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    Yvette the “SciBabe” has recently launched herself into the food debate, and the vaccine debate, and the cancer cure debate via her raunchy website attacking clean food activists and holistic medicine of any sort. Her motto or montra at the bottom of her home page of her website at SciBabe.com says the following: “The facts expressed here belong to everyone, the opinions to SciBabe. The distinction is yours to draw …” (1) Interesting that she “expresses” her “facts” instead of just sharing them. This is a bold chemist and she’s pushing any and all skeptics back to GMO as fast as she can. She has a vengeance out for organic food and vegan living because she said she tried it and it didn’t work for her. Yvette d’Entremont, the self-proclaimed “Sci-Babe” is not really worthy of an entire truthwiki page but health enthusiasts need be sure they are not falling for her publicity stunts and dirty jokes, in her efforts to get people “laughing” while they talk about genetically modified and chemical-pesticide-laden food as being good for health, animals, soil and the planet. Her most recent “character assassination” attempts have been directly aimed at David Wolfe, best-selling author and world-renowned nutritionist, and also at Vani Hari (2), the “Food Babe”–who has turned a grass roots mission into an international sensation of being able to get huge corporations to remove cancer-causing chemicals from common foods served in the United States. “Science Babe” wants to see everything science-based with peer review articles to believe in it at all, and her background in forensic science has her out on the streets (video for publicity stunts) taking prescription pet medications and drinking OTC cough syrups to prove points about alcohol in pet products and medicine (though this doesn’t prove any points about GMO or vaccines). She wants to be a “skeptical superhero” and go around “busting pseudoscience” with her Bachelor’s degree in theatre (and chemistry). Describing herself as “scientist as drinking buddy” leaves much credibility to be desired for any advice she may wield from her chemistry background. Her one website character reference comes from that of a magician named James Randi, a kooky old gypsy magician and escape artist who’s known to blow the whistle on other pseudo-magicians, spoon-benders, faith healers and snake-oil salesmen. http://web.randi.org/home/outstanding-science-advocates-science-babes

    Her “Top Posts” are revealing of her main goal of spreading propaganda:


    This foul-mouthed “cheeky” blogger goes after anyone that challenges the safety and sustainability of GMO, or the safety and ineffectiveness of vaccines, or anyone who can cure cancer naturally. She takes a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills as a publicity stunt to argue a point that they are placebo, and she washes them all down with a Diet Coke. All of this and she smokes cigarettes and is at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight. She says she tried vegan for two years and couldn’t make her headaches go away–the headache she says she’s had since the year 2010. Maybe it’s the 7,000 chemicals in the cigarettes she smokes AND the boatloads of aspartame in the Diet Coke. She says she’s on a “seizure medication and an anti-inflammatory that seems to keep it under control …” Sure. Try vegan and organic while smoking cigarettes and drinking diet cola and wonder why nothing seems to work to get rid of those headaches, but still she believes in science-based medicine, which also isn’t working for her.

    She drank, as a stunt to gain more popularity, a whole bottle of her dog’s medication that contained alcohol and brags that she got drunk from it. She claims the product was recalled because of her stunt. Here she acts as if she cares about consumers, while promoting cigarettes, alcohol and diet Coke in her images posted all over the internet.

    She’s latching on to genetic modification “science” because it’s done in a science lab, so she thinks everything about it is safe and beneficial. She claims to be trying to debunk pseudo-science, yet that’s exactly what she is pushing, promoting and propagandizing. GMOs are very experimental and have been proven in countless long-term toxicity studies and most importantly independent studies (meaning studies done by scientists who are NOT bought by or working for the corporations manufacturing the toxins themselves) to cause cancer in laboratory animals that consumed GM soy and GM corn. (5) (6)

    “If we can get people to listen to what science is by making them laugh, we’re going to get people interested in science and I think it’s a wonderful thing to do,” SciBabe told a network news program that interviewed her about her publicity stunt of consuming an entire bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills, all at once (about 50 pills) in order to prove they won’t have effect.

    “They taste like sugar — it’s quite delightful,” she told her viewers AS SHE WASHED DOWN ALL THE PILLS WITH A HUGE DIET COKE! (Maybe she was paid by Coca Cola to do it).


    Video footage then jumps to some later time of her playing with her dog, as if to prove she didn’t go to sleep for hours. This is the depth of her production, budget and intelligence. She’s basically someone with a couple science degrees who likes to drink, smoke cigarettes, and blast clean food and clean medicine. This is an amateur blogger with a chemical industry agenda to promote dirty food and dirty medicine. It must be why she feels the need to add dirty jokes to the conversations on her social media network of cloned science-nerdy fans.


    Debunking the “Debunker” Herself

    Sci-Babe says she can’t figure out why she’s had a headache for five years and why it has never “gone away.” She “spills her purse”–confessing to be on medication to manage her seizures and her inflammation, all while she smokes cigarettes, drinks Diet Coke with aspartame, drinks dog medication bottles, takes entire bottles of sleeping pills (or what could be), and talks about how GMO is safe to eat, just like organic.

    But I’m on a seizure medication and an anti inflammatory that seems to keep it under control, I talk to my doctor regularly, all my labs look fine …”

    Surely, she talks to her allopathic doctor “regularly” – as anyone who smokes and eats aspartame usually does. Anything to kill the pain from those chemicals. Then she attacks homeopathy and says everything they use is placebo, and that people who believe in placebo are hopeless and can’t be helped:

    “So, if you’re somebody who wants that placebo effect because you know it’s only working because of the placebo, I can’t do anything for you because you want to buy into it, go for it.”

    She uses a William F. Buckley, Jr. quote to support her very weak platform of character assassination as she sadly attempts with her petty stories and needless cursing to tear down massive health movements and missions for clean food and sustainable agriculture.


    “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”

    Then, obviously by accident and negligence, Science Babe’s Google Ads (leads) posted an ad for JUICING RECIPES WEIGHT LOSS at the bottom of the page, and in the comments section her fans were angry, and a nemesis was laughing at her.

    Latest Sci-Babe blogs: “Weekly Woo” and “Toxins, Toxins Everywhere.” She only has about forty blogs in the history column under her calendar, so she’s very new at character assassination and biotech shilling. The promiscuous presentation may be what is carrying her on social media at present (high heels and tattoos exposed in poses).


    Attacking David Wolfe

    In one of her many offensive blogs, after cursing at him, she rather directly tells David Wolfe, world-renowned nutritionist and best-selling author, to off himself (kill himself). These are her words: “David Avocado Wolfe is an a##hole. He’s the guy who spent a lifetime telling you about all the superfoods you need for longevity and now sells a fancy blender that allegedly turns every food into a superfood.”


    She asks her audience in her David Wolfe “blast” blog: “Why isn’t David Wolfe on Wikipedia?”

    Maybe that’s because Wikipedia is rife with error, bias, and COMPLETE OMISSION of some of the most important facts in the realms of health, environmental safety and agricultural sustainability. (3) Founded with 99% pornography “trafficker” revenue, Wikipedia’s cofounder Jimmy Wales (4) took his web search engine called “Bomis” and created his own “online encyclopedia” full of bias, misinformation, and total lack of information regarding alternative health. Wikpedia is leading the public to believe in falsities – and on a site that can be altered by critics, liars and computer hacks alike. Claiming to use science-based facts (7) for definitions of health and medicine topics, Wikipedia.org displays a flagrant bias toward anything holistic or organically based, with many half-truths that are purported as legitimate and “real” science, agriculture and medicine. In fact, in 2002, the FBI was informed by Larry Sanger, the Wikipedia co-founder, that Wikimedia Commons, the parent company, was “rife with renderings of children performing sexual acts.” In 2005, the site was modified to remove and censor any connections to the true Jimmy Wales story and all the x-rated content that enabled his search engine to become so popular in the first place.


    A mix of amateur and professional content, Wikipedia is quite tricky when trying to navigate and differentiate between the two. Because Wikipedia promotes itself as an ‘encyclopedia’ with the goal to replace Encyclopedia Britannica, people often believe that what they are reading is the truth. Wikipedia is “anti-science” and not a quality reference for natural health topics, organic food research, infectious disease research, cancer research, holistic medicine research and knowledge, and the list goes on.


    Surely, the credible, knowledgeable and sincere world-famous nutritionist David Wolfe would not want to submit his “resume” to the fraudulent Wikipedia anyway, where anyone can edit ANYTHING and they do, especially when it comes to reporting the truth about the dangers of GMO, chemical medicine and non-sustainable ways of living.


    Science “Babe” goes on to describe in her anti-David Wolfe video that he did once have a Wikipedia page but it was deleted for promotional purposes. Obviously she means that Wikipedia, because they promote chemical-laden food and chemical-laden allopathic medicine, that David Wolfe’s message undermines (and can defeat) the capitalistic biotech regime and the cancer industry, so it doesn’t fit in with the Wikipedia propaganda and agenda of promoting Western Medicine and toxic food as normal.


    Science “Babe” calls David Wolfe a scam artist only in it for the money

    She says he “plagurized” an old book by changing the words of the first paragraph, and that’s the whole reason he is such a huge success now, except she can’t even spell the word plagiarized, so it’s hard to imagine she is some kind of credible scientist blogging for the betterment of mankind, spreading useful information, or something else, for attention and namesake. Maybe because when SciBabe produced her cynical video she was thinking of the GMO food “plague” that she is pushing and so she infused the word plague into plagiarize and she wound up with “plagurized.” In her shameful act of trying to make a raw food hero a villain, she exposes her own vanity and shallow hacking and weak journalistic attempt to debunk something that’s not a myth.


    Because David Wolfe uses the word “genetics” while speaking of longevity and extending your life 15 to 20 years or more by eating right (clean food and superfoods), SciBabe pretends that he has somehow given credit to GMO, the genetic modification of organisms–meaning inserting toxic pesticides and herbicides into staple edible crop in order to kill insects and weeds, respectively; however, the biotech industry has not yet patented the word “genetics” and genetics, of course, can mean anything that has to do with genes, such as improving your genes for your offspring or theirs, during this lifetime, by treating the body organically and avoiding all chemicals at all costs. SciBabe jumps “over the canyon” here and assumes Wolfe then promotes GMO because he used the word genetic, yet Wolfe is clear in every seminar he gives that clean, raw food is where ideal health is found, free from chemicals, heavy metal toxins, GMO, and Wolfe is very well versed in clean foods from around the world–that’s why millions listen to him regularly.


    SciBabe admits later in her critical, cynical and shallow video blog that David has published “countless books,” yet earlier in the SAME VIDEO slamming Wolfe she puts a question mark under his credibility column, as if he has no credentials of which to speak.


    Lastly, from the same video blasting David Wolfe and his spotless reputation as a nutrition expert, SciBabe stoops as low as to make fun of a family tragedy where Wolfe’s father shot his stepmother and killed her, and SciBabe says regarding David’s father, (he) “… Must have been quite the role model for David, eh.”


    This is a heart-less attempt to deconstruct someone’s reputation and a shallow, spineless and cowardly attempt to diminish his huge following of millions of health enthusiasts around the world. For speaking engagements, contact a professional, not an amateur character assassin, like SciBabe.


    On Vani Hari being attacked by Dr. Kevin Folta – University of Florida GMO plant scientist


    Sci-Babe attempts to reverse the situation of character assassination going on, where a supposed “public scientist(8) verbally (and on line) attacks “Food Babe” – ultimately trying to discredit her valiant efforts and successes in her mission for clean food. SciBabe has been going online defending the Monsanto shill scientist Folta (8) because SciBabe is friends with Dr. Folta and share the same propaganda platform–swearing allegiance to anything genetically modified. Dr. Folta is such the hack that he created a radio talk show host named Vern BlazekHIMSELF–TO INTERVIEW HIMSELF (9), and ask all the “right” questions for Folta to denounce his paid loyalty to Monsanto, since he was recently exposed for accepting $25,000 from Monsanto to spread their propaganda, word for word! The radio show is a nerdy science podcast promoting Dr. Folta and GMOs. Buzzfeed News exposed the quack and since he’s been on his heels, keeping quite about public science. Folta even sent an email that was dredged up by FOIA requests which shows him saying to a Monsanto representative that he would say and write anything they want him to. Have you ever heard of Vern Blazek’s Science Power Hour? (10) The chances are good that you haven’t, but then you’re in the company of the rest of the planet.


    Here’s the proof, and it’s NOT anything that could ever resemble “science-based” medicine:



    As reported on Buzzfeed News: “In July, through a bizarre email exchange, I discovered that Blazek is Folta’s alter ego. It was Folta who put on that disguised voice and interviewed his colleagues. It was Folta who had interviewed himself, without ever telling his audience. Because of our correspondence, Folta shut down the show and killed off Vern. Two weeks after that, a scandal broke that uprooted his life.” http://www.naturalnews.com/051756_Kevin_Folta_Vern_Blazek_Science_Power_Hour.html#ixzz3rIK9BdGk


    GMO shills will do anything to spread the propaganda

    The irony of it all is that SciBabe did one of her publicity stunts to expose alcohol in dog food, then she goes and attacks Food Babe for exposing toxins in Subway bread. Here’s Food Babe Vani Hari on Facebook answering a question about Subway after they removed chemical azodicarbonamide–she was asked if that made a difference:


    “It made a huge difference in creating awareness about what’s in our food. Millions of people are paying attention as a result and we removed one questionable chemical not just from Subway’s bread but from many different bread manufacturers – including the largest bakery in the United States!”


    SciBabe says she first met Folta where he was speaking during one of his phony outreach science conventions (at UC Davis). Since then, Folta and SciBabe have proven to be miserable “actor-wanna-be’s” (9) who try to get into the limelight with their phony messages and a phony platform based on “science-backed” research that is cut and tailored to say everything GMO is “safe and beneficial” – just like they say with vaccines that actually cause hundreds of millions of dollars in health detriment and permanent damage to children across the nation every year. Paid shills are a dime a dozen, but recently a whole band of them has been ousted, and alternative news and the organic nation is thrilled to have some proof for reporters and health news websites galore.


    SciBabe calls Vani Hari “Someone who’s “paid to share favorable opinions of a product or idea,” but that’s exactly what SciBabe does as she blasts anyone promoting clean food.

    Sci-Babe Yvette and Kevin Folta are hanging out, playing with Yvette’s dog on video, trying to show how nice they are because they can pet a dog on camera (insert creepy video of Folta molesting her dog here and speaking with a horrible version of a German accent – even the dog looks creeped-out). (11) This is how convincing they are that GMO food is safe for the population and the environment. No need for scientific proof here, it’s all taken at face value by two really bad actors who have science degrees from college. The New York Times exposed and picked apart Dr. Folta, but SciBabe hasn’t risen to the status of “public scientist” yet, so no need to hear or read it from the MSM, mainstream media, just yet. SciBabe goes so far as to call the New York Times piece “debunk” (her favorite word) because she says there are too many emails included, and to choose just a few is “cherry picking” even though those dozen emails incriminate Folta completely. (10) She calls the whole exposure of Folta’s shill-ness a “witch” trial.

    SciBabe claims on her website that her “store” is “coming soon.” It should be interesting to see what she sells, possibly Twinkies and HoHo’s. Her fans will gobble them up with her “Dirty Jokes” she brags about in her Sci-Babe tagline and on her blog posts, none of which are funny, just more digs on natural health and healing properties of organic foods and the mavens who speak freely about them. Beware of the Sci-Babe, she’s no “Food Babe.” Truthwiki will continue to investigate this ongoing “phenomenon” of shills shilling for the biotech, pharma and vaccine industries.



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