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    dl115     911 : The Greatest Lie Ever Sold is a film by film maker and activist Anthony J. Hilder. It deals with the what happened on that day when thousands of Americans and others lost their lives due to what appears to be an inside job. Hilder presents the FACTS as they are, and asks the question … Was this an inside job? This gives the viewer a chance to think about the facts that have been presented.


    Jack McLamb
    Kenn Thomas
    Jim Marrs ?
    Gary Busey?
    Eric Hufschmid?
    John Buchanan
    Will Thomas?
    Michael Tsarian
    Former Congressman William Dannemeyer
    Congressman Butch Otter
    Lyndon LaRouche?
    Phil Berg?
    Ellen Mariani?
    Carol Brouillet?
    Brian McCrae?
    Willis Carto?
    Daniel Hopsicker?
    Dr, Bruce Winslow
    Gary Richard Arnold?
    Dr. Stanley Monteith?
    Ralph Epperson
    Laura Burnett
    Paul Borraccio
    Larry Shea
    Jeff Friesen
    Virginia Price
    Clay Douglas
    Ingri Cassel
    Ian Woods
    Barrie Swicker aka Barrie Zwicker
    Simon Aronowitz
    Michael Ruppert

    Crew and other credits
    Director – Anthony J. Hilder
    Producer – Jeffery Friesen
    Producer – Anthony J. Hilder
    Producer – Victor Tory
    Producer – Larry Shea
    Music – Sir Evan Scott
    Editor – Krett Gusaraki
    Editor – Gary Hoffman

    Year released – 2005
    Run time – 2 Hours 6 Minutes


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