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    One of the 30 most influential people on the internet (as voted by Time), author and activist the “Food Babe” Vani Hari has not only influenced major corporations and restaurant chains to remove certain food chemicals from their menus, but her first book, “The Food Babe Way,” is a New York Times bestseller, per March of 2015, just one month after publishing, and it stayed at the top of the New York Times bestseller list as a “How To” book for five weeks. At the same time, “The Food Babe Way” was #1 for nonfiction on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Vani Hari has become one of the world’s leading food chemical investigators, and once companies meet her, they decide NOT to go up against her.


    Trailer/Preview to “The Food Babe Way” presented by Vani Hari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddQhI8Bvo-0


    Consumers love her, evil scientists hate her, and the world is a better place because of her. Less than a decade ago Ms Hari was hospitalized as a result of her poor diet and decided to change her eating lifestyle and bad habits. Within a handful of years she had transformed into an investigative journalist functioning like a top-notch attorney, sending letters to companies that are polluting the food industry with lab-concocted chemicals no humans should ever be eating, especially on a regular basis and in every meal and drink. As the health revolution thrives and the organic food industry booms, mass media is falling apart at the seems, healthcare (sick care) costs are skyrocketing, even with coverage, and people are deciding to follow the leaders who are doing the majority of research on food chemicals, artificial ingredients, synthetic dyes, petroleum byproducts, industrial waste products put in food, heavy metal toxins (in vaccines also), anti-foaming agents, genetically “mutated” organisms (GMO) in food, toxic pesticides, toxic herbicides, and the list goes on. People don’t have the time to research all of this, so they leave it up to the “gung-ho” professionals who seek out answers and publish crucial information online, where alternative TRUTH MEDIA is the dominant information source.


    The “Food Babe Army” of health enthusiasts avoid consuming chemical food dyes, corn syrup, GMOs and artificial growth hormones

    Food scientists and plant scientists who make a fortune (legally or illegally) by selling out to the chemical agriculture industry giants are fast to criticize and even character “assassinate” clean food activists, because the more popular we become, the less faith people have in GMO, allopathic medicine, flu shots and chemotherapy. Vani Hari is brave enough to make her voice heard loud and clear, and she even attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention (as an elected delegate), sat in the FRONT ROW, and held her sign that said “Label GMOs!” She was calling out one of Obama’s biggest lies that he was going to make sure GMOs got labels in America.


    Chipotle becomes the first United States restaurant chain to eliminate GMO ingredients – Thanks to Food Babe

    It all started with a Food Babe blog post, believe it or not. In 2012 Ms Hari wrote a post talking about Chipotle’s food

    “Most of their food was contaminated with genetically modified cooking oil, corn oil, and they were using genetically modified ingredients in their tortillas. Even in the black beans there was GMO soybean oil. You couldn’t even order vegetarian and avoid it. It was really unfortunate. Then, when I saw their flour tortillas’ package, it said that they use trans-fat. That’s crazy.”

    Chipotle’s Management and the Communications Director decided to meet with Hari before she further exposed that fact that most people thought they were eating healthy at Chipotle. Shortly after the meeting, they created a new page on the Chipotle website listing all of their menu items and a statement in the side bar that read, “Our goal is to eliminate GMOs from Chipotle’s ingredients, and we’re working hard to meet this challenge.” Though no GMO scientist in the world would ever admit, Vani Hari single-handedly turned Chipotle’s menu into non-GMO, and they became the first national restaurant chain (“fast food” also) to use ONLY non-GMO ingredients, across the board.


    No other nation in the world uses as many artificial chemical ingredients in food as the USA

    The Food Babe petitions all kinds of chemicals that are BANNED in most countries around the world but NOT in the United States. The FDA and CDC are so crooked that they approve food toxins and medicine toxins right and left, with no safety tests run by them or the chemical food and medicine manufacturers. Safety regulations are almost non-existent in America right now for corporations that have big bucks and lobby in Washington. In walks Food Babe.


    Kraft pulls exact artificial ingredients Food Babe petitioned, but no credit given

    Not every company that Food Babe has petitioned has removed certain chemicals directly because of her; however, once you get that snowball rolling, it easily picks up snow and gets bigger and bigger and more noticeable. Food Babe has created an avalanche for the biotech industry, that floods conventional foods with deadly, carcinogenic, cancer-causing chemical pesticides like Roundup (Glyphosate). After Food Babe rounded up about 350,000 signatures, Kraft changed the ingredients of three of its Mac & Cheese products, pulling out artificial food coloring chemicals. Of course, the Kraft wouldn’t admit it was thanks to Food Babe, but the timing was rather obvious.


    Heineken pulls artificial coloring from Newcastle Brown Ale just before “The Food Babe Way” book was released that would blow the whistle!

    Like Paul Revere, Food Babe is firing the warning shots for all to hear, and in January of 2015, even Heineken announced they would stop adding CLASS IV CARAMEL CHEMICAL COLORING to their Newcastle brown ale brand, and they would revert BACK to the natural coloring they used to utilize. Consumers should check their wine and liquor for more of the same chemical Heineken pulled.


    Subway pulls yoga mat chemical conditioner “azodicarbonamide” from its bread rolls, thanks to Food Babe

    If left up to the FDA, they would say that ANY amount of ANY chemical in ANY food or ANY medicine is always “too low to pose a significant risk” for human consumption, as they have for years and years. Subway has been using a yoga mat chemical called “AZO” – short for azo-di-carbon-amide (bleaching agent and dough softener) for years and years. Food Babe gathered 50,000 signatures on a petition in one day, that’s how powerful she has become. Subway responded with a promise. Environmental Working Group (EWG) has warned everyone about AZO and urged companies not to use it. Of course, the FDA says there’s not enough in bread to be a health problem, but they would probably say the same thing about snake venom or cesium 137 if Subway, Burger King or McDonald’s was using either as an additive, preservative or “conditioner.”


    Starbucks changes Pumpkin Spice Latte fake caramel color after Vani Hari blasts for transparency

    Starbucks was not being forthright about what they put in certain frothy, “girlie” drinks like the pumpkin spice latte, and they got called out for it by Food Babe. In 2015 Starbucks reformulated the drink without FAKE caramel coloring. Surely they didn’t decide to do this because Food Babe was emailing them monthly updates about the problem! After all, Starbucks is an official member of GMA–Grocery Manufacturers Association, one of the most evil conglomerations of junk-science manufacturers, corporations and toxic-food-sellers in the world.


    General Mills pulls BHT chemical from children’s cereals – but won’t credit Food Babe for exposing them first

    Food Babe petitioned General Mills and Kellogg’s to remove BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), a dangerous cancer-causing chemical, from their cereals they market to adults and children alike. Again, EWG warns consumers about eating this packaging chemical. The SAME cereals marketed in Europe do NOT contain BHT. General Mills responded and said they are removing it, but “not for safety reasons” but because consumers will “embrace it.” Embrace what? The fact that they’re still trying to poison everyone but with one less chemical?


    Food Babe’s critics use shallow insults and are paid by biotech to blog trash-talk

    Some pro-science fanatics get a thrill by character-attacking any health enthusiasts and activists who make HEADWAY in the mainstream world and spread information to help people identify toxins in foods, drinks, medicines, vaccines, flu shots and personal care products. These same pro-science fanatics will stoop to the lowest levels to tear down knowledge about the slick, sneaky “underworld” of biotechnology (GMO) and processed food and dangerous food-chemical preservatives and food-chemical additives that cause cancer, heart disease, immune deficiencies, diabetes, Alzheimer’s (senility), autism, central nervous system disorders, ADHD and more. In America, any leader, journalist, reporter, naturopath, nutritionist or investigative consumer, like Vani Hari or the Health Ranger Mike Adams, gets highly criticized on absurd fronts put up and knocked down (straw man strategy) in order to make points that distract from the very major points being exposed to the public.

    Entire businesses have been created in order to “dispel” or “debunk” the health mavens of this world. Jon Entine and Kevin Folta are two of the nation’s leading biotech SHILLS that publish mass disinformation to mislead consumers about toxic foods and the whistleblowers who are exposing MORE AND MORE carcinogens every day. ACSH, the American Council on Science and Health, is the epitome of the shills’ websites, as is GMOAnswers.com. Food Babe has become the arch-nemesis and has proven time and time again that the bad guys are lying through their teeth, and when huge corporations pull out the chemical ingredients from their products as ONE WOMAN Vani Hari exposes them, that’s when it’s more than obvious Food Babe was right all along.


    There’s no “assault on science” just the exposure of cancer-causing food agents the FDA approves

    There’s nothing “pseudo-science” or “anti-science” about wanting to be healthy and trying to avoid dangerous chemicals and pesticides put in most non-organic food, drinks and personal care products today.


    Vani Hari – The “One Woman” Consumer Protection Agency


    Food Babe admits that for most of her life (she’s only 36), she ate anything she wanted, from candy to soda to fast food and processed food. This lifestyle landed her in a hospital bed about ten years ago, and she decided to make healthy her “number one priority” …


    “I used my new found inspiration for living a healthy life to drive my energy into investigating what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production. I didn’t go to nutrition school to learn this. I had to teach myself everything spending thousands of hours researching and talking to experts. As I began to learn more, I was no longer duped by big business marketing tactics, confused by lengthy food labels, and it became easier for me to live in this over-processed world. Most importantly, the more I learned and the more lessons I put into action, the better I felt and wanted to tell everyone about it!  My hope for you is that by assimilating the information you learn on FoodBabe.com into your own life, you can experience a richer sense of health and well being than you ever imagined possible!”


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