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    The industry “line” on GMO safety was devastated in 2012 by a long-term, ground-breaking and whistle-blowing peer reviewed study done by a French scientist and professor named Gilles-Eric Séralini and his team of experts, revealing extreme toxicity causing massive health detriment for animals that consume a certain kind of GM (genetically modified) corn and Monsanto’s most popular Roundup herbicide–including kidney failure and liver failure and huge cancerous tumors. Séralini is professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen, France, and president of the scientific board of CRIIGEN–Committee of Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering. Within a year of the long-term GMO study being published in late 2012 in peer review medical journals, such as the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), corporate scientists, including those from Monsanto, demanded a retraction (2) based on their own studies that omitted massive data, and based on the assumption that Séralini did not follow protocol, which Séralini proved otherwise the next year and the study was reinstated and republished as legitimate, validated and accurate. In fact, Seralini’s team followed ALL of the proper protocol, and thus heralded the study as one of the most important health studies of the century. Séralini and his team studied toxicity of genetically-modified corn (maize) of the Monsanto NK603 variety, which Monsanto themselves had studied previously, but Monsanto limited their conclusion data to 90 days for the feeding “trial” because after 90 days is when all the damage to the rats began to show up. Monsanto wanted regulatory authorization for planting and so they fudged the results by cutting the whole study short after they found out what Séralini later exposed by being thorough, honest and forthright about toxic GM corn Monsanto wants to feed America and other developing countries around the world. Monsanto had published their findings back in 2004, coincidentally the same year the corn was authorized in the EU. The European Food Safety Authority then declared that the maize was just as safe as the non-GM maize. (1)


    March 2015: The World Health Organization declares Roundup “probably carcinogenic to humans”

    The most widely used herbicide (weed killer) in the world is implicated as a cancer-causing chemical combination and concoction of synthetics that cause human cells to mutate, multiply uncontrollably, and turn and attack healthy cells. Glyphosate–the MAIN INGREDIENT in Monsanto’s RoundUp line of pesticides (bug killers too), is not only implicated as carcinogenic but the research by the IARC is published in The Lancet Oncology and relies on studies conducted over TWO DECADES. Monsanto knew in 2004 and covered it up, but now the world knows in 2015. People eating GM corn are “probably” getting cancer, whether slowly or quickly, but the effects are chronic and detrimental in the short and long term. Just last March, seventeen experts from eleven countries around the world met at the IARC–International Agency for Research on Cancer, in Lyon, France, to assess the carcinogenicity of FIVE specific organophosphate pesticides: tetrachlorvinphos, parathion, malathion, diazinon, and glyphosate.


    No previous regulations, independent safety testing of GMOs in USA

    Because no regulations were put in place mainly because research by Monsanto was altered and skewed to their advantage (then accepted by US regulatory agencies), the use of TOXIC glyphosate has soared in the past twenty years, with the introduction of crops genetically engineered to withstand the toxic herbicide because the genes of the plants contain it! Glyphosate is also a main ingredient in a new product called “Enlist Duo” recently introduced by Dow Chemical.


    Séralini’s study pulled from literature, then republished upon verification of excellent protocol and solid science-based research

    Critics of health enthusiasts worldwide jump to defend anything GMO or processed by citing some peer reviewed study. Everything must be science-based, including food and medicine, or the allopathic Western world doesn’t “buy it.” Finally, health experts worldwide have their day of reckoning and reconciliation thanks to the Seralini team of experts and the IARC for exposing the truth, that was twenty years in the making. This is science-based and peer reviewed and published in prestigious medical journals, so the gullible allopathic GMO-consuming public can NOT use that argument here. Corporate scientists and paid shills of the biotech industry tried their best to denounce the study and say that the findings were “inconclusive” except for the fact that NOTHING in its contents was inaccurate or misleading at all. After three years of rigorous peer review, this is solid evidence that GM corn is unsafe. (6)


    After 3 rigorous peer reviews, consumers now have SOLID evidence GM corn is unsafe for consumption

    Published in (ESE) Environmental Sciences Europe, no other study has gone through so many levels of independent peer review and STILL gained vested status, ever, according to ESE’s editor, whose journal was responsible for arranging the third review and finally republishing the study that was RIGHT all along: GM corn (and soy as we find out later) is unsafe for animal (and human) consumption, causing failure of vital cleansing organs like the liver and kidneys and deadly cancerous tumors. Here’s the editor of ESE speaking on the review process Seralini’s GM corn toxicity study endured: (5)

    “The first was for the initial publication of the study in Food and Chemical Toxicology. It passed with only minor revisions, according to the authors. The second review took months. It involved a non-transparent examination of Prof. Seralini’s raw data by a secret panel of unnamed persons organized by the editor-in-chief of FCT, A. Wallace Hayes, in response to criticisms of the study by pro-GMO scientists.”


    The corporate “interests” (Monsanto, Dow, etc) that moved to discredit Seralini’s study helped verify it for the whole world, by putting it under the spotlight and for so long. Even the second (secret) panel couldn’t find anything wrong with it because the science simply spoke for itself. (3)


    Study summary of Roundup-tolerant NK603 – GM Maize Monsanto’s genetically modified corn NK603 (aka Frankencorn) was tested for health effects in lab rats in their feed and drinking water and with and without Roundup herbicide application. Around 11% of their diet included the NK603 and .1 ppb of the pesticide containing glyphosate in their drinking water. This was evaluated for TWO YEARS (not 3 months like Monsanto would have it), and two years is the average lifespan for the rats tested. The rat strain employed was the same as Monsanto’s as well as the biochemical parameters from 2004. It was a major point to show what happens to the same rats consuming the same toxins after the three month mark, where Monsanto cut off and buried research, statistics and results.


    Very significant and chronic kidney deficiencies for all treatments and both sexes


    Biochemical analyses confirmed significant chronic kidney deficiencies, including liver congestions and necrosis. Female rats eating the GM corn showed a two-to-threefold increase in early death. This was evident in three male groups also. Females developed LARGE MAMMARY TUMORS frequently. The pituitary gland was the second MOST DISABLED ORGAN. There was solid and implicating evidence of endocrine disruption. These investigations concern GM soy and maize that are engineered either to be herbicide-tolerant to produce a modified Bt toxin insecticide, or both.


    Americans EAT GM CORN that produces a deadly toxin–ROOT WORM killer insecticide

    Usually, in America, people use the same old argument about chemicals in foods–there’s “not enough” to cause cancer. (7) There is. This is irrefutable science-backed research that has been proven legitimate by multi-levels of peer review. Seralini is the nail in the coffin for genetically modified foods that contain carcinogenic insecticides and carcinogenic herbicides and carcinogenic pesticides. A detailed analysis of the data in these “sub-chronic” toxicity studies reveals significant pesticide residue causing SIGNIFICANT ALTERATIONS in KIDNEY and LIVER FUNCTIONS. This is what happens when you extend the period of observation and investigation from 90 days to 2 years! How long does it take humans to acquire these results? Many of the rats were dying of cancer tumors in just 4 to 7 months. That’s 1/8th of their lifetime average on the low end–that would put humans who consume 10% of their food as GM corn and soy living to be only about 10 – 20 years young.


    What about the infants who are drinking infant formula containing GM corn and GM soy right now; will they die of cancer at fifteen years of age? There needs to be a human food investigation, short and long term. The amounts of toxins that killed the rats in the Seralini study, those doses were BELOW the range of levels permitted by regulatory authorities in tap water in the USA alone, and GM corn and GM soy can be found in about one in four typical US food items, including baby food and hospital food, so go figure.


    GMO-proponent criticisms of Séralini’s study wrongly assume bad design

    Seralini’s study was a well-designed and well-conducted chronic toxicity study. It was not intended to be a cancer study, but the rats got cancer and they got cancer at a very young age, and the results had to be published and then republished for the public to know, despite Monsanto’s blatant attempts to cover them up for nearly a decade. This study is the ONLY long-term study on this NK603 corn when combined with Roundup pesticide. This is of MASSIVE importance to realize. Most farmers using anything Monsanto are likely to be combining chemicals and the synthetic concoctions that breed cancer cells in ALL animals, regardless of whether we’re talking about lab rats, cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, cats, dogs, monkeys or humans. Seralini used the SAME STRAIN OF RAT as Monsanto, and that’s the Sprague-Dawley (SD)–a rat scientists KNOW is about as prone to tumors as HUMANS are, and the tendency to get cancer becomes MORE LIKELY WITH AGE, just as with the Sprague-Dawley rat. This is why most Americans will never see a cent of their social security–they won’t live long enough to receive it.


    Cancer, organ damage, and premature death

    Food industry regulators are wrong to dismiss the toxic effects of GM foods in America’s staple food supply, such as corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed oil. These same toxicity tests HAVE BEEN RUN ON FARM ANIMALS also where the toxic effects of GM food consumption were quite evident and documented as such. No GMO study with peer reviews-to-date has proven GMO to be safe, either.


    There should be a larger scale, full scale toxicity study done on the toxic effects of GM corn and GM soy on animals, including humans. For ethical reasons, the test subjects could be people who already consume GMO on a regular basis and have no plans to change their lifestyle. This would be a long-term chronic toxicity and cancer study. It would measure the increase in tumor incidence as an outcome.


    Complete herbicide formulations like Roundup should be tested on a large scale now. Seralini’s study is teh most detailed and in-depth long-term toxicity study ever done on a GM food and its “associated herbicide.” You see, farmers mixing these chemicals is not by chance or by accident, these are the complimentary and supplementary chemicals that Monsanto recommends be used together, which compounds the CANCER ISSUE for humans, who already use water that is fluoridated and vaccines loaded with heavy metal toxins including mercury and aluminum. These toxins are regularly mixed with genetically modified pesticide–hence the cancer epidemic that has struck America in the last 75 years. Before WWII, there is nary a case of cancer in the homeland.


    So who are the “media” experts criticizing Seralini?





    Monsanto, of course:



    European Food Safety Authority:



    Why Seralini’s study was so timely – finally in 2012 revealing serious disease from NK603

    Back in 2004, when Monsanto published their 90-day NK603 rat-feeding study, the EFSA–European Food Safety Authority–claimed the differences in the test rats were basically negligible, and “of no biological significance.” Here’s the rub: Most tumors were only detected after 18 months. Deaths shortly followed that. But Monsanto ran with the short study and published it for the world to see how their corn is safe and “science-based” with scientific studies to prove it. Yes, this was a message to Americans and the world that it was safe to eat this genetically mutated version of corn, and that message stuck for 8 years or more, until the first Seralini publishing, before the initial (fabricated and unwarranted) retraction. (8)


    Unfortunately for Monsanto, Seralini’s team obtained Monsanto’s raw data and re-analyzed it all, thoroughly. They did find SIGNS of kidney and liver toxicity. Seralini’s experiment went so far as to separate out the effect of the GM maize from those of the herbicide Roundup that it’s engineered to tolerate. Nobody had distinguished the effects in this way, not even Monsanto.


    Warning: Roundup Causes Massive Kidney and Liver Damage–even at Low Doses

    Glyphosate levels that are common in public tap water alter function of thousands of genes in the livers and kidneys of rats. (4) Rats are made up of 96% of the same DNA as humans, but we are told by mainstream that because we are not rats, it’s not the same. Rats, though, may have stronger immunity to disease than humans as they eat raw meat and live in sewers and dumpsters, yet these lab test rats were suffering from low doses of Roundup exposure. “Observed alterations in gene expression were consistent with fibrosis, necrosis, phospholipidosis, mitochondrial membrane dysfunction and ischemia, which correlate with and thus confirm observations of pathology made at an anatomical, histological and biochemical level.” … (Conclusion) “Our results suggest that chronic exposure to a GBH in an established laboratory animal toxicity model system at an ultra-low, environmental dose can result in liver and kidney damage with potential significant health implications for animal and human populations.” (10)


    Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini receives Federation of German Scientists Whistleblower Award

    Following the publication of Séralini’s 2012 study of GM maize and Roundup, the editor of the publishing journal was swarmed with biotech shills who lashed out at the researchers and publishers alike. These biotech “vested interests” did all they could to enact their retraction campaign, but in the end, Séralini and his team were victorious in getting the truth to the world via peer review and reliable scientific investigations of what the world was already suspect–GM crops and synthetic, toxic and associated pesticides cause health detriment in animals, and fast. Séralini’s critics had made false claims and pretended that the “science community” had all condemned the study, when really it was just the manufacturers of chemical agriculture. (9)


    Danish Farmers: Extended analysis of Roundup herbicide residues connect stillbirths and malformations in pig litters

    A farming newspaper in Denmark caused an avalanche of controversy when it published Ib Borup Pedersen’s analysis of health problems his group of breeding sows were suffering from eating GM soy, plus he unveiled research that Roundup herbicide residues were causing malformations (deformations) and STILLBIRTHS – when ENDED when he switched his feed to non-GM soy. The discount he was getting buying GM soy was not even close to the problems and medical costs he incurred from his animals’ health detriment. Pedersen says his farming operation is MORE PROFITABLE under the non-GMO feeding regimen. Agrichemical companies and corporations sell thousands of European and American farmers alike on a false-bill of goods and bargains that if they contract for GM feed and GM seed they will increase yield, reduce costs, and profit in the long run, but you can’t put a price tag on the lives of livestock and the humans who consume those infected and gene-altered animal products and byproducts. (11)


    Unwarranted animal deaths and ailments are not on the “chopping block”

    GM soy and Roundup herbicide proponents protested with all their might and money to get farmers to look the other way on the Danish Pig Study. Feed suppliers and agrichemical merchants were suffering collateral damage to their “pristine brand image.” For many health enthusiasts worldwide, these revelations come as no surprise, but reinforce legitimate concern with consuming chemical pesticides, including insecticide and herbicide manufactured, sold and unethically pushed on farmers worldwide by Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Sygenta, Cargill, BASF, and many more biotech giants.


    Now, thanks to scientists like Seralini and honest farmers like Borup Pedersen, experimental evidence from independent research and honest testimony from farmers– who have used chemicals for animal feed and seen them suffer the consequences–has all been confirmed. Unless GM soy and Roundup are removed entirely from the animal feed chain, the health of soil, farm animals, plants and people around the world is seriously compromised.


    The latest news as of December 8, 2015:

    Seralini’s team wins defamation and forgery court cases on GMO and pesticide research:




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