• James Randi Zwinge – a.k.a. “Amazing Randi” Posted 2 years ago under Uncategorized


    Evidence recently brought against Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, aka the “Amazing Randi,” career amateur stage magician, was presented in court as a taped telephone conversation where Randi engages in explicit sexual exploits with a teenage boy, trying to obviously solicit oral sex from a young boy. (1) The exact audio file used in court is   Full article…

  • Sloan-Kettering and the Laetrile cover-up Posted 2 years ago under Uncategorized


    Alfred P. Sloan (Jr.), Nazi collaborator and traitor to U.S. , is the original founder of the Sloan Foundation and former CEO of General Motors Corporation who supplied Hitler and the WWII Nazis with the machinery for invading Russia (1941) and defeating Poland (1939). Sloan and GM provided factory technology for building assault vehicles. A   Full article…

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