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    Wheat was gradually modified years ago so that now it contains about three times the amount of Gluten it once did. This is important to know for those sensitive to or who may become sensitive to Gluten. This is why more people are reacting to wheat and wheat products with allergies, IBS, Crohn’s, etc.

    The toxin in GMO corn that kill the pests, is now showing up in human blood tests!

    Rats fed a controlled diet with 10% GMO corn, developed tumors that were up to 25% of their body weight!
    This was a 2 yr top secret study, published in the peer-reviewed journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology that has been covered up by the companies that don’t want that info out. Another 10 yr study on animals showed GMO feed caused obesity and significant changes in digestive system and major organs.

    EPA admits “mounting evidence” that “Yield Gard” corn is losing its effectiveness. Bugs, worms, weeds, etc. are all building a resistance to Roundup and other chemicals. Super weeds and super bugs with lower crop yields are reducing nutrient content of foods, causing a rise in infertility and birth defects of animals fed GMO feeds.

    Bottom Line:
    It’s Not worth the risk to your health and life and the increased health care costs that will be incurred if we continue using GMOs.

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