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    The producer of the 2012 Documentary Film of the Year, Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives, Jeffrey Smith makes the connection clear for us about the dangers of consuming genetically engineered foods, by exposing the correlations evident to science-based facts, and by discussing the hard-line statistics that have surged regarding allergic reactions, digestive disorders and infertility – – all since the release of GMO, genetically modified organisms, just thirty years ago in the USA, including corn and soy. Smith also authored the world’s best-selling anti-GMO book, Seeds of Deception, which exposes the US government and the chemical-agriculture “biotechnology” industry, a.k.a. “Biotech,” for misleading consumers and endangering their health with genetically engineered food. Smith digs into Biotech’s lies about the safety of their experimentation with pesticide genes in food, and we see how lobbyists and representatives of the chemical-agriculture industry mislead legislatures and safety officials alike, in order to put the health of society on the back burner and allow chemicals to invade the US and world food supply. Smith says that the regulation and labeling of GMO foodsmust urgently become our nation’s top food safety priority.”


    Jeffrey Smith attributes most of today’s food and environment-related health detriment (regarding cancers) to glyphosate, a known carcinogenic compound and chemically synthetic component used by US forces in the Vietnam War to burn down the jungle brush and poison the enemy food supply, also known as Agent Orange. Glyphosate is also a major chemical component of Roundup, the world’s top-selling herbicide, that just so happens to be in more than 90% of the U.S. corn and soy. Roundup is one of the world’s most toxic chemicals, but somehow the FDA, EPA and CDC look the other way when it comes to dousing American crop with it and letting scientists infuse the genes of this chemical into seeds of US staple crop. (1)


    Smith explains how this ruins good gut bacteria and cripples human immunity, as exposed on an episode of Dr. Oz, when W.H.O., the World Health Organization, first released their in-depth research and said that Monsanto’s glyphosate “probably” causes cancer. This is all but an indictment that genetically modified organisms and chemical pesticides of all kinds, including herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, and chemical-fertilizers are all implicated in the epidemic of cancer in the United States, as one in every three Americans gets cancer in their lifetime with only a fifty percent survival rate, yet cancer was barely existent in the USA before processed food came along after WWII, and now GMO in the mid-1980s and here we are. GMOs are chemical violence perpetrated on the US food supply and need to be the number one topic of our nation’s food safety initiatives, discussions and sustainability and future, stringent regulations. (2) (3)


    Jeffrey Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception,” is a worldwide public speaker visiting 40 countries


    Jeffrey Smith has been quoted by thousands of news outlets, including BBC World Service, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times (London), Associated Press and Reuters News Service. A powerful keynote speaker, Smith has appeared on numerous influential radio and television shows like NPR, Fox News and Democracy Now. He is the founding Executive Director of The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), the leading source of GMO health-risk information for consumers, policy makers and healthcare professionals alike. This is the depth of Jeffrey Smith’s expertise on the subject of GMO, driving the message home for people “riding the fence” regarding concern. Smith is the world’s leading outspoken advocate about the dangers of GMO, and can explain to any person in laymen’s terms the laboratory process of manufacturing these “seeds of deception” – – where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant.


    Powerful interview of Jeffrey Smith explaining GMOs on “Dr. Oz” mainstream TV show


    Dr. Mehmet Oz supports mandatory GMO labeling and is the only mainstream media personality to have the courage and the stature to be able to expose the dangers of GMO and glyphosate herbicide. In October of 2012, Dr. Oz tells America that they have the right to know what’s in their food. He interviews GMO expert Jeffrey Smith in a segment exposing genetically engineered food as quack science, untested, unsafe and a major question of sustainability. Why would humans “eat cancer” if they had a choice not to? In fact, more than ninety percent of Americans want GMO labels, and Doctor Oz breaks through the corporate-controlled media, presenting the dangers of GMOs to millions of viewers nationwide. Jeffrey Smith is quoted on Dr. Oz saying: (4)


    “There are thousands of doctors around the United States that prescribe non-GMO diets, and they and their patients are reporting getting better from a variety of diseases very quickly,”


    Smith goes on to explain how the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ignored recommendations of its OWN scientists who linked GMOs to organ damage and reproductive disorders. Leading doctors are warning us that something profoundly different and dangerous is happening to our food supply without our knowledge or consent, and it’s leading us off a health cliff in mass numbers. It all dates back to Agent Orange and the chemicals from it that are used to kill weeds on US soil today. (6)


    Science-based evidence behind the dangers of GMO


    Smith leads a worldwide crusade teaching people how to live a healthy, sustainable life. His meticulous research and passionate dedication is the fulcrum of the modern health movement. He inspires many to change their daily eating habits and choose unadulterated foods. He empowers others with life-saving information. Smith invites anyone to participate in his webinars who wants to learn how to effectively communicate science-based evidence behind the dangers of GMO. He challenges people to step up and take charge of their lives by getting informed properly about the destruction GMOs are inflicting on the planet. Public awareness has become a plight, but Smith is here to rescue anyone who wants proof that eating pesticide causes health detriment, and that chemical agriculture is just that – – consuming synthetic toxins that cause chemically-related disease and disorders, like autism, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Smith is an expert at decoding the pseudo-science lingo that Biotech uses to trick consumers and keep them in the dark through mass media campaigns of disinformation, all for corporate profits. (5)


    Learn from Jeffrey Smith how to be an influential speaker on health


    Smith’s seminars and classes provide the most up-to-date evidence on the dangers of consuming GMO. He is empowering people with confidence to move forward with their healthy (organic) food agendas, and he trains people to be influential speakers for themselves and their own businesses. Smith has been an integral factor in helping propel GMO labeling initiatives to politicians and state ballots. (7)

    When speaking on GMO, Jeffrey Smith makes the clear distinction between GMO and organic food, sharing all the evidence documenting the serious health and environmental risks of GMOs and how Roundup herbicide is currently being described by top scientists as the world’s most chronically toxic chemical. Smith says you can change your diet “on the spot” as he motivates his audiences to do just that. (8) (9)



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