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    Forbes and Forbes.com are capitalistic media outlets that are privately held (by Forbes Inc.) and promote corporate America as a money-making enterprise, at any cost. Forbes was founded in 1917 by a financial columnist for the “Hearst” papers Bruce Charles Forbes, who’s motto then was that Forbes magazine is “The Capitalist Tool.” BC Forbes’ partner, a man named Walter Drey, who was the general manager of Magazine of Wall Street, soon became editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, and remained so until he died in 1954. Forbes’ two eldest sons took over everything in 1964 when Forbes himself died of cancer. Ironically, the magazine now pushes for Americans to consume genetically modified food that has been criticized for having high contents of chemical pesticides that are known to cause cancer. By 1992, Forbes Magazine moved rapidly to establish an online presence they named “Forbes Digital Tool.” Forbes complete “sellout” style of crony capitalism and “paid-for” journalism was jumping onto the tech bandwagon, trying to stand on the shoulders of the “hip” magazine giants like Wired, Fast Company, Red Herring and Business 2.0. Forbes declared they would become the ultimate business magazine for the “internet generation.”


    Forbes opened a news office in Silicon Valley in 1997 and published a flood of high technology cover stories. Forbes’ overexposure on high technology would soon cost dearly, as observers saw the company as too committed to the dotcom boom and, hindsight twenty-twenty, the upcoming dotcom crash (March 2000 to October 2002). Sure enough, Forbes revenues fell more than one fourth in 2001 to under $400 million, and the recession cut deeply into ad sales. Forbes “ASAP” tech publication fell apart at the seams. (16)


    In 1996, Forbes.com was founded and served as the Forbes world-wide-web front face – featuring all their bells and whistles for their “internet journalism” side.


    The downward slope of Forbes, Forbes Magazine, Forbes.com and their reputation


    In 2001, to save face, Forbes launched a TV show “Forbes on Fox” for Fox News. In 2003 Forbes magazine introduced its “Forbes 2000 survey” of the world’s largest companies but then subsequently dropped its infamous list of the 500 largest US companies, trying to reach out for international business. The ‘ole “Fortune 500” list of American companies was stale and “outmoded” as well.


    By 2005 Forbes began a syndicated weekly radio program and also launched “Forbes Asia.” The New York Times estimated Forbes publishing “empire” to be worth $1 billion, but that value was highly inflated, by more than double it’s value, and Steve Forbes owned 51 percent at that time. Forbes was stretched thin with broad propaganda coverage (1) that delves not only into financing, but chemical agriculture, communications and science. It’s primary competitors are “Fortune” and “Bloomberg Businessweek.”


    Forbes published their version of American history via “American Heritage” up until 2007.


    In 2009, the company began publishing Forbes Travel Guide, and also ForbesWoman, a quarterly magazine published by Steve Forbes’ daughter, Moira.


    By 2013, Forbes Media (that publishes Forbes magazine) was put up for sale for $400 million to “Integrated Whale Media,” a Hong Kong-based investor group, that bought most of Forbes later in July of 2014.


    Forbes uses over 2,500 different writers for the company–including just about anyone willing to push their agenda of anything capitalistic: global warming, GMO, Big Food and Big Pharma. (2) Forbes lets advertisers publish blog posts directly on its website with other editorial content on “AdVoice” to help keep the magazine afloat (AdVoice brings in about 10% of Forbes’ digital revenue), along with propaganda newsletters and other subscription investment online marketing hooks. (3)


    Forbes.com, like the magazine, focuses on lists of the richest people in the world and all their materialistic possessions, like expensive homes. This is the beating heart of crony capitalism.


    Forbes pushes GMO and employs propagandists to write pro-GMO articles

    From article titles such as “How Biotech Will Help Achieve Zero Hunger” to “Why University-Industry Collaborations in Biotechnology Matter” – Forbes.com is spinning food fables one after the next–to satisfy their massive corporate “chem-ag” collusion (chemical agriculture), that in turn continues to misinform America about the hidden dangers of GMO, genetically modified organisms in food.


    Another article published in January of 2016 (written by Kavin Sanapathy) suggests that educating school children about clean food (organic and non-GMO) is “miseducation.” The title reads, “Kids’ Miseducation Underway In Nation’s First All-Organic, Non-GMO School District” and it opens like this:


    “Headlines before the start of the 2015-2016 school year announced that Sausalito Marin City School District, in one of the most wealthy counties in the U.S., became the first in the nation to serve exclusively organic and non-GMO meals. On August 27th, 2015, students at the district’s two schools, Bayside MLK Jr. Academy in Marin City and Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito, dined on all organic lunches launching the first district-wide school year in the nation to dish up a side of food myths with meals.”


    Ms. Sanapathy is a Forbes.com contributing writer who features her personal tag line under her name: “I bust myths on science, health and food, and combat quackery.”



    Sanapathy says schools are teaching children wrong because they use the acronym GMO and that itself is an “unscientific and arbitrary acronym.” Then she goes into how the vast majority of the food we eat has had its genomes altered “in the field or in a lab,” and then she describes how GMO is a “set of processes” and “not a product.” Yet there is no natural or “selective breeding” scenario now, nor has there ever been one that existed in nature, where the pesticide-creating genes of one organism are inserted into the DNA of crop seeds–so that the natural food “product” actually grows pesticide from within.


    Plus, the chemical combinations used by Biotech firms to kill corn and soy “pests” – namely insects and weeds– include synthetic, carcinogenic agents and heavy metal toxins that drive human health into the gutter, and fast. Ms. Sanapathy is “shilling” for Monsanto and the like, blending traditional breeding information with chemical “crop science” of the past thirty years, knowing good and well the two methods of farming are nothing alike. Sanapathy is spreading disinformation (9) while accusing public school systems of doing the same. This is right in line with the Forbes.com way, pushing anything GMO, including faulty research done by today’s chem-ag corporations themselves, in order to brainwash not only consumers, but farmers, city and county council members, state legislatures, federal regulatory agency heads, and even the Supreme Court and Congress. It’s all a crooked public relations push and its led by the seediest and most insidious PR firm, Ketchum. (5)


    Forbes’ top GMO propaganda writer, Jon Entine, fired last year

    Jon Entine, a former TV news show producer–turned corporate propagandist and pseudo-journalist, was dismissed from his post of posting the opinions and positions of chemical corporations as his own words. Entine, who has multiple, well-documented ties to biotech companies Monsanto and Syngenta (two of the Big 6), plays a key role in the GMO propaganda group and web front known as the ACSH – “American Council on Science and Health” – a thinly-veiled corporate front group that holds an apologetic stance regarding virtually every health and environment hazards produced by modern industry.

    ACSH accepts corporate funding from the biggest and baddest junk-science and junk-food manufacturing companies, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico, General Mills, and the American Beverage Association. Entine knowingly and repeatedly publishes false and fictitious information in mainstream publications including Forbes.com, and his posts are often retracted after being challenged on their lack of factual basis. (7) His actions against targeted individuals or companies are systematically abusive and resemble “revenge journalism.” Entine takes a “hit man” approach to single out individuals – especially critics of GMOs – for accusations and abuse, often calling them names or implying they are sociopaths or a danger to society.


    Forbes.com wins the prize for the most biased, pseudo-journalistic, fake news source in the world

    According to Natural News.com, coming in at number one for the top fake news source in the world was Forbes.com, and their strange obsession with pushing biotechnology. Known for attacking natural health protocols and endorsing anything GMO, former Forbes.com writer Jon Entine made quite a name for himself, before getting fired, “on and off the set.” Dragged through courts for seven years by his now ex-wife and teenage daughter, Entine was brought up on abuse charges, harassment, violence and neglect. (8) This media bulldog has bulldozed more than just his family, as he’s tried to “character assassinate” more than a handful of health enthusiasts and natural health pioneers, like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Second and third place for top fake news sources in the world went to Slate and Washington Post, more mouthpieces for Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Biotech.


    Another Forbes.com “science and technology” writer, Henry Miller, tries to defend the biggest Monsanto shill ever, Kevin Folta

    In the science and technology section of Forbes.com, one can find a man named Henry Miller writing pieces to try and work out public policy issues that impede pharmaceutical, vaccine and chemical-pesticide development. He’s written hot topic pieces discrediting the threat of Ebola, or trying to discredit anyone or any organization that doesn’t totally support genetic engineering. Miller, who studied gene expression at NIH and knows the dangers of inserting pesticide genes into food, wants zero regulation on agricultural science and works as a consultant for companies dealing with regulatory problems, vying for regulatory reform that benefits huge corporations.

    Miller went so far as to write an op-ed for Monsanto to keep GMO unlabeled in California. (11) Last year, he was part of a ten-man-character-assassination team that went after Dr. Oz (on paper) by sending a defamatory letter to Columbia University Medical School, to get Mehmet Oz, professor of surgery, thrown off the department of surgery medical board, just because Oz featured a show on the dangers of consuming cancer-causing glyphosate, (the world’s top selling herbicide manufactured by Monsanto) – as revealed by research from the World Health Organization and IARC. It didn’t work, but the attempt by Miller and his cohorts reveals just how low he and other Forbes.com writers will sink to defend evil corporations that manufacture and sell the world’s most toxic food and animal-feed pesticides that are being “woven into the fabric” of America’s staple crop through gene infusion (GMO) and biotechnology. (18)


    Henry Miller ­– just another Monsanto apologist writing for Forbes

    Miller is another Monsanto apologist and shill ensuring his paycheck as a writer for Forbes. (17) Miller says if you don’t like eating GMO and supporting the American corporations (14) that breed it in laboratories, then you are an “anti-technology extremist.” This is all considered by Forbes as financial news and agricultural news and technology news that is information worthy of publishing. (10)

    Last year, the U.S. Right to Know group filed Freedom of Information Act requests that uncovered a huge plot by Monsanto and Forbes’ shills to influence legislation and regulation of GMOs on many levels, including county, state and federal. This document cloud revealed plotting and planning, even getting paid by Monsanto directly for it, and it also included academic scientists and journalists regurgitating industry written propaganda word for word. Jon Entine was involved, as well as Kevin Folta, (6) a horticulturalist at University of Florida, who accepted $25,000 from Monsanto (to say whatever they tell him to say, as he offered) and has completely sold out to the Biotech Giant. (12)


    See the massive document cloud (19) here, exposing hundreds of emails back and forth from one Monsanto huckster to another, and employing the infamous and “dirty pool” shooting PR firm Ketchum (4) as the springboard for it all. FOIA request:



    Even the New York Times published a key article with the link to the document cloud (20) that exposes the Monsanto shills, especially focusing on Kevin Folta, the supposed “public scientist.”



    Miller is a well-researched and insidious writer. Miller is the one who reviewed the first genetically engineered drugs now involved in rapid licensing. He was also the founding director of the Office of Biotechnology at the FDA. If that’s not enough, Miller helped found the tobacco industry front group “The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition,” now defunct since everyone found out commercial tobacco kills. GMO is just the new tobacco bandwagon and Miller’s along for the money ride. Miller wears many hats besides the Forbes.com “journalism” hat. Miller was also the director of ACSH, American Council on Science and Health, a controversial organization that’s been called a biotech industry front group, where other members (writers), like Jon Entine, have been caught in scandals, domestic violence cases, and purporting unfounded and unproven theories about GMO as being facts that are science based.


    2014: Forbes attacks Consumer Reports magazine for informing Americans about the dangers of GMO soy milk

    Consumer Reports ranked different milk substitutes in order to inform their readers that there definitely IS a difference. In the report on soy milk varieties, CR refers to GMOs as a “con,” which woke up the Monsanto and Dow “hell hounds” and they went on a binge. Jon Entine led the charge, ranting about how CR has let him down with their complete ignorance of science. Entine, who has NO science background (13) of which to speak, used his savvy media connections to speak as a voice of science, but he’s not very good at it. Nearly 95% of US soy crop is GMO, which is derived from soy beans designed to grow insecticides from the inside out and herbicides that kill weeds, lab rats and slowly but surely–humans. Entine’s rant shows he’s very upset that CR has blown the whistle on soy milk, that had millions of Americans fooled as being a healthy alternative to dairy.


    Forbes sent Entine on a focused mission after the CR exposure of GM soy milk–to convince America that GMO soy is actually better for you because they can use “less insecticide and herbicide” when growing it, which is a flat-out lie. Many farmers using GM technology end up using MORE toxic herbicide and insecticide, up to TEN TIMES more, to fight off superweeds and superbugs that have grown immune to the gene-infused pesticides growing in the crops. Entine tells you these crops are sprayed less, but they’re actually sprayed with more glyphosate to compensate for new problems. GMOs are not going to save the world from starvation or drought or depleted resources, in fact, GMOs are heading down the path of ecological destruction and total loss of sustainability. Still, Forbes wants to retain their advertisers and their main connections with Big Business and the corporate agenda in America. Entine uses his own fabricated sources to source himself in his Forbes.com hit pieces. (15)


    Entine has even written a book promoting Atrazine and safe and efficient, even though its a known carcinogen. Entine links his articles to his own GMO propaganda website, “Genetic Literacy Project” that just purports more industry-written propaganda. Entine calls the Organic Consumers Association “radical” because they promote clean food. If any company removes GMOs from their soy milk, Entine attacks with rants about companies being “anti-science” – his favorite slogan for anything non-GMO.


    Kevin Folta joined the backlash regarding CR’s GM soy milk report (21) and said they basically gave a “backdoor endorsement of organic and non-GMMO verified brands,” when it’s really CR’s mission to inform consumers of product quality and compromised quality at that. Entine wrote that the “price premium” that is “extracted” by organic producers provides no better quality of food and no real benefits when compared to conventional or GMO, but preventable diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease and arthritis are all known as preventable because when humans avoid consuming chemicals, they rarely incur these types of health afflictions. Still, Forbes mocks informed consumers and people who like to eat organic food, calling them all “agricultural narcissists.”


    In supporting GMOs, Forbes.com is “anti-science” themselves

    Despite the fact that scientists are working in laboratories using high tech equipment to study and manipulate the DNA of plants with foreign and chemical pesticides, the true “science” of the endeavor is not backed by safety nor efficacy testing that could or would ensure ANYONE that consuming GMO and growing GMO is healthy, sustainable, or even worth the effort. The creators of the infamous Forbes 500 lists have an auspicious interest in disinformation and the spreading of pro-GMO industry funded and written propaganda. It’s one thing to tout profitable businesses and capitalism, but it’s another to promote cancer-causing technology and lifestyles through the mass media. By pretending their writers are well-researched and experts in certain fields, Forbes.com publishes “hot topic” press releases that promote the most toxic food and farming practices on planet earth, informing consumers that it’s okay to consume deadly pathogens on a daily basis, if not every single meal and beverage.

    Forbes.com pays biotech “front men” to write for them, as they employ, enlist and recruit “players” who will say and write exactly what the chemical-agriculture industry wants them to, when and where they want it, and it’s all called “news.” That’s mainstream media at its best. Just take a close look at the “Corrupt Journalist Awards” to recognize more of these lame-stream media contributors.

    Forbes.com hit piece on Natural News backfires: Health Ranger confirmed as world’s most powerful foe of corporate science fraud




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