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    NewsGuard is a propaganda and fake-ratings research firm that uses pseudo-journalists to create new fake news filters as further promotion of misinformation and disinformation coming from today’s top 7,500 news sources. Their trained analysts review online news brands to help propaganda mass media rule the internet by censoring, banning, abolishing, and bankrupting legitimate journalism that supports and propels healthy eating, natural medicine, sustainable farming practices, critical thinking, individualism, self-reliance, and of course, the Constitution.

    To accomplish all of this, NewsGuard created a hokey “green-yellow-red” ratings signal for differentiating between fake news (labeled as green) and actual news that counters the scripted, hidden agenda narrative (labeled as red), so that the brainwashed, medicated masses can use the dumbed-down ratings to continue believing that the mass media propaganda and falsehoods are all real. This limits or eliminates any real news that uncovers the usual narrative, such as “safe spaces” are good, and that we should all become violent and obtuse when anyone disagrees with the mass media messages.

    NewsGuard’s main function is to keep truth news from running advertising that would support their continued functioning. They’ve gone so far as to create a “Nutrition Label” to promote anything that makes Americans sick as being safe, effective, sustainable, and nutritious, such as GMOs, processed foods, and anything made with conventional meat and dairy products. Their “SWAT” team of analysts supposedly works around the clock to identify any real news that’s trending so they can help shut it down. They’re long term goal is to ensure that everyone continues to watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC, then read the Washington Post and the New York Times, and finally go to fake new sites like Forbes.com and FactCheck.org for their daily fake news feed.

    NewsGuard calls all real news fake and all fake news real

    NewsGuard (NG) tells you right in your browser that any real news is fake. They’ve even provided a plugin for fools to install in their Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari browsers (all Communistic-style search engine filters) in one simple click. This allows NG to control your searches, including on social media, using the 1st grader-style idiocy of green and red ratings to indicate if what you’re looking at is properly categorized under their propaganda umbrella or not.

    As you hover your mouse over the NewsGuard icon, you get a brief description of each website so you can be told that anything organic or sustainable is bad, and anything GMO or processed by evil corporations is good.

    Finally, through licensing their hokey red-light-yellow-light-green-light ratings (the old traffic signals for idiots and simpletons), NewsGuard intends to enable advertisers to use NG propaganda for ad campaigns, helping tech companies use software to filter out real news and “hate speech” (any logical arguments or rational discussions that challenge the fake mass media narrative). NG believes that human beings are better at filtering out real news than artificial intelligence, since the intelligent human beings that write the real news are better at outwitting the fake news “filters” that dominate social media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other depressing outlets.

    NewsGuard just another cog in the cull

    Fake news, which is actual propaganda created and pushed by the mass media, really took off a little less than a decade ago, when several “hoaxes” besieged the internet, including the hard-line push for global warming alarmism (now termed climate change), investing in cyber money (bitcoin), and the PropOrNot scandal, propagated by the far-Left’s Washington Post (a.k.a. WaPo), that accused over 200 independent media websites of colluding with (and literally being run by) the Russians, along with POTUS Donald J. Trump. After the mass media’s fake news was called out by alternative media and the President time and time again, and the Left lost the great election of 2016, including the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and after ratings of CNN, WaPo, New York Times, and the television networks plummeted, they had to fight back.

    Social media is the epitome of fake news, and the global elitists that run all social media, Google, and YouTube, are making a concerted effort to completely ban all real news that calls out the lies and propaganda of the now Democratic-Socialist-Communist Party – the “DSC.” While claiming to fight “fake news,” the fake news platform is running a mass censorship campaign to not only bankrupt anyone who calls out their lies, but completely censor (and even murder) journalists and news organization heads that expose the truth about the real “fake news,” aimed at deconstructing America, taking control of the masses’ minds and wallets, and burying us all with Socialism, just like Venezuela.

    In other words, NewsGuard basically functions as another branch of fake news, filtering and searching for real news they can bankrupt, censor and ban from having a voice to contend all the fake news on the internet.

    Fake News began nearly a century ago, long before there was ever any World Wide Web

    First of all, fake news in America was begun when thousands of US medical doctors, along with the American Medical Association, ran advertising campaigns claiming smoking cigarettes was good for your health and digestion, already quite aware it caused lung cancer.

    Fake news was utilized quite efficiently also by Adolf Hitler, when he convinced millions of people that not only were Jews to blame for Germany’s failing economy, but that all elderly people, mentally challenged humans, and handicapped persons should be exterminated because they were a financial burden, and it would all be done “for the greater good.” Hitler had the propaganda published on posters and leaflets and spread them all over Europe to promote his psychotic eugenics agenda of creating a master race. That was World War II, and the fake news never really went away, but instead just faded and came back with a vengeance.

    Then the fake news rose up during the Vietnam War, where the mass media spread the word that America was “winning the war,” while innocent soldiers were being dropped into a meat grinder and hiking in the jungle through Agent Orange, only to come home either in body bags or dying of cancer.

    So no, fake news did not start with the internet. Politicians, Big Pharma and Big Food have been running fake news campaigns for decades, if not a century.

    NewsGuard is the ultimate fake news propaganda platform chock full of pseudo-journalists who claim their goal is “fighting fake news”

    Every day, more and more sellout journalists hop aboard the corporate Leftist bandwagon and pretend to fix the “broken internet” by further filtering truth news and further promote fake news. After all, it’s an easy paycheck, since the richest white elitist gurus and business moguls in the world run the fake news, all social media, YouTube, Google, the major newspapers, CNN, and the list goes on.

    Media entrepreneurs and shills Gordon Crovitz (former Wall Street Journal publisher) and Steven Brill have only the worst intentions. They raised $6 million from Publicis, a French multinational advertising and public relations company that just so happens to be the world’s fourth-largest agency, with close ties to the top officials of the French government. The details of their intentions are quite sketchy. They’re still vying for a Google and Bing buy-in, but until they get their way, NG says they’ll make their useless propaganda red-light-yellow-light-green-light ratings and nutrition labels free for “news-literacy” groups (meaning anyone who can’t read between the lines to realize it’s all propaganda).

    Facebook simpletons prepare for more dumbfounded regulations and Democratic-Socialist-Communist propaganda

    NewsGuard founders are drooling, praying that Facebook Nazi Mark Zuckerberg will buy in to their filters and post their nursery-style stop-light ratings next to the headlines in everyone’s Facebook feed. After all, it’s right of the alley of what FB already does with their fake news warnings. NG also hopes all the major fake news search engines will add their huckster symbols to search results next to listings. For NG to succeed, they’ll need the tech giants to purchase their “fact checking” propaganda data and match it all against their searches.

    Of course, all sellouts have delusions of grandeur. NG wants every librarian in America to install their free “fake news” filters on every desktop and laptop computer used by every patron, all while promising “full privacy protections” – as if we haven’t all heard that lie before. Any intelligent person knows the old saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” NG literally wants librarians to share the “Who’s Feeding You the News?” information sheet that NG has prepared about themselves, in some lame attempt to convince you that their hand-picked shills and charlatans are real journalists who care about the integrity of the mass media.

    Of course, NG is targeting educators at all levels with their propaganda promotion “filter”

    Since the US government has their hands in all levels of education, of course NewsGuard sees an opportunity to “help” students filter out real news that might help them be healthy and self-reliant, critical thinking citizens. In this regard, NG wants their news filters installed for every civics classroom, from kindergarten through college, to ensure nobody ever learns about dirty politics, Big Food, or Big Pharma’s insidious agendas. Again, NG thinks their free browser plug-in and extension should do the trick here. This provides students with detailed information about what NG deems as newsworthy, and everything they censor that doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative. NG has even added their free “News Literacy Guide” that contains fake lesson plans, exercises, and an explanation of how to use their shill tools.

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