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    The Pulitzer prize-grabbing New York Times or “NYT” began as the New-York Daily Times in 1851. A Whig Party member by the name of Henry Jarvis Raymond, politician and journalist, founded the paper, which at the time sold for one penny. Six years later, the word “Daily” was dropped from the name, but they didn’t drop the hyphen in New-York until the 1890s.


    Ironically, the newspaper first ran a series of exposés ending a Democratic New York city hall reign by William Magear “Boss” Tweed, but in the 1880s, their Republican Party favorable editorials that were helping candidates essentially faded and the newspaper turned more analytical and less politically “dependent.” Then, in 1894, the NYT supported Democrat Grover Cleveland’s run for the White House, a move that ended up costing them readership. The newspaper that was LOSING MONEY at the time was bought in the late 1890s by Adolph Ochs, publisher of the Chattanooga Times, whose motto was to publish “All the news that’s fit to print,” – the signature coined phrase is printed at the top left corner of the front page still today. This slogan was actually a jab at the competing papers like the New York Journal and New York World, at the time, which had reputations for being sensationalist papers chock full of “yellow journalism.”


    By the turn of the 20th century, NYT achieved international circulation

    The newspaper received their first wireless telegraph transmission from a naval battle engaging the Imperial Russian Navy at the Battle of Port Arthur, near Korea in 1904. The paper delivered their first papers by air to Philidelphia by 1910.


    In the 1940s, at the end of World War II, the NYT added crossword puzzles, a fashion section, and an international edition, in addition to purchasing an AM radio station. Fifty years later The New York Times was leasing their radio station to ABC Radio to sport its “Radio Disney,” which Disney ended up purchasing in 2007. That was then sold to a religious radio network just last year, 2014.


    Today, owners of the New York Times Company and decendents of Adolph Ochs (the Sulzberger family) still maintain a dominant role in The New York Times. The Ochs-Sulzberger family trust controls most of the New York Times (stock) structure with six of the eight directors sitting on the board of their family trust. With the advent and mass popularity of the internet and alternative media news and truthmedia, NYT’s readership and circulation dropped significantly, to under a million, for the first time since the 1980s. As of recent, the paper costs around $2.50 on weekdays and about $5.00 for the Sunday addition, which sells about 1.7 million copies. Still, the New York Times, like so many other “soothsayers,” is losing readership day by day, thanks to alternative media and social media. Many truthmedia fanatics are exposing the shill-like tactics of major newspapers like the Washington Post, (1)with its paid biotech shills (like Tamar Haspel) (2) and political right-hands that publish whatever the script that’s handed down from the oval office, biotech or big pharma. (3) Rogue journalists, public scientists, academics, and GMO “insiders” are being probed by GM Watch and the US Right-to-Know group using the FOIA–Freedom of Information Act to reveal dozens of propagandists (in a document cloud provided HERE) who collude behind closed doors to spread propaganda for illegal payoffs, “spiffs” and luxurious vacations as gifts to use any way they like, per the FOIA publishings of their insider emails. (4) (6) This was all published by the New York Times, almost unbelievably.


    June of 1971, NYT starts publishing leaked “Pentagon Papers”

    The publishing of the Pentagon Papers showed the world that the US government was deliberately EXPANDING its role in Vietnam, conducting air strikes over Laos and raids along the North Vietnam coastline, all while President Lyndon B. Johnson PROMISED not to expand the war. Sound familiar? This is similar to Obama and the New York Times working hard to confiscate US citizens’ weapons while expanding the war on terror in the Middle East, Europe and now on US soil, and perpetuating (enabling) mass border security failures and illegal immigration. Even more importantly, the publishing of the Pentagon Papers set the precedent that the US government had a major credibility gap, and wasn’t to be trusted about quelling any future wars, including the recent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and possibly Syria next.


    Next, President Nixon threatened to burn at the stake (“torch”) whomever was responsible for the great information “leak,” saying,

    “People have gotta be put to the torch for this sort of thing…” and “Let’s get the son-of-a-bitch in jail.”


    Again, parallels can be drawn to today and the so-called “War on Terror” where George W. Bush swore to catch’em “Dead or Alive” and called them “Evil Do’ers” and now Obama swears to catch the ISIS and ISIL “terrorists” that the US government funds and provides weapons to, again perpetuating propaganda and a behind-the-scenes government insidious agenda. (10) By 1971, The Washington Post began publishing their own series – as they obtained certain parts of the Pentagon Papers. The US Justice Department sought injuction. It all ended up in the Supreme Court after appeals, but the Court decided 6–3 that the injuctions were UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRIOR RESTRAINTS and the US government had not met the burden of proof. Free speech won that day.

    Here are the “Declassified Documents” as released by National Archives and Records Administration:



    First woman reporter at NY Times was not allowed to tell anyone she was hired

    Jane Grant was nicknamed “Fluff” by the other reporters and was subject to gender descrimination, hazing, with no hope for promotion, and this according to the Editor. Jane worked at the NYT for 15 years, until WWI began.


    January, 2009: NYT in Financial Trouble: Carlos Slim, 2nd richest person in the world, lends NYT $250 million

    The Mexican telecomm magnate helped the NYT by making additional investments in the TIMES stock purchasing nearly 16 million shares (about 17% of total) during the financial crisis of 2009. Along with several other “heavy hitter” newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, the NYT narrowed its paper by half a foot to save costs (about $12 million a year) while circulation further dwindles down. Massive advertising revenues have also been lost as most people just don’t look for ads in the newspapers anymore–they would rather use the internet for shopping for deals. Plus, the NYT reputation for “groundbreaking journalism” had gone down the tubes with the advertising revenue and readership in general. NYT began resorting to sensationalism and daring diction to try to keep people’s interests, such as substituting the word “torture” for harsh interrogations or brutal questioning. Still, today, the NYT is seen as having a far-right slant on financial issues, yet also featuring a liberal slant and a political slant, with liberal biases on abortion and gay marriage. NYT has “endorsed” every Democratic nominee for president, after it last endorsed a Republican, that being Eisenhower, back in the mid-1950s. However, NYT endorsed incumbent Republican Mayors of NY City Giuliani in ’97 and Bloomberg in ’05 and ’09.


    Iraq, Iran and Israel controversies

    Some reporting leading up to and during the Iraq War was inaccurate and favored the Bush administration’s agenda, and the NYT ended up admitting and apologizing for it. A 2015 study revealed NYT was as biased as Iranian media regarding the Iranian nuclear crisis. In 2014 the NYT admitted to factual errors in an Op-Ed criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    The NYT criticized in 2001 for minimizing reports during Holocaust:

    An associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University said the Old Gray Lady (NYT) downplayed the Third Reich’s targeting of Jewish people for genocide in her 2005 book “Buried by the Times.” How did the newspaper do that? They buried the news stories deep in the pages knowing the persecution and EXECUTION of Jews was going on. This included perverted Nazi crimes, mass medical experimentation on Jews, raping, and forced pharmaceuticals, fluoridated water and more. NYT was not exactly functioning as the old “Newspaper of Record.”

    NYT claims spam attack, then apologizes for spamming its entire email list

    A staffer at the NYT sent over 8 million people (NYT subscribers over the years) a list of 300 emails of the people who had canceled home delivery of the newspaper. Ever heard of the whipping post? It was a slap in the face, of course, and the newspaper would not “fess up.” They denied responsibility. It was obvious from their reaction that “All the news that’s fit to printwasn’t fit to print at all at that moment in time. They denied and denied:

    “The e-mail is SPAM and was not sent from The New York Times. We are alerting subscribers immediately.”

    And here’s their Twitter Tweet: “If you received an e-mail today about canceling your NYT subscription, ignore it. It’s not from us.”


    NY Times blasts vaccine propagandist #1 – Mr. Paul Offit – the pro-vaccine puppet

    NYT blasted the new Offit book as vaccine quackery and a “fervent attack job” that’s thinly sourced and poorly researched, even though Offit is mainstream media’s lead puppet promoting vaccines, calling anyone who asks questions or has doubts about the validity and safety of vaccines “anti-vaxxers.” Most health enthusiasts simply want clean vaccines or no vaccines at all, knowing that many of the neurotoxins in vaccines and flu shots, like mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum lead to chronic sick care problems and cancer, autism, and Alzheimer’s–to name a few preventable diseases and disorders caused directly by vaccine toxins, not to mention antibiotic overuse and pharmaceutical use and abuse. It seems as though the now infamous Dr. Offit made all his own opinionated, broad and imprecise conclusions and went in search of answers he never found.


    New York Times exposes GMO and Biotech propagandists!

    Outrageous academic and science fraud took the main stage of alternative news and truth media when the New York Times publishes a piece exposing America’s university “public scientists” whoring themselves out for spiffs (bonus checks you could do “anything you want to” with, to the tune of $25,000). Charlatans for horticulturalists, hacks for journalists and hucksters for reporters all colluded through a string of thousands of emails to push GMO propaganda and say that everything genetically modified is absolutely wonderful, health, sustainable, and any other buzz words they all agreed would coerce and win over Americans riding the fence (skeptics) about “Frankenfoods” – produce that contains synthetic chemical pesticides and is often sprayed with cancer-causing herbicides, namely Roundup and Glyphosate.


    New Media News Movement stronger than New York Times

    Most mainstream media is terrified to criticize or attack GMO, pharmaceuticals as dangerous medicine, vaccinations, flu shots, or anything status quo, for fear of losing sponsors and massive advertising revenue. When NYT published the whistle-blowing proof that Monsanto was hiring shills to regurgitate their PR lies as facts, the alternative media world went wild, saying to all the naysayer, “Told you so!” Conspiracy theories all snapped into reality in one instant. This you would never find in the Monsanto-run Washington Post. The laundry list of sold-out shills is published and there’s no taking it back. Their emails all exposed, talking the talk and laughing while naming themselves shills. It’s all in black and white, with their signature lines and personal contact information all over it, page after page, after page. Kevin Folta and Jon Entine are shaking in their boots each day when they go to the shill factory and publish more pro-GMO lies–they’re reputations blown out of the water by The New York Times themselves.


    Biotech Mercenaries Exposed and Destroyed via FOIA Requests

    Gary Ruskin of the U.S. Right To Know organization, which supports GMO labeling and full transparency of “scientists” who claim to be “independent” voices on GMOs, revealed dozens of biotech mercenaries who claim their published opinions are their own, all in a grand attempt to brainwash hundreds of millions of Americans, not to mention city councils, judges, federal regulators, the Supreme Court and even the President. To date, there is no such thing as a pro-GMO scientist, according to J.D. Heyes, investigative reporter and journalist for NaturalNews.com, the largest health news website in the world, with over 7 million visitors monthly sharing the truth about the propaganda and disinformation being spread regularly by the biotech Big 6 – Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont and Syngenta. (12) Don’t forget about Cargill, either. Paid shills revealed in their emails their connections run deep in the biotech industry and they are paid to say what the industry reps write, even when they claim to be functioning in science’s best interest and “in the public’s best interest” and for the “betterment of mankind” and “for sustainability” and any other slogans they can steal and morph from organic agriculture.


    Dr. Kevin Folta, biotech shill and epitome of fraud committed by Monsanto

    Dr. Folta is among the most aggressive and prolific biotech proponents, although until his emails were released last month, he had not publicly acknowledged the extent of his ties to Monsanto.”

    Shortly after the NYT exposed the Monsanto huckster team that was under advisement from the infamous Ketchum PR firm, another charlatan-style biotech huckster team called the “Council for Biotechnology Information” (controlled by the Big 6 working in tandem), asked Dr. Folta to write fake questions and propaganda answers for GMOAnswers.com, a prop website staged to trick consumers into a Q&A that leads them right back to eating cancer-causing food that’s processed and/or genetically modified. (11)


    Revelation: Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, plans propaganda spread via college professors, researchers and scientists

    No longer is Monsanto scrambling to put out their own “brush fires,” but now they are consumed by their own scorched earth policies and their stock is dropping rapidly. Countries are banning GMO altogether across the world, while the USA sits in darkness, without even a GMO label, not understanding the true decimation of food, soil, water, environment and human and animal life that’s going on, all while big pharma rakes in billions of dollars on the other end, at the hospitals that use more chemicals, namely chemotherapy and prescription medications, to quell the symptoms of pesticide-food-disease (cancer), and the whole ponzi-sick-care-scheme is called Obamacare! The New York Times did a major favor for health enthusiasts across the world and set a precedent for recognizing biotech lies from here on out. The weight of their “authority” is crumbling by the day. It was too obvious as they implicated themselves. Charla Lord, a Monsanto spokeswoman, had said:

    “It is in the public interest for academics to weigh in credibly, not only to consumers but to stakeholders like lawmakers and regulators as well.”

    Bottom line: The biotech industry has basically published dozens of articles, under the names of prominent academics, that were drafted by industry consultants, and thankfully the US Right to Know group and the New York Times exposed it all. The biggest deceit going on is in the premise that everything these biotech shills say and write they claim is based on scientific evidence and safety research, when it’s clearly not. These are just dirty lobbying tactics in action and it should all be illegal. At least now SOME of the public has been made aware.


    December 4, 2015: New York Times runs front page editorial saying the time has come to ban and confiscate assault weapons from all US citizens

    Proving they are STILL just a mouthpiece for the White House, the NYT sprung off the emotional news of terrorists shooting up an American facility and called for Americans to make themselves MORE vulnerable to ISIS (4) and the rogue US government run by a Muslim who has opened all the borders to terrorists, granting them money for food, visa, jobs, healthcare, immunity from the law, drivers licenses, and the right to vote Democratic (hint, hint) in the next election. As the Obama administration seeks to control all Americans and take away their second amendment rights, the police-state of America gains favor with “patriots” who think the government is going to save them when the economy implodes and the financial tsunami covers the continent.

    As the NYT tells Americans to voluntarily disarm themselves and congratulates the tyrannical Democrats running the show, anyone succumbing to this atrocity will be quickly reminded how the Jews felt during the Holocaust, after he had them all register their guns, then confiscated them door to door, and then led them all to the gas chambers or to the end of a pistol that shot a bullet in their head. On the one hand the NYT exposes the lies of biotech, and shortly after tells Americans it is wise to put down their weapons in the face of domestic terror because their corrupt government and hapless (SS-style militia) police forces like DHS and FEMA will protect them under the new martial law of the New World Order and that the “Demoncrats” will save them from terror, starvation, and so on. The official story is that the San Bernardino mass shooting is a federal terrorism investigation, so why call for mass gun confiscation of LEGAL, LAW-ABIDING US CITIZENS WHO HAVE GUN PERMITS AND 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS?


    According to the NYT,

    “Motives do not matter to the dead in California, nor did they in Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, and far too many other places.”


    In other words, it wouldn’t matter if the so-called terrorists came into the country from Mexico talking a few words of Spanish and bought guns at a gun store illegally, and prayed to ISIS or ISIL on Facebook before the crazed shooting spree, ALL AMERICANS must now forfeit their inherent right to defend themselves with guns, and all of this while the Department of Homeland Security buys BILLIONS OF ROUNDS of hollow point bullets, thousands of heavy-armored bomb-proofed metro “tanks” to storm suburbia America, enough automatic weapons (yes they ones the NY Times wants to ban) to fight a domestic war with US citizens, and all this while FEMA buys mass graves for the upcoming apocalyptic economic and financial collapse of America. Let it be very clear that the New York Times is not just calling for a ban on assault weapons, but they want the government to go door to door across the continent and confiscate all of them.


    Yellow Journalism means printing opinions instead of facts, as the New York Times just published their positive opinion of Obama’s MASS GUN CONFISCATION agenda

    Just as Hitler said the “Master Race” was for the good of everyone on Planet Earth, so does the New York Times tell us that owners of guns need to understand that outlawing and confiscating such (automatic) weapons from law-abiding citizens is part of pursuing “the good” of everyone:


    “Certain types of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in [the San Bernardino attack], and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own these kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.”



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