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    Currently the Deputy Commissioner and a Senior Advisor for Foods at the FDA (Food Czar according to Obama), Michael R. Taylor is also the lawyer that led the food and drug law practice for his previous client-company named Monsanto. Taylor is also responsible for dismantling the Delaney clause, a federal law that protected US food from having chemicals added. The law was written back in 1958 as the Food Additives Amendment of 1958 – – to keep food safe, as analytical instrumentation of the time improved greatly for studying food “agents,” and so it was revealed that certain carcinogens in food, even at levels less than one part per million, were a major risk to human health. By the 1980s, Taylor was presenting arguments to counter food safety concerns in order to benefit Monsanto, financially. Then, in 1991, Taylor left his law firm and took the FDA post of Deputy Commissioner for Policy. Taylor then signed anti-regulation registers to remove warnings that were to be put on milk that comes from cows treated with the artificial hormones  known as rBGH. It is suspected that he co-authored the FDA’s 1992 policy statement on GMO – genetically engineered plant foods which would permanently remove any government oversight of Biotech safety, labeling and what they termed “burdensome regulations.” Chemical agriculture would soon sweep the nation, and genetically engineered corn and soy containing the genes of pesticide would now secretly become staple food for more than 250 million Americans within a decade. (1)


    Michael R. Taylor was a shifty lawyer who changed the focus of talk about GM foods by keeping policy focused on genetic engineering techniques rather than the process. Risk taking was encouraged at every level of GM expanse, with no more checks and balances for food agents, even those organisms that came from other species, insects, bacteria and even viruses where gene insertion into seeds to destroy pests – insects and weeds – made profit for the chemical agriculture industry. Transferred genetic “material” was considered GRAS, or “generally recognized as safe, and everything safety-wise was left up to the manufacturer to test and disclose. In 1994 Taylor moved over to the USDA (US Dept of Agriculture) where he served as Administrator of the Food Safety & Inspection Service. His methodology he implemented was referred to as “science-based approach” with critical control points, but biotechnology was young and nobody knew the implications it would bring, including cancer, inflammatory-driven diseases, malnutrition and mental confusion (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s). Health activists charged Taylor in 1994 with conflict of interest with respect to the approval of artificial hormones (rBST). The FDA defended Taylor and said he was only involved in the “final stages” of the review. A few years later one Michael Taylor returns to work as Vice President for Public Policy for Monsanto. Many of the GMO products made during Taylor’s tenure at the FDA came into question immediately. (2)


    By 2000, Taylor would publish documents trying to push GMO into African agriculture, with funding from the long-time controversial Rockefeller Foundation, which once helped Hitler pay for fuel for submarines at beginning of WWII, among other accomplishments. Taylor also works with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pushing their GMO agenda on Africans, along with untested, dangerous vaccines that contain known neurotoxins mercury and formaldehyde. (3) (4)


    Taylor made arguments that he was interested in food safety “from farm to table,” but a long track record of jumping back and forth from Monsanto to the FDA reflects just the opposite. Monsanto’s Roundup (high glyphosate content) has been implicated by WHO, the World Health Organization, to be a probable carcinogen (cancer causing chemical complex), yet is the most popular weed killer in the world. It’s also “woven” into biotech crops, where seeds contain glyphosate so the herbicides and pesticides used won’t kill the plant.


    Michael R. Taylor’s revolving job door: Monsanto – FDA – USDA – repeat cycle

    Taylor job hops from law firms to lobbyist jobs to government regulatory jobs and back again, quite auspiciously. Now the headmaster of the most radical and potentially dangerous change in human food supply history, Taylor commands quite the criticism from whole food and organic food advocates, and even the most well-researched scholars are up in arms. Healthy food consumer advocate Jeffrey Smith wrote:

    “The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar.”

    Food experts like Smith describe genetically modified organisms as food toxins, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies and hard-to-detect allergens. Activists call for lengthy research and even human trials before GMO could ever be considered safe, but the US government sees it quite differently, with leaders of the “opinion” charge including former vice-presidents and chief lobbyists who make a fortune from the chemical manufacturing companies that insert pesticide genes into America’s food supply. It’s referred to as science-based and any person or organization challenging the “status quo” of GMO are considered radical and rogue health extremists. The Biotech giants, like Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Syngenta and Cargill would now “run the ship” with no required safety studies whatsoever. These are the same companies that told Americans PCBs, DDT and Agent Orange were all safe. Many of the same ingredients from deadly Agent Orange are used as pesticides in “Roundup Ready” crops by Monsanto and in Bayer’s “Crop Science.” Americans are literally eating cancer and the regulatory agencies are hiring “safety” officers who profit in the millions from allowing it all to go unlabeled in the USA.

    Since 1996, chronic illnesses and food allergies in the US skyrocketed, as did asthma, autism, obesity, diabetes and digestive disorders. Animal studies reveal GM foods causing infertility, faster aging, poor insulin regulation and immune deficiency. Taylor is playing a key role in deregulation and systematic failure to test GM for safety, doing the complete opposite of the role he has been appointed and labeled to fulfill. Taylor has found many ways and means to circumvent the normative food testing and screening procedures. (5)

    Under George Bush Senior’s Administration from 1989 to 1993, Dan Quayle single-handedly catapulted GMOs into existence through FDA’s anti-consumer right-to-know policy, which stated that GMO foods did not have to be labeled or safety tested. Now Taylor has free reign to implement the government’s “favorable” agricultural biotech policies. Executives writing legislation are doing so based on tainted research coming from the manufacturers – the corporate side.

    Monsanto currently supplies 90 percent of the GE seeds used by the US market. Michael R. Taylor is a crucial link for Monsanto having power over public policy and their long arm stretches into misleading advertising, misleading education in schools, bribery and concealing scientific evidence. (6)


    Agro-chemicals for population control?

    Conveniently and quite timely, Taylor’s re-appointment to the FDA came right after Obama and G-8 leaders pledged $20 billion to “fight hunger in Africa” for three years under the auspice of a “Green Revolution in Africa” headed up by the top promoters of biotech. Taylor’s documents on chemical agriculture would prove to come in handy for Obama’s “transition” team. The tools of the farming “revolution” would include synthetic, toxic fertilizers and carcinogenic pesticides growing inside the seeds and herbicides for topical application containing ingredients from Agent Orange, the same ingredients (2-4D and glyphosate) (9) that gave thousands of US soldiers cancer when they marched through the burnt brush in the jungles of Vietnam. Taylor makes reference to the Green Revolution in India decades earlier (1960s) but that was a huge failure, leaving Indian farmers in debt, committing suicide at higher rates and depleting the environmental resources, like the water table and nutrient value of the soils.


    Some health activists believe that GM foods and vaccines are a form of population control, since so many preventable diseases and disorders are caused by them as of late and at such alarming rates. One in every three Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and only half will survive it. This was not the case before GMO hit the fields in the late 1980s. Pesticides can disrupt the central nervous system entirely and lead to a breakdown of immune function. Taylor’s view of industrial agriculture is bankrupting millions of small to mid-sized farmers. Building some roads and irrigation while pouring chemicals on the land is not proving to be feasible, sustainable, or safe for the future of food. If new infrastructure means toxic food and toxic medicine, then the “Food Czar” is nothing more than a lobbyist deregulating a toxic business so it can perform “above the law.” Taylor is a glorified glyphosate salesman and glyphosate is an endocrine disrupter that causes cells to die in human embryos. The famous Dr. Seralini is quoted regarding the toxicity of glyphosate:

    “Even in doses diluted a thousand times, the herbicide could cause malformations, miscarriages, hormonal problems, reproductive problems, and different types of cancers.” (7)


    The Seralini team of scientists and researchers from France, after secretly studying rats fed GM maize for two years, released this “Global Alert” video regarding “transgenic maize” and GMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njd0RugGjAg

    Taylor’s revolving door with politics and biotech has paved the way for untested, dangerous genetically modified organisms in food across the US nation and the world alike. From soy, corn, cotton, sugar beets and alfalfa to canola (which comes from rapeseed), GMOs grow without control and regulation, even though they are banned in over twenty countries around the world, and the US doesn’t even label them. (8)



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