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    Activist Deboarah Tavares

    Activist Deboarah Tavares

    Image Deborah Tavares is an activist who adresses the concerns regarding Agenda 21 and smart meters. She has also appeared on the Alex Jones show. She has said that smart meters are a health risk and can bankrupt households.


    Smart Meters

    As a step in fighting back, Tavares recommended that people log onto the Refuse Smart Meters website that contained the relevant articles of interest as and and how to get the articles and items to prevent the meters being installed on people’s property. Ref
    In an article in the New York Times, New Electricity Meters Stir Fears in Jan 2011, it said that she along with other protestors were arrested that month for blocking a driveway of a center for meter installation trucks in Rohnert Park, south of Santa Rosa. She said that it wasn’t about saving money, it was about control. Ref

    Bohemian Grove

    In July 2011, Tavares was in a car approaching Bohemian Grove? and was nearly killed when a speeding car slammed in to the car she was in. Activist / film maker Alex Jones had managed to sneak into Bohemian Grove and what he witnessed was the subject of his 2000 documentary Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove and the Order of Death. Anthony J. Hilder was reportedly working on a film about it as well. Ref



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