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    The true 110-year-history of the FDA is barely known to most Americans and for good reason, they don’t want you to know it. Regulating everything from food and tobacco to supplements and prescription drugs; from over-the-counter medications and veterinary products to electromagnetic radiation devices and blood transfusion, the FDA has their hands full, not to mention regulating vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. To top it off, the FDA has it in their job description to regulate cell phones, condoms, sperm donations and lasers.


    The FDA is “in control” of regulating so many affairs, that in 2008, they began to post employees in foreign countries, including India, China and the UK, to name a few. This is all thanks to Congress. Over the decades, the FDA has tried to destroy all forms of holistic care in America that compete with “slash-and-burn” drug and vaccine treatments that are abundantly dispensed by the established allopathic infrastructure of care. A documentary film called “Doctored” exposes a whole sordid history of this.


    FDA Facts and the Corruption Timeline

    June of 1906: The FDA is founded.


    Though the FDA was founded in 1906, its origins can be traced back to the appointment of Lewis Caleb Beck in the Patent Office in 1848–to carry out CHEMICAL ANALYSES of AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.


    The Department of Agriculture “inherited” the job of chemical analyses in 1862.


    The “FDA” wasn’t known by its present name until the 1930s, when they created the false “image” of protecting public health


    The “Pure Food and Drugs Act” of 1906 was Pandora’s box of adulterated food being deregulated and alternatively controlled by the FDA (it was disguised as “interstate commerce” control and “misbranded” food and drugs. A man named Harvey Washington Wiley, who was Chief Chemist of the Bureau of Chemistry in the Department of Agriculture, was a key figure in the instrumentation of the agri-chemical business from its beginnings. (1)

    Early 1950s: The FDA, AMA and CDC (founded in 1946) collaborate and conspire to hire Nazi scientists (from I.G. Farben) just released from prison from serving 4 – 7 years for mass murder during WWII. These scientists would propel the U.S. processed food industry alongside the U.S. allopathic chemical medicine industry, via companies and corporations like Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, and now Monsanto. (2)

    In the 1970’s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski found a non-toxic gene-targeting cure for even the most lethal forms of cancer and the FDA spent the next thirty years burying his progress by continually suing him, raiding his office and stealing thousands of his confidential patient files. (3)

    Early 1980s: Genetically Modified Organisms are inserted by gene transfer into staple crops in America, like corn, soy, cottonseed and canola. Ronald Reagan himself opened the door for this atrocity, and chemical agriculture took on a new HIDDEN FACE where the genes of toxic, deadly pesticides grow inside seeds, plants and eventually humans.

    1990s: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising goes full swing in USA for dangerous, untested pharmaceuticals. Television ads galore approved by the corrupt FDA for “commercialized” symptom cover-up drugs with side-effects that outweigh the conditions being treated.

    2004 – Top FDA Scientist Blows the Whistle on FDA Incompetence: During a PBS “Online News Hour” program, Top FDA scientist Dr. David Graham and senior drug safety researcher speaks out and says he would “argue that the FDA, as currently configured, is incapable of protecting America against another Vioxx” – Graham was referring to Vioxx (rofecoxib) because it was a dangerous heart drug approved and defended by the FDA, marketed by Merck, prescribed for over two million people as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug, and it was causing thousands of heart attacks, strokes and fatal blood clots.

    2000 – Current: Annually, drug companies spend billions on TV commercials and print media. “Big Pharma” corporations spend over $12 billion a year dishing out drug samples to doctors. These same drug companies contribute tens of millions of dollars to federal election campaigns.

    2015: The Scope and Funding of FDA Out of Control: The FDA regulates more than one trillion dollars worth of consumer goods, including about 25% of consumer expenditures in the USA. This statistic includes over $450 billion in food sales, nearly $300 billion in drugs, more than $60 billion in cosmetics, and at least $18 billion in vitamin supplements. To make matters worse, much of these “expenditures” are for imported goods that the FDA is supposed to be monitoring.


    The Horrors, Secrets and the True History of the FDA and U.S. “Medicine”

    In the 1970’s, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski found a non-toxic gene-targeting cure for even the most lethal forms of cancer. The FDA seized 12,000 patient records from his office and kept them from him for eight years. Burzynski’s anti-neoplastons treatment (a special combination of proteins and amino acids) was curing lethal cancerous tumors, even the ones that attach themselves to the spinal cord and brain – the same ones for which the U.S. doctors and oncologists send you home to die. This scientist was curing 40 kinds of cancer, including breast, lung, brain and TERMINAL CANCER. There’s a documentary film on him too, called “Cancer is Serious Business.” Burzynski was even curing patients who had suffered the whole allopathic gamut, such as patients who had already endured the maximum chemo and radiation treatments doled out by the toxic American system. His patients even TESTIFIED IN COURT that his natural medicine saved their children’s lives. In court, the FDA did not even deny that Burzynski’s treatments worked (and worked well), instead they just tried to catch him shipping medications over state and international lines. No way was the FDA going to allow people to be cured of cancer with natural medicine when the cancer industry was in full swing and Nixon’s fake “War on Cancer” (National Cancer Act of 1971) had most Americans brainwashed that allopathic America would help them when the food chemicals mutate their cells and they want to “prolong” a handful more of years under chemo before they die (from the chemotherapy). Processed foods containing chemicals and cosmetics and personal care products laced with chemicals were causing cancer statistics to skyrocket and at earlier ages, and the FDA knew it. They repeatedly shut down Burzynski by crippling his finances and dragging him through the courts, wasting about $100 million in taxpayer money, by the way.


    It’s no different today for natural healers. Eventually, the FDA stole Burzynki’s patent, diluted the most important ingredients, reran his tests and lied to America and said his treatments never worked. Then they patented the diluted and useless new formula so no man can ever work on it to fix it; however, Dr. Burzynski is still in business, saving people from the nightmare of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments that only work less than ten percent of cancers, and usually lead to new cancers or death from chemotherapy, although that’s never how it is recorded in the medical books. This is what the FDA has done to natural healers for nearly a century, and then they refer to them all as quacks.


    Unethical and Immoral “Drug Dealing”

    When Big Pharma and the FDA collude, the result is hundreds of billions of dollars in profit at the expense of the general masses’ health. There is no better example of this than the Vioxx scandel. (4) Vioxx is a drug cross-prescribed for numerous “ailments” from pre-cancerous colon polyps to arthritis pain. Vioxx is a dangerous heart drug approved and defended by the FDA that actually causes heart attacks, strokes and fatal blood clots. Other side effects of Vioxx include blood in the vomit and stool (internal bleeding), flu-like symptoms and unusual bruises or bleeding (more internal bleeding).


    The FDA knew it and allopathic doctors knew it, but they went on prescribing it anyway, raking in the big bucks, while covering up patients’ root problems, prolonging cancer development and created an acidic body pH that helps cancer cells develop, mutate, and multiply. Merck falsified research and statistics and got caught in court, where the estimated number of Vioxx victims were over 100,000. Merck pharmaceuticals had hired ghostwriters to write positive reviews of the study they termed “APPROVe” – leading to the biggest drug death cover up in history. Merck had only counted deaths from the first two weeks of the study they recorded, leaving out ALL the deaths from the rest of the first year.


    Top FDA scientist and drug researcher Dr. David Graham blows the whistle on Vioxx

    Dr. David Graham worked at the FDA for 20 years as a senior drug safety researcher, but couldn’t contain the lies anymore, so in 2004, he went on a PBS broadcast show called the “Online News Hour” and told America that the FDA wasn’t fit to protect America against dangerous drugs like Vioxx. (5) He declared that the Center for Drug Evaluation Research (CDER) was broken, and that the people appointed to approve dangerous drugs were the same ones who oversaw post-marketing regulations, a complete and utter conflict of interest. Any safety problems were simply covered up with marketing and image-casting tricks. America figured that because the FDA approved the drug, that means they already tested it for safety. This simply was not true and still isn’t today. The FDA relies 100% on the manufacturers of drugs, including agri-chemical drugs used on crops, to run their own safety tests, compute results properly, not cheat, not lie, and not falsify anything ever. It’s “faith-based” medicine at its worst and it’s the American way. America needs to approach new drugs with extreme CAUTION, not extreme negligence. (6)


    The FDA drug approval process has one step – pay an exorbitant fee and you are approved! Even fast-track approval is now in place if your pharma company can pay even more money up front, in the millions and possibly billions. The FDA spends more than 80% of their budget approving new drugs and less than FIVE percent of their budget goes to safety tests and protocol. This is being referred to as an “evil prescription for private wealth.” Still, after twenty years of loyal service, senior FDA scientist Dr. Graham blew the whistle, informing the American public on air saying,


    Every day a drug is held up from being marketed represents a loss of one to two million dollars of profit.”


    Today, drug companies spends over $12 billion a year dishing out drug samples to doctors. Vioxx is just one drug out of hundreds, even thousands, just like chemotherapy drugs, that were never truly tested for human safety, were fast-track approved by the FDA, and are causing more new cancers, immune deficiency, sickness and death. (7)


    GMO Foods were NEVER approved by the FDA

    For nearly thirty years, Americans have been consuming crops that contain foreign mutations of pesticide genes that kill bugs, weeds, and human cells. For thirty years Americans have been consuming genetically modified organisms that do not occur in food naturally and would probably never find their way into the human digestive tract, blood, brain and cleansing organs, and these “Frankenfoods” were never even approved for growth, manufacture, distribution or sale to the people of this “free” country, because our elected officials can appoint anyone they want to run the FDA, the AMA and the CDC alike.


    These rogue government regulatory agencies are run by industry insiders who write legislation to support the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries they ran before the FDA and probably will run after they leave or are fired. It is widespread belief in the United States that the FDA protects the masses with legislation, food inspections and drug testing, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to a research analyst for “Friends of the Earth,” all GMO crops are simply “evaluated” by government regulators, and that’s it. Conflicts of interest are of no concern to the FDA, since it’s all about the money. For example, Michael Taylor, former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto now runs the FDA as the “Food Czar.” He helps Monsanto get new forms of toxic GM corn and GM soy and GM canola and GM sugarbeets and GM papaya and GM cottonseed approved without any safety tests whatsoever. Genetically mutated peas, apples and oranges are next to hit the U.S. chopping block. This is commonplace. This is why the FDA is really just a business and not a regulatory agency, and that is what they were created to be in the first place, just like the AMA, the ADA (American Dental Association), the CDC and every other bureaucratic sham that purports health detriment and feeds the vicious cycle of chemical-food and chemical-medicine-induced disease and disorder. (8) (9)


    From Farm to Fetus – to Cancer and Death – The RoundUp Ready GMO Gene Transfer

    “We now know that genes from genetically modified organisms actually transfer themselves into the bacteria of the human body, including in the mouth and gut. The gene from soy, the Roundup Ready gene, has been found in the human gut and can transfer to a fetus.” –SD Wells; Natural Health News Reporter (2012)

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) issued warning urging the public to avoid GMO, called for moratorium on GMOs until long-term, independent studies can prove their safety, and called for labeling of GMO food products. The FDA opposes these labels, claiming they would be expensive and confuse the public. The only way the public is confused now is to HOW they got cancer and WHY there is no cure for it (even though there is prevention and a cure). Ingredients have always been required to be listed on the package of products, so why are chemical pesticides excluded and receiving total immunity to this much needed process? Because biotechnology and “pharma” representatives are calling all the shots in Washington.

    Genetically modified corn and cotton, purposely engineered to create their own built-in pesticide called Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), have been indicted in several studies to provoke intense allergic and immune reactions and death. Since the levels of Bt produced in the plant represent thousands of times more a concentration of Bt than natural Bt spray, the effects are greatly amplified. Genetically modified tomatoes fed to rats were shown to cause bleeding stomachs and eventually killed many of the rats. These are the multiplicative complications involved in consuming GMO and the American public is in the dark about it all, thanks to the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Remember, humans are animals too, with 96% the same DNA as all other animals, including rats, monkeys, dogs and cats. We ARE being affected adversely by GMO, but the FDA is not regulating any of it. In fact, science is proving that GMOs can live and reproduce in the intestinal flora of the body long after being eaten.

    The genes present in the genetically modified organisms transfer into the DNA of intestinal bacteria, the good bacteria that digests food and maintains bodily health. This reprogramming can cause the intestinal flora to begin reproducing Bt pesticides, for example, rather than producing the living bacteria it is supposed to. The permanent, deadly implications of these alterations are mind-boggling, since intestinal flora is crucial for immunity and health and fighting off infectious diseases. No wonder the CDC pushes toxic vaccinations so strongly, it’s all part of the chronic care system formula for continued health detriment and the medical industrial complex.

    As published by Natural News:

    “Despite findings in some 44,000 pages of internal FDA memos and reports released in 1999 due to a lawsuit, findings that contained the warnings from then scientists about the “unintended negative side effects” of genetic engineering, official FDA GMO policy has been scrubbed clean of the truth and purports blatant lies in its defense of GMOs as safe. In fact, current policy emphatically states that no safety studies on GMOs are even required or necessary; it is instead up to Big Biotech to determine the safety of its own genetically modified organisms if it so chooses.” (10)

    Remember, it’s the FDA and CDC that told Americans for decades that cigarettes were good for health and digestion and had thousands of MDs endorse their favorite brands in advertisements in the “prestigious” JAMA – the Journal of the American Medical Association. Those same “quacks” and propaganda spreaders are the same characters bankrolling off bureaucratic agencies that were established to do business with Big Food and Big Pharma, period. (11)



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