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    Growing up the son of two medical doctors who made house calls, and now author of half-a-dozen best-selling books on natural health and nutrition, David “Avocado” Wolfe delivers an intriguing synthesis of his research on natural and healthy living at his seminars worldwide, and he consults some of the world’s top CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and even ambassadors. Author of “Amazing Grace,” “Superfoods–Medicine of the Future” and “Naked Chocolate,” among others, Wolfe is a master of revealing root causes of diseases and addressing them with superfoods, herbal remedies and holistic medicines. He studied at Oxford University and has received a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of San Diego. Wolfe’s favorite montra, “Today is the best day ever,” has resounded at his three-day-seminars that sell out around the world, of which he has hosted over 3,000. He is well-versed in natural detoxification and using nutrients for healing and rejuvenation. Wolfe leads the charge for building eco-communities through organic living–a lifestyle of longevity maintained with clean, raw foods, herbs, and spring water. The stated mission of his non-profit tree planting foundation is that “Our goal is straightforward: to collectively plant 18 billion fruit trees for a healthy planet,” – that’s approximately three trees for every person alive.


    David Wolfe is a professor at the Living-Food Nutrition Masters Program based in Patagonia, Arizona and he has appeared on hundreds of broadcast programs and in print media around the world, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360º, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day, and Vegetarian Times. Wolfe is also one of the lead educators at the annual Longevity Conference, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and the Body-Mind Institute. (2)


    David Wolfe and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

    The award-winning international nonprofit charity Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is led by its president David Wolfe (1), with the ultimate goals of improving air, soil, and water, while alleviating world hunger by planting fruitful trees and plants in communities around the globe. This is all part of a global movement towards sustainability. Fruit Tree Planting Foundation donates orchards strategically where the harvest best serves communities–like for public schools, city parks, (4) Native American reservations, low-income neighborhoods, city parks, international hunger relief sites and more. These fruit trees help heal our environment by cleaning the air, improving soil quality, preventing erosion, creating animal habitat, sustaining valuable water sources, and providing healthy nutrition. (3)


    Factoid: David Wolfe is currently the spokesperson for America‘s #1 selling kitchen appliance–the “Nutribullet”–a high-powered smoothie (and soup) maker.


    David Wolfe has radiant health and a positive mental attitude

    Practice what you preach, they always say, and David Wolfe is a walking, talking model of what he says works–for health freedom, sustainability, and longevity. From the clothes he wears to the food sold at his events, it’s sustainable. Inspiring are all pictures shared at events that help his fans visualize his travels to exotic, high places where the soil is rich, the food is pure, and the natives know what has kept them healthy for millennium. He grows his own organic food on his property in Canada and Hawaii. In his quest for the world’s most pure foods and waters, he has circumnavigated the globe. He is also a beekeeper. (5)


    David Wolfe delivers powerful inspiration, news, and nutrition education

    Growing up with parents as doctors and traveling with his father to different emergency medical situations influenced Wolfe to pursue natural health, as he tells the story at his seminars and on his website and blog, and here in an interview (excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Raw Summit Teleseminar) published by Natural News:

    “And I’ve basically been with my dad on a huge array of different types of situations from emergency medicine to automobile crashes to motorcycle wrecks to house calls and I grew up in a very unique situation because of all those experiences. And that I believe is what oriented me towards natural health. Because I never really believed that injecting something was really necessary. And I always felt that I was really the healthiest when I ate natural foods and, in particular, the first time I ever had a fresh tangerine off a tree when we first came to southern California in 1977. That was, that was a real changing and turning point of my life. Over time I realized that I had dairy allergies. So I got off the dairy products when I was 18 or 19 years old completely. I took away all milk, all cheese, all eggs, everything. And immediately a lifetime of really troubling ear problems went away. And that’s how I got really psyched and turned onto nutrition because I thought, wow, everybody says that I’m supposed to be drinking milk and here I stopped drinking milk and I feel better than ever. And I then turned on the reading light, went to work studying nutrition at a really intense level for about, you know, it’s been about 15 years, maybe longer. And it’s led me all the way to here, which is essentially a raw food, super food, cachou, goji berry, diet and a very light diet that has a lot of water in it, a lot of hydration and a lot more room for doing things and a lot less room for wasting time on making food or going out to restaurants or whatever.”

    David Wolfe is one of the world’s most sought after health speakers and marketers, and he’s shared the stage with health and personal success “guru’s” like Anthony Robbins and John DeMartini. Wolfe now consults with herbalists from China, Europe, Asia, India and South America. Wolfe breaks it all down to basics–raw plants. He often speaks of personal transformation, vibration and Superfoods. He is an expert on the benefits of nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, herbs and raw organic fruits.


    He says people make things too complicated, and that’s where they veer so far off course.


    “People who come in and used to try to guzzle, you know five carrots and a big giant bowl of salad and then have ten oranges, don’t really feel the same effects as the individual who comes in and starts eating cacao and goji berries and then supplements that with vegetable juice on top of their normal diet, whatever, they’re doing.”


    Power of Raw Food: Superfoods, Blended Foods, Protein and Good Fats

    Stepping into the raw food “industry” is a long-term goal and task for many, but David Wolfe says there is so much misinformation that people get way off track and thus don’t find all the benefits, then blame the system.

    If you’re not eating enough superfoods, herbs, fats and protein, which is in the form of superfoods mainly, you could be too thin and have foggy thinking. You may be in need of hemp seed, spirulina, chlorella, phytoplankton, raw organic coconut oil, bee pollen and so on. You won’t do well on fruits and vegetables alone, says Wolfe, so some people who go about the raw food regimen wrong may get categorized as a vegetarian or vegan who’s become too alkaline or has forced their body into a kind of life or “lifestyle” that’s not ideal or maybe even healthy for them. Blended food can get you more nutrients fast because there’s no way you would eat that much salad to get that much nutrition. (6)


    Cutting Age Information on Living Food Technologies

    From examining the root causes of diabetes and cancer, David Wolfe speaks about important steps to detoxifying an acidic body and giving it the nutrients you need for healing and rejuvenation, instead of being stuck in some superbug-laden bed in a hospital being fed chemical medicines and foods that contain chemicals. One of the most dynamic speakers – his videos on YouTube get massive traffic.

    The current “sick care” system in America is not sustainable and neither is the socialized medicine system that’s moving in full force. “We’re all going to now have to fund the socialized medicine system that’s coming. So it’s a burden on our entire civilization. And eventually that medical system will collapse.”


    A majority of the population is sick from being hooked on processed junk foods, chemical food additives and high-priced prescription drugs, then top that it off with chemotherapy. Through juicing raw organic vegetables, using high-powered smoothie-making machines, adding in superfoods, Wolfe says everybody can become skilled enough over time to be their own nutritionist (and their own doctor). We all have that intrinsically inside us. We learn how to combine any food at any time without any side effects. Wolfe says he’s been a “raw fooder” for 13 years and it has drawn him much criticism from the people who do not want to quit their toxic diets and make the change.

    Personal character attacks on David Wolfe and health “jealousy” from zealots

    Recently, the “Sci-Babe(7) has made an all-out-attempt to wreck David Wolfe’s reputation and credibility, but to no avail. The “Science-Babe” accuses Wolfe of being a scam artist and huckster who’s just pushing his blender and “sacred chocolate” and that he’s only in it for the money. Wolfe has even referred to himself as the world’s richest hippie, to make light of the money aspect of his success at writing best-sellers and touring the world for speaking engagements. But then, Sci-Babe is shallow and unstudied when it comes to nutrition, all she has is a chemistry background, like so many others who attack raw food enthusiasts (12).

    Because Wolfe is not on prescription medications (like Sci-Babe admits she is in her blogs), and because David Wolfe does not eat GMO, artificial sweeteners or take any over the counter medications, many people in the allopathic world try their best to discredit him. Some of these harsh critics are overweight, undernourished (11) and believe that anything with the label “science-based(8) is 100% safe and effective for medicine and agriculture alike.

    In recent alternative news, several shills and charlatans of the biotech industry (chemical agriculture), who also push vaccines and anything GMO, have been revealed as conspiring to ruin the reputations of the leaders of the clean food movement, including natural healing and natural remedies. These hacks say and do anything the industry pays them to and say it’s all in the name of science. Character attacks on the Health Ranger Mike Adams, the “Food Babe” Vani Hari, and David Wolfe (11) top the charts lately and there’s more to come. The zealots will regurgitate industry propaganda and the clean food activists will continue to charge head-strong, paving the way for the organic food industry to continue prospering and flourishing in the face of adversity. (10)



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