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    Richard Pan is a Democrat currently representing the California State Senate (6th district – core of Sacramento). He is a member of the Committee on Agriculture and has served on committees on “Aging and Long-Term Care.” He also established a pediatric clinic at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, where he was a pediatrician and professor. He led the pediatric residency program and is the founder of an agency that obtained health coverage for thousands of children in several counties. He also heads up a coalition of physicians, hospitals and clinics to strengthen what he calls a health care “safety net” in Sacramento. (1) Auspiciously, Dr. Pan was one of more than two dozen California lawmakers who received campaign donations, on record, from Merck in the 2010 election cycle, this before supporting the 2011 law allowing girls as young as 12 without parental consent to get the controversial Gardasil vaccination (HPV), which is manufactured by Merck. Pan is very pro-vaccine and often delivers an aggressive agenda to support his theories on vaccination that coincide with financial and powerful lobby interests.

    Senator Pan authored California legislation in 2012 that forces parents to consult with a doctor before using exemptions for vaccines. Parents would be forced to read the warnings, side effects and complete list of ingredients. He does not believe in medical freedom when it comes to infectious diseases, and this is not in line with the Constitution. The most recent campaign by Pan includes steering legislation that he co-authored to remove all parental objections (including “personal belief”) from the whole vaccine equation for their kids. If children don’t get every vaccine (including flu shots, swine flu and infectious boosters) the CDC and Merck mandates, then they can’t go to public or private school. Pan believes the personal exemption is putting school kids at risk, the same kids who have been vaccinated against disease and are, in his theory, immune to all disease. (8)

    Pan’s California Forced-Vaccination Bill is Anti-Constitutional

    The Bill Dr. Richard Pan is pushing contradicts the 1st Amendment and is being propagated by a pediatrician and state senator with financial ties to the vaccine manufacturing industry chock full of corruption. A senior CDC scientist became a whistleblower and confessed on video about cover-ups regarding MMR II vaccine links to autism in African American boys under age three. (2) Two Merck scientists filed a False Claims Act complaint, in fact, in 2010 revealing vaccine manufacturer Merck falsified mumps vaccine test data by spiking the blood samples with animal antibodies. The vaccine was then promoted during measles and mumps outbreaks and was sold to the US government as “95% effective” even though the results were based on the added animal antibodies that were illegally added for that specific effect. (3) Pan just so happened to receive campaign contributions from Merck while he was a member of the state Assembly during the previous (2010) election.

    Disney measles scare campaign and money accepted from Big Pharma

    According to ElectionTrack.com, which tracks campaign contributions, Pan has received money from Eli Lilly, the global Big Pharma corporation that over and over has won protection from autism lawsuits. This shifts the burden of cost (and the tragedy) for vaccination damages and autistic children to the taxpayers, including the parents of the vaccine-damaged child or children, since fifty percent of the cost comes from the state (the other half from the federal government in the form of taxes paid by Americans).

    The bill undermines parents choices and takes them out of all decision making when it comes to invasive medical treatments like vaccines, and all the repercussions that come with untested, unregulated and even falsified results of the medicine – – the very medicine Dr. Pan insists should be force-vaccinated into all children of California.

    When a measles “outbreak” was announced to have originated in Disney Land (California), televisions and newspapers lit up with words like “emergency” and “epidemic” to alert the public about the need for vaccines. Nearly 40 million people were sent into panic in California, yet only about 125 people were reported to have the measles, a benign “disease” that rarely ever has killed a person. In fact, the have been no measles deaths inside the US inside of ten years, but over one hundred deaths from the measles vaccine itself. (4)


    Pediatrician Pan pushes for forced vaccination of all Californian children

    California’s force vaccination bill SB 277 is set in stone. California is the first state of the United States to violate the Constitution and not allow children a public education based on some invasive medical procedure that has no verifiable scientific proof of any safety or effectiveness. Vaccines admittedly still contain mercury (listed as thimerosal also), formaldehyde (embalming fluid), monosodium glutamate (aka MSG), aluminum (proven to cause Alzheimer’s and dementia), and genetically modified bacteria. (5) Though medical exemptions from vaccinations would not be removed by SB 277, doctors could easily be instructed by the AMA to comply with the vaccination schedule for all their patients or suffer penalty and maybe loss of medical license. This has been done in the past with the AMA, dating back a century when Morris Fishbein ran the racket, including editing JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. (10)


    A key sponsor of the mandatory vaccination bill SB 277, Dr. Pan is falling under extreme criticism for being “co-opted by medical interests” yet still forcing all California children who want to go to public or private school to be injected with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum on a regular and frequent basis, at any time Merck or the CDC accomplishes a high “efficacy rate” on any new genetically modified bacteria, virus, anthrax, a new strain of Ebola, or the like. SB 277 removes both philosophical and religious exemptions and only home-schooled children would be free of the forced medical procedure of inoculation.


    Despite opposition from thousands of California parents, Dr. Pan pushes his agenda with his constituents in mind at all times, and history proves this is a track record of investment in public health demise rather than safety. Pan may not even realize the ingredients in vaccines but he certainly knows the current vaccine schedule includes more than thirty vaccines, many multi-disease, before age six. This is not a good representation for the people who elected Pan, it only represents special interest at the health stake of children, when he’s the pediatrician politician that should be respecting the public’s decisions and choices about medical treatments and ethical medical choices. Vaccines it turns out may not be for the “greater good.” The Nazis also forced medicine (vaccines and untested pharmaceuticals) on the Jews in the Holocaust and told the public it was for the greater good and his so called superior race.


    Per the Bolen Report (7), Pan and his allies are scheming to pass their anti-choice measure under the guise of preventing another (small and insignificant) measles outbreak like the one that only affected 126 of the 39,000,000 Californians, of which nobody died: (6) “Tens of thousands of parents of vaccine injured children, in California, woke up one morning, not long ago, to find that their Democratic Party controlled legislature had given up any semblance of representing the people that elected them,”

    Civil rights advocates are up in arms and rightly so. Big government is reaching far too far with forced vaccinations, and if California falls in line as the first state to participate, thanks to Dr. Pan, then other states of the union could follow suit, beginning an avalanche and total destruction of the US Constitution, or what is left of it. This freshman Democratic senator is functioning like a top lobbyist, except he has a vote on the Senate floor AND the ability to introduce legislation to support his own investments and the previous work he was attempting to get done in the California Assembly. (9)


    Vaccine violence and medical authoritarianism in the Golden State

    Dr. Pan has authored scores of other bills, besides SB 277, that impose medical authoritarianism; hence bill SB435 which seeks immunity from state and federal antitrust laws (to avoid any red tape or political constraints). In other words, Pan is driving for a monopoly and control of this realm – the arena of mandatory vaccination and medication per the government’s say on everything. Parents have no rights to determine the medical choices or interventions for their children, and Dr. Pan wants to start with the state of California. Pan is in essence setting up his own sponsor with a monopoly and is using state law to do it. Most health enthusiasts, and there are millions in California, see SB 277 as a dangerous infringement on medical freedom. Undoubtedly, if SB 277 is finalized, millions of Californians could flee the state, if their water crisis doesn’t make them flee first.


    Pan Served on AMA Council

    Of course, Pan served on the American Medical Association council, which explains his push for extreme medical dictatorship in his state. The AMA and the FDC are known to fast-approve and fast-track drug approvals for certain drug and vaccine manufacturers who lobby (11) in Washington DC for national and international “Big Pharma” agenda (sales) and fitting legislation. If Pan has his way, California is just the first step in a long career of medical fascism and wealth redistribution. Currently, Pan is trying to block a referendum (that would nullify SB 277), with his social media comments, which may just be illegal. The public, especially Californians, should keep a close watch on his investors, sponsors, constituents and campaign “platform” speeches he gives in the near future. (12)


    Look into the Statewide Recall effort underway regarding California forced-vaccination Bill SB 277:





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