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    In the late 1940s, the Zika virus was discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda, Africa, and cases were documented by the early 1960s. Other outbreaks were identified in the 1960s in Oceania and Southeast Asia. Zika is a mild viral infection similar to having a head cold or a mild case of the flu, where most people experience fever, joint pain, rash, and conjunctivitis. Other people are unaware they are even infected. Symptoms, if they appear, last up to a week, at best; however, infection can provide lifelong immunity, much like the chicken pox. Severe cases of Zika are uncommon, and might require hospitalization, but deaths from Zika are rare. Any normal immune system can beat Zika within a week, so a vaccine, if it existed, would be overkill, and might expose the patient to unnecessary neurotoxins, as most vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens used as carriers and preservatives (ie: mercury). (9)


    No shrunken heads (microcephaly) documented from Zika epidemic that affected 3/4ths of Yap island population

    In 2007, the “Yap epidemic” was documented on an Island in the Pacific Ocean where three fourths of the population were infected with Zika, but zero birth defects were reported. In hindsight, this is a complete anomaly, considering the recent hysteria about Zika causing microcephaly (shrunken head syndrome). That same year, using funds from the insidious Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, (2) a genetically modified version of the Zika virus was developed by the British biotechnology company Oxitec, (Oxford Insect Technologies). Then, in the fall of 2009, Gates ushered in the first outdoor trials of genetically modified transgenic Aedes aegypti mosquitos (the ones that transmit Zika) on the Grand Cayman islands in the Caribbean ocean. Supposedly, these mosquitoes were being released to combat the spread of several diseases, including Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. The GM mosquitoes were supposed to mate with the females and produce deformed offspring that function properly enough to bite humans, and also which had damaged reproductive systems themselves, therefore killing off the species in the trial region of the Grand Cayman islands; however, another agenda was entirely underway, with ulterior motives much different from those stated. (3)


    Chemical Company spreads toxic chemical larvicide that causes birth defects microcephaly in humans

    June, 2014: Sumitomo Chemical Company, associated with Monsanto, manufactures and releases pyroproxyfen chemical larvicide and weed killer for distribution in Latin America, because Roundup is no longer killing the weeds. Pyroproxyfen produces malformations in mosquitoes. By May, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health in Brazil spread propaganda that over a million cases of Zika are “suspected” in Brazil and recommends spreading deadly poison pyroproxyfen on state drinking water in Brazil to combat mosquito problem, because mosquitoes are breeding in standing water supplies. Then, three months later, without any regards to human safety, planes begin the massive spreading of pyroproxyfen over poverty-stricken areas.


    US media fear campaign ensues

    Within a few months, purported statistics reveal that nearly 5,000 children in Pernambuco are born with congenital malformations, including microcephaly (small heads). Later on we find out that number is actually less than 500. The FEAR CAMPAIGN and media propaganda machine ensues.


    February, 2016: Zika virus is detected in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil. Physicians in Brazil report Zika is being transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. The Brazilian Ministry of Health jumps to make the claim, based on ZERO clinical or biological evidence mind you, that the rise in microcephaly cases in newborns is directly linked to the zika virus.


    Later that month, the White House submits to U.S. Congress a $1.9 billion emergency supplemental appropriations request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to prepare for the spread of Zika to the United States. Funding would supposedly support health services for “pregnant women” at risk of infection or diagnosed with Zika virus and for children with microcephaly. Supplemental funds included over $800 million for the CDC to perform “research” for understanding “clinical and epidemiological patterns” so they could make an alleged connection between Zika and microcephaly that has NEVER existed before in the fifty-plus years of documented infections, including, remember, the Yap Island in the Pacific Ocean where three fourths of the population were infected. (1)


    Billions of US taxpayer dollars budgeted to fight relatively harmless virus that’s never before been associated with birth defects

    Less than two weeks after the World Health Organization stated, “No scientific evidence to date confirms a link between Zika virus and microcephaly…” and on the heels of the CDC saying “Additional studies are needed to determine the degree to which Zika might be linked with microcephaly, …” a nearly $2 billion proposal (6) was submitted to US Congress to develop a vaccine to save the fate of humanity from this rather harmless virus. Two months later CDC announced the Zika virus is a “cause of microcephaly and other severe fetal brain defects” based on a New England Journal of Medicine paper written by CDC employees. They used terms like “mounting evidence” to con the American people into believing clinical and scientific validated research had actually been done to prove a link between mosquito bites and infant deformations. (4)


    All of this hype flew in the face of the fact that the toxic pesticide Pyriproxyfen being sprayed onto and dumped into the drinking water in Brazil was KNOWN to cause microcephaly.


    Every other alternative theory as to the cause of the microcephaly cases was thrown out and never considered by the CDC, including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, vaccines, genetically modified food, and more. Zika control, prevention, and funding packages worth hundreds of billions were shelled out to boost the hype, through the media and a chemical-dosing campaign that would soon hit Miami.


    Then, Congress adjourned for nearly two months, leaving the issue of emergency funding for Zika unresolved, as reported by Health Impact News in an article titled, “Zika: a Masterpiece of Public Mind Control.”


    Suddenly Zika changed from a mild flu to a disease that causes human baby heads to shrink in the womb!

    The new worldwide threat is no different than swine flu and ebola, in that there is very little likelihood that it will spread across the nation, much less infect enough people to be considered a serious threat to any region, or even city for that matter. Still, the Zika propaganda machine has been running ever since the (Zika-Bowl) Superbowl, when the high-powered marketing campaign by the mass media hit the airwaves, television, newspapers, and shill internet websites that sell the story for Big Pharma and the untouchable Vaccine Industry. In a combination effort to scare Americans into believing an age old flu virus suddenly deforms human babies and causes brain defects, the WHO, PAHO (5) (Pan American Health Organization), and politicians on both sides joined forces to orchestrate disease propaganda uses pictures of deformed babies, much like when Big Pharma used pictures of paralyzed children to scare everyone into getting the Polio vaccine, which has been proven to be fraud, and actually spread cancer to the injected millions. (13)


    Officials in Brazil now admit Zika is an unlikely cause of microcephaly

    The high rates of microcephaly in Brazil were reported in the country’s northeast, where poor populations drink from standing water in barrels, and from the same areas that were sprayed heavily with toxic pesticides. The CDC has gone so far as to try to connect other childhood disorders to Zika, including autism spectrum disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome, speech problems, memory problems, learning disabilities, and more. The supposed Zika epidemic that’s unfolding throughout South America, Mexico, and now Miami may have nothing at all to do with mosquitoes, and everything to do with pregnant women (especially in Brazil) consuming pesticides (and getting the TDAP vaccine) that could easily be causing deformed fetuses.


    No scientific data or laboratory research proof anywhere of connection between Zika and microcephaly

    The data from Brazil making the connection between Zika and deformed babies is a very long shot, to say the least. No mothers of the deformed babies ever tested positive for Zika, for starters, so right out of the gate, the theory is concocted and the hypothesis winged. What’s the causative relationship? There isn’t one. The CDC simply went on the air and told pregnant women they should shelter in place. The CDC warned everyone to watch out for the deadly mosquitoes, while informing the public that there’s no vaccine to prevent or cure Zika, the mild flu that has suddenly become the greatest scare since Ebola came to Atlanta. Of course, Sanjay Gupta made his appearances, and spotlighted interviews via social media, condoling women and their deformed babies on television, to further the brainwashing campaign, telling everyone the mosquitoes are spreading the disease that deforms babies, and that having sex with someone who has Zika will also spread it.

    Here’s some Q&A from Sanjay Gupta’s Zika “cash cow” propaganda machine, as posted on CNN and Facebook:

    1. How is the Zika virus able to be spread through sex? Gupta: “Certain places in our bodies are “immune privileged,” meaning that the immune system doesn’t attack that area. One of those places is the testicles, where semen is produced. A virus can live in the testicles more safely and for longer periods, which makes it more likely to be sexually transmitted. It may be designed this way so the immune system won’t affect the chances of being able to reproduce. While we don’t know how Zika can can live in semen, we do know that Ebola can live there for long periods. When you hear about viruses being sexually transmitted, it happens because of the notion of immune privileges.”
    2. Could pesticides be a possible cause for increased cases of microcephaly? Gupta: “The World Health Organization looked into this and found that there isn’t a relationship between pesticides and microcephaly, the neurological birth defect that seems to be linked to the Zika virus. It actually hasn’t been confirmed for sure that Zika causes microcephaly, but the evidence is mounting because the virus was found in amniotic fluids and brains of those with the defect. If you are pregnant, you should avoid going to places where Zika is circulating.”
    3. Why are cases of Zika suddenly surging now? Gupta: “The first documented case of the Zika virus in a primate was in the late 1940s. It was found in humans in the mid-1950s. Now we live in a globalized world. People can hop in airplanes and fly anywhere. Most likely this virus made the jump in someone’s body. Someone got infected, got on a plane and traveled somewhere where the mosquito that spreads Zika was present. In 2007, 73% of the tiny island of Yap in Micronesia got infected. Talk about viral. That’s what it means to go viral. From there, it went zigzagging and hopscotching around the world.”

    Notice in answer number 3 how Gupta leaves out the fact that nobody on the island of Yap had a child with microcephaly? Also notice in answer number 2 how Gupta states that the WHO found no correlation between pesticides and microcephaly. This is called cherry picking and distorting data. We’re told later that every baby born with microcephaly costs ten million dollars in medical expenses – quite a burden for families and society. This convinces people to beg the government to step in and save humanity and the babies with a vaccine, no matter what the cost or the dangers of the vaccine ingredients. The media and vaccine industry goal is to get the humans to actually ask for chemical injections, mass pesticide spraying and dousing of the land, and government forced mandates for healthcare. (14)

    US rate of microcephaly 40 times higher than Brazil, but none of our babies got it from Zika

    Nowhere in the US mainstream media will you hear the fact that microcephaly occurs about 25,000 times a year. Could that be because our environment and healthcare field are bombarded with chemical treatments (glyphosate-laden food and toxic vaccines)? There are no Zika-carrying mosquitoes, except maybe a few in Miami, even though those have yet to be found. Despite all of the actual science that is screaming that Zika has no link to head shrinkage of babies, and never has in the past, vaccine trials for Zika are already underway at NIH (National Institutes of Health) in hopes that we can save the world from this mild flu that’s never been a real problem before. Without Congressional funding, the Zika fear campaign needed new legs, so mass spraying of naled commenced in Florida.

    No Zika mosquitoes to be found in the US, but mass aerosol spraying of toxic insecticide ensues anyway

    July 2016: The only people in the US, in Miami (10) to be specific, who have Zika are people who traveled to Zika infected countries in South America (7). Ten people in Wynnewood Miami are said to have the Zika flu, even though none of them are showing symptoms. Under orders from the Governor of Florida, public health officials actually went door to door collecting urine samples to test for the infection. Then, 5,000 mosquitoes were tested for the presence of Zika, but all were found to be negative. Still somehow, the media panic ensues and Zika is declared an emergency situation for all Americans, especially pregnant women. CNN interviews pregnant women who fear going outside at all, saying one bite could change their lives and the life of their child forever. Whether those interviews were pre-scripted, we may never know.

    August 4th, 2016: Even though the Aedes aegypti mosquito doesn’t travel more than about a football field from its birth place, officials in Miami decided to douse a 10 square mile area, “just to be safe.” Food, people, pets, yards, gardens, and outdoor furniture were absolutely covered in chemical pesticide that causes humans to have deformed babies, all in an attempt to kill mosquitoes that spread a flu that has never been determined to cause babies to become deformed.


    Naled pesticide banned in Europe because it’s known to cause human prenatal brain defects and cancer

    The EPA and CDC constantly reassure Americans not to worry about the pesticide Nalen they’re spraying everywhere, even though it’s banned in Europe, and the Puerto Rican officials refuse to let their citizens be doused with it. Naled kills other insects, birds, fish, and other aquatic creatures, and when it breaks down into Dichlorvos in the soil and crops, can cause human birth defects. The Journal of Pesticide Reform says naled (aka Dibrom) is toxic to the nervous system, especially when exposure occurs through inhalation. Symptoms of toxicity include nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. In lab tests, naled exposure caused deterioration of learning and memory, and interferes with prenatal brain development. After just 3 days of lab animal exposure during pregnancy, the brain was reduced 15 percent in size. Plus, the IARC says it causes leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Children with asthma may be more easily affected.

    One million pounds of NALED insecticide is spread on US soil and crops every year

    Every year in the US, a carcinogenic organophosphate insect killer is spread from the skies onto American land, crops, gardens, and humans. At least 700,000 pounds is used on agriculture, including on cotton, alfalfa, and grapes. This is actually the least efficient way to kill mosquitoes, according to the CDC themselves, as it only works in the short term. Children exposed to household “no-pest” strips have a much higher incidence of brain cancer. Aerial applications of naled can drift half a mile. For birds and fish, naled reduces egg production and can cause paralysis and death. Could naled be a form of population control for humans? Is it a coincidence that the CDC and authorities in Brazil are only spraying it over populations that are destitute? Is this racial profiling and genocide, under the guise of disease and mosquito control? (12)


    Naled kills insects by inhibiting an enzyme that transmits nerve impulses

    Highly toxic to animal nervous systems, even at low doses, naled causes a jam in the transmission system of nerve impulses, resulting in seizures, loss of consciousness, restlessness and depression. Whether by inhalation, penetrating the skin, or by consumption, naled causes severe health implications. Long-term studies done on dogs found that very low doses (just 2mg/kg per day) caused mineralization of the spinal cord. In rats, naled’s breakdown product dichlorvos caused partial paralysis of the hind legs. Naled is twenty times more toxic when inhaled compared to eating food coated with it. (11)


    Naled contains the inert ingredient naphthalene which is classified by EPA as a possible human carcinogen. Naphthalene causes lung tumors in lab mice following inhalation. Anemia in newborn humans can be caused by exposure to naphthalene during pregnancy. Naled is also a severe eye irritant and is corrosive to the skin. Dichlorvos interferes with prenatal brain development. It is proven in lab research that Naled’s breakdown product dichlorvos also causes genetic damage.


    University of Oslo biologists discovered guinea pigs given just 15 mg/kg of dichlorvos twice a day for three days during pregnancy caused a massive 15 percent decrease in the offspring’s brain size.


    How can the CDC authorize spraying this insecticide over Miami to kill mosquitoes they say spread a disease that also causes defects in prenatal brain development? That’s fighting fire with fire and simply makes no sense.


    Even US Fish and Wildlife Service concluded that naled use puts endangered mammals, fish and other species at risk. Will humans be the next endangered species thanks to the CDC and the EPA’s efforts to kill mosquitoes that carry a rather harmless flu that anyone with a normal immune system can beat in less than a week?



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