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    First “Proposed” as an Executive Order by Richard Nixon back in 1970, and later ratified by committee hearings in both houses, the Environmental Protection Agency, headquartered in Washington, D.C., now has 27 laboratories for assessing environmental concerns to help the EPA enforce national laws and standards. Supposedly, the EPA works with ALL levels of government, in wide variety, to control and prevent pollution. As of late, mainstream media has a total blackout of the negligence of the EPA to do their job, and there are repeat offenses with no punishments being doled out for huge negligence mistakes regarding assessing hazards; such as NOT assessing lead in tap water, or NOT dumping toxic waste into rivers that span multiple states, or NOT raising the levels of glyphosate allowable in food and ground water just because a corporation (Monsanto) (11) tells them to, and now that the WHO, World Health Organization, (14) has declared that glyphosate (3) (50% of Roundup Herbicide Weed-Killer Formula), is “probably carcinogenic” to humans. That comes directly from a top-notch study done by scientists from AROUND the globe who work for the IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer. (4)


    The EPA employs over 15,000 full-time people and many more by contract. More than half of these are scientists, engineers and environmental protection “specialists,” yet, recently, NONE of them have been deployed to dire health situations around the United States. Plus, there is little-tono press coverage of the same problems that the EPA won’t address and are being sued for right now. The EPA has their own legal specialists and information technologists who work under the same umbrella mission statement that is not being carried out properly. This requires in-depth consideration.


    In 2013, EPA headquarters was auspiciously renamed William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building, after the former president “Bill,” who’s vice president first pushed the global warming agenda, with his campaign heard around the world, supposedly by his own accord–and that man would be Al Gore (during Clinton’s 2nd term in office).


    The EPA is also using the hoax-like “safer choice” labels, so consumers can choose between products with less-dangerous chemicals. Must Americans’ choices be between the lesser of two evils, or should they eat healthy–the EPA goal here is in question. “Safer choice” is supposed to mean that everything the food processing industry purposely adds is tested, which it most certainly is not. However, the EPA does regulate fuel economy for vehicles by analyzing test results and measuring total carbon captured from exhaust, still, ethanol is allowed in gasoline that burns up motors over time, creating a larger problem in the process. The “protection agency” constantly contradicts itself in these manners, regulating one industry rigidly while completely deregulating another that participates in chemical violence of agriculture, and then the EPA accepts, on top of that, the research and tests regarding so-called “safety” from the very manufacturers of these chemical toxins – ones that pollute the environment and cause cancer in animals, as proven in labs (http://www.gmoseralini.org/en/), such as the chemical-based herbicide Roundup, or the Bt toxin pesticide inserted in corn. Then there is the subject of neonicitinoids killing mass bee populations responsible for the majority of human food sustainability.


    US drinking water polluted with sodium fluoride – a known carcinogen

    2006: The EPA’s “Watersense” program is supposed to encourage water efficiency by using a label. This would affect toilets, faucets and irrigation equipment. Then came the “Safe Drinking Water Act” written to ensure safe drinking water for the public, except for the fact that sodium fluoride has been added to US water for decades, in fact, scores, since before WWII. Sodium fluoride is not the naturally occuring fluoride that dentists claim is good for teeth. In fact, sodium fluoride is a byproduct of chemical industry and can be used as a chemical-based insecticide. Adolf Hitler gave it to the Jewish people in their water during WWII to keep them weak and malnourished. (7)


    Still, the EPA Safe Water Drinking Act regulates wells, precipation, and surface water, stating certain standards they enforce, while ignoring the “elephants in the room” – namely glyphosate and sodium fluoride, which both cause cancer in lab animals and humans. This is not “safe” drinking as regulated by a regulatory agency funded by taxpayers. Most countries around the world wouldn’t dare add sodium fluoride to their drinking water, especially those countries that have a national healthcare system. Then the government would be “shooting themselves in the foot” and footing the bill for it, over and over and over. The EPA may be less than useless, they may be harmful themselves. (6)


    Fuel rods bore through the concrete floor at Fukushima nuclear meltdown

    The EPA is also supposed to protect the public from radiation, but no risk assessments have been made in the past years since the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has completely melted down and radiation is spreading to the US via ocean water, fish, debris, and even ships. Are we importing food from this region? Where are the regulations? Where is the press coverage? Ask the EPA where is the “radiation source reduction and management” task force they have put together. Nobody in the US seems to know this problem has reached both the West coast and the East coast of the US, namely so far California and Massachusettes.


    The following is true and is what the EPA is NOT reporting on: Massachusetts rainwater found to be contaminated with low levels of radiation from Fukushima. Radioactive material has been released into the air, not just the sea. Nuclear experts are coming out with the truth, saying everyone has been lied to. The situation is much more serious than mass media lets on. Recent radiation readings at Fukushima show contamination 100,000 times normal in water at the No. 2 reactor, and nearly 2,000 times normal by the ocean. The radiation leak at Reactor No. 2 is now measured at 1,000 millisieverts an hour – enough to cause human hair to fall out from a single exposure event. Radiation sickness begins around 100 millisieverts.


    The levels of radiation at Fukushima are so high, it’s nearly impossible for workers to try to salvage the wreckage, where spent fuel rods are crashed at the bottom of a 4 story “pool” – where they lay entangled and spreading poisonous radiation. Nearby nations like Taiwan are considering ditching nuclear power altogether after this event took place, and possibly phase it out by 2025. (21)

    The question is how will any of these nations deal with the hazardous waste that’s already been created, and will the EPA be truthful and let Americans know the dangers with exposure? Will the FDA collaborate with the USDA to recommend how to help humans detoxify from cesium 137?
    July, 2004: Anne Gorsuch Burford, former EPA director under Ronald Reagan, involved in $1.6 billion scandel

    Anne Burford died of cancer at age 62, but not before she resigned from the EPA (in 1983) over “mismanagement” of a 1.6 billion dollar program that was supposed to clean up hazardous waste dumps. She claims she cut clean water regulations by more than 90%, but she left in the sodium fluoride. She dismantled the EPA, single-handedly. She “downsized” federal agencies by delegating their functions and services (that they are PAID to handle) to the states. She cut budgets for research and enforcement – basically deregulated across the board any environmental protections still in place. Burford DRASTICALLY reduced the number of cases filed against polluters. Under Anne Burford, the EPA attempted to set aside a 30-by-40-mile rectangle of ocean just east of the Delaware-Maryland coastline, where incinerator ships could burn toxic wastes (at 1,200 degrees centigrade – to be specific).


    Ret. EPA Director Anne G. Burford calls embezzlement and the planned pollution of America her “expensive mid-life education”


    The EPA, rather than making a martyr of Burford, forced her to resign when she was cited for contempt of Congress for holding back records of her “Superfunds”– saying they were protected by “executive privilege.” She said herself she was acting under President Ronald Reagan’s orders, so then, how “great” of a president was Reagan, really? This is a treacherous act that besieges the environment of the country they are sworn to protect. One question remains – how much money, “earned income,” did Burford and her cohorts make from this treachery? Some Americans feel that she should be tried for her crimes. Again, none of this was in the mainstream press in this light, reflecting the truth and showing the true EPA method of operation, since decades ago.


    With no punishment and no regret, Burford wrote a book called “Are You Tough Enough?” and referred to the whole $1.6 billion dollar treacherous scam as an “expensive mid-life education.” Her only “crime” was loyal service to Reagan, much like the scientists who only “did what they were told” under Adolf Hitler in WWII using Zyklon B for gas chambers. It’s time the EPA reports to the taxpayers who live anywhere near the Delaware-Maryland coastline and near toxic dumps created by EPA directors. (13) Is the EPA swat team similar to the Nazi SS? Check the “task force” records.


    2007: EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson declares climate change imperils public welfare–purports propaganda for first national mandatory global-warming regulations

    When it comes to automobile emissions, the EPA exclaims “science” for proof this area of pollution is being strictly addressed and “regulated,” but when it comes to global warming, there is no scientific proof it’s really going on at all, in fact, it’s just the other way around. Natural News published a graph that shows how temperatures over the past century have been manipulated to reflect incorrect data making it look like human actions are “heating up” our world, but the real graphs show we are on a slight cooling trend, if anything.


    Global warming a hoax perpetuated by skewed satellite temperature data and the EPA’s propaganda

    In December of 2007, EPA Administrator Johnson approved a draft of a document that DECLARED climate change was endangering Americans. This triggered concern for mandatory global-warming regulations from the White House. It never happened. Later, in 2008, Johnson rescinded his “mandatory” climate change warning document and issued a new version that did NOT state global warming was a danger to public welfare, then he resigned under protest. It’s pivotal here to realize that the global warming issue being pushed on America is a script written by a global government and it’s science fraud. The satellite data purported to show a warming “trend” over the last hundred years has been fraudulently altered to show a warming trend where none exists. (5)

    The political motivation for this theory exists as a catapult for creating regulations that enable embezzlement of millions, if not billions, of dollars through two-dimensional companies and even “non-profit” organizations that never do anything but “exist” on paper. If the EPA was so concerned about human welfare, why wouldn’t they be working to control Fukushima radiation with all their “resources” and taxpayer funding? After all, true science shows us that CO2 creates food abundance and provides for reforestation. Instead, “science” has been corrupted by corporations and corporate-led US regulatory agencies that are actually abandoning the very principles of real science.


    Worried about mercury in fish, water and etc.? Worry about mercury in flu shots and vaccines at 25,000 times EPA limits for water


    Several US states sue the EPA


    March 2005: Nine US states, including California, New York and New Mexico, sued the EPA. The EPA’s own inspector general determined that the EPA’s regulation of mercury emissions set by their own Clean Air Act were not being followed by top “political” appointees, and that the EPA had suppressed a study (that was EPA commissioned by Harvard University) that contradicted its own position. Basically, power flants were allowed to forego mercury emission regulations. Lobbyists must have paid off the regulators to look the other way.


    August 2003: The White House puts pressure on EPA to DELETE cautionary information about air quality in NY City following the 9/11 attacks.


    Natural News tests flu vaccine for heavy metals, finds 25,000 times higher mercury level than EPA limit for water


    For several years now, the EPA’s job has been getting done by an independent lab called the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. The CDC, FDA and EPA should be concerned about mercury in medicine, as they proclaim their desires to educate the masses about mercury in fish, water, emissions, and more. Now, testing has been done to expose just HOW MUCH MERCURY people are willingly and forcibly being injected with on a regular basis, including California, the state where gun-point-vaccination is the law.


    Tests conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, via ICP-MS equipment, revealed that a particular flu vaccine (called Fluluval by GSK), contained over 50 parts per million, that’s 25,000 times higher than the EPA’s drinking level contaminant MAXIMUM for inorganic mercury for tap water. The absolute hypocrisy of the EPA to fake concern about mercury in water and fish and then ignore this SCIENTIFIC FACT is beyond criminal, it’s genocidal. Then the CDC, EPA and the FDA create a mass media blackout when the top CDC scientist blows the whistle and admits a decade-old fact (from 2004 research and results) that mercury in the MMR vaccines was leading to a high ratio of African American boys becoming autistic if injected with it before age three. (19)



    The FULL CONFESSION of Dr. William Thompson, CDC scientist, is available here:



    Fact: Injecting mercury is far more dangerous to the human than consuming it because by injection the mercury bypasses skin, digestion or breathing (lungs) as filtration fronts, and is directly injected into muscle tissue, sending the immune system into a fight or flight panic. Again, the EPA has miseducated and misled the public. (18)

    Fact: Mercury consumed orally is easily blocked by eating common foods like strawberries or peanut butter, both of which bind with and capture about 90% of dietary mercury, this is research based and according to the Health Ranger’s freely published results of the lab testing.

    According to Natural News lab tests, the concentration of mercury found in the GSK flu shot was 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury they ever tested in contaminated fish. Shockingly, the package insert for this flu shot readily admits the vaccine has never been subjected to scientific clinical trials.


    Firm required by EPA to keep secret agreement about contaminated water in Animas River, Missouri

    Environmental Restoration LLC, a Missouri-based company responsible for the spill of millions of gallons of waste in Cement Creek, was forced by the EPA to sign a secrecy agreement to keep the citizens in the dark, while CONTAMINATED WATER flowed right down the Animas River. (1) The company also had to sign a statement saying they could not publish or release any info without the EPA’s “express advance written approval.” In other words, if the restoration company told any humans they were drinking poison, they would be prosecuted by the EPA task force that enforces laws in the USA. This is the age-old practice of silencing whistleblowers, and by any means necessary. This is the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA engaged in criminal acts by hiding information from the citizens about an environmental and MAJOR HEALTH DISASTER. Fortunately, for the health community, EPA’s own insider (an official) blew the whistle on the whole operation.


    Citizen scientists open private laboratory to do job the EPA is supposed to do

    Conducting water sample tests using EPA methodology (ICP-MS using an Agilent 7700x instrument and EPA methodology at parts per billion), two citizen scientists are leading a non-profit food and water lab in central Texas, and are now beginning to analyze tap water across the USA for lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, copper and other toxic elements (http://epawatch.org/). (2) Since the EPA doesn’t seem to care about water containing these heavy metal toxins and hazardous waste damaging adults, children, babies and pregnant women alike, Forensic food scientist Mike Adams has teamed with a former NASA contract scientist to conduct nationwide scientific analysis of heavy metals in the tap water of U.S. cities and the results will be published FOR FREE as a public service, since the EPA can’t seem to do their job, the one for which taxpayers pay for out of their own paychecks. (12)


    This entire mission is being organized by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center. Within three months at least 100 US cities will be tested for contaminated municipal water supply and the results posted to the public at EPAwatch.org. (8)


    In the spirit of citizen science and the democratization of science, we are taking on this task because the EPA has failed the citizens of Flint, Michigan,” explained Mike Adams.


    When government regulators refuse to do their jobs, it is the duty and responsibility of citizen scientists to take on that task in the public interest. The health and lives of millions of children are at stake,” …


    We don’t have time to wait for the EPA to someday decide to do its job. We need to protect our children right now.” (13)


    Fluoride scandal has been run for decades: Poison water feeds Big Pharma business as people get bone cancer

    The fluoride dripped into municipal water supplies is not naturally occurring fluoride at all. The EPA “regulates” a drip of hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, two chemicals that are considered highly toxic, by the EPA themselves. So why is the combination suddenly safe? It’s not. Both ingredients are classified as hazardous waste, and when packaged for transportation MUST BE LABELED as poison and handled by only workers wearing industrial-level safety gear. So where do hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride come from? http://www.naturalnews.com/001807_fluoride_fluoridation.html


    Phosphate mining companies creating fertilizers release toxic fluoride chemicals from smokestacks of the operations, and nearby farms suffer devastating losses of livestock and vegetation. (9) Now mining companies “capture” the chemical vapors to spare themselves, the plants and the animals the massive toxic overload.


    Then the chemicals are “harvested” – essentially collected, repackaged and shipped to the USA, where the regulatory agency that is supposed to protect our water dumps this highly toxic hazardous waste product in, all in the name of chemical medicine and a sick care industry that the EPA regulators can legally (and illegally) profit from, through lobbyist gifts, insider trading, and writing legislation that supports corporate interests, their own investments, and the complete and utter deregulation of safety and efficacy standards for conventional agriculture and the biotechnology-chemical-agriculture industrial complex. It’s a business and it’s called water fluoridation. The AMA then steps in and has every dentist in the country swear allegiance to the ADA and tell the masses the most sinister health myth of the past hundred years – fluoride fights cavities. It’s all a lie. It’s also a violation of federal law. The EPA is committing a terrorist act every time they dump sodium fluoride into tap water. Why not fight terrorism through the tap water, or cancer, or diabetes?


    Fluoride is a mutagen that causes genetic damage and leads to development of bone, bladder and lung cancer

    The National Toxicology Program (NTP) reveals laboratory studies that show the fluoride compound causes genetic damage at levels that are currently in food and the environment that are comparable to the ‘micro’ environments in the body, say the oral cavity, pineal gland or the kidneys. These microenvironments are where our cells get exposed to fluoride levels comparable to those causing genetic damage in labs using rodents and cells of primates, including great apes AND HUMANS. In fact, cells of primates are MORE susceptible to fluoride’s mutagenic effects than the cells of rodents. That’s the complete opposite of what the chemical industries have proclaimed for decades – that we’re NOT as susceptible or that we’re different. Yes, we’re different alright.


    Fluoride and Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma)

    The US government ran their own animal study that linked fluoride to bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is a “rare” form of cancer that strikes during teenage years. Harvard scientists published a national case study in 2006 that found boys exposed to fluoridated water during their mid-childhood growth spurt had ELEVATED RISK of developing bone cancer during adolescence (Bassin 2006). Further, the previous results of the NTP study was then consistent with this Harvard Study. Both studies are also consistent with the ones run by NCI and the New Jersey Department of Health. So now we know there is an age-specific risk connecting this chemical with male animals getting bone cancer. No one study can be called a “fluke” now. What is the EPA doing about all of this scientific proof of poison in US food and drinking water? Ignoring the facts and deregulating chemical industries while raising levels of allowable poisons in food and agriculture.


    Fact: Bone is the principal site of fluoride accumulation, particularly during rapid growth periods for children (fastest growth periods are 0-2 years and then during puberty, usually 9-14). (20)


    Bladder and lung cancer are also attributed to fluoride exposure, according to a number of different studies where workers get exposed, for example, through PAHs (poly aromatic hydrocarbons), or airborne contaminants.


    June 2013: EPA raises glyphosate tolerance level to help Monsanto spread MORE chemical herbicide on American crops A new regulation set a few years back allows “forage and hay teff” to contain up to 100 parts per million (ppm) glyphosate, and that’s over a million times the concentration that can cause cancer. The “regulation” allows oilseed crops, such as canola oil, soybean oil, olive oil and flax oil to contain UP TO 40 PPM GLYPHOSATE, which is over 100,000 times the concentration that causes cancer (14).


    The new “regulation” RAISES the allowable glyphosate contamination level of root crops like potatoes from the previous fairly low level of 200 parts per billion to 6,000 PARTS PER BILLION, and raises the glyphosate contamination level for fruits more than double previous levels. Again, where is the EPA on all of this? No comments! The EPA had no comments when all this was filed. Why? Because Monsanto writes the regulations now, especially since the World Health Organization linked glyphosate to cancer, and Dr. Oz aired the special show to expose the research of the IARC to the unknowing masses. (25) (26) (27)
    Monsanto once claimed glyphosate is as safe as eating table salt. Glyphosate is part of animal feed also, at concentrations 1,000,000 times needed to cause cancer. The EPA continues to allow glyphosate at 700 ppb in public drinking water, too. Still, the EPA only reviews “scientific data” if it comes from the manufacturer and they have put a “safe” label on it. There are no further inspections, checks and balances, independent studies, or scientific proof that can convince the EPA otherwise–to them it’s simply a matter of raising levels of poisons so they can’t be held accountable, nor the companies and corporations that genetically “weave” toxins into US crops and pollute the water with even more known carcinogens. The bottom line is that all “scientific” data showing glyphosate to be “safe” has been fabricated, and the EPA is basing its conclusions on fabricated, corporate junk science that has one purpose: trick regulators into believing the deadly poison is safe, thus increasing the usage of the chemicals by farmers.


    When a person adds up the glyphosate and fluoride consumption for an average day, including foods contaminated with both, tap water contaminated with both, beverages contaminated with both, it’s easy to see why every third American develops cancer in their life and, then, there’s another reason only half survive–the medicine conventionally given to “fight” cancer is more chemicals that cause more cancer. The EPA wants no part in this discussion.

    In fact, according to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, allowing 100 ppm of glyphosate in animal feed is equivalent to allowing 1000 ppm of lead in children’s candy. It’s a deadly poison that inundates our food supply at such high concentrations that it’s guaranteed to cause deadly diseases in huge numbers of people.


    There is NO safe level of exposure to sodium fluoride, glyphosate or mercury: http://www.naturalnews.com/040842_glyphosate_EPA_regulations_contamination_levels.html#ixzz41VRV6Dqh

    For more information about fluoride sold as pesticide:


    2016: EPA implicated in responsibility for mass bee die-offs, thanks to scientific cover-up of toxic neonicotinoids


    They are not only the most widely used class of chemical pesticides in the world, but they’re killing bees by the millions. Neonicotinoids are sprayed on seeds and plants and are meanwhile killing the very pollinators of our food right at the source, the bee hives. What happens? The treated seeds grow up into plants that contain the chemicals at the systemic level–producing chemicals therefore in their pollen and nectar, and that’s what is transported by the bees, back “home.” It’s the same as humans going to the grocery store and purchased glyphosate contaminated food and fluoridated bottled water, and bringing it back home to the mother, the children, and the infants. (16)


    Beekeepers around the nation (and world) are reporting massive hive losses as a result of these noxious chemicals being spread around freely, with no regulation from the USDA or the EPA. Entire swarms are poisoned. Extensive chemical pesticide use and crop monocultures have contributed to this national and preventable tragedy that’s happening now. Science is proving that multiple pesticide exposures are weakening bee immune systems. This makes them much more vulnerable to other pests and even diseases. Thanks to the EPA, neonicotinoid seed treatments are NOT considered pesticide use, so farmers are oblivious to what’s happening. The federal government needs to reassess the safety of this CLASS OF CHEMICALS. (22)

    Neonicotinoids first approved by EPA in 1990s – trace levels not yet examined

    Twenty years ago, scientists had no idea about the true toxicity of this class of pesticide. They thought it was only dangerous at high levels. However, a recent assessment by the EPA says one of the most common types, called imidacloprid, is toxic to bees at RESIDUE LEVELS above 25 ppb (parts per billion). In fact, anything higher content than that can harm pollinator hives. If the seed of a plant was pre-treated with the neonicotinoid, then sprayed with it as a plant, surely the level is far higher than the measly 25 ppb ceiling the EPA is calling safe. This enables corporate chemical agriculture industries to push the seeds and the spray at alarming amounts, all for profit, while the world’s most vital “food makers” are being killed off by the swarms, including the queen bee mortality during “spring planting” time, when all the chemicals are “doubled up.” (23)


    EPA porn and theft issues – employees caught repeating offenses over years

    For two years, the people of Flint, Michigan have been consuming brain-damaging lead in their drinking water while the EPA secretly gave state employees clean water, being well aware of the problem for everyone else, and where that problem began–when the water source was shifted over to lead pipes, knowingly. Leaked e-mails reveal there was no budgeting issue for the EPA either.

    The EPA while completely ignoring a massive health issue they knew about continued on with business as usual, where employees have been caught watching porn, getting drunk and stealing electronics–AT WORK–and still are not fired or held liable for any damages to the population of Flint, Michigan, all while they drink bottled water by recommendation of the EPA. This all according to the EPA’s Office of Inspector General, summarized in three reports as supervised between April of 2014 and September of 2015 (that’s a year and a half) that took place while the people of Flint were being poisoned with lead-loaded water.

    Why weren’t the employees investigating claims FILED by the residents of Flint, complaining about the quality of the tap water? Were they told not to respond? Were these employees fired or suspended? Actually, a senior executive service official (SES) illegally took vacation while being paid for working. He resigned. No penalties. One EPA manager stole thousands of dollars in grant funds and got a “slap on the wrist” demotion for it.


    Monsanto’s partnership with the EPA:

    2007: Glyphosate becomes the most widely used herbicide in US agriculture, and the second most widely used herbicide in the home and garden sector.

    US agriculture sector applies 185 million pounds of glyphosate on the continent.

    US home and garden sector applies 7 million more pounds of glyphosate to the earth and plants.

    US industry, commerce and government apply nearly 15 million more pounds of glyphosate to the earth, plants, and indirectly, the groundwater.


    Former Monsanto VPs and lobbyists and representatives hold positions of power inside the US government, Supreme Court, legislative, executive, judicial, and regulatory bodies. The US needs to enact the wholesale reform of several regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, CDC, USDA, AMA and of course, the EPA. The EPA needs to live up to its name and actually start protecting the environment instead of corporate interests.

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