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    In 1908, the Grocery Manufacturers of America was founded and was headquartered in Washington DC. One hundred years later, in 2008, the name changed to Grocery Manufacturers Association when GMA merged with the Food Products Association, making GMA the world’s largest junk food and toxic beverage trade association on planet earth. They also represent many toxic consumer products. In 2010, GMA played a role in the fake “Let’s Move” campaign Michelle Obama ran to reduce childhood obesity–by taking advice from the junk science manufacturing and propaganda industry and failing to mention anything to the “shoppers” and children in the “shopping guide” about GMO ingredients, artificial sweeteners or toxic nitrates in anything she pushed. GMA recently proposed to label all GMO (genetically modified organisms) as “natural” even though GMO means the insertion of toxic pesticide genes and synthetic chemical herbicide applications inside and sprayed onto US crops, which is nothing even close to natural.


    The term and label “all natural” means absolutely nothing right now anyway, because the FDA has no standards for this term and no inspections otherwise. Maybe that’s why GMA is pushing for that label for GMO. GMA has partnered up with the Food Marketing Institute and they are using the term “sustainability” in their propaganda and marketing of junk food, processed food, canned and dead food, and food that contains heavy metal toxins, synthetic pesticides, bleach, GM corn sugar, toxic wheat gluten and the like. In 2013, GMA wrote the FDA seeking no labels for anything GMO, trying to hide ingredients from the US public and all consumers who may be allergic to chemical pesticides and the carcinogens that GMA wants to keep feeding junk-science addicted infants, children, teens, adults and seniors alike. (1) (2)


    Junk Food and Junk Science CEOs of America Unite to Push Toxins on America

    On the board of directors for GMA you’ll find the Chair–Mr. Gary Rodkin, also CEO of ConAgra Foods. ConAgra is not selling anything “sustainable.” At Vice-Chair of GMA you will find Mr. Ken Powell, CEO of General Mills. General Mills is not selling anything “sustainable.” At Treasurer and Secretary position GMA presents Mr. William B. Cyr, also the President and CEO of “Sunny Delight Beverages” – that fake orange juice drink full of toxic corn sugar, modified corn starch, canola oil, toxic artificial sweeteners and other artificial ingredients. “Sunny-D” is NOT filled with ingredients that are “sustainable.” Sunny Delight Beverages is not selling anything “sustainable.” And what is the profile of the memberships in GMA?


    Let’s just name the top toxin-brewing companies known to mankind, starting with Hershey Company, Kellogg, Hillshire, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, and Dean Foods. Then don’t forget about Bush Brothers and Company, Hormel (think of dog food as chili), Nestle, Procter & Gamble, and Welch’s (think of diabetic-forming high fructose corn syrup here). Then other non-sustainable member contributions come from Heinz, Clorox, Campbell, Cargill (chemical-agriculture breeders), Land O’ Lakes, Smithfield, Kraft, Del Monte Foods, and the list of toxic-food-producing offenders goes on and on. (3) These are the same companies that want to label some of the deadliest food products on planet earth, like GM corn, soy, canola and sugar as natural. It wouldn’t be too surprising to hear these food companies trying to call their products organic, if they thought they could get away with it. From the looks of who is running the USDA, those days may not be too far away, especially if USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack keeps leading the charge to dilute the “USDA certified organic” label and process of inspections. (4) (8)


    U.S. States must maintain right to label GMO for consumer protection

    The federal government in the US, which is mainly run by bureaucrats partnering with corporate lobbyists, wants to keep all genetically modified foods (pesticides, including herbicides and insecticides) unlabeled to protect the interests of the pharma, Big Food, and biotech industry partners-in-crime, so to speak. The feds do not want individual US states to write and enact their own laws that make products bare the label of GMO–the same label that 90% of Americans already want on their food choices.


    Big government wants control over hiding ingredients that generate huge profits but are controversial in conversations about health, preventable disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and of course cancer. Grocery Manufacturers Association goes WAY out of their way to keep consumers in the dark about ingredients in food, and GMA tries their best to snuff State legislation for GMO labels and confuse likely voters by using false advertising, jargon written by industry hacks, and spreading propaganda for Monsanto.


    GMA, like industry shills posing as public scientists, concerned consumers or even journalists, engages in promoting lies about GMO to benefit its manufacturers for complete control of the agri-chemical business and industry. It’s all part of the PR propaganda that’s been exposed recently as an intricate “behind-closed-doors” circuit of charlatans, hucksters and shills. (5) (6) (7)


    Completely Exposed – GMA’s Slush Fund to Fight GMO Labeling Campaign

    GMA is so crooked they ran a slush fund up to $7 million to fight GMO labeling in Washington (the anti-522 campaign), all while trying to conceal their identity and their illegal activity and, according to Washington State’s Public Disclosure Act, their involvement in the scheme. This was nothing more than a money laundering front for junk-food manufacturers to use as a tool of propaganda to fool voters and legislatures alike into keeping GMOs unlabeled. If you or your child is allergic to peanuts or dairy, you MUST know and that is why those ingredients are required on all food labels, yet most people cannot consume chemical pesticides, sodium fluoride, bleach or ammonia without getting sick, and deathly sick at that, yet these are many of the ingredients Big Food wants to hide from you–their chemical consumer and “client for life.” (9)


    By creating a multi-million dollar slush fund for junk-food companies and biotech companies to dump their promotion money into and then use that fund to create propaganda pieces to fool the voters ($7.2 million has been redirected to oppose I-522)–that is a crime worthy of prosecution, but since those who could prosecute are the same folks running the scams, there most likely will not be any justice served on that end or to that end. GMA is serving as a shield from attack for the companies and corporations that pour money into this propaganda machine. They’re the head of the snake, like a PR firm such as Ketchum, who promotes Monsanto propaganda to the right, left, and down everyone’s throats. (10)


    The Urban Dictionary defines money laundering as, “The process of hiding the source of illegal income by processing it through a large-turnover entity…” This reflects accurately what is happening with GMA’s opposition to I-522. This type of “gathering and use” of the money violates Washington State law, by hiding the source (like the mafia do). If the public knew, they would boycott the products of these contributors. Alternative media provides not only the list and the sources, but the words from the mouths and emails of industry insiders and whistleblowers. This is part of the truth media explosion of information, knowledge, and the online sharing of records revealing the hidden agendas of entities like the GMA. On the other end of the spectrum, Natural News contributed $12,000 to the YES on 522-campaign–to label all GMO and GMO-containing products in their fight for human rights and the right to know what’s in our food. Natural News has a good track record for reporting factual health news and factual statistics in the war for clean food.


    The Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin, signed the historic bill REQUIRING food manufacturers to label GE foods and drop their shady practice of calling them natural or all natural. This defied Monsanto’s lawsuit threats, by the way. GMA filed lawsuit to sue Vermont in federal court to overturn the legislation. This is how deep the criminal corporations alliance digs to ruin people’s right to know what’s in their food. This is the epitome, the ultimate FAIL story, that people should remember when shopping for food and seeing the corporate names on the product box, bag, can or package. Coca-Cola, Dow, General Mills, Kellogg and Sunny Delight, where are you hiding today? Did you buy out an organic firm and turn their products into GMO hybrids? Let’s check in with Cornicopia’s Map of Sellouts. (11) Vermont is poised to defend itself and has established a “food fight” LEGAL defense fund.


    Multi-billion dollar lobbying group GMA includes members from Monsanto, Dow, General Mills and Coca-Cola

    The “heartbeat of America” isn’t reliant on monopolistic corporations, that’s for sure. Producing the most non-sustainable, toxic products for consumption, these industry heads are the heads of snakes that infect the food supply with poisonous venom (known carcinogens, heavy metal toxins and synthetic pesticides). States need to ban together to defend against this full on toxic food assault. If consumers share this information and stop buying and growing GMA-corporate-related products, those companies will go bankrupt.


    300 GMA Companies and 1,000s of “Brand Name” Products to Boycott

    Public interest groups are seeking a nationwide boycott of these GMA-promoted junk science products, which includes foods, beverages, SEEDS, home and garden supplies, herbicides, pesticides and certainly pet food too. Monsanto teamed up with GMA have blocked GMO labeling in more than HALF of all US states. This is how powerful they’ve become. They even beat California and Washington, by very slim margins (still under investigation for fraud). How much money has this anti-right-to-know lobbying effort spent to keep consumers in the dark from 2012 to 2014? – Over $100 million. How? Because the junk-food and chemical-agriculture world bankrolls close to a trillion a year selling garbage food that causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, strokes and every other PREVENTABLE disease on the books today. Plus, those same GMA members and CEOs of junk-science companies invest their earnings and capital in the stock market companies that manufacture the chemical pharmaceuticals prescribed right and left in America for every condition the junk food addiction causes, and the same goes for major healthcare companies investing in fast food companies. It’s that simple and direct. So $100,000,000 is just like a civilian spending $1,000 to get a return investment of $100,000. That’s what makes GMA such a huge factor (main advertising contributor) in the propaganda campaign of the junk science, biotech, pharmaceutical and chem-ag industries. (13)


    Get Smart: Learn the Parent Companies of “Bought-Out” Organic to Avoid

    As an informed consumer, you would not want to support non-sustainable, chemical-laced seeds, crop, food, pet food, or chemically-based medicine for that matter. If you have a “green” mind and want to avoid corporations that have no ethics and are not running safety tests on their products, here’s where you start.


    These Traitor Brands may be organically compromised right now by the parent company. Follow the bouncing ball …


    PepsiCo – IZZE, Naked Juice, Simply Frito-Lay, Starbucks Frappucino Coca-Cola – Honest Tea, Odwalla Nestle – Gerber Organic, Sweet Leaf tea Kraft/Mondelez – Boca Burgers, Green and Black’s General Mills – Cascadian Farm, Larabar, Muir Glen ConAgra Foods – Alexia, Pam organic cooking sprays Kelloggs – Bear Naked, Gardenburger, Kashi, Morningstar Farms Campbells – Plum Organics, Wolfgang Puck organic soups Smuckers – R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz organic, Smuckers Organic Hershey’s – Dagoba Bimbo Bakeries – Earthgrains bread


    Grocery Manufacturers Association can keep on promoting genetically modified food and processed carcinogens as natural and “all natural,” and they will. In the meantime, the consumers can take all the “power back” by learning who’s selling what and boycotting the known “chemical criminals” that infiltrate our common foods, drinks, personal care products and medicines. Pay close attention to the U.S. Right to Know group and their valient efforts that are exposing the biotech industry for collaborating with shills posing as public scientists and journalists–in order to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Keep up with Cornicopia Institute for updates on sellout brands and companies, and follow the Instititue for Responsible Technology for updates on the dangers of consuming anything GMO. Lastly, don’t believe the propaganda purported by biotech front groups like GMA, Genetic Literacy Project or GMOAnswers.com. These are the epitome of a bad education.



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