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    James Christian Kimmel is a dogmatic pro-vaccine, anti-Trump television “funny guy” who currently hosts a late night talk show, and who used to host the testosterone-driven, misogynistic “Man Show” on Comedy Central. Kimmel was also previously a game show host. Kimmel hosted the Academy Awards in 2017 and nearly ruined the ratings for the show by inserting his ultra-biased political opinions (1) into his dry humor (same goes for the Emmy Awards).

    Kimmel has a checkered past, participating in highly controversial shows like “Crank Yankers” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – where Kimmel was named “biggest badass on TV.” Thanks to a barrage of swearing from actor Thomas Jane and bad censoring, Kimmel’s own violent comments, racist propaganda and checkered past has come at a price to his reputation.

    Back during the 2004 NBA Finals, Kimmel appeared during the halftime show on ABC to try and plug his show, but haphazardly said that if the Pistons beat the Lakers, the fans would “burn the city of Detroit down…” Detroit’s ABC affiliate banned the Kimmel show that night and ABC officials later pulled his extremist show from the entire network. Kimmel apologized, but it was too little and too late.


    Racist Jimmy Kimmel incites genocide, mass violence and child abuse through the years with tasteless “jokes” and propositions

    October 2013: Kimmel hosts a show called “Kids Table” with several 5- and 6-year-old children discussing the U.S. government shutdown and U.S. debts. One of the children suggested “killing all the people in China” (as a way to get rid of the monstrous U.S. debt) and Kimmel supported the remark saying it was “an interesting idea.”

    He then asked another child if we “should allow the Chinese to live.” Protests across the internet went viral, even on the Mainland China. Again, ABC had to apologize for Kimmel’s rogue mouth that supports genocide and the maiming (and killing) of children.

    Protesters in San Francisco took to the streets to demand a “more elaborate apology” (since ABC’s and Kimmel’s apologies were fake) and demanded that Kimmel be fired, since his trove of apologies for stating his psychopathic opinions never seem whole-hearted or sincere.

    In fact, a White House petition was created to investigate Kimmel the hack, and it was successful in reaching 100,000-plus signatures (6) necessary to invoke a White House response. ABC could have simply chosen not to air the show, since it wasn’t live.


    Kimmel the racist and his fake apologies

    Kimmel is now widely known now for posing serious racist questions and suggestions to his audience and then pretentiously retracting them later with a shallow apology, after the damage is done. He’s a repeat offender with no class or ethics whatsoever.

    His “Kill all the People in China” proposition was greeted with outrage and compared to statements made by the infamous Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Protesters that gathered outside his studio in Hollywood, California carried signs that displayed Kimmel’s face with a Hitler mustache, and Chinese-American groups protested Kimmel’s racism in more than 5 other U.S. cities.


    Jimmy “Hack” Kimmel ridicules vaccine-damaged children (for money) while his son suffers through multiple heart surgeries

    In a stunning demonstration of demeaning hate speech (7) targeting children who have suffered brain damage from vaccines, Jimmy “the hack” Kimmel unleashed a tasteless satire segment (accompanied by laugh tracks) that labeled anyone who questions mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde in vaccines as “anti-vaxxers.” (5) Even though $3 billion dollars has been paid out by the vaccine industry in their secret court to families of vaccine-damaged children, (8) Kimmel makes jokes about parents being more afraid of “gluten” (which is not in vaccines) than smallpox.
    Jimmy Kimmel legitimizes the public’s verbal abuse and aggressive bullying of children like Angelica Black, a child whose family was awarded a $2 million compensation by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program after it was factually proven that vaccines caused severe, permanent brain damage that neurologically crippled the child for life. (4)

    If vaccines were safe and effective, as the industry repeatedly has claimed for 50 years, then shills like Kimmel would have to dig deeper to find material to make keep his ignorant, bigoted audiences in tact. No vaccine in history has ever been proven safe nor effective in clinical studies, in fact, many spread disease, so Kimmel is completely off-base with his vile humor. (12)


    Comedian Kimmel wants to exterminate American Blacks and the Chinese, as implied by his rogue comedy scripts

    African Americans are especially susceptible to vaccine damage, namely black boys under the age of three, as revealed by the lead CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson in his stunning confession of mass scientific cover-ups that showed autism rates skyrocket after the MMR is administered to that target group. (9) Not only is Jimmy Kimmel using bigoted hate speech language to demean crippled children who were damaged by vaccines; he’s also doing so in a manner that is utterly ignorant of the special risks posed to black babies by vaccines.

    Adolf Hitler had a similar “ideology” as Kimmel (a rich white guy), saying that minorities and special needs children (and adults) were a burden to society, costing too much money to keep alive. Hitler had propaganda posters (10) made to spread the word that society should eliminate these races and creeds of people “for the greater good.”

    Jimmy Kimmel’s attacks on vaccine-damaged children (12) are, in fact, heightened attacks against black American babies, in the same way that Kimmel supports killing all Chinese (11) people in order to eliminate U.S. debt, as promoted on his show that airs on ABC regularly.


    How to get Jimmy Kimmel fired from ABC and end the hate speech and comedy hack act

    Unfortunately, for America and the entertainment industry in general, Jimmy Kimmel is an embarrassment and no Johnny Carson. If you would like to protest Kimmel’s bigoted and racist, tasteless comedy acts, simply follow any of the steps below:

    ACTION ITEM: Demand ABC fire Jimmy Kimmel

    Call ABC now at: 818- 460-7477

    Use the ABC feedback form at:

    Write the Jimmy Kimmel Live show at:
    6834 Hollywood Blvd.
    Hollywood, CA 90028


    The chemical medicine industry in America is one big hack act, just like Jimmy Kimmel. For over a century, medical doctors and quack science has come to a fake “consensus” that the only way to treat health maladies is to consume or inject carcinogenic chemicals and live strains of diseases. In order to further brainwash allopathic-minded citizens, Jimmy Kimmel is paid by Big Pharma to represent their interests and make light of what is NO laughing matter. (13)


    Jimmy Kimmel uses his newborn son’s tragic heart surgery to sell America on hating President Trump

    Hollywood hacks are at it again, pretending they are political advisors while promoting Left-wing socialism, communism and trying to strip American’s of the Bill of Rights. Playing on American’s emotions, Kimmel’s monologue began with disturbing news about his newborn baby turning blue because something was wrong with his heart and lungs. He called it “the longest three hours of my life” as doctors, nurses and machines were all brought to the room for his son’s open-heart surgery.

    But then, in the same breath, Kimmel the hack made fun of every parent in America who believes vaccines are dangerous, immediately ridiculing every parent who’s child has suffered life-threatening and sometimes life-maiming injuries, and children who may need medical attention for the rest of their lives.

    Kimmel also promoted the lying narrative that somehow Obamacare has saved millions of lives and that ending it would kill millions of innocent people, therefore, President Trump is a horrible person.

    To Kimmel, it doesn’t matter how many people he offends, as long as he gets some laughs for his show so he can continue making millions of dollars a year as a hack. While Kimmel is worth millions and can afford any medical bills that come his way, Obamacare has left millions of Americans without any coverage at all, thanks to skyrocketing premiums and deductibles.

    Still, Kimmel pushes the Obamacare regime as if it were successful, and anything Trump as a failure, since Kimmel’s true agenda is to wipe out all Blacks and Chinese by making “jokes” that are really intended as racist propaganda to be taken seriously by his fans. Obama, don’t forget, is the man who charged up a $10 trillion dollar debt to add to the previous $10 trillion dollar U.S. debt run up by George W. Bush. If we had $20 trillion dollars available right now, then Universal Healthcare would be feasible for every single American starting today.


    Kimmel the hack threatens Fox and Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade with violent “pounding” for criticizing his political propaganda script

    Kimmel to Kilmeade: “The only reason he’s not a member of the Hollywood elite is because no one will hire him to be one. And you know, the reason I’m talking about this is because my son had an open-heart surgery and is gonna have to have two more… I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you!”

    The cry bullies of the political left always play out the same narrative – the spew their hate speeches, bigotry, intolerance, racism and narrow-mindedness all across the mass media, and then when the accused defend themselves intelligently and with taste, the left cries that they’re being bullied by homophobes, racists and bigots, and they resort to violent threats and even acts of violence. We’ve seen this played out in protests, rallies, conventions and even on live television all over America, including at Berkeley and in Charlottesville recently.

    After Jimmy the hack Kimmel cried golf-ball sized tears about his son’s surgery, (3) he dove right into his political agenda promoting Obamacare and blasting our President’s attempts to fix the severely flawed medical system coverage and Trump’s repeated attempts to dismantle the greatest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on America – the Affordable Care Act.

    The next day, Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade criticized Kimmel the hack for his tasteless political tirade hinged off his son’s surgery:

    “Sunday’s politically charged Emmys may have been the lowest rated in history, but that’s not stopping Hollywood elites like comedian Jimmy Kimmel from pushing their politics on the rest of the country.”

    These were obviously not fighting words, but Far-Left Kimmel is a poster child for cry bullies everywhere, so the first chance Kimmel got to hit the public airwaves with violent threats, (2) he did just that. Kimmel’s goal was to discredit Kilmeade and scare off anyone else who might question far left scare tactics and mass media lies about Obamacare and the complete dismantling of the U.S. Constitution.

    Now that 50 million American’s are relying on handouts from the government and are suffering from intolerable pharma rates for drugs that only quell the symptoms of toxic food disease, Kimmel has the ultimate platform to push the socialist agenda – a popular late night television comedy show.


    Hacks like Kimmel always promote Ponzi schemes like Obamacare, global warming, vaccine safety, GMOs and chemical prescription medications

    Realize that it is the same Jimmy “Hack” Kimmel who promotes vaccine violence while threatening to physically attack a Fox News host for speaking out against an unfair healthcare system. After Republican leaders in the Senate introduced new legislation that would repeal parts of Obamacare, the typical Hollywood liberal, Kimmel, who plays off of compassion woes for his sick son, also wants to kill and maim as many black babies as possible with the highly experimental and dangerous MMR vaccine and flu shots that are loaded with deadly mercury.

    The same Jimmy Hack Kimmel who cries the blues over his son’s tragic illness wants everyone in America to buy into a chemical medicine Ponzi scheme known as Obamacare. Kimmel goes off on tirades criticizing every aspect of the new healthcare bill that would replace Obamacare, even though Kimmel doesn’t understand the bill at all or recognize how many Americans are being victimized by the “Unaffordable” Care Act. Kimmel is nothing more than another pawn of the Hollywood elite who pushes Big Pharma propaganda under the guise of comedy and entertainment, much like Bill Nye the “Science Fraud” Guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson – two of Monsanto’s top puppets and talking heads.



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