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    Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) is a coalition of the world’s largest chemical-industrial giants that push synthetic, toxic pesticides off as safe and beneficial. Prime time players (of the “Big 6) include BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Monsanto, Novartis, Zeneca Ag and Aventis CropScience. Don’t leave out Cargill, that directs their corporate communications and Syngenta, another listed “member.” Lump in two trade associations – the American Crop Protection Association and “BIO” which stands for Biotechnology Industry Organization – and you’ve got the world’s largest chemical agriculture “monopoly” or “meeting of the minds.” One of the main functions of CBI is to develop strategies for spreading propaganda about the false benefits or false safety of GM crops. Biotechnology is a highly experimental science and at a very young age, having only begun in the mid-1980s, still, “CBI” and “BIO” would have you believe it’s nothing different from selective breeding or natural selection, except they use pesticide genes as “transgenics” inserted in laboratories in staple food and crop seedlings in order to kill bugs and weeds–but it causes cancer and Alzheimer’s in humans.



    The Council’s mission is to share industry-written “science” and “lab results” as the ultimate factor for dialogue with any skeptics, whether food industry professionals, nutritionists, health professionals, academia, other scientists who want to cross-study these GMO, and consumers around the world. CBI is closely connected with GMOAnswers.com, where the notorious Jon Entine and Kevin Folta contribute contrived answers to contrived questions. These are both hacks of the biotech industry that serve to reiterate the script written by the biotech CEOs and CFOs and Presidents and Vice Presidents alike. Lobbyists and PR Firms, like Ketchum, contribute to the whole facade of pushing GMOs on the world and making a fortune doing it. These firms along with Monsanto “enlist” public scientists like Folta and shill journalists like Entine to post answers to made up questions so they can fool all the skeptics of GMO into consuming them on a regular basis and never looking for labels for GMO on anything.


    BIO is the fulcrum of CBI – developing and promoting toxic medicine to treat diseases and disorders caused by GMO

    BIO not only represents biotechnology companies, but state biotechnology centers in about three dozen nations around the world. BIO members actually develop healthcare based on toxic pesticide consumption by the masses. They develop products that contain deadly chemicals and then plan the healthcare tailored to quell the symptoms of slow pesticide poisoning and the academics (hucksters and charlatans) who sellout and represent for BIO and CBI push the products that the sick masses buy to quell the pain, confusion and inflammation that drives every preventable disease epidemic in America. These same “gurus” plan the world’s largest gathering of the biotech industry, called BIO International Convention, where investors collaborate and spread the best propaganda for advertising, public relations, and swaying the votes of confused consumers and confused public officials and paid-for government regulators. You can subscribe to their newsletter. This conglomeration is like a huge example of GMA, Grocery Manufacturers Association, that spread propaganda about junk food and junk-science as being beneficial to society, the economy, etc.


    March of 2012: Biotechnology Industry Organization announces that Richard Lobb has been hired by CBI as Managing Director for CBI. (1) Lobb has a record with crisis communication and government relations. He also ran communications for the National Chicken Council. Lobb spent 13 years as the “Merchant of Drumsticks” at his chicken parts empire the National Chicken Council. (2) Lobb is then used to bolster up the “science-based” information propaganda for agricultural biotechnology division and brag about sustainability (which is the complete opposite of what chemical pesticides do destroy soil nutrients, crop nutritional value, animal and plant health and human health. Lobb is told to write about how biotech will feed a growing population (sound familiar?) and “resist diseases and insect pests” and of course “reduce environmental impact.” These are all buzz phrases and catch phrases borrowed from actual organic farming practices and websites and the shills of the biotech industry try to claim them for their own, when it’s a bold-faced lie every time. They will go so far as to call spreading pesticides “outreach.” (3)

    All of this propaganda is available for viewing at BIO’s website: Biotechnology Industry Organization: (https://www.bio.org/node/517https://www.bio.org/node/517)


    They tell consumers, farmers and food investigators that humans have “used the biological processes of microorganisms for more than 6,000 years to make useful food products …” this is a con to make consumers and skeptics stop questioning the dangers of the NEW SCIENCE of inserting genes of toxic pesticides into food, which does not happen in nature, and has only been taking place in laboratories for thirty years.


    They tell consumers and investigators that modern biotech provides “breakthrough products and technologies to combat debilitating and rare diseases …” but they leave out the part that these same chemical-agriculture products CAUSE DEBILITATING DISEASES for the humans that consume them daily.


    CBI, BIO and GMOAnswers.com (5) tell consumers and investigators they can feed the hungry, but what happens to the hungry who get food laced with toxic herbicides like RoundUp, that the World Health Organization (IARC study) classified as “probably carcinogenic?” That’s certainly not “clean food” or “sustainable” agriculture practice or telling the truth to consumers who want to know if something is GMO (ninety percent or more of Americans want GMO labels).


    CBI and BIO also push more than 250 health care products and toxic vaccines to diseases they now claim are treatable. Is that because they created them and know what the symptoms and side effects are? Nearly 20 million farmers around the world use chemical agriculture practices but see no difference in yield, see MORE insects that have grown immune to the synthetic insecticides (called Superbugs) and these farmers see MORE weeds that are herbicide-resistant (8) and ruining crop yield–which is just the opposite of what biotechnology claims to accomplish. Refineries are built and managed across the US and North America to produce bio-fuels and chemicals, adding to greenhouse gas emission problems.


    The shills will also claim they can “Heal the World” with their chemical pesticides. By “harnessing nature’s own toolbox” and manipulating and mutating the genetic makeup of plants and crops, they claim they can reduce disease, drought, and famine.


    CBI uses propaganda language to sound legitimate and concerned, speaking of harnessing “biocatalysts” and reducing use of petrochemicals, except that’s one of the industry’s that funds biotech and junk-science in general. They claim farmers can decrease water usage with GMO, but there are MORE weeds growing now and suffocating the crops than ever before, and farmers who are exposed to these agri-chemicals get diseases and some commit suicide, like in India. How is that “feeding the world” again? All of this language documented and blogged by the biotech shills is available at their main propaganda Sites: http://www.whybiotech.com/ and Jon Entine’s main propaganda site Genetic Literacy Project, which is fully exposed in this truthwiki.


    Inner-network of biotechnology companies pushing GMO propaganda

    Ketchum PR group (7) and “Frankenfoods” Monsanto (6) organize (recruit) dozens of “public scientists” from universities around the country and journalistic hacks (shills) who reiterate prolific-sounding industry slogans and rhetoric (4) that have no scientific basis in order to brainwash the public and government officials alike into accepting this new, dangerous form of agriculture–genetically modified organisms functioning as pesticides and combined with synthetic, chemical insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and then inserted into the genetic makeup of our food. CBI is a huge force to reckon with in the scheme of pushing biotechnology propaganda on American consumers. They work in tandem with other media outlets to spread the same lies.

    A massive hidden inner-network of biotechnology companies had scientists, journalists and academic hacks and shills promote their propaganda as if the science had real research behind it, and real professional analysis and opinions. They basically lied through their teeth about GMO sustainability, pesticide safety and “drought-resistant” crops. When you search “Council for Biotechnology Information” one of the top three website choices is a reroute to the top GMO propaganda site “GMOAnswers.com” – where they claim to be “creating an open dialogue on the topics of biotechnology and GMOs in food and modern agriculture,” but what they’re selling the public is their own industry-hack-written propaganda, questions and answers already loaded and ready to fire.

    At the bottom of the website it also states copyright by CBI, (©2013-2015 Council for Biotechnology Information), so we know who’s writing all of the propaganda for any “public scientists” or hack journalists who need a script to follow for articles, press releases or testimony for public officials or regulatory agency officials (9). Lastly, they have to inform the consumer (to preempt any conflict of interest concerns) that “The responses on all GMOAnswers.com websites do not necessarily reflect the views of all Council for Biotechnology member companies.”



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