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  • Dr. David H. Gorski a.k.a. “ORAC” aka “Respectful Insolence” Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]As the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News recently described the slick, sneaky and insidious Gorski:“Wikipedia discredits itself by granting Gorski editorial control” aka “ORAC” blogging icon/gravatar Vaccine industry front man, spokesperson and ultimate apologist for the blogosphere, David H. Gorski, a.k.a. (pen name) ORAC, leads the pack in his efforts to obscure   Full article…

  • GMA – Grocery Manufacturers Association Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    In 1908, the Grocery Manufacturers of America was founded and was headquartered in Washington DC. One hundred years later, in 2008, the name changed to Grocery Manufacturers Association when GMA merged with the Food Products Association, making GMA the world’s largest junk food and toxic beverage trade association on planet earth. They also represent many   Full article…

  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]From Farm to Fetus – to Cancer and Death – The RoundUp Ready GMO Gene Transfer The true 110-year-history of the FDA is barely known to most Americans and for good reason, they don’t want you to know it. Regulating everything from food and tobacco to supplements and prescription drugs; from over-the-counter medications and veterinary   Full article…

  • Tamar Haspel – Washington Post columnist Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Tamar Haspel is a Washington Post food columnist who often features her pro-GMO stance as aligned with agrichemical company interests. Her food journalism has carried her as far as winning the James Beard Foundation Award (cuisine writing) in 2015 for her Post column. The Biotechnology front website, Genetic Literacy Project, which publishes some of Haspel’s   Full article…

  • Skeptics Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A skeptic is a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions or what seems rational and therefore accepted as the “norm.” The “skeptical public” in the eyes of biotechnology are the people who don’t understand how dangerous GMOs are, and so they are more likely to be brainwashed into believing they are good, useful,   Full article…

  • GMO Dangers & Research Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A fictional “World Scientific Consensus” about GMO has been perpetuated over recent years in mainstream media outlets and is proclaimed as “science” and “science-based” and “evidence-based” by the very manufactures, distributors and sellers of genetically modified organisms in agriculture in the United States of America. There is no world scientific consensus on GMO. It is   Full article…

  • Amy Harmon – Author Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A bestselling author of eight novels and Pulitzer prize winning journalist suddenly became a GMO advocate a few years ago, conspiring with biotech’s top shills and charlatans to promote “high performance plants” via chemical agriculture (biotechnology or “transgenics”) through the use of industry-funded and industry-written propaganda. A Utah “country girl,” Amy grew up in the   Full article…

  • Center for Consumer Freedom Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]And these are quotes about CCF’s Rick Berman and his nefarious ways: A front group for the tobacco, alcohol and junk-science-fast-food industries, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is funded by toxic-product-producing companies and corporations like Philip Morris, Monsanto, Tyson Foods, White Castle, Arby’s and Wendy’s, to name a few. One of the main   Full article…

  • Genetic Literacy Project Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A GMO lobbying outfit funded by Monsanto, the “Genetic Literacy Project” is run by its Executive Director, the infamous Jon Entine, the world’s leading biotech shill and character assassination operative. Sporting financial ties to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, (1) Entine is a media-savvy corporate propagandist (2) and pseudo-journalist who uses the Genetic Literacy   Full article…

  • Keith Kloor – GMO Advocate Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A cohort and “very good friend” of exposed biotech shill Jon Entine, Mr. Keith Kloor is a “freelance journalist” and is a former editor of Audubon Magazine, specializing in theorizing about climate change. Recently, Kloor has been “enlisted” by the chemical agri-business to spread propaganda written in-large-part by industry insiders (2) who know the game   Full article…

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