliminally link Republican politicians’ opposition to President Obama to the racism of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Ted Cruz explains how an activist West-coast Judge is undermining Trump’s attempt to stop terrorists from entering the US, while the Democrats call Trump a racist

    It’s now obvious that the Democratic Party purposely invokes domestic violence and terror and then tries its best to blame the Republican Party for it all. This is evident and has been for the past 8 years, as Ted Cruz explains, as former President Obama kept the flood gates open for all terrorists to freely enter the US without any vetting whatsoever, even known terrorists from terror watch lists, and now the Democrats are screaming that Donald Trump likes the KKK and is a racist for trying to stop any person of “color” who wants to come to America (to destroy our freedom). (4)

    As Senator Cruz explains, when the far left runs out of arguments that are sensible and when they have no grounds for debate, they call everyone else racists, but it’s the Democrats that have “enslaved” the modern day blacks with government handouts and race-baiting, staged drama and trauma played out on CNN.

    KKK’s gun control against blacks similar to Hitler’s disarming of Jews before WWII

    CNN would have the whole country believe that all pro-gun people are white supremacists and racists, and that “gun control” is the perfect way to help minorities, since so much violence in inner cities is perpetrated by people with guns. Yet, one look back at history and what is revealed are the actual racist roots of gun control. One way the defeated Southern states after the Civil War sought to still preserve slavery was to enact “Black Codes” that barred black freed men from exercising their new civil rights, which included their right to bear arms. This was the case in Mississippi, for example, where they declared “No freedman shall keep or carry fire-arms of any kind, or any ammunition.” (6)

    In fact, before WWII, Hitler forced all the Jews to register their guns, and then he has his SS soldiers go home to home and confiscate them all, before shipping off all the Jews to concentration camps, where they were either gassed to death or turned into slaves for the Nazis.

    In Mississippi, the Democrats rewarded anyone who reported blacks having “illegal arms” by giving the narks those weapons. Whites in the South were also forbidden to give or lend a freed black person guns or knives.

    The KKK used horses as a tactical advantage for mobility (called night riders) as they took the weapons from the “colored people” throughout Southern neighborhoods.

    The Obama administration staged several mass shootings on American soil in an effort to win the emotions of gun control fanatics and thus confiscate all automatic weapons from Americans in case of a future civil war, but the plan failed miserably. Race-baiting news on CNN and Soros-funded cop shootings were all planned to create a sense of nationwide racial divide and chaos, so that the government could repeal the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and keep the people weak under rule of the “New World Order.” (8)

    Throughout US history, black militias of freedmen have been able to resist the Klan’s “white forces” of hatred

    For example, in South Carolina back country, blacks were a numerical majority, and the black militias kept white supremacist terrorists at bay for years. The KKK tried to seize control of black militias in the late 1800s in South Carolina, and the black militias were the primary target of “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, then US Senate advocate of racism. Their first order of business was to disarm the “negroes and leave them defenseless,” unable to defend their rights.

    White supremacists; however, where terrified of the sight of a black man with a gun. KKK conducted unauthorized searches of private homes, rounding up arms to try to weaken the black communities. Republican politicians of the time period tried to defend the black’s rights to bear arms and protect their core freedoms as listed in the national Bill of Rights. (7)

    Racism underlies gun control throughout much of American history

    Gun control has often been a method for racist politicians and the KKK to keep minorities “in their place” and to quell the racial fears of whites. There is an unholy alliance of racism and gun control laws. From the fear of slave revolts to the plight of desegregation, restrictions on possessions of arms dates way, way back. However, gun control advocates today aren’t so dumb as to openly promote racist laws, so they use subversion tactics instead. All gun control attempts should be viewed as “suspect ideas” and racial undertones should be investigated thoroughly. Today, there still exist at least 150 Klan chapters totaling more than 5,000 members nationwide.



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