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A former medical researcher of fifteen years at the FDA, Henry I. Miller became a columnist and one of Stanford University’s “think tank” fellows for scientific philosophy via the Hoover Institution. Educated at MIT and Harvard, Miller has studied gene expression in the laboratory at NIH, the National Institute of Health. Miller medically reviewed the first genetically engineered drugs and has been involved in rapid licensing of other GE projects with hormones and insulin. In the early 1990s, he was the founding director of the Office of Biotechnology (GMO in Chemical Agriculture) at the FDA. Miller helped found the tobacco industry front group “The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, which is now defunct. From the 1930s to the late 1960s, thousands of doctors in the U.S. endorsed cigarettes as healthy and even recommended their favorite brands in advertisements published in prestigious medical journals and magazines like JAMA. Miller was also the director of ACSH, American Council on Science and Health, a controversial organization that’s been called a biotech industry front group, where other members (writers) have been caught in scandals, domestic violence cases, and purporting unfounded and unproven theories about GMO as being facts that are science based. (1)


In fact, ACSH receives massive support from pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies, and writers for ACSH regularly attack natural health solutions to almost any food, fertilizer, seed or farming method that competes with GMO. Recently, Miller was a main instigator of a political maneuver to ruin the reputation of Dr. Oz after Oz ran a show on the dangers of glyphosate, a main toxic ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that has been labeled as “probable” cancer-causing agent for humans by the World Health Organization (WHO). Miller helped draft a letter in response to the Dr. Oz show going viral in the health community, in a “character assassination” attempt to remove Oz from his prestigious position as Professor of Surgery at Columbia University. This letter was auspiciously signed, sealed and delivered by several physicians who were up in arms about Dr. Oz questioning the safety of the world’s top-selling GMO crop chemical. (2)


Miller drafts character assassination letter about Dr. Oz – tries to get him fired from Columbia University Professor of Surgery position

In the spring of 2015, and within weeks of Dr. Oz airing his show about the dangers of glyphosate and Roundup, one Dr. Henry Miller coordinated a letter from a group of physicians written to the attention of Columbia University outright demanding that the College of Physicians and Surgeons remove Dr. Mehmet Oz as a professor of surgery, claiming in the letter that Oz has “shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine … for personal financial gain.” Of course the letter did not mention glyphosate, but Dr. Oz did not take any position regarding glyphosate on his show either, rather Oz presented intense research conducted by WHO that does not support the Biotech declared stance on GMO that says everything ever created GMO is perfectly safe for humans and the environment, and that biotechnology will save the world. Signatories to the letter Miller drafted to Columbia include one Gilbert Ross, acting president and director of ASCH, an organization that defends the fracking industry and also has the mission of keeping GMO labels off of food in the state of California. Dr. Ross is a convicted criminal and Medicaid fraud artist who was “convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and conspiracy,” and was “sentenced to 47 months in jail, $40,000 in forfeiture, and restitution of $612,855” in a scheme to defraud the Medicaid system, reports the U.S. Right to Know campaign in a page describing ACSH practices. Keeping consumers in the dark about GMO is at the top of the agenda for Miller and his constituents; however, all attempts to discredit Dr. Oz failed miserably and the whole “letter to Columbia” affair was discredited and dismantled.


Monsanto’s “Mafia” Revealed by Alternative News Media

This was well-covered by alternative health media and continues to show example of the biotech backlash that comes with helping people find health and medical freedom. In the grand scheme, Miller continually attempts to distort truth about GMOs, genetically modified organisms that have taken over most of America’s staple food, like corn, soy, cottonseed, canola, potato, tomato, sugar beets and more. Doctor Oz’s show on glyphosate went viral on Youtube after the failed attempt to get him fired from Columbia Medical, as alternative news media covered the character assassination attempt and made the obvious link to the glyphosate show and the letter was identified by the world health community as a vicious and malicious “retort.”


Miller argues for no regulations for biotech industry

Henry Miller also writes for Forbes.com science and technology section and tries to work out public policy issues that surround pharmaceutical development and infectious disease. He discredits Ebola as a viable public concern and attacks anyone and anything that doesn’t support genetic engineering as being “anti-business, anti-technology and anti-American.” (3) Miller wants zero regulation on agricultural science and works as a consultant for companies dealing with regulatory problems, vying for regulatory reform that benefits huge corporations who sew the genes of foreign organisms into food as pesticides for killing weeds and bugs, but the “science” is not “in” on the true dangers of mixing carcinogenic crop chemicals and insect DNA into human food for regular consumption.


Miller Writes Op-Ed for Monsanto Frankenfood and Campaigns to keep GMO unlabeled in California

Henry Miller has written an op-ed piece for the New York Times saying America needs GMO wheat, and that Monsanto has made significant progress in the development of herbicide-tolerant wheat in its laboratories. GM wheat is illegal to plant on US soil, but has been discovered growing in at least 16 states, some invading organic farms and ruining organic farmer’s profits and purity of soil. Monsanto’s so called drought-resistant crops have never been proven fruitful. The theory that GM crops require less water has also never been proven, but Miller would have the public believe otherwise. In fact, the environmental advocacy group “Food and Water Watch” reported in 2013 that Superweeds have developed resistance to GM herbicides that were crafted for the opposite effect and are not drought resistant, so the danger of GMO does NOT bring rewards at all, not for farmers, the environment or consumers, to say the least.


Miller has repeatedly tried to dismantle Monsanto’s “Frankenfood” stigma that’s been attached to everything GMO, referring to anyone who chooses not to consume chemical pesticides (or who has cancer or fears getting cancer from pesticide consumption) as anti-science, fear-mongering and anti-American. He calls any criticism of GMO “imaginary risks” and vies for zero safety testing of anything GMO based on his purported theories alone. He argues against the adoption of the precautionary principle (PP), which would insist on safety testing of GM foods before release, on the grounds that “this erects an almost insurmountable barrier against new products because nothing can be proved totally safe – at least, not to the standard demanded by anti-technology extremists.” Yet he has not identified or sourced any of these “anti-technology extremists.” Miller has created a straw man and is knocking him down as part of his propaganda to support his financial interests in the rogue vaccine industry.


This message Miller communicates is spread through the Heartland Institute, a corporate-funded network affiliate out of Chicago. He is quoted as once saying, “A large number of people in poor nations have food allergies,” (milk, wheat, and nuts) “Biotechnology can remove the allergens … so people in developing countries can enjoy some of these foods.”


The irony of this dumbfounded statement by Miller is that vaccines contains massive allergens, including carcinogens like mercury, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, and PEANUT OIL (which they are brewed in, just like egg embryo). Plus, biotechnology means the insertion of foreign DNA (genes) that work as pesticides, grouped together, and inserted into the genes/seeds of the plants, so this creates new allergies, it does not “remove” them from the food equation. Many children have allergies to dairy because vaccines are often made with casein, including the DtaP vaccine. (4) Miller has contorted the facts to suit his own agenda and meanwhile refers to any resistance as anti-science or quack. In fact, Miller was a prominent spokesperson for the recent campaign against GMO labeling in California.


In 2012, Monsanto was part of a pesticide corporation collective (6) that raised massive funding to defeat the California ballot referendum that would have labeled all GMO food as such. That dynasty (6-headed monopoly) of chemical agriculture firms includes the likes of Bayer, Dow Chemical, Dupont, BASF, Syngenta and Monsanto. This is how op-ed pieces Miller writes come into question. A professional who pushes vaccines and chemical agriculture as posing no danger to human health is ignoring science, not defending it. Losing credibility in the media are many industry-funded “junk science” proponents, as people like Dr. Oz expose the truth on worldwide television.


The latest news as of December 8, 2015:

Seralini’s team wins defamation and forgery court cases on GMO and pesticide research:




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  1. Mohamed December 14, 2015 at 9:19 am #

    Yeah, gmo foods are bad. Even on the smallest chncae that GMOs are safe for consuming (which i do not think they are at all for anything), they are terrible for the environment and the future. The herbcides sprayed on the crops decrease bug populations because they get killed, and they go into water and kill fish, and tons of other harm. Also, buying GMOs supports Monsanto. Monsanto puts little family farmers out of business by suing them for stealing their genes and planting them? or something like that. Basically the GMO crops contaminate small farmers crops, and they then can’t reproduce because GMO crops have to have a gene inserted into every seed, every reproduction. They didn’t talk about the environment in the video much.

  2. Justin wilson August 5, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    I am trying to find Dr Milllers email address to speak with him about mosquitoes eradication and Zika.
    Justin Wilson
    P.s I love his articles!


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