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    As the overuse of antibiotics and chemical pesticides continues at unprecedented levels in America and China, evolution also continues to play its role, as super-bacteria and super-bugs become resistant and essentially immune to the onslaught of pharmaceuticals and crop chemicals. Beginning with antibiotic resistance, a new report by the EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) shows that Big Pharma is actually fueling the spread of antibiotic resistance by polluting the environment with manufacturer waste products from facilities. (1) Mass amounts of antibiotic waste material is being dumped into soil and water, causing germs to be overexposed and develop resistance to the drugs.


    Pharma giants lack concern over the mass pollution problem

    Bacteria are literally exchanging sections of genetic material with other bacteria, and moving from one place to another, spreading throughout the environment. Pharma giants are said to have a shocking lack of concern over the problem, so the superbugs will be getting more resilient and antibiotics more useless, which could prove to be a dire problem for mankind. (2)


    Big government is failing also to hold these companies and corporations accountable. As antimicrobial resistance increases, so does pollution and infections in animal feeding quarters, in doctor’s offices, and in hospitals around the world. On top of pollution, medical doctors in America prescribe antibiotics for any sickness that has symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, sore throat, infection, swollen glands, and so on. Many times these are also symptoms of viral infection, for which antibiotics are not only useless, but kill good bacteria in the human gut, and thus immunity is depleted, that would help fight the viral infection. This is a huge part of the problem. (4)


    In CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), many cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys live in horrific conditions where they are overcrowded, fed GMO corn and soy that makes them sick, wallowing in their own feces and urine, and standing around while other animals are dying and decaying around them. This breeds horrific infections and the farmers inject the animals with mass amounts of antibiotics to fight those infections.


    More than 70% of the world’s antibiotics are used in CAFOs

    More than 70% of the world’s antibiotics are used in CAFOs (7) to fight infections so the meat won’t be so tainted when it reaches grocery stores and fast food outlets. Also, dairy cows and chickens are given artificial growth and production hormones so they will overproduce more milk and more eggs for more profits for the corporations. For the cows, this creates udder infections, pus in the milk, and more need for antibiotic use and abuse.

    Superbugs in the form of relentless bacteria that are getting stronger from antibiotic overuse are now a critical health problem worldwide, and hardly an antibiotic known to science now can stop the counter-attack. Plus, genetically modified corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, and papaya means the plants contain cancerous genes that kill insects, animals and humans who consume them. This creates superbugs in the form of beetles, worms, and other “pests” that consume crops in the fields. These bugs also have become immune to the toxic herbicide glyphosate (50% of the makeup of Roundup). Superweeds are also major problem across the USA, as they too become immune to herbicides and cause the farmers to use up to 10 times the usual amount of weed killer to push back those pests. (3)


    Biotechnology firms are living in denial

    Biotechnology firms all claim this is not happening, in order to save face, and keep manufacturing more chemicals to fight the war on superbugs, but the problem is worsening and the superbugs are become more and more resilient, as evolution and Nature would have it, including the rootworm beetles that attack Bt (GMO) corn. Farmers in the big corn states can do nothing but watch in dismay as their “bug proofed” corn is devoured by rootworms. (8)


    The Western rootworm beetle, the most serious threat to corn, is now resistant to the GM “Roundup ready” crop and is devastating Monsanto’s and Bayer’s crop, despite claims and promises to thousands of mid-to-large scale farmers that the opposite would take place. More than 90% of all US corn and soy is genetically modified to contain pesticide or herbicide genes to fight off insects and weeds, but the old ways of rotating and alternating crops, back and forth from corn to soy each year, worked much better and was not toxic to plants, soil, animals and humans.


    For example, if the corn rootworms hatch in soybean fields, they quickly die off. Problem solved, but corporations are bullheaded and are in the business of also making humans sick for profit, as Big Pharma and Big Food collaborate to feed Americans toxic food and then address the sickness symptoms with chemical-based medicine that only covers up the symptoms of a deeper rooted problem. Antibiotics are often prescribed on top of everything for infections caused by consuming GMO products, CAFO by-products, and toxic glyphosate. (5)


    All of the symptoms from consuming pesticides are signals that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s are developing, but MDs make a fortune dishing out antibiotics, and oncologists make an even bigger fortune dishing out chemotherapy, performing surgery, applying radiation, and the vicious cycle goes round and round. (6)

    Science and medical experts predicts bacteria-resistant superbugs could wipe out humans at the rate of one person every 3 seconds by the year 2050.


    Corn rootworm superbugs have infested up to 80 million acres

    In the US alone, corn rootworm superbugs have infested up to 80 million acres of crop. The USDA estimates this causes over a billion dollars in revenue lost per year. In the early 1990s, the Western corn rootworm was brought to Europe. Now, most countries in Europe require labeling of imported GMO foods, and most countries have banned it all together for this reason, in addition to the governments not wanting their citizens dying of cancer and Alzheimer’s. (9)


    GMO vegetation is breeding its own mass crisis, and the superbug problem is not going away anytime soon, as long as Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Bayer (which just bought out Monsanto), Syngenta, BASF, and similar companies mass produce GM crops, toxic pesticides, carcinogenic herbicides, and keep dumping their toxic waste chemicals from their factories all over the environment. Chemical runoff is a major problem, as well as GMO contamination of organic farms.


    Farmers in northeast Iowa first alerted university researchers back in 2009 that they were seeing rootworm damage in genetically modified corn fields where the pest should have been killed. That’s when the farmers suspected that the rootworms had developed immunity to the toxin (protein) implanted in the corn, and they turned out to be correct, and this according to laboratory tests of rootworms collection from the corn fields in question. Southeast Minnesota farmers have also reported damage in fields of genetically modified corn, according to data reviewed by University of Minnesota Extension entomologist Ken Ostlie. The rootworm larvae are simply bypassing the protein and feeding on different parts of the root system where the concentration of toxins are lower, while certain parts of the rootworm population are becoming inherently resistant to it. Most of the resistance problems are tied to the corn seed developed by Monsanto. (10)


    Bacterial staph infections from Superbug MRSA are on the RISE, and they are immune to nearly all antibiotics

    A form of bacterial staphylococcus infection (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) that is resistant to methicillen, known as MRSA, is also resistant to oxacillin, amoxicillin and penicillin, the so-called wonder drug of the century. Every year in the USA now, there are over 100,000 invasive MRSA infections diagnosed, and about one in every five victims die from it. Half of those people actually catch the infection while in the hospital, from dirty instruments, doctors and nurses who fail to wash their hands, and from dirty bed sheets and the food. Thanks to the mass overuse of antibiotics by MDs in America, penicillin is no longer the solution for infections.


    Deadly E. Coli Superbug now immune to the antibiotic colistin

    Known as the “nightmare bacteria,” a long-dreaded superbug strain of E. Coli has made its way to the United States. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, was first identified in China, Canada, and Europe, and is part of a deadly family of bacteria that is totally resistant to the antibiotic colistin. Colistin was previously known as the “last line of defense” against such superbugs–no longer the case. As evolution would have it, CRE is exchanging genes that have built resistance to the vital antibiotic, and according to medical experts and microbiologists, it’s quite a disturbing phenomenon. CRE germs are difficult to treat, and the CDC reports these SUPERBUGS are killing off half of the infected patients. Antibiotics don’t impact these viruses at all, and many doctors mistake the symptoms of viruses for bacterial infections, misdiagnosing millions of people regularly. Plus, many medical professionals say taking the “full round” of antibiotics is complete overkill.


    War on superbugs could cost $100 trillion by 2050

    Superbugs aren’t limited to MRSA and E. coli. Scientists have now discovered drug-resistant malaria and tuberculosis bugs that could turn out to be the biggest challenges of all. One of the major contributing factors to the superbug outbreak in America are confined animal feeding operations used to breed and slaughter cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens–the mass superbug breeders. According to Natural News journalists and investigative reporters, corporate and industrial “efficiency” has become a massively careless, apathetic and pathetic means of profit at all costs, including torturing animals, endangering animal and human health, and raising medical expenses for those humans infected to astronomical numbers.


    MRSA infiltrates agriculture and livestock: CAFOs similar to concentration camps of WWII

    These CAFOs are where animals are confined to highly overcrowded quarters, are fed toxic substances, and where urine and feces are not properly disposed. CAFOs are the mass industrialization of nature and a hidden display of complete ethical madness. The rampant overuse by the industrial food and animal production industry has virtually obliterated the effectiveness of antibiotics. Just like the concentration camps of WWII, CAFOs are where animals (like humans) die of infections, viruses, bacteria, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and lack of effective medicine, not to mention torture, abuse, and mistreatment across the board.


    Two-thirds of all antibiotic use takes place in CAFOs

    In order to contain infections in the confined animals in the state of North Carolina, the use of antibiotics exceeds ALL use for human medicine. Superbugs have become a global epidemic hidden by the mass media. They’ve been breeding for nearly 5 decades, killing thousands of people, sickening millions, and costing billions.


    Superbugs breeding in schools and prisons

    Superbugs don’t just breed in hospitals and CAFOs either, they also breed in prisons, schools, and nursing homes. Medical doctors in America simply took antibiotics for granted, as did the corporations that cut corners constantly to save money and extend profits for themselves, with no regard for modern medicine or the safety and welfare of the human beings that populate this country and the world. MRSA is the antithesis of bacteria that were once mankind’s companions. (11)


    MRSA is a terrifying pathogen that’s evolving faster than the medical community can track it. Drug developers are crippled in their fight to overcome its spread. Doctors used to think the virulent MRSA was confined to clinics and hospitals, only attacking the sick and elderly, but that’s obviously no longer the case. MRSA is growing and spreading at an astonishing speed.


    Government regulatory agencies like the FDA, CDC, and USDA are turning their heads the opposite direction, while taking payoffs from corporations to lay blame elsewhere, so the chemical-agriculture businesses and the pharma giants can continue “business as usual,” all while putting the health of the entire world at risk. MRSA and drug-resistant E. Coli can be more of a threat than terrorism and AIDS put together. Even fast food giant McDonald’s is taking measures to stop buying livestock raised with the routine use of antibiotics. That shows how dire the problem really is, when a huge, careless corporation that sells almost 100% GMO, processed, cancer-causing and diabetes-causing food and beverages, is trying to make a change to spare humans the blight of having no medicine to combat this mass infection epidemic.


    America–the fast food nation that breeds superbugs and super-disease that spreads to the rest of the world

    Within two years, McDonald’s is saying they will serve antibiotic-free chicken at their 14,000 US locations. Also, Chick-fil-A announced last year they will serve antibiotic-free chicken within 5 years. Chipotle Mexican Grill pioneered the first fast food company to use antibiotic-free meat, setting the bar for the rest of the country. Still, this is not enough. McDonald’s is only changing their antibiotic-free menus for chicken. What about beef and pork? America is the fast-food maniac nation of the world, fueling the superbug problem by continuing to serve millions of people daily meat that comes from animals locked down in CAFOs, infected with ever-evolving deadly bacteria and viruses that modern medicine can’t beat back.


    700,000 people die each year globally from superbug bacteria

    Now a global issue, the antibiotics used to fight off infections in animals raised for meat consumption are the same antibiotics used by medical doctors in hospitals that are nearly useless. When the overuse on farms creates bacteria that are resistant, the same drugs fail humans too. You don’t have to get sick from fast food meat overnight to get deathly ill later on. That is why so many meat processors now use bleach and ammonia to treat meat, which kills the taste, but then they add in MSG and other carcinogenic flavor enhancers like barbecue sauce in order to fool the public. (16)


    Don’t get fooled by corporations that don’t really care about humans

    Don’t be fooled by McDonald’s and other fast food tactics and ploys to keep your business. McDonald’s says they’re phasing out chicken raised with antibiotics, but they’re only talking about the ones that are breeding the current round of superbugs. They plan to continue use of another class of antibiotics called ionophores. (11)


    The ionophores are used to prevent parasitic disease known as coccidiosis. When that parasitic disease evolves, guess what happens? New superbugs and more antibiotics that become useless for humans. The FDA is doing noth9ing to fix the problem. All the FDA has done so far is to ask companies to voluntarily ban low-dose antibiotics. Farmers across the nation are continuing to use artificial growth hormones for fast profits, while European farmers have been banned from using such drugs since 2006.


    McDonald’s did not change their antibiotic-use policy for countries outside the US, such as in Asia, so go figure. Meanwhile, several nonprofits have been pressuring agriculture giants and big food businesses to switch to antibiotic-free meat. Unfortunately, CREs (carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae) and salmonella strains are gaining strength, especially over the last decade, and time is running out.


    Gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella, Yersinia pestis (plague), andKlebsiella

    Classified in the 19th century by a scientist named Hans Christian Gram through a method known as gram-staining, gram negative bacteria was noted for its double cell lining, as opposed to bacteria with single cell lining, which were named gram-positive. The double lining is what can cause sickness in people by allowing bacteria to fight off the human immune system, making that form of bacteria much more dangerous. As most antibiotics are designed to kill single-cell-lined bacteria, the other antibiotics are often referred to as “last resort” medications (also called carbapenem drugs). However, in 2001, carbapenem antibiotics met their match.


    A study done on antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy regarding an infection found in a North Carolina hospital found that the superbug infection fended off multiple antibiotics, including carbapenem–thus degrading antibiotics, including penicillens and cephalosporins. Nothing the doctors threw at this infection worked. The bacteria essentially picked up “a shield” according to researchers, and modern medicine was crippled in its attempt to fight it off. Then, in 2011, a woman infected with carbapenem-resistant pneumoniae was admitted to the Clinical Center of NIH, where she infected more than a dozen other patients, most of whom died. Now, gram-negative bacteria are popping up all over the world. (13)


    Entering the post-antibiotic era: The two biggest risk factors for CRE and MRSA infection are exposure to antibiotics and healthcare facilities

    Most people who get sick beyond the average head cold, allergy attack, or mild flu are likely to rush to the hospital for more serious medical care. Other people who break a limb, fracture a rib, have a severe allergic reaction to something, or need an organ removed by operation, don’t have much of a choice but to visit a hospital. The sad part is that this visit could be the beginning of the end of their life, as exposure to CREs, MRSA, and other superbugs is becoming more common via the use of mechanical ventilation, stem cell transplants, catheter use, organ transplants, and basic surgical operations. We are about to enter the post-antibiotic era, and that is very scary. Very few drugs now work to fight off staph infections and CREs. Infected patients must now be isolated. The CDC is struggling to improve communication between healthcare facilities, and Obamacare has simply created the ultimate nightmare, as healthcare companies are either going bankrupt under the “Affordable Care Act” or a jumping off the “sinking ship” to be able to remain afloat. Hospitals must get better at detecting antibiotic-resistant bacteria in order to be able to contain them. Patients who jump from one healthcare facility to others are compounding the problem of spreading superbugs. Still, stubborn, uninformed and careless MDs are still prescribing antibiotics right and left for viruses and other ailments that antibiotics can’t treat.


    Natural health enthusiasts are looking into natural remedies and immunity builders that can fight off viruses and bacteria, without destroying good gut bacteria (flora). Oil of oregano, garlic, aloe, chlorella, spirulina, licorice root, and colloidal silver are quickly gaining popularity, as antibiotics are failing society and modern medicine in general. Consumers would be wise to avoid fast-food all together and choose organic products that are made without the use of antibiotics and hormones. Research reviews of medical centers and doctor offices to see if they are using extreme caution to avoid the spread of superbugs. Also avoid all GMO food and conventional forms of agriculture (15) that are likely to be fueling the crop superbug epidemic.



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