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    Originally derived from the deadly mustard gas that was used as chemical warfare in World War I, the oldest and most common type of chemotherapy used today are called alkylating agents, and most “groups” of chemotherapy fall under this umbrella term. Cancer is the mutation, uncontrolled growth and errant replication of cells that are exposed to an overload of chemicals, synthetics, heavy metal toxins and other carcinogens. Conventional medicine defines chemotherapy as a broad array of “chemotherapeutic” (CTX) drugs that impair cell division (mitosis) and target the “fast-dividing” cells, but chemotherapy alkylating agents are composed of nitrogen mustards and tetrazines, chemicals that lead to other cancers in the human body, so while “chemo” tries to stave off cell division, it promotes new cell division in other parts of the body, and impairs immunity by destroying healthy gut flora and the endocrine system. The “vinca” family of anti-microbial, plant-derived chemotherapy agents induce what is termed “cell cycle arrest” –which is more simply understood to be programmed cell death (aka apoptosis).


    Most types of chemotherapy are delivered intravenously, although oral agents are widely used, including busulfan (another nitrogen agent and mustard gas derivative). Intravenous methods include vascular access devices such as catheters and implantable ports. Depending on the stage of the cancer and the type of chemo, some patients go from outpatient to inpatient therapy, and the risk of infection varies. Some isolated chemotherapies are actually infused directly into the liver or the lungs in an attempt to address tumor sites without “causing overwhelming systemic damage.” There are also topical therapies used to try to treat skin cancer (non-melanoma type). (2)


    Chemotherapy-related toxicities can occur within hours after administration

    Chemo affects the stomach and intestines and ALL chemotherapies cause depression of the immune system and paralysation of bone marrow, leading to a drop in white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, also known as immunosuppression and myelosuppression. With severe myelosuppression, nearly all the bone marrow stem cells that produce red and white blood cells are completely destroyed. That’s when conventional medicine then comes in with costly bone marrow transplants, in which diseases still develop due to interference and the body’s rejection of these foreign factors. Once the immune system is completely incapacitated, a life-threatening gastrointestinal condition called typhlitis can manifest, and this is referred to as a complication of chemotherapy, yet the CDC still classifies deaths of this sort as deaths from cancer, rather than deaths from chemotherapy, the original source. Dehydration and malnutrition are also factors after frequent vomiting and diarrhea. Typlitis is often fatal.


    Permanent hair loss and infertility: Some types of chemo cause permanent hair loss and infertility (gonadotoxic), including the alkylating drugs. Females can experience premature ovarian failure.


    Neurocognitive problems: Chemotherapy can cause neurocognitive problems, such as the inability to concentrate (nick named chemo-brain).


    Organ damage is prominent with the use of the anthracycline family of drugs, which produce free radicals in the cell and subsequently cause DNA damage.


    Hepatotoxicity: Liver damage, damage to liver cells, and obstruction of the veins in the liver, are often caused by the family of drugs referred to as cytotoxic. These are the traditional chemotherapeutic agents. Another side effect of cytotoxic drugs is called cholestasis–where bile no longer flows from the liver to the intestine.


    Nephrotoxicity: Kidney damage can be caused by different toxic drugs and lead to acute renal failure.


    Most chemo is used to prolong life and “reduce” symptoms, not cure or prevent cancer

    Fancy names for chemo include “medical oncology” or “pharmacotherapy” – that’s often used in conjunction with surgery and radiation treatments, which also can lead to new cancers and infections that cause death, such as from superbugs in doctors offices and hospitals that are immune to antibiotics or are viral infections with no cure. Because only a fraction of the cells in a tumor die when chemotherapies are administered, allopathic doctors and oncologists push for continued chemo treatments to stave off death and strive for a 5-year survival point, adding to the CDC’s statistics of “cancer survivors,” even if the patients die shortly after that point. (3) This is also why mammograms have become so popular. Mainstream allopathic medicine tries to detect cancer earlier (or use false-positives) so that when patients die from cancer or chemo, they have most likely been “initially diagnosed” at least 5 years prior to their actual death date–again–chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can be given credit for success here. (1)


    75 years of “living with cancer” in America: Begins with early detection and ends with toxic therapies

    By killing off healthy cells, chemotherapy sets up patients for new cancers to develop inside of 15 years–that’s if the chemo doesn’t kill them first by destroying the immune system and the endocrine system. Since the “debut” of chemo, many secondary cancers have INCREASED EXPONENTIALLY. Radiation therapy adds to the risk of secondary cancers, especially leukemia and sarcomas–information oncologists are reluctant to share up front, for fear of loss of “clients-for-life.” Chemotherapy is the most expensive poison money can buy and the cancer “business” is a multi-billion dollar industry in America. Adolf Hitler took the mustard gas (sulfur mustard) that was used in WWI and had his scientists develop it for use in WWII, when Hitler called for the execution of more than 6,000,000 Jews, half of all the Jewish people on earth at the time. Mustard gas is one of the most horrific chemical weapons known to man, and Hitler’s pharmaceutical regime, known as IG Farben, was a conglomerate of chemical manufacturers that continued and catapulted the use of a form of Mustard gas as therapy for cancer, which later became the mainstream method for postponing death from cancer in the USA.

    Mustard gas, Bis-(2-chloroethyl) sulfide, was first synthesized back in 1860 by one Frederick Guthrie, who first documented the toxic effects of mustard gas by applying his mixture of ethylene and sulfur dichloride to his own skin. It was later mass-produced under the name “Lost” by Bayer (a German company then). Since the 1950s, American medical doctors and oncologists have made a fortune using chemical medicines to stave off a chemically-induced cell corruption known as cancer. Some of the same Nazi scientists that were convicted of mass murder after WWII were hired by companies like Bayer, BASF, and later Monsanto – to engineer chemical additives for foods, chemical preservatives for foods, chemical agents as pesticides for agriculture, and chemical, carcinogenic agents as medicine, fueling the plagued American medical system known as “chronic care management.” During WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower stockpiled 100 tons of mustard gas on the S.S. John Harvey–stationed in Italy’s Harbor, but the Nazi air strikes destroyed it. Survivors died soon thereafter, and autopsies revealed they suffered from profound lymphopenia (very low white blood cell count), as well as suppression of myeloid cell lines. (4)


    After the Nazi empire fell, what came next for America was the well-planned onslaught of toxic food, followed by a directly correlated chemotherapy and radiation treatment campaign for chemically induced disease. The German scientists who developed “mustard” chemo knew that it only brings TEMPORARY tumor remission, and if ingestion and infusion of chemo is continued, cancer returned with a vengeance. How? Sulfur mustard is a vesicant, meaning it destroys mucous membranes. High doses cause nausea, vomiting, and respiratory failure. This volatile poison prevents the normal sequence of DNA replication, depleting the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and causing massive loss of bone marrow. In simple terms, sulfur mustard is basically the “egg” from which chemo has hatched. (5) (6)


    Chemo and Cancer Facts:


    More patients are dying from associated symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation than the cancer itself


    The incidence rate of myeloma has increased 25% in the U.S. just since 1975


    Liver cancer death rates have increased over 280% since 1975


    More than 60% of Americans diagnosed with leukemia die from it


    95% of Americans diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die from it


    Many mammograms (and doctors) give false positives, sending healthy people into emotional waves of stress and intense anxiety, which can cause cancer too


    Alkylating agents are known to cause leukemia and damage the DNA of all cells, not just the cancerous ones


    Most cancers found by screening are over-diagnosed, non-troublesome and non-lethal, and would have been of no importance if never discovered


    Four in ten patients who receive chemotherapy towards the end of life suffer fatal effects from the drugs


    90% of patients administered chemotherapy die within 15 years of treatment from secondary cancers or compromised immunity


    Chemotherapy and radiation combined are the leading cause of secondary cancer worldwide


    The use of chemo drugs has increased nearly 70% in past 12 years


    Cancer treatment and its diagnostics are never considered a cause of primary or secondary cancers by the medical community


    More than half of all cancer patients suffer significant treatment-related toxicity


    No measurable dose of chemotherapy is safe (or good for immunity)


    Chemotherapy causes healthy brain cells to die off long after treatment has ended


    Conventional cancer treatment is expensive fraud that sickens more people than it cures


    There is no safety or efficacy testing required by FDA to approve new and dangerous “chemotherapeutic” drugs coming from rogue manufacturers (just money)


    Also; temporary tumor recession “miracle drugs” are a hoax: Clinical trials prove nitrogen mustard used continually induces neutropenia–the severe reduction of white blood cells in bone marrow that ingest bacteria–and so after withdrawal of the medication, there is an abrupt return of the tumors.


    Most Americans have no idea that the chemotherapy failure rate is 97%

    Most people have no idea that 75% of doctors, surgeons and oncologists surveyed (9) said they would NEVER take chemotherapy due to its high toxicity and ineffectiveness. What’s that ineffectiveness factor? Chemotherapy only works 2.3% of the time, on average, and that only needs to keep the patient cancer free for five years to hold water, at that. Despite multiple drug chemo and a massive push for mammograms, breast cancer survival rates have NOT improved at all over the last ten years. Survival time has actually been shortened for some patients who took chemotherapy. The same doctors surveyed said they would NOT give chemotherapy to their own family members either, if they contracted cancer. (See the 12-year meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology)


    WebMD, Wikipedia, and the Washington Post all promote GMO and chemo

    The 125 billion-dollar cancer industry has a massive campaign of propaganda that infiltrates where the mass population least suspects–where they go to find facts. Most Americans still believe the popular newspapers and news channels report the truth, the facts, the reality of most situations, and they believe the commercials aired during those major propaganda programs advertise actual medicine that helps with disorders, diseases, allergies, infections and body malfunctions that occur as a result of consuming the foods and beverages being sold by their heroes. Chemotherapy is no different. Online medical journals, WebMD, Wikipedia (founded by a porn dealer), and toxic food proponents of the Washington Post, like Tamar Haspel, (7) push toxins for Americans to consume, and then everyone wonders if science will ever find a cure for cancer. If you’re selling people on chemical food, chemical prescription medicine, flu shots, vaccines and other chemical medicine, you are also selling them cancer and chemotherapy for the treatment. It’s all one big evil business model.


    If every person in the US with cancer began chemotherapy, the number of secondary cancer cases would explode

    Since the 1970s, when chemotherapy became a more prominent “first order” of treatment for cancers, the rate of secondary cancers has DOUBLED. One in every five cancer cases in the United States is currently a second cancer. More people die from chemo than cancer. Alkylating agents are known to cause leukemia and damage the DNA of all cells, not just the cancerous ones. By damaging DNA, chemical agents cause long-term bone marrow damage and weaken long-term immunity, and that’s why secondary cancers develop–sometimes as quickly as two years after treatment, because immunity is so low across the board. The risk of secondary cancers after chemotherapy treatments is highest though five to ten years after treatment. Radiation also increases new cancer risk, driving up statistics for sarcomas and increasing leukemia rates. These cancers are most likely not coming from the original cancer treated.


    5-year relative survival rate is used because most people’s health goes straight down hill afterwards

    If the American people ever saw through a looking glass the condition of 97% of people who underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for long-term, metastatic cancers, they would be in total shock. (10) If everyone knew the cost-effectiveness data, the quality of life, and the mortality rates after those five years of cancer “survival,” some jaws would surely drop. The CDC would never dare gather nor release those figures, or chemotherapy would never be anyone’s first order of treatment for cancer, nor radiation the second order of treatment, and people would realize cancer surgery for its failures and scam too, recognizing that often doctors SPREAD cancers by operating, by missing some of the cancer, or opening up a tumor that was properly CONTAINING the cancer naturally. The CDC and the oncologists won’t tell their patients that organic food, (8) high nutrient foods, spring water and organic supplements (like hemp seed oil and medicinal mushrooms – reishi and chaga) are their best shot at beating cancer, in the short and long term. (11)


    Chemotherapy makes little-to-no contribution to cancer survival

    There are no mainstream clinical assessments or data, in terms of recovery, for patients’ immune tolerance, organ toxicities, metabolic toxicities, quality of life, endocrine disruptions and imbalances, cognition levels, or central nervous system balance and normal function. These are not even addressed at all. If someone is simply alive 5 years from first diagnosis, they are declared cancer survivors and credit is given to mainstream Nazi-born chemical medicine and the cytotoxic drug regimen.

    Major health problems that have been brewed by chemotherapy and have manifested in the body years later are not chalked up to being caused by the archaic medical treatments. A risk versus benefits analysis is NEVER given. (12) They will not assess long term adverse events (such as cardiac), or discuss safety research (none is done), or efficacy results of science-based testing because either it doesn’t exist or the true results would scare everyone away. The bottom line is that chemotherapy makes little to no contribution to cancer survival, so the establishment just tells people they can manage the symptoms until they die, and it’s a big lie. (13)


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