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    The American Journal of Psychiatry refers to Dr. Henry Cotton as “one of the most stimulating figures of our generation.” Others in the allopathic world of Western Medicine call Henry Cotton the “champion of conventional medicine,” – the same man that used medieval methods to treat mental health, such as using pliers to yank teeth, and removing organs and the intestines to try to cure bacterial infections. Dr. Henry Cotton, in just two years, from 1919 to 1921, removed more than 10,000 teeth from his patients at the State Hospital in Trenton, New Jersey, in order to treat insanity. If that wasn’t enough, after closely studying the results, he removed ovaries, fallopian tubes and even the cervix and uterus. His death rate was more than thirty percent for intestinal removal surgery.


    Similar to the way Hitler and the Nazi scientists tortured Jews later on in WWII, the insane doctor put his crazy theories to work on U.S. soil during WWI. His mental patients were at his complete disposal and Western medicine’s pharma complex was just getting underway. Ethical and moral concern were out the window and there were no recorded attempts to gain informed consent. Dr. Cotton’s “captive audience” had no legal recourse at all. Then, Cotton simply lied and bragged of success to the press. His alarmingly high death rate from colon operations was easily explained away as Cotton not being “thorough” enough and having missed “pockets of infection.” This is very similar to cancer surgery today, where oncologists explain that “some of the cancer got away” while under the knife (ie: lymphatic cancer). Cancer surgery is rather archaic today, in that sense, that modern medicine wants to “cut out” cancer of the blood and cells. It’s a wonder Cotton wasn’t into bloodletting for his patients with fever recovering from surgery. Dr. Cotton had nobody to prove him wrong, not even the politicians that were steeped in pharma profiteering and racketeering at the AMA. (1)


    With age, Dr. Cotton became more radical with rogue organ extractions and lies to the press

    During his “career” as a doctor, Cotton warned the public that a mental health crisis was “threatening the nation.” He believed and was quoted as saying about his barbaric surgery theories and practice, “anything was better than nothing.” According to him, the mental health crisis of the nation was so serious that “something” had to be done. Many treatments were involuntary, and the patients were violently strapped down, unnecessarily operated on, and given toxic pharmaceuticals, much they way they are prescribed at hospitals during recovery today in the USA. Just as Merck vaccine manufacturers have been caught in lies to the CDC about 95% efficacy rates of their vaccines, and links to autism – like the MMR II vaccine (2), Dr. Cotton would publicly announce his cure rate of 85 percent. He included in that percent, few knew, the people that DIED from his treatment, because his justification was that they were “no longer suffering.” In other words, if Dr. Cotton killed you on his operating table, you were a success story for the press, because you were no longer sick.


    Dr. Henry Cotton ran the New Jersey hospital for the insane for twenty six years, from 1907 until his death in 1933. The story is a real-life Gothic nightmare of a surgical madman working in a jailed mad house full of screaming victims. Anesthetics were often administered, but the mutilations were brutal and sadly unneeded. Toothless patients were unable to masticate their food any longer. Cotton’s reign of terror was symbolic of the state of scientific medicine in the early twentieth century, when “prestigious” medicine was based on advances in surgery. Still today, Western medicine is respected for its surgery abilities, but surgery is no answer for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, or many of the other preventable diseases and disorders. If Dr. Cotton were alive and running the AMA, FDA and CDC today, as surgeon general or “surgery czar,” would his treatments and procedures be the mainstream methods for “removing” disease and disorder? Dr. Cotton rose to power via his mental hospital and faked credentials and results during a time when American psychiatrists were anxious to prove their own credentials; moreover, any diagnosis that mental health surgical treatments were working was very good news for allopathic-America’s rise to power, plus it was all considered “cutting edge” science.


    The AMA had its hands dirty with archaic procedures

    “Focal infection” (sepsis) theory of the time (now debunked) had powerful advocates from around 1910 through 1924 in Britain and inside the US, including the AMA, Chicago Medical School and leading figures at the Mayo Clinic.(3) They were all on board with the thinking that extracting lengths of colon and pulling teeth to remove tooth decay might somehow be the secret method for curing or alleviating mental disorders. Germ theory and bacterial infection were quite intriguing also, and Dr. Cotton was producing results (he faked) in a controlled environment with unlimited patients and unlimited clinical trials on humans who had no political or legal recourse. There was no refusal of treatment, or signatures required by relatives of the tortured. By the early 1920s, the infamous Dr. Cotton was pulling teeth by the dozen, plus if those patients didn’t heal any, he would pull their tonsils and then the large intestine. Eradicating focal infection at any cost was the end game.


    “If we wish to eradicate focal infection we must bear in mind that it is only by being persistent, often against the wishes of the patient … [that we can] expect our efforts to be successful”


    The scientific mutilation factory

    The naive public fell for it all, hook, line and sinker. They believed that Cotton was still searching for those “pockets of infection.” What was being termed “science” would inevitably emerge later as crackpot solutions to mental health problems, but far too late. Dr. Cotton even performed large scale prophylactic tooth extractions on his two sons and even removed a section of colon from his younger boy. Both of his sons committed suicide in middle age. Cotton turned his attention to children and removed sections of their colon as treatment for boys with masturbation habits he referred to as “sexual aberrations.” His fad and fallacy were being criticized, but with pharma and politics on his side, nobody could stop Dr. Cotton. If Dr. Cotton had his way, all of his patients would be gutless, glandless and toothless while being interrogated with a hack’s false psychology. Cotton’s state run hospital was little more than a scientific mutilation factory for a surgical regime that lasted for decades. Looking back it is easy for one to see all of the deception and archaic methodology Cotton engaged, but at the time, his notion of focal sepsis explaining psychosis was a campaign for surgical bacteriology, and the best medical minds of his era paid close attention. To date, millions of tonsils have been sacrificed on Cotton’s “altar.” The fear of chronic disease in America had taken root and demonstrated the ultimate vulnerability of the unknowing public masses. It brewed fear of a mental illness pandemic that only mainstream medicine and surgery could possibly solve, and vaccines had not even entered the picture yet.


    One way Cotton robbed the system is that he kept insisting that he was at the forefront of scientific rationality, and that his therapies must be enforced out of mere logic he was dictating from his own anointed and fake throne. He had no scientific evidence or proof that his surgery worked at any time ever. Much like genetic modification of food today (biotech and chemical agriculture) and chemotherapy for cancer, no scientific proof of safety or efficacy was ever made public and reviewed for accuracy. Dr. Cotton said it was true and that he tested it out in his mental hospital, so that was science. No need to question anything Dr. Cotton said because he had 85% accuracy, including those he killed on the operating table.


    Cotton was good at rhetoric to cover up his failures, and even once attacked Freud as being unscientific. Cotton was nothing more than a self-proclaimed savior who mutilated humans to make a name for himself as Medical Director at the New Jersey State Mental Hospital. With the full support of the US medical authorities, he occupied a dark corner of American medical history, and Western medicine defiantly still paints an iconic picture for those who don’t know the true history. Cotton’s work was praised by the medical community and his discoveries were called “genius” regarding the true causes of mental illness in Europe as well as the USA. Today we call it chemical imbalances in the brain. And today, radical operations still account for a large percentage of surgery that goes unchecked and unnecessary for proper health and well being of patients. From pre-cancer double mastectomy to removal of organs due to gall stones or kidney stones, archaic methods of medicine are still practiced and believed to be in the best interest of the patient. Shock treatments are still given to mentally ill patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. This is medieval torture. (4) Today, many Americans believe that chemical medicine can treat and help chemically-driven diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Prescription drugs still bear the mark of the “beast” of junk science – – one Dr. Henry Cotton. People still pay “top dollar” for chemical medicine that does not work, have any proven scientific analysis, performance or safety standard.

    Champion of conventional medicine?

    Even today the American Journal of Psychiatry gives Dr. Cotton credit for discussing patient care during daily meetings with his staff, and for ushering in a “new era in the treatment of mental diseases.” Dr. Cotton spoke at medical institutions around the world and the New York Times wrote glowing accounts of Dr. Cotton’s “scientific discoveries.” For some reason, the smartest doctors of the time couldn’t distinguish between torture and actual treatment based on science, variables, proper humane testing and legitimate results. Though we have anesthesia today and don’t have to drag patients kicking and screaming, the end results are similar to those of Cotton’s patients (5). Besides surgery to save lives of those suffering trauma, accidents or physical birth defects, much of the surgery performed today is not necessary and could be completely avoided with natural food and natural medicine/alternative holistic and non-invasive methodology. The true history of allopathic medicine is a dark one, but nevertheless goes down in the books.(6)



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