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    Dr. Morris Fishbein is the infamous man who ran the AMA, the American Medical Association, for over 25 years from 1924 to 1950, and who was also the chief editor of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. His rise to power began by labeling natural healers, Native Americans and American midwives of the time as all being “quacks,” thus beginning and ultimately empowering the chemical medicine industry that was to become the allopathic America we know today. He then used the AMA “seal of acceptance” much the way the FDA uses fast-track drug approvals now, advertising only pharmaceuticals next to “peer reviewed” journal entries and supposed new research (misinformation) in JAMA. Fishbein was an intelligent huckster famous for using John R. Brinkley, a mad scientist of the time known as the “goat-gland-surgeon,” as a scapegoat for his “quack” label, which Fishbein would later use to ruin natural healers. Fishbein also campaigned heavily for the regulation of medical devices, which would take on a major role in allopathic medicine after WWII, when processed food began its own massively destructive role in American health. No longer would cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s be rare disorders and diseases in the USA, rather they would be commonplace and labeled “genetic” – – and one Dr. Morris Fishbein served as the AMA ring leader for 40 years plus. He made the cover of Time magazine in 1937, but one year later was indicted, along with the AMA, for violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. (1)


    Though Morris Fishbein was a doctor, he graduated from Rush Medical School, known for having low admission standards. Instead of practicing medicine, he did residency for an infectious disease doctor for a year-and-a-half. It is said that Fishbein never saw a patient or actually practiced medicine a single day in his life. Morris Fishbein was eventually convicted of racketeering charges and died in 1976. The seventh floor of Shoreland Hall at the University of Chicago was called the “Fishbein House” in a last ditch attempt to preserve his namesake in allopathic medicine. (2)


    Fishbein made a career out of ruining natural medicine healers’ reputations and credibility

    Morris Fishbein operated the AMA for the sole purpose of dominating medicine and discrediting anything he could not control. He was notorious for calling the very scientists who discovered natural cures “quacks,” and convincing the medical community that he was right. In 1924, the director of AMA got caught in a scandal, and appointed his scandalous friend, one Morris Fishbein, to take his place. Within 10 years, Fishbein owned nearly all of AMA’s stock. His new “state” association created for the medical “community” – was set in place to coerce doctors in getting a membership, along with their fellow physicians, or fear losing their license to practice medicine. (3)

    Fishbein ran the AMA like a dictatorship for twenty years, until finally getting ousted himself by the state delegations of doctors. The AMA functioned as a “nonprofit” agency, but was pushing cigarettes on the unknowing masses of America, since back in the 1930s. Fishbein went so far as to advise cigarette manufactures how to conduct “acceptable scientific testing” to validate massive lies that cigarettes were good for one’s health, all while research had just revealed that smoking was directly associated with lung cancer. One JAMA journal ad actually printed these words, “Patients with coughs were instructed to change to Philip Morris cigarettes”. The insidious lies and direct advertising campaign launched in JAMA with doctors endorsing their favorite brands induced and brainwashed millions of people over the decades to get locked into a killer habit. Health detriment was the set up for chemical medicine, and the AMA seal of approval insured all medical doctors in America the only way to treat sickness is with a prescription that Fishbein labeled official. The AMA was one huge racket (4), and racketeering became the norm for peer review research agendas. Big Pharma paid big bucks to Fishbein behind closed doors, which generated big revenue from the “quality” branding and favored placement in the AMA publications.

    All nutrition education was quickly removed from American medical schools, and the AMA was also responsible for the licensing of all doctors in America, so they could oversee it all. Nutrition would never be taught to students studying medicine again, especially as a way to heal anything, and if a doctor so tried he would be shut down by the AMA and the FDA. To top it off, the infamous Fishbein won landmark court cases that buried natural cures for decades. In other words, rather than practicing medicine, Fishbein made silencing cures his profession.


    The “Voice of American Medicine” Pushed Chemical Medicine for Cancer

    The synthetic drug industry got its jumpstart from the ultimate huckster, Morris Fishbein. As drugs became more entrenched in the U.S. medical system, everything else was considered a risky alternative or simply declared illegal. Doctors who used or even suggested natural cures were ripped from their practices, licenses removed, medical files destroyed and some were never heard from again. Over a dozen encouraging cancer treatments were buried over several decades. Fishbein made sure nobody knew who Royal Rife (6) was, and that nobody could buy the Rife frequency machine, a holistic treatment for cancer and infectious diseases. Fishbein also tried to bury the Hoxsey cancer cures (5), treatments that cured several forms of cancer, and were comparable to surgery and radium, with no destructive side effects. Today, the AMA continues to make decisions to protect corporate interests and expensive chronic care management practices. Prescription drugs alone are responsible for at least 100,000 deaths of Americans each year, and the AMA seal still carries with it the same weight and significance.


    The 40 year long “Voice of American Medicine” was a “Quack” Himself

    Through an organized conspiracy, state medical boards closed free clinics where terminal cancer patients were being saved by natural remedies. The AMA and even NCI (the National Cancer Institute) were in cahoots to take away the licenses of any doctors practicing natural healing for disease or cell disorder. American food was being processed to be void of nutrition while the water was being fluoridated with sodium fluoride, which doesn’t help one’s teeth but causes bone cancer and Alzheimer’s. Anyone who came to a medical doctor for help with symptoms of disease were to be treated with the new useless chemical medicine that covered up pain and discomfort, but brought with it more acidified, immune-deficient “clients for life.” Then came mercury dental fillings and mercury-loaded vaccines to make health matters and detriment even worse. Fishbein headed up the circus with his main act – – JAMA (a “peer-reviewed” Big Pharma journal for all the doctors to rely upon).


    Morris Fishbein single-handedly turned healing into crime in America

    Morris Fishbein can be said to have finalized the marriage between big business and organized medicine in America, entwining the most corrupt money making scheme in American history (7). Although the post-WWII mentality was that surgery and radiation for cancer were considered primitive and excessive, the new American mentality would change, thanks to Fishbein, to one that distrusted once proven alternative cancer therapies and turned to chemicals for “hope.” After all, if an MD was telling you that cigarettes are good for you and chemo is your best chance at surviving cancer, why wouldn’t a laymen believe it? (8)

    Even Nobel laureate James Watson declared the “war on cancer” to be a total fraud, saying the American public had been sold a “nasty bill of goods about cancer.” Plus, the concept of “nonprofit” (status), to most Americans, means the organization must be trustworthy and unbiased. Nothing was further from the truth with the AMA, and the head of the association acquired his position because the previous head was a fraud and was ousted, then named the racketeer Fishbein to take his place. The AMA claims to support “progress,” but history shows that the AMA has worked diligently to block much in the way of real progress in order to control medicine and shut out competition. The AMA even went so far as to try to shut down the entire chiropractic industry for fear they might reveal more natural cures for chemical-laden humans who might turn away from the allopathic chemical path. This is documented well within the medical community.

    Still today, although Fishbein’s legacy is full of corruption, he is remembered by many as the AMA’s spokesperson for “medical orthodoxy,” which is commonly accepted in the USA. And despite the AMA being a nonprofit association, it’s nevertheless all about money and control (9), removing its own competition and helping corporations monopolize in the pharmaceutical reign. Nearly all decisions made by the AMA today are designed to protect organized medicine, not patients, as witnessed by the settlements of the secretive vaccine court. The AMA continues to support the prescribing of antidepressant drugs to children and flu shots that admittedly contain pathogens, carcinogens, live virus combinations, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and on top of it all, don’t even work.


    Many of the drugs that are advertised now in JAMA are the very same drugs killing tens of thousands of Americans each year. One Dr. Morris Fishbein, served America as the fulcrum of Big Pharma and ushered in a world of chemotherapy that continues to destroy lives and cause mass health detriment today. Though there really are natural cures for all kinds of cancer, the man who made a living burying them went down in the allopathic history books as the “Voice of American Medicine” – when in actuality he was the “Enemy of American Health” and the ultimate “quack.” (10)



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