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  • Allopathic Medicine Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Allopathic or “Western” medicine is the medical practice aimed at using drugs and surgery to combat symptoms of disease and disorder, and to provide temporary relief from pain, inflammation, nerve disorder and cell disorder (cancer). Infectious disease is allopathically addressed with vaccines that contain small doses of the live virus, genetically altered bacteria, emulsifiers, adjuvants   Full article…

  • Center for Food Safety (CFS) Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Founded in 1997, the national, non-profit public interest organization called Center for Food Safety (CFS), based in Washington DC, promotes sustainable agriculture and protects human health (and rights), animal health, and the environment, by educating consumers about toxic food agents and synthetic, gene-altered pesticides, plants and organisms the majority of US food, including some organic foods   Full article…

  • Chemotherapy Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Originally derived from the deadly mustard gas that was used as chemical warfare in World War I, the oldest and most common type of chemotherapy used today are called alkylating agents, and most “groups” of chemotherapy fall under this umbrella term. Cancer is the mutation, uncontrolled growth and errant replication of cells that are exposed to   Full article…

  • Artificial Sweeteners Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    High intensity sweeteners are synthetic compounds manufactured in a laboratory to contain a “sweetness profile” hundreds of times greater than that of table sugar. These compounds have been derived from questionable “agents” that are artificial and wreak havoc on the human body. Aspartame itself is over 200 times sweeter than sucrose. Most people can easily   Full article…

  • MMR Vaccine – Measles, Mumps, Rubella Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]Shedding live viruses, such as rotavirus, per the CDC website: Under Appendix B, listed on the CDC website and updated as of February, 2015, you will find the ingredients for the MMR (MMR-II), the combination vaccines that contain recombinant human albumin, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick (egg) embryo cell culture, human diploid lung fibroblasts, and   Full article…

  • The New York Times Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Contents [Hide]The NYT criticized in 2001 for minimizing reports during Holocaust:NYT claims spam attack, then apologizes for spamming its entire email list The Pulitzer prize-grabbing New York Times or “NYT” began as the New-York Daily Times in 1851. A Whig Party member by the name of Henry Jarvis Raymond, politician and journalist, founded the paper,   Full article…

  • International Agency for Research on Cancer – IARC Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    The IARC is an intergovernmental agency formed 50 years ago that is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is part of the United Nations, with main offices based in France. Their first members included Germany, France, Italy, Australia, UK, Soviet Union and the United States. Today there are more than two dozen member   Full article…

  • Syngenta AG Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    Syngenta AG is the world’s largest crop chemical producer–a biotechnology company. Sales of Syngenta AG’s chemical genetically modified (GMO) seeds is about the same amount in US dollars as the entire organic food business, according to 2014 statistics, which equates to $15 billion per year. A global Swiss agrochemical business formed in 2000 in a   Full article…

  • Bayer Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    A German chemical pharmaceutical company specializing in human and veterinary drugs, agricultural chemicals and biotechnology (GMO), Bayer AG was founded back in the 1860s, and was consumed by the Big Pharma conglomerate IG Farben, short for Interessengemeinschaft Farben, during the Nazi reign before and during WWII. After the war, IG Farben was redistributed into smaller   Full article…

  • Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) Posted 7 years ago under Uncategorized


    CSI was begun as a paranormal discrediting group about three decades ago (1976) by a rogue man named Kendrick Frazier, who is now the editor of the online “Skeptical Inquirer,”–the official journal of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Frazier also authors anthologies, including one named “Science Under Siege.” The main mission of the center, the   Full article…

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