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    No doubt, this will go down in history as one of the most NEFARIOUS collusions of big business and a U.S. regulatory agency, ever. The US Agriculture Department (USDA), responsible for developing and executing policy to protect farming, forestry and food, has time and time again colluded with Monsanto, the evil biotechnology company that inserts the genes of pesticides into American crops, and has created a monopoly of business that interferes with the USDA doing their job properly, ethically, and with sound mind and intention. One of the most powerful and wealthy corporations in the world, Monsanto, is genetically manipulating and dangerously modifying all of the staple crops in America, including corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa, sugar beets, cotton and canola, by infiltrating, bribing and coercing the very regulatory agency representatives who are supposed to represent the American people and keep the food and environment safe, productive and sustainable.


    The USDA is supposed to protect natural resources and foster rural communities, promoting agricultural trade and assuring food safety, but GMO, genetically modified organisms, have NEVER been tested for human consumption safety, in fact, the USDA relies solely on the manufacturers of this “Frankenfood” to provide their own pamphlets about the safety of their products and seeds, without any scientific proof whatsoever that feeding Americans pesticides, including synthetic, chemical-based insecticides and synthetic, chemical-based herbicides. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has recently revealed research that the world’s most used herbicide Roundup, which is manufactured and sold by Monsanto, is “probably carcinogenic” – meaning most likely causes cancer in HUMANS, as well as the pigs and lab rats that have been tested eating GM soy and GM corn, that die from horrific cancer tumors quite early in their lives. (1) (2)


    What was the USDA like before Monsanto took over?


    In the early 1860s, Abraham Lincoln established the “Independent Department of Agriculture” and called it the “People’s Department.” By the 1880s, various advocacy groups were lobbying for Cabinet “representation” and farmers were trying to raise the Department of Agriculture to Cabinet “rank” and it worked. By 1889, President Grover Cleveland signed a bill into law elevating what we now know as the USDA to Cabinet level. During the Great Depression, farming was a common way of life for MILLIONS of Americans. This is why there was nary a case of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease–because processed and GMO food were not around, and neither was the blight of American pharmaceutical medications or chemotherapy.


    The USDA, back then, used to help small landowners with loans and even helped educate the rural youth about farming practices. Today, most of what the USDA pushes is miseducation and misinformation about the safety of GMO, which is a huge detriment to public health, the soil, the plants and the animals (3). Nutrition education is also a huge boondoggle, where Americans believe they can find truth about food and farming from sources like the USDA, WebMD and Wikipedia, but, much to their dismay, most of this information is edited and scripted by corporations with financial interest in wildly inaccurate and anti-science propaganda. (4) (5)


    The misinformation campaign of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service


    SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, provides free government money for families with low income who mainly purchase toxic, processed and genetically modified food and toxic beverages from conventional grocers. Nearly one sixth, or 50,000,000 Americans are currently under the “auspice” of this program that virtually handicaps a large portion of the population, and basically “sells them out” to large corporations that feed toxicity to humans and the environment daily. Even homeless people believe that conventional food is safe for consumption, thanks to the USDA.


    USDA “aid” can be funneled through foreign governments, USAID and the World Food Program, and according to the Agricultural Act of 1949, the USDA is provided with legal basis for these actions. Pay it forward sixty years, and now the USDA dabbles in controlling food sales to domestic and world markets, and provides genetically modified (cancer-causing) food to needy countries around the world, who usually are also influenced to be inoculated with untested, toxic vaccines pushed by the CDC and the auspicious, infamous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (6)


    TIMELINE: Inside look at how the agricultural human workforce became obsolete in America


    Turn of the 20th century: Over 40% of America‘s workforce is employed in agriculture. Number of work animals in USA over 21 million.


    Post WWI (around 1930): America’s agricultural workforce is cut in half of what it was in 1900, down to nearly 20 percent. Number of horses, mules over 18 million and number of tractors nearly 1 million.


    Post WWII: Processed, cancer-causing foods take over as factories are working hard to can the deadened foods. Total labor force employed in agriculture is down near 15%. Number of tractors nearly two-and-a-half million. The rapid adoption of mechanical and CHEMICAL technology, thanks to Nazi scientists who were let out of prison early, led to Big Government taking full control of mass agriculture. The 1949 Agricultural Act established policies of HIGH, FIXED-PRICE SUPPORTS and even acreage allotments as permanent policy. In 1965, the Food and Agricultural Act introduced new “income support” payments and continued supply controls. This was Big Government running the show, and any small to mid-sized farmers who objected would soon lose major business.


    By the year 1970: Only 4% of Americans are employed in agriculture. Cancer rates begin skyrocketing in the USA. Number of tractors over 5 million. By 1977, food stamps were included in the farm bill for the first time.


    By 1985: Government-held surplus grain is reduced, but then a conservation reserve is established the same year.


    The year is 2000: Less than 2% of work force in America has anything to do with agriculture. Dangerous genetically modified organisms infiltrate more than 90% of America’s soy, corn, cottonseed and canola. Agricultural GDP as a share of total GDP by 2002 is at less than one percent. Pay it forward eight years and chemical agriculture thickens and buries its toxic roots even deeper in American soil. The Bush Administration pushes heavily for (Monsanto’s) GM corn subsidies and undermines the natural and organic corn markets completely. High fructose corn syrup is found in thousands of food, beverage and candy products. Diabetes rates skyrocket in USA. (7)


    Lies, deceit, deregulation and insidious collusion of the USDA and Monsanto–the “Corporate Kings” of Frankenfoods


    October 2010: USDA approves “consumer appeal” GM (genetically modified) crops to fuel a battle between DuPont and Monsanto over control to completely monopolize the GM soybean market. The “approved crop” is a soybean that is engineered to be super high in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat. It’s cleared for commercial use. US health standards will drop accordingly and fast. No tests are run for safety via human consumption. Heavy corporate lobbying pays off for the biotech firms. Also pending approval at the time are Monsanto’s two GM soy varieties that have a longer shelf life, meaning artificial, synthetic chemicals stave off mold and fungus, but have adverse health effects on humans who consume them. The goal is to replace hydrogenated oils with other toxins the population doesn’t yet recognize as dangerous to the heart, brain and central nervous system. U.S. food industry is purchasing 6 billion pounds of GM soy oil per year, most of which is hydrogenated. Now those 6 billion pounds will be converted into pesticide, chemical-laden beans and oil that interfere with human DNA function by inserting bacterial genes into the food supply. Still no safety testing done by the USDA. (8)


    April 2011: USDA to allow Monsanto to perform its own GMO studies

    USDA approves GM seeds with no environmental impact study, allowing biotech industries to conduct studies themselves. This is like having criminals decide for themselves when they should be paroled and let out of prison to run wild in society. A federal judge, Jeffrey White, ruled that the USDA violated the National Environmental Policy Act by deregulating Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beet seeds (from 2005) and had BANNED THE PLANTING OF THE CROP until the environmental impact study was completed. Of course, thanks to heavy lobbying and payoffs, the USDA simply ignored the ban AND the judge’s ORDER to destroy the planted crops. Popular science even covered the atrocity and massive conflict of interest going on between the USDA and Monsanto. Sugar beets, by the way, are used to develop the concentrated salt and central nervous system disruptor known as MSG, or monosodium glutamate. GM sugar beets are also used as a cheap sweetener for junk food and junk science, that the USDA promotes and sells America.


    Plus, Roundup Ready sugar beets would most likely NOT stand up to an independent environmental impact assessment, and that is why the USDA allows Monsanto to conduct their own (fraudulent) studies that either omit pertinent information, alter it or simply lie about the results, with no checks and balances whatsoever. Pure criminality at play at a major US regulatory agency that is supposed to be responsible for developing and executing policy to protect farming, forestry and food, according to its mission statement. (9)


    To top it all off, Monsanto’s Roundup has created superweeds that are now resistant to their toxic herbicide that is contained in the gene-makeup of the seeds and produce. Farmers using the carcinogenic weed killer are now forced to use up to TEN TIMES as much herbicide to try to stave off the new superweeds, which is really just fueling the problem, like feeding a fire gasoline. Instead of doing safety research that can cost upwards of $1 million, Monsanto just lines the pockets of politicians and regulatory heads at the USDA with those funds as lobbyists continue to corrupt US agriculture, and food and environmental safety standards.


    The USDA deregulates Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready alfalfa, even though Monsanto’s environmental impact report FAILED to prove its safe or necessary. Come to find out the GM alfalfa seeds had been in cultivation for years in California and the state of Washington. (10)


    May 2011: Obama’s Ruthless Deregulation Administration inflicts more health detriment via agriculture


    Obama administration seeks to deregulate Monsanto’s supposedly “drought-resistant” GM corn, even though the USDA says the corn is no better (same or worse yield) than natural varieties already on the market. Industry propaganda and rhetoric flood the internet about “feeding the world” and “saving the world” with GMO. (11) (12)


    March 2012: The “Biotech” industry collusion runs deep: USDA and Monsanto join forces and hide dangers of GMO


    The APHIS, or US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (under the umbrella of the USDA), green-lights approval for GM “drought resistant” corn. APHIS fast-tracked the corn, MON87460, without any environmental or human risk assessment, thanks to Obama’s new hands-off approach to any regulation of GMOs. APHIS, it turns out, is nothing more than a bureaucratic rubber stamp for the biotechnology industry. (13) (14)


    March 2013: Military scientist warns of deadly pathogen in high concentrations in Roundup Ready corn and soy


    Flying in the face of endangering all Americans with deadly pathogens in the food supply, The USDA’s department chief Tom Vilsack (Agricultural Secretary) ignored a dire warning from a senior soil expert, Dr. Don Huber, who is a plant pathologist who evaluates and prepares for natural and man-made biological threats, including germ warfare and disease outbreaks. Huber told Vilsack in a letter just two weeks earlier that the entire NATION’S LIVESTOCK could be at risk. He went on to describe how the pathogens could be causing infertility in livestock, as well as diseases in the crops, which in turn could threaten the entire US food supply. Why on earth would Vilsack ignore such a warning from a top notch scientist who represents the military? Take a closer look at Tom Vilsack’s “platform” and you see just why. As the former Iowa Governor, Vilsack was a leading advocate for Monsanto and genetically mutated seeds for factory farming. Obama bragged about his biotech experience as a chief promoter of chemical agriculture. Vilsack doesn’t just promote GMO, he promotes the most CONTROVERSIAL and DANGEROUS forms of it.


    Vilsack promoted pharma crops, which are crops engineered to produce pharmaceuticals. These crops can easily contaminate any other crops around them for miles and miles, including of course, organic.


    To site good example, in 2002, a corn crop was engineered by these mad scientists to produce a vaccine for pigs and was utilized in Nebraska. It contaminated half-a-million bushels of soybeans that were grown the next season. Vilsack pumped a $6 million investment into ProdiGene, the creator of the whole nightmare, via the Governor’s Biotechnology Partnership, chaired by one Tom Vilsack, the Iowa Governor at the time. Vilsack in fact wanted ZERO restrictions put on experimental pharma crops and said any such oversight would just “… hamstring this industry.” (hence Obama’s “hands-off” approach to Biotech). The USDA had “partially” deregulated Roundup Ready sugar beets recently.


    USDA ignores warning by top military scientist


    The pathogen the military scientist discovered was NEW to scientists and appeared to impact the health of plants, animals and humans to a significant degree. Huber warned Vilsack in the letter: “Based on this experience, I believe the threat we are facing from this pathogen is unique and of a high risk status. In layman’s terms, it should be treated as an emergency.”


    The pathogen in question is the size of a virus and can reproduce like a micro-fungal organism, according to the military scientist and soil expert – Huber. It could be the first infectious pathogen of its kind, causing diseases in PLANTS AND ANIMALS, which is rare. Prevalent in soy crops that suffer “sudden death syndrome” and in corn crops that suffer from “Goss’ wilt disease” – damage has been reported in central corn belt states at rates as high as HALF the crop growing (according to DuPont’s own sources).


    Lab tests indicate the pathogen is present in a “wide variety” of livestock, including dairy cows and cattle that are suffering from infertility and spontaneous abortions, at rates approaching 50%. (15)


    Result? USDA fully deregulates Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa. This following nearly five years of court battles with environmental farmers and other groups that try to protect sustainability and natural, organic ways of farming.


    If the USDA was simply willing to look at the deadly pathogen and examine it, consider its dangers, and be proactive about defending America from it, then they might even figure out how to deal with America’s over infestation of superweeds, that have grown out of resistance to all the chemical agriculture that biotech firms claim is so good for the world. The over-reliance on Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops that dominate America’s agribusiness is creating a mass environmental catastrophe of the likes that may never be reversed or undone. The military scientist warned Vilsack further with this language: “We are informing the USDA of our findings at this early stage, specifically due to your pending decision regarding approval of alfalfa,” … “Naturally, if either the Roundup Ready gene or Roundup itself is a promoter or co-factor of this pathogen, then such approval could be a calamity.”


    The base problem is that chemicals like glyphosate, Roundups main ingredient complex compound, weaken crops’ natural defense systems, and superweeds are simply acting accordingly to nature and building resistance and immunity to the chemicals, infesting millions of acres of U.S. farmland. Unfortunately, humans never build such immunity, but rather human cells mutate into cancer cells and attack the very body they were created to protect. Thanks to the USDA and top level Biotech shills and charlatons like Vilsack, we are now seeing an “unprecedented trend of increasing plant and animal diseases and disorders” as Hubert wrote in his letter to warn the USDA about GMO. Instead of ignoring this information the USDA should be studying it thoroughly and maybe they could help America avoid a general collapse of the agricultural infrastructure. (16)


    February 2015:


    USDA Betrays the American People with “Agent Orange” Food


    With complete disregard for human and environmental health, the USDA approves Monsanto’s latest GM herbicide-resistant strains of cotton and soybean in an attempt to battle more superweeds–the very weeds that have DECREASED yields for farmers across the nation and the world, despite Monsanto’s dogmatic claims to the contrary. The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service granted “non-regulated status” for Monsanto’s carcinogenic soybean and cotton that are resistant to even the highly toxic dicamba, a close cousin of 2,4-D, a major ingredient in Agent Orange defoliation and cancer-causing chemicals used in Vietnam. After putting of the decision to deregulate these toxic seeds, thanks to hundreds of thousands of opposing comments, the USDA finally gave Monsanto the green light to further infect America’s staple crops. Not only do the seeds contain dicamba, but the plants are also sprayed with it, compounding the plant and human health detriment going on from chemical exhaustion and the killing of all nutrition in the produce with deadly, chemical-based pesticides, including fruits, vegetables, and nuts. (17)


    In California, 2,4-D drifted 100 miles from where it was applied, damaging 15,000 acres of cotton, so it can’t even be contained to GMO farms, as claimed by the manufacturer. In all of this the EPA is silent, and even raises the toxic tolerant level to accommodate these dangerous farming practices. The EPA, like the FDA and the CDC, is just another rogue government regulatory agency deeply embedded (in bed for money) with Biotech trillion-dollar-industry complex of monopolies, and they’re not the least bit concerned with human health, U.S. waterways or the entire ecosystem. (18)


    August 2015:


    The Great “Golden Rice” Lie


    According to Monsanto, they’re out to save the world from hunger, and their greatest accomplishment known to mankind is Golden Rice! After claims of the rice (and bananas too) being fortified with Vitamin A, researchers revealed it was all a lie. Vitamin deficiency is not cured with pesticide-laden food, in fact, that worsens the health problem. The USA is not saving starving and nutrient-deficient peoples of Asia and Africa with GM rice or bananas, but Monsanto would have everyone believe otherwise. The Billl & Melinda Gates Foundation helps fund “golden rice” and the not-so-golden bananas because Bill Gates supports population reduction and genocide. He even speaks of population reduction at his seminars and “educates” his fan base about how vaccines, if engineered properly, could do this job, essentially, by eliminating two billion people over the next decade or less. Here’s what the infamous Bill Gates has to say about vaccines, abortion and (chronic sick care) healthcare genocide:


    “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (19)
    What America needs is truth and chemical regulation, especially when it comes to the food supply. The recently passed DARK Act flies in the face of all common sense, national security, food security and health security, but since the USDA can be bought by Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta, and the like, there’s are DARK future in food and health for Americans and people around the world consuming GMO. (20)


    Big Agriculture and Biotechnology – the focus of Big Food’s business in America


    Americans need to wake up and smell the chemicals in their food. Even USDA “certified organic” doesn’t test for heavy metal toxins, and when those foods carry the organic stamp and are imported from China, especially, the heavy metal toxin levels are “out the roof” due to mass industry pollution, so consumers need to beware. Local and organic is the safest option when available, or growing your own food from organic seeds, organic soil and filtered water that does not contain all the deadly chemicals the USDA and Monsanto approve, manufacture and “bioengineer” for America.



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