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    As a key insider and grant-receiving shill for Monsanto, nobody works harder to deceive the American public about what’s in their food than Bruce M. Chassy, professor “emeritus” at the University of Illinois, author of the fraudulent GMO Answers (biotech propaganda) website (2) and Monsanto lobbyist who petitions the EPA (and FDA) to hide GMOs in food, especially dairy products. Chassy has been linked to other top paid pharma and Monsanto shills like Jon Entine (ACSH writer), who was fired from Forbes.com last year, when his reputation and track record for being a violent psychopath were exposed. Chassy’s main website, “Academics Review” is chock full of GMO propaganda. (1) Chassy is part of a secret inner-network of liars who were caught conspiring to influence city, state, and government officials to pass legislation in favor of the corporations motives they represent and are paid top dollars for which to “shill,” as revealed in a major New York Times expose article published just last year. (3)

    The “Anti-Science” Platform Engineered by Industry Hacks – GMOanswers.com

    Bruce Chassy provides his key propaganda via the GMO “Answers”” website, where the language is directly derived and plagiarized from the writing of agrichemical industry hacks themselves. Designed to fool anyone who is second guessing GMO into believing it’s somehow healthy, sustainable, and “saving the world from starvation,” GMOAnswers is about as far from the truth as one can get. So-called “independent experts” are nothing but shills and charlatans of the biotech industry, and Chassy leads the way, as revealed by the US Right to Know group (USRTK) through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests that revealed THOUSANDS of emails and documents sent back and forth from these so-called independent scientists and academics to the insidious PR firm representing Monsanto, none other than Ketchum Inc. (8)

    Though the genetic engineering of food requires scientists to work in laboratories using their science, chemistry, and biology backgrounds to unnaturally insert dangerous pesticide genes into the seeds of plants, the promotion of this agri-chemical business has NOTHING to do with science, because if it did, EVERYONE would know that GMOs cause cancer, dementia, and horrific central nervous system disorders, including autism.

    Monsanto shills and ghostwriters

    Monsanto pays scientists, journalists and academics alike to engage in unethical ghost writing and deceptive authorship to present their carcinogenic glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, as safe and beneficial to the environment and humans alike. From Henry Miller to John Acquavella, and from Jon Entine to Kevin Folta, and on down to the scumbag bottom feeders like Steven Novella and Gilbert Ross, the list of Monsanto shills and paid hucksters seems to never end. (6)

    Bruce Chassy is now being implicated in pushing Monsanto propaganda (1) as his name is strewn across several emails that came to light thanks to consumers hiring lawyers to sue Monsanto over their product Roundup, as exposure to it has allegedly caused Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer) in several new victims.

    Bruce Chassy may end up in prison for hiding dangers of Roundup

    New court documents show Monsanto scientists outright confessing that if Roundup was really tested for safety, they know exactly what the results would dredge up. A law firm involved in the litigation against Monsanto released internal emails and of course, Monsanto executives are furious that the truth got out.

    John Acquavella, a former employee at Monsanto, was caught in a 2015 email telling a Monsanto executive this: “I can’t be part of deceptive authorship on a presentation or publication.” He went on to describe the fraudulent activity, saying, “We call that ghost writing and it is unethical.” Monsanto has a standing confidentiality order that keeps their scientists from blowing the whistle about all the dangers of their pesticide products. Now the substance and science of all Monsanto pesticides, including Roundup herbicide, come into question.
    Monsanto’s lawyers (4) failed to properly “preserve” the confidentiality of their internal documents when they forgot to file a required motion seeking protection of the documents – now the truth comes out from their own mouths in emails.

    Monsanto caught paying money to ghostwriters that got Seralini’s alarming research on toxic Roundup retracted from science journal
    Bruce Chassy could be going to prison for a long time for taking money, to the tune of $57,000, from Monsanto for traveling, writing and speaking all of this propaganda in 2016, and for all of these false accusations wielded against the French research team that rightfully exposed glyphosate as animal poison.

    Bruce Chassy, the ultimate Monsanto shill who runs his pro-GMO “Academics Review” website, wrote propaganda pieces, as scripted by Monsanto, to coerce the publishers of the Séralini study to retract it. There’s just too much money involved in manufacturing, marketing, selling, distributing, and dosing the world with poisonous weed killer, so Monsanto had no choice but to shut down the opposition. They wrongly accused Séralini of fraud (2) by rolling back the clock, retracting the paper, and running new tests that ended before the rats died of cancer, liver failure and kidney failure. (3) That’s just how Monsanto functions and the world is now suffering the consequences.

    Scientists prove even low doses of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide has toxic effects on animals

    2012: A French research team led by Professor GE Séralini in 2012 proved that even low doses of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide has toxic effects on animals when they died from kidney and liver damage after growing horrific golf ball sized tumors within just a few months. The researchers followed strict protocol and the study was published in a top notch medical journal.

    Monsanto used “third party experts” the same way the tobacco industry used to do in order to try to discredit the findings, and it worked. After many lies and much money invested, the research paper was retracted, but now we see exactly how and why.
    Monsanto executives are trying their best to remove their connections to the whole atrocity, but the recent trove of emails they failed to protect has exposed them. This is an inside look at the insidious and nefarious tactics of a company that would like nothing more than controlling all the world’s seeds and infecting them with pesticide genes.

    New trove of Monsanto emails expose collusion and sinister plot to retract damaging science on Roundup and Glyphosate
    An employee of Monsanto named Eric Sachs (5) was recently exposed plotting to gather scientists to write propaganda in Monsanto’s words. Sachs recruits Bruce Chassy to run the pro-GMO script and send an official letter to urgently defend glyphosate but keep the Monsanto connection to it all covered up. The letter was to provide “critical analysis” that would lead to the retraction of the paper that was published in a medical journal proving Roundup is carcinogenic and toxic to animals. Chassy responded to the request and urged for the retraction, “My intent was to urge you to roll back the clock, retract the paper, and restart the review process.”

    Chassy quickly jumped aboard a petition demanding the retraction of the Seralini study. He also authored a Forbes article falsely accusing Seralini’s team of fraud. Then, just last year, Chassy was exposed for accepting nearly $60,000 from Monsanto for traveling to spread their propaganda, after he said he had NO connection to Monsanto.


    That is why biotechnology is actually anti-science, and that is why the shills for biotechnology, like Bruce M. Chassy, call everyone who opposes it “anti-science,” because this serves as their first line of defense and insidious cover story. Behind the scenes and behind closed doors (until all their emails were discovered), the top hucksters for Monsanto plot their language with the guidance of the most evil PR firm on planet earth. Ketchum is a nearly hundred-year-old public relations firm based out of New York and specializing in corporate communication services, having serviced some of the largest corporations in the US for their advertising needs, no matter the product or practice.


    Ketchum marketing representatives tell you how to think about something in a false light, saving the reputations of criminal politicians and brainwashing consumers into thinking evil corporations are doing what they do for the “greater good.” Simply put, Ketchum is paid to “reconnect” the public with a new image of something that’s losing ground or is getting a very BAD name or reputation–like GMO. This is public relations at its sleaziest, and the dirtiest dirt bags love getting paid by Ketchum to spread “science” propaganda. Hacks like Chassy use their extensive science credentials as justification for lying, and they know exactly the damage they’re inflicting by doing so, but they just don’t care. (5)


    How did Ketchum get the job of producing the GMO Answers campaign? The Council for Biotechnology, a biotech industry group openly funded by BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta, hired Ketchum to produce it. Then they conspired with top industry shills Jon Entine (ACSH) (6), Kevin Folta (University of Florida), and Bruce Chassy. Their job? To answer the toughest questions posed by concerned Americans, who put the screws to the whole biotech industry, trying to figure out if they should be supporting companies that insert cancer causing pesticides and dementia causing pesticides in food. People want to know if somehow the lies are true–that maybe somehow GMOs help increase yield for farmers, or somehow GMOs feed starving nations, or can they really resist drought?


    The answer to all of these questions is a definitive NO, but it’s the job of these industry hacks to flip the narrative, and to do it intelligently so they can deceive millions of Americans who try to do their own research on line, and who probably do not have science backgrounds that would help them realize it’s all propaganda and lies. Chassy’s job is to quell public fear of the evil practices of companies like Monsanto and Cargill, by drafting up user-friendly propaganda with lingo and terminology literally STOLEN from the organic food industry, where words like “sustainable” and “environmentally friendly” are bastardized to sell GMOs to the uneducated consumers.


    2015: Ketchum PR caught recruiting public scientists to regurgitate Monsanto’s propaganda word-for-word on GMOAnswers.com

    Ketchum hired soul-less scientists, rogue journalists, ethics-less academics from renowned universities to answer hard line questions about GMOs, but upon closer look, those hired never actually came up with their own answers, but rather transcribed or “cut and paste” scripted Monsanto lies so they could sound more convincing, since industry insiders already wrote the script they wanted to push on the public and city, county, state, and federal officials, not to mention judges as high as the Supreme Court. (4) This was all done as if real research was behind it. That is why it’s all anti-science. There’s not “World Consensus” as they would have us believe, and if the true science was revealed, nobody would buy or consume anything GMO ever. In actuality, the true science has been revealed, but mainstream media and peer-reviewed insiders have all blocked it from the public’s view. Just take a long, close look at the Seralini studies, which were long-term research studies done on BT toxins and soy toxins that killed animals by giving them horrific tumors in just months. (9) (10)


    The BIGGEST LIE is that there is a “World Consensus” on GMO safety, when there CLEARLY is NOT one at all

    Indeed, thanks to Jon Entine (11), Kevin Folta, David Tribe, and Bruce Chassy, a fictional “World Scientific Consensus” about GMO has been perpetuated for several years in mainstream media outlets and is proclaimed as “science-based” and “evidence-based” by the very manufactures, distributors and sellers of the dangerous chemical agriculture industry known as “biotech” in the United States of America. Make no mistake, THERE IS NO world scientific consensus on GMO–it’s completely fabricated to keep most Americans “in the dark” concerning the real scientific community discussion regarding this thirty-year-old experiment called “transgenics.” The current “think tanks” between rogue industry scientists, hack journalists and pro-GMO “reporters” are nothing more than propaganda mixed with delusions of grandeur. (7) (14)


    Jeffrey Smith, international best-selling author and filmmaker, wrote the following about the insidious plotting by Bruce Chassy and David Tribe:

    “Three years after I wrote Genetic Roulette, pro-GM scientists have finally taken me up on my challenge to supply evidence that counters any of the 65 risks highlighted in the book. So, it will be a great pleasure for me to respond to the 65 arguments recently posted on a new attack-Jeffrey website. Their effort offers a priceless opportunity to not only revisit each health risk, but also to show more precisely where and how the biotech industry comes up short in its defense. Be sure to subscribe to my Huffington Post blog to catch the fun. In my initial challenge to the GMO industry, I sought rigorous, independent scientific data that would enrich the global discussion and better characterize GMO risks. But the posts written by biotech apologists Bruce Chassy and David Tribe demonstrate without doubt how flimsy and unsupported the industry’s claim is that GMOs are safe.


    Their evidence is neither independent nor rigorous. Instead, Chassy and Tribe merely dust off the same old false assumptions and blatant fabrications that have long been exposed as hollow and even shameless. GMWatch describes it as “disinformation and ad hominem attack dressed up as ‘the open-minded search for truth.’” (13)


    In the real world of science, all variables and elements of a process are considered, but in this case, chemical-agriculture monopolies and their paid journalists and insider scientists simply make false claims and assertions, and then they cite false statistics and even source studies that DO NOT exist, then call it consensus. It’s a formula of unfortunately, continued success, for biotechnology, as companies like Monsanto gain power and control of more farmers livelihoods and more seeds to ruin with pesticides. The “peer reviewed” studies that do exist are simply funded, performed, altered, skewed, and published by the very manufacturers who gain profits from expensive lies. This all takes place while lobbyists bribe and payoff the federal regulatory agencies like the FDA, USDA, and EPA. (12)


    Plus, many of the department heads for the regulatory agencies previously worked for biotechnology companies as vice presidents or lobbyists, and most likely will return to those positions again, after writing legislation that supports their investments, which is illegal, but is never prosecuted as such. In America, it’s just called Capitalism, even though it’s really insider trading, propaganda, and a healthcare and environmental nightmare of epidemic and catastrophic proportions. However, thanks to US Right to Know Group and Natural News.com, top industry hacks like Bruce Chassy are being unveiled, and the truth about the inherent dangers of GMO are being revealed, as the big lies are deconstructed, one article at a time.



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