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Archive | June, 2016

Bruce M. Chassy

As a key insider and grant-receiving shill for Monsanto, nobody works harder to deceive the American public about what’s in their food than Bruce M. Chassy, professor “emeritus” at the University of Illinois, author of the fraudulent GMO Answers (biotech propaganda) website (2) and Monsanto lobbyist who petitions the EPA (and FDA) to hide GMOs  Full Article…


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a.k.a. the “Bride of Frankenfood,” is best known for her continued endorsement of genetically modified organisms in food, as she reiterates, word for word, the script handed to her by the biotech giant Monsanto. The presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the oval office for 2016, she’s noted for her failed  Full Article…


Associated Press (AP)

Always to be remembered as a major contributor to the Nazi war machine and the spread of National Socialist Party propaganda, the Associated Press (AP) is one of the LEAST trusted sources of newsgathering in the United States, with a single-minded focus of promoting Big Government agenda–supported and funded (auspiciously as “non-profit”) by none other  Full Article…