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    Becoming more dangerous every year is Jeff Bezos–founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Amazon.com, the world’s largest online shopping retailer, and now owner of Washington DC’s famed fake news and propaganda rag called the Washington Post, a.k.a. “WashPo.” According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos is listed this October as the third wealthiest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of over $70 billion. In May of 2014, he was named “World’s Worst Boss” by the ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) at their World Congress meeting, where the General Secretary said that Bezos … “represents the inhumanity of employers who are promoting the American corporate model.” Even the New York Times featured an article where people described working in the offices at Amazon as grueling and inhumane, and where employees regularly are terminated or quit.


    Bezos graduated from Princeton in 1986 and went straight to work on Wall Street building networks for international trade. He founded Amazon.com (AMZN) in 1994 while pushing hedge funds and learning about the rapid internet growth. His idea was spurred when the U.S Supreme Court ruled that mail order businesses didn’t have to collect sales taxes in states where they had no physical presence. In May of 2016, Bezos sold over a million shares of his holdings for over $670 million. Then, in August, he sold 1 million shares for over $750 million, but he still owns 80 million shares of Amazon stock, about 17% of all outstanding.


    Bezos “in bed” with the US Government and the Democratic regime

    Bezos was one of the primary investors in Google, plugging in a quarter of a million dollars back in 1998, which equated to over 3 million shares of stock. Today, Google is involved in mass manipulation and censorship of information regarding organic food, natural medicine, and positive news about Donald Trump. Bezos is also involved in censorship of certain products and themes of interest (to be covered in this entry) that counter the Democratic regime in Washington DC, which is about to be ousted. Amazon.com participates in the sale of counterfeit dietary supplements and functions as a retail “front” for this rapidly expanding market of selling fake products to unsuspecting Amazon consumers. There has been an investigation of this fraud by Natural News. (12)


    In October of 2013, Bezos (Nash Holdings, LLC) finalized his purchase of the Washington DC rag “WashPo” for $250 million in cash. (7)

    Bezos buys WashPo to promote fake news

    Bezos, who supports the Democratic regime in Washington, immediately accepted the offer from Don Graham to buy the WashPo rag, as Bezos wanted to control the political watchdog in order to help manipulate public opinions and beliefs in his own favor. He was interested in helping get Hillary Clinton elected President and planned to use WashPo as a resource. He’s quoted as saying,


    It’s pretty important who we elect as President, all those things, and we need to examine those people, try to understand them better.”


    Composed of more than 700 journalistic hacks, the WashPo prints and publishes on line only that which supports and favors the dogmatic politics and the “extreme leftist” agenda of Washington DC bureaucrats and their current globalist manipulators. Pushing mainly left wing propaganda and liberal bias (fake news), WashPo advertises itself as just the opposite (of course) – as “non-partisan” – with their main goal of aiding and abetting the Democratic Party, which is about to be ousted from not only the Presidency, but from control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. (11) Bezos wanted to vastly increase the size and scope of America’s central federal government, which would have certainly returned the favor for Amazon.com. (6)


    Washington Post is also beholden to Monsanto and purports their GMO propaganda. This helps Amazon.com sell more products that counter the organic health movement in America and limit the selection through this massive online monopoly of retail products.


    Unfortunately for Jeff Bezos, just three years after purchasing WashPo, the D.C. rag committed credibility suicide

    In the fall of 2016, one of WashPo’s 700 shills, Craig Timberg, wrote a fake news story based on completely fabricated news from fake sources (maybe even his own self-created called PropOrNot), and published it. The fake story has already been completely discredited, but to the dismay of WashPo’s credibility, they never apologized, admitted the fabrication, or retracted it. The tall tale described 200 websites, which are now listed on Wikipedia, as being “fake news” sources themselves and controlled by the Russian government. Every one of the sites listed were sites that exposed the corruption of the Clinton regime and the Clinton Foundation during the presidential campaign, helping the majority of Americans realize that Hillary Clinton was a career criminal and not fit for the White House.


    All of this was in complete opposition to the globalist agenda and what the Clintons and Bezos want, which is control of American’s thoughts, beliefs, and of course, purchase habits. Since many Americans are materialistic and believe that “you are what you own,” Bezos and the Democrats moved to manipulate public perception of what matters, using rag publications like the Washington Post, Forbes.com, the Boston Globe, and of course, the New York Times.


    Bezos’ WashPo commits credibility suicide pushing Russian hack and fake news lies

    However, since independent media, alternative media, and social media were the main truth-tellers and “truth media” during the presidential campaigns, including exposing the Clintons insidious agendas as outlined in emails, videos and fake news, WashPo has committed credibility suicide by calling basically all independent media fake.


    Now, as WashPo’s popularity and credibility takes a nose dive, they are also being threatened with lawsuits for defamation and character assassination. Having no real sources for their “fake news” story, Craig Timberg and WashPo are reeling in dismay and concern over what to do to reconcile their situation. Jeff Bezos made a huge mistake, believing that anything the WashPo shills print would be believed as real and influential on the masses. Since the publication, WashPo added an editor’s note at the top of the story that admits slander and defamation, yet still fails to retract the lies–a huge mistake on their part.


    In fact, the discredited fake news group “PropOrNot” was the primary (and possibly only) source for the story. The story also went so far as to defame Zero Hedge with unsubstantiated allegations. Then, the “Trump won because of Russian Hacks” story was sourced by every other fake news outlet as if it were real. What may be even worse is that Bezos’ WashPo rag partners with China‘s communist government and advertises their propaganda too. (10)


    WashPo has a cozy relationship with the Chinese government via their “China Watch” publication, available in print and online. The articles mislead readers by distorting and filtering important information about human rights issues and they also cross ethical boundaries. Much like China, USA’s mainstream media is totally government controlled, and Bezos is promoting more of the same by funding the D.C. rag WashPo. The propaganda comes from all angles, including economical and political, with an endgame of having Americans support more of the same big government regime.


    Per Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com:


    “The Washington Post has proven itself to be engaged in journalistic malpractice, knowingly printing a false and defamatory report from a shadowy group of delusional conspiracy theorists who have turned their hatred for Donald Trump into a vendetta against the only remaining free press in America.”


    “The people of America deserve to know who is behind the defamatory accusations that claim hundreds of independent media websites are somehow controlled by the Russian government. In truth, most of the websites named by PropOrNot are pro-Constitution, patriotic sites run by the most dedicated, genuine Americans you’ll ever meet. It’s the radical leftists like those running PropOrNot who are worshippers of Fidel Castro and Soviet-style communism.”


    Monopolistic online retailer Amazon planning “Amazon Go” app and eventually going 100% robotic at warehouses

    As part of a “checkout free” shopping experience, Amazon has launched its signature store in Seattle where people simply install the Amazon Go app, log on, and go to the store and shove all their goods into their bag and walk out. The store shelves are equipped with computer vision and sensor fusion that tracks and logs all products taken and then charges your account when you leave the store. Is it all part of profiling consumers, their purchase habits, and creating advertising defined by target markets–of course. It may be an invasion of certain privacies and complete overkill for spam mail of all sorts. Soon to find out. (1)

    Bezos’ Amazon robots to replace human labor and kill thousands of jobs

    Soulless robots are soon to take over all Amazon warehouse jobs–machines that don’t get tired walking 8 miles a day inside a warehouse and that don’t get offended when treated like slaves by their owner. Amazon has already opened a convenience store in downtown Seattle that has no cashiers. Amazon, the massive retail giant, in the near future, may also be delivering packages to your front door step using drones instead of FedEx or UPS. The warehouse and convenience store robots will be replacing over 3 million employees that currently fill those positions. The robots will also soon function for food prepping (fast food), shelf stocking, and customer service needs, as the retail giant describes. Jeff Bezos is all about making money and not much interested in human welfare, worker self-esteem, ethics or even honesty, as reflected by work conditions and where things are headed for Amazon. (5) (8)


    In 2012, Bezos purchased a robotics manufacturer called Kiva Systems for nearly $800 million, and renamed it Amazon Robotics. In 2014, the company began using these robots for merchandise selection and packaging at its warehouses. (4)


    Within one year, 15,000 robots replaced humans at ten of Amazon’s 50 fulfillment centers and that number increased to 30,000 robots at 13 centers by the third quarter of 2015.


    Counterfeit nutritional products on Amazon

    Per the Natural News investigation, Amazon.com functions as a retail “front” for the rapidly expanding counterfeit dietary supplement industry, who exploit Amazon.com (that trusts just about anybody). These companies sell fake products to customers who don’t do their homework and don’t know any better, and the practice undermines real nutritional products and their manufacturers and distributors who offer quality products at fair market pricing. Though Amazon.com and Jeff Bezos may not intentionally be a part of these scams, negligence is playing a key role in enabling this entire market to exist and persist. Thanks to Amazon’s inability to adequately police tens of thousands of third-party sellers of counterfeit products, there may be no end in sight to the abomination.


    Do not buy nutritional products from third-party sellers on Amazon.com

    Through the Natural News investigation and their consumer advocacy whistle-blowing news outlet, consumers are now informed of the following about counterfeit products and sellers through Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com:


    • Counterfeit dietary supplement companies are very easily able to repeatedly and successfully sell a multitude of counterfeit nutritional products through Amazon.com.


    • Amazon.com is unable to adequately police these sellers.


    • Amazon.com is currently unable to distinguish between legitimate (original) manufacturers of a product vs. a counterfeit manufacturer of a fake product.


    • Amazon.com actually lends counterfeit products a high “trust factor” by assigning high star ratings to products which are wholly counterfeit (see explanation below).


    • Amazon.com has allowed counterfeit companies to “hijack” its anti-counterfeiting policy, resulting in counterfeiters getting original manufacturers banned from Amazon as if they were counterfeiters.


    Sure, Amazon.com is a great avenue for shopping on line and getting deals and great delivery service, but watch out for nutritional supplements and product and company names that are not easily recognizable. The risk of buying a counterfeit product, like turmeric or chlorella, through Amazon.com is high. Some of these products are bought from other retailers, then diluted, altered, and compromised for resale profit.


    The counterfeiting takes place, mostly, because the fraudsters are able to exploit the Amazon.com e-commerce infrastructure by shifting from one seller name to another in chameleon-like fashion. They simply get shut down under one account name, but have several others to fall back on, while constantly adding new “throwaway” accounts to make sure they maintain visibility. Some product manufacturers have gone on record saying Amazon is allowing and supporting these acts of deception.


    Since Jeff Bezos supports the US government agendas, he may be investing in the sick care industry, which itself purposely undermines the organic food and natural supplement industries. since Amazon and Jeff Bezos earn money from each and every sale, regardless of whether the product is genuine, the exploitation of Amazon.com’s e-commerce infrastructure may not be of any concern to the owner.


    The dark side of Amazon and their slave-like work conditions

    Amazon.com is the internet shopping monopoly because of three main reasons: convenience, pricing, and unfortunately, behind-the-scenes slave-like labor forces. From meager wages to slave-like conditions suffered by warehouse workers, the offset costs of “free shipping” are well-accounted for by Jeff Bezos. The Amazon “fulfillment” center may as well be called a “deprivation” center. (9)


    Mass firing is the most common ramp down procedure

    From mass firings to the “ramp down” of seasonal employees, people are laid off in unannounced fashion regularly and threats of termination are regular and recurring events, according to blogs and blog sites created and posted by current and former employees. Some workers are fired for no good reason during downsizing with no notice. Frustration drives many workers to simply stop showing up before being terminated. This saves Bezos money in unemployment compensation costs. This includes verbal abuse. Packer job requirements are said to be paced at intolerable rates.


    Here’s are horrific descriptions from an actual warehouse workers:


    “As a packer my required daily units per hour was 160 meaning I was required to keep a 160 packed boxes per hour pace for 10 hours. Most packers, including myself, never reached the quota (average was around 100) and after lunch we are given a break down on progress. We had meet daily expectation of 90% and hits records for outgoing shipments but were told we needed to work harder to fulfill optimum output. This rat race towards 100% output is a game management plays by encouraging competition amongst workers. The “power hours” are a strategy of divide and conquer that puts friends, family, and co-workers at odds literally fighting for economic survival. At the end of each workday during the last hour the highest quota wins a $5 Kroger gift card further adding insult to misery.” (9)


    “If you refuse to quit or dodge mass firings your termination becomes more personal. Some people come to work and their security badge stops working. When you ask the security guard they will tell you that you have been terminated. Again without notice or warning. A few unfortunate ones are terminated for medical reasons. If you miss too many days due to medical issues occurring at the warehouse, or off, you will be terminated.”

    Dangerous work conditions at Amazon warehouses a typical environment

    Here’s another horror story about dangerous work conditions posted on a blog of concern regarding Amazon: “One day in mid December a group of us were transferred to the outgoing shipping department. There was a shortage of workers throughout the building because 300 people had been terminated at the start of the day. We never received training about working in the docks but were immediately sent to sort six foot+ tall piles of boxes falling off the conveyor belt for outgoing trucks.”


    Amazon sued at Supreme Court level: It’s “like slavery” working at Amazon with abusive conditions – workers exclaim

    “Instead of picking cotton we’re picking items” – one African American woman exclaims to her coworker regarding the conditions at Amazon’s fulfillment center, where the packaging plant has been purposely built in a low-income rural area, like so many other site locations. The common Amazon catch phrase is “we provide jobs,” but what they leave out is that those jobs come at a major compromise of income, ethics, pride, and decent, safe conditions to boot. These abusive conditions have even been taken to the Supreme Court by Amazon employees. (13)


    Some employees suffered heat exhaustion in warehouses in America’s north and mid-west. Workers were documented as being subjected to 100+degrees F without access to water. Certain buildings had to be shutdown until proper AC units, ventilation, and water coolers were installed. Targeted manipulation of lower-income and elderly people to work until exhaustion is standard at Amazon. Management bullies workers with threats of write-ups if they don’t perform a “higher UPH.” They pick on the most vulnerable to set an example of what happens if you’re too slow. In fact, just 5 years ago, in 2011, a warehouse product “picker” was found dead on the floor of an isle in the MODS–the endless rows of stored items, most likely attributed to neglect and the exhaustive work conditions.


    In a Supreme Court case of Amazon abuse, a man named Jesse Busk spent a 12-hour shift rushing inventory through an Amazon.com warehouse in Nevada, trying to meet unreachable quotas. When he finished, finally, his nightmare had just begun. After he clocked out, the workers are forced to wait in “security” lines for the Amazon “airport-style screening process,” which uses metal detectors for theft protection and takes up to a half-hour of time–unpaid to the workers. They’re essentially trapped at work spending time on Amazon’s behalf and not being compensated for it. Amazon and its subsidiaries may be required to pay as many as 400,000 workers back wages amounting to $100 million.


    Why would Amazon.com ban and censor confederate flags but still sell Nazi propaganda?

    Most Americans remember the mass media coverage of the tragic shooting at a Church in Charleston, South Carolina a few years ago. In that aftermath, Amazon.com participated in a mad scramble to remove the Confederate flag from their online store, a political “PC” gesture that was misguided and questionable, on several counts. Amazon and Jeff Bezos claimed they were instructed by the federal government (and federal “law” mind you) of the US to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise, but was that really the case? (2)


    Supposedly, other mass retailers, like Walmart, were also “obliged” to remove the flags from sale. In effect, there was no such law, but only a poorly written CNN article about Confederate flags as a source. So then, what was the motive? Answer: during the attempt of Amazon to appear racially “sensitive,” they continued selling Nazi memorabilia all over the website. So while the Southern half of America took pride in their Civil War memories (which may or may not have had to do with slavery), Amazon and Jeff Bezos were still supporting anyone who believed the mass-murdering, genocidal Nazi regime and Adolf Hitler were cool.


    This was all a staged tactic to ride the wave of leftist liberal political correctness and the overplayed mass shooting event that led to gun control attempts by Obama and intensified (and totally unnecessary) race-baiting and race-hating propaganda spread by the Administration and mega-companies that support this continued agenda, like Amazon and Walmart.


    The ultimate Amazon hypocrisy

    By banning sales of the Confederate flag while continuing to sell Nazi flags (3) and memorabilia (you can still find the occasional bust of Hitler or a swastika tie pin), Amazon displayed the ultimate hypocrisy and just how censorship is used as a brainwashing, merchandise-selling “weapon” of sorts in America. To top it all off, while Amazon is busy censoring American history, they are still continuing to sell Hezbollah and Hamas flags and merchandise, in support of the terrorist groups. (14)


    What’s worse? In 2010, Amazon defended their right to sell the book The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct. Why? “Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.” So then what happened with the Confederate flag censorship?



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