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    Sarah J. Barendse is a Natural Health Consultant, Writer, Graphic Designer, Life Enthusiast, Spiritualist and Social Media Maven.

    We, as humans, came to this planet to experience life and learn lessons but primarily to grow and expand. We do this on our own as well as with the help of others. These human suits (our physical bodies) sometimes are not so compliant. As none of us are born with an owner’s manual on how to fix things when they go wrong or we get sick we often end up frustrated and depressed.

    Our bodies do come with an internal guidance system. It is, however, one we have to get used to listening to. Every physical ailment is a manifestation stemming from either the emotional or spiritual. Environmental factors as well as diet and lifestyle also are major contributing factors, which compound and play into the manifestations.

    The good news is that we every health issue is a unique puzzle. For every problem I believe there is an answer and a solution. It’s just a matter of finding it. I believe all health issues can be solved in a natural way working with rather than against the body. No one has ever once been ill due to a lack of a pharmaceutical in his or her body.

    Spreading education and knowledge about natural health in order to re-empower people to help heal themselves is why I write.

    Sarah seeks to expose health dangers hidden in every day life, many approved by governing bodies like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as well as give new, interesting, and possibly previously not heard of ideas to help you heal and proactively protect your health.
    Sarah has no criminal history and has never been arrested. She drinks socially, has never smoked. She works out fairly regularly and takes Muay Thai kickboxing for fun, exercise and self-defense. She is a hedonist at heart and believes “If it isn’t hurting anyone and you are enjoying yourself, go for it!” Happiness is the key to true complete health.

    Having grown up with parents far ahead of their time she learned holistic health, herbalism, kinesiology, meditation, body harmony, distance healing and more from her mother. Her studies have continued throughout her life and have found their way into her writing on both Health Center for Better Living and Natural News Blogs websites. A graphic designer by trade she holds a degree in Computer Animation, graduating Magna Cum Laude, as well as being a Certified Lighting Specialist with the American Lighting Association. She is well versed in healing with essential oils and plans on further areas of study in the field of Homeopathy.

    Having battled Lyme’s Disease and food allergies as a teenager she became interested in health at a young age. In her 20’s she was a wild child and had tons of fun breaking down her immune system, which now through a series of internal cleanses, supplements and nutrition which was kicked off with a diagnosis of cervical cancer cells, which were healed naturally her immune system has been restored. In her 30’s she dealt briefly with Toxic Mold Illness as well as reoccurring pain from earlier car accidents. Now at age 40 Sarah stands happily in health having come out the other side of all of these ailments hoping to share her story with others and give them that guiding hand though that she wishes she had been able to find.


    Alberta Street News http://www.albertastreetnews.org/

    Natural News http://blogs.naturalnews.com/author/sarahbarendse

    HCBL http://hcbl.com/blog/

    Sarah Barendse http://www.sarahbarendse.com

    She is one of the driving forces behind the IBMS Master’s Society https://www.facebook.com/IBMSMastersSociety http://www.ibmsmasterssociety.com

    And collaborates closely with Dr. Leonard Coldwell, one of the world’s leading cancer experts, on all of his online presence and public relations. www.drleonardcoldwell.com

    Sarah has published her first book “Cancer – Taking Your Power Back”.
    Later, being a relatively unknown author, and feeling what she had to say was important and needed to be heard quickly by more people went on to publish it as a 3 part Natural News blog for free for all to read.

    She is currently working on two more books soon to be released.

    As well as working on her own projects Sarah works to network, promote and further the cause of any and all who speak out for natural health and believes that together we are far stronger than alone.

    Areas of Expertise:
    Sarah has authored several hundred blog articles including opinion pieces and investigative articles. Topics range from general health, nutrition, world news, tyranny, happiness, mental health, natural cures, advice, reviews and more always inserting her own brand of humor and unique view on life.
    What you can expect to see in the future:
    Look forward to many wonderful out of the box articles with which you may or may not agree. Love her or hate her she is not afraid to speak out despite opposition. She is a force to be reckoned with and hard to ignore.

    You can contact Sarah on Facebook directly

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