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  • Science-Based Medicine (also: Evidence-Based Medicine) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    The term “science-based medicine” (SBM) has come to take on more than one meaning. Originally science, or “evidence”-based medicine (EBM), was an approach to medicine based on research conducted with some degree of empirical support, systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials in order to help physicians make informed decisions, especially in regards to individual patients   Full article…

  • Tom Vilsack – USDA Secretary Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    The former Governor of Iowa, Thomas James Vilsack, was selected by Barack Obama as the 30th Secretary of Agriculture for the United States in 2009, after he ran out of money (and popularity) trying to run for President in 2007 for the 2008 election. Before that, Vilsack’s campaign for president was noticeably contrived and attempted   Full article…

  • Ketchum Inc. (Public Relations Firm) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]Ketchum enlists up to 100 “independent experts,” “journalists” and “public scientists” who are really corporate-bought posers for GMO Ketchum is a nearly hundred-year-old public relations firm based out of New York and specializing in corporate communication services, having serviced some of the largest corporations in the US for their advertising needs, no matter the   Full article…

  • Poul Thorsen – Psychiatrist Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    A Danish psychiatrist heavily entrenched in pro-vaccine propaganda with the CDC has fled America with over $2 million in embezzled, phony grants he created (using taxpayer dollars) as he scammed well-known US universities and the CDC. As first reported in April 2011 by Natural News editor Mike Adams, Dr. Poul Thorsen was indicted by a   Full article…

  • GMO Answers (Biotechnology website GMOAnswers.com) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]Because the website GMOAnswers is funded by the industry giants, including Monsanto, DuPont, BASF, Bayer and Syngenta, there is much money to be “thrown around” to inspire public scientists and academics to regurgitate industry lies without any scientific proof, simply because they enjoy science and enjoy the cash and gift payoffs. GMOs have been   Full article…

  • Monsanto Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    The Monsanto company is an agrochemical corporation that is not only the leading producer of genetically modified seeds, but the manufacturer of Roundup, the world’s top selling and possibly the most toxic legal herbicide on planet earth–which contains as its primary ingredient-Glyphosate. Monsanto was first to genetically modify plant cells in the early 1980s. They are infamous   Full article…

  • Dr. Kevin Folta (University of Florida) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]Folta discredits Food Babe campaigns to remove controversial chemicals from the food supply: Kevin M. Folta is chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida and has landed himself recently at the center of a huge controversy over accepting thousands of dollars to reiterate Monsanto’s false claims about the safety and sustainability   Full article…

  • USDA and Monsanto “Biotech” Industry Collusion Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    No doubt, this will go down in history as one of the most NEFARIOUS collusions of big business and a U.S. regulatory agency, ever. The US Agriculture Department (USDA), responsible for developing and executing policy to protect farming, forestry and food, has time and time again colluded with Monsanto, the evil biotechnology company that inserts   Full article…

  • IG Farben: Pharmaceutical Conglomerate (1916 to 2015) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    September of 1939, Germany invades Poland and within two days, France and Britain declare war on Germany. Hitler seized Norway and Denmark for the naval war against British trade supplies from America. France and Great Britain thought the war would last for years, and this is why the Western states did so little to react   Full article…

  • Slate (Magazine) Posted 5 years ago under Uncategorized


    Slate.com is a leftist daily online magazine founded in 1996 that offers dogmatic, editorial and highly opinionated commentary about politics and current event news. Slate uses witty banter to push consistently for Big Government, genetically modified food consumption and allopathic medicine. Owned by Graham Holdings Company, Slate is a member of Amazon Associates, selling products   Full article…

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