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    Since 1888, less than one year after the founding of National Geographic Society, the first National Geographic magazine was published and contained unbiased articles about history, world cultures and of course, geography. Popular for its yellow glossy front cover border and dramatic photographs, the monthly periodical is available by paid subscription with occasional special editions, and is circulated worldwide in dozens of languages. Though National Geographic once downplayed politics to focus on culture, it nowadays (as recently as May, 2015) can be found promoting the likes of GMO (genetically modified organisms), vaccines and global warming. Advertisements found throughout the magazine promote such interests not only for profits but for political and tactical positioning on topics that auspiciously support the corporations interests for “Big Pharma,” biotechnology (pesticide-crop science) and the highly controversial vaccine industry in the USA. All of these industries have been revealed to damage the environment and public health, endangering human lives, animal lives and natural plant sustainability. (1)


    Its common focus has been on scientific achievements, biology and endangered species, with its beginnings sourced by an elite group of wealthy patrons (about thirty explorers and scientists) who were interested in travel. During the Cold War, National Geographic magazine attempted to present a balanced view of the nations beyond the “Iron Curtain.” However, recently, all objectivity has been thrown out the window, so to speak, as National Geographic has indirectly all but endorsed unscientific viewpoints on industries that threaten to destroy agriculture, human health and natural immunity. In fact, the cover of the magazine in May of 2015 purported several myths as fact, lumping them together with old dismantled myths, in order to brainwash shallow thinking fans of the long-standing science publication. This blatant promotion of corporate-controlled propaganda is anti-science, though National Geographic would have its readers believe its just more fact-based science that’s reported objectively like in the days of ole. (2)


    The editors present what some science proponents have declared as “The war on science” regarding health enthusiasts stances against vaccines, GMOs and fluoridated public drinking water as preposterous, as much so as calling the world flat or denouncing global warming, yet hundreds of science-based studies and research reveal that inserting the genes of pesticides into the human food supply can cause autoimmune disorders and cancer. (3) Plus, the fluoride put in municipal tap water is NOT the naturally occurring mineral fluoride, but rather an industrial waste byproduct that doubles as insecticide, also known as sodium fluoride, which is usually imported by the USA from China, because China wants to dispose of this toxic waste, instead of adding to the already overloaded industrial waste that pollutes their country. Here are the five “tenets” of science that National Geographic promotes in order to support corporate interests and the advertising that floods fifteen or more pages of their recent periodicals supporting anti-science:

    Climate change does not exist.

    Evolution never happened.

    The moon landing was fake.

    Vaccinations can lead to autism.

    Genetically modified food is evil.

    As one can easily see, by lumping together a “fake” moon landing with vaccines leading to autism, the magazine tries to brainwash the reader into believing theories as “anti-science” whether they are fact or fiction, creating a subjective and opinionated stance most unlike the objective coverage found in years past. Obviously, the magazine editors do not want anyone questioning the dangers of vaccines, which includes injecting mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum into muscle tissue to somehow provide immunity to infectious diseases, which aren’t much of a problem anymore for anyone who consumes organic food. The editors also do NOT want anyone questioning drinking water that contains industrial waste and toxic fertilizers because their sponsors and advertisers promote “dumbing-down” the population for monetary and control purposes, as sodium fluoride has been proven to lower the IQ of children and adults that consume it regularly. This is NOT sound science to be promoting these industries as safe, effective, or sustainable for our world. It is very distasteful to advertise synthetic drugs and artificial immunity while “sharing” the wonders of nature, space exploration, and the advancement of scientific interests. (4)

    Unproven technology is not the wave of the future, but National Geographic would have its readers believe otherwise, since it promotes their corporate buddies and “partners in crime.” Perhaps they should change their stance from non-profit and educational to a corporate view of crop science and political entity that supports the views of anyone who pays for full page ads in their anti-science periodical, including promoters of alcohol and dangerous pharmaceuticals that kill thousands of people every year, even when “taken as directed.” (5)

    One might lump in National Geographic magazine with WebMD and Wikipedia as a great source for corporate disinformation campaigns and propaganda that pushes corporate interests at the cost of human and environmental health and safety. The once honored and respected magazine can now be considered the “pulpit” for dogmatic and unfounded research that supports propaganda and denounces anyone’s opinions that vaccines, GMOs and fluoride-water is NOT healthy, safe or environmentally friendly. To call the magazine science-based is a long stretch from reality now, but one can still look at the photographs without reading the words or corporate advertisements and enjoy a few emotional ties to Mother nature and space exploration.



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