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    Endorphins are chemicals produced from within the body that closely resemble opiods. Endorphin is combined and shortened from two different terms: endogenous morphine. Endogenous, which means of an internal origin, or to be caused from within the organism and morphine. (1)

    (Morphine is a powerful and addictive drug that is derived from opium).

    Endorphins are released in times of stress, intense exercise and when we are in pain. Endorphins are primarily used in the body to act as a natural painkiller. However the brain sometimes also uses endorphins as a reward for good behavior. (2)

    Endorphins are released both during exercise and after exercise, during sexual encounters and after sexual encounters. (3) Many narcotics stimulate the release of endorphins.

    Many people who have survived traumatic injuries report not feeling any pain from their wounds until after the threat to life or limb has passed.

    By numbing our sense of pain we are able to push ourselves farther than we otherwise could, straining muscles and pushing past injuries to do what is needed.


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