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Anthony J. Hilder

Anthony J. Hilder is an activist, film maker and journalist. He is also a former talk show host and record producer. He has also sought to warn others of the New World Order. His film 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold looks into the controversy surrounding 9/11 and also the possibility of the US being  Full Article…


Acai Berry

Acai is a superfood known for its powerful antioxidant contents. Bitter in taste, it is typically found as an added ingredient in juices, smoothies, and other food products. The acai berry comes from the acai palm tree. Taxonomy Kingdom (Plantae) → Phylum (Angiosperms) →Class (Monocots) → Commelinids → Order (Arecales) → Family (Arecaceae) → Genus  Full Article…


Stop The War Now

  “Stop The War Now” was the second anti-war single by soul singer Edwin Starr. The first was his massive hit “War”. “Stop The War Now” was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. The song It’s original single release was “Stop The War Now” / “Gonna Keep On Tryin’ Till I Win Your Love”  Full Article…


Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr was an American soul singer who had hits from the 1960s to the 1970s with “S.O.S”, “Tewnty-Five Miles” and “War”. Todays generation probably remembers him for his hit “War” that was a hit in 1970. His song War has been used in anti-war rallies. Starr also had an associations with English unions at  Full Article…


War (Edwin Starr song)

“War” is a song by America born soul singer Edwin Starr. It has been used in anti-war rallies around the world. It appeared on his album War & Peace?. It’s original release was the single “War” / “He Who Picks A Rose” – Gordy 7101 (1970). About the song It has been referred to the  Full Article…


Bill Cooper

William “Bill” Cooper was a radio host, author and political activist.He hosted his worldwide shortwave radio show Hour of the Time. He had the best-selling underground book Behold A Pale Horse. He was also well known for his battles with the IRS tax department. On the 5th of November 2001, he was killed in a  Full Article…


Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a Truth Activist and a disputer of the official account of 911. Like Anthony J. Hilder, G. Edward Griffin?, Bill Cooper and others, he has been outspoken about the loss of civil liberties, privacy issues and the New World Order. He is also an author and film maker.


Gary Busey

Gary Busey is a Hollywood actor who has appeared in countless films including THunderbolt and Lightfoot with Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges, Big Wednesday with Jan-Michael Vincent and William Katt. He also appeared in Anthony Hilders 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold . Filmography selective Behaving Badly – Chief Howard D. Lansing (2014) 911: The  Full Article…


911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

     911 : The Greatest Lie Ever Sold is a film by film maker and activist Anthony J. Hilder. It deals with the what happened on that day when thousands of Americans and others lost their lives due to what appears to be an inside job. Hilder presents the FACTS as they are, and asks  Full Article…


Deborah Tavares

 Deborah Tavares is an activist who adresses the concerns regarding Agenda 21 and smart meters. She has also appeared on the Alex Jones show. She has said that smart meters are a health risk and can bankrupt households. Activism Smart Meters As a step in fighting back, Tavares recommended that people log onto the Refuse  Full Article…