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    Founded in 2006 by Julian Paul Assange, WikiLeaks is an uncensorable, international and non-profit system created for leaking documents and news to the press and public, that is now managed by an organization of political activists. Assange, an Australian computer programmer, journalist and publisher, was born in north Queensland and his parents were artists and anti-war activists who moved from city to city and from Australian town to town. Assange functions as editor-in-chief of the organization, and has won several awards and accolades for journalism, including the Martha Gellhorn Prize and the Sam Adams Award. That same first year, wikileaks.org domain was registered and the website published over 1 million documents. (1)


    Assange is the heart and soul of WikiLeaks–not just the founder, but the spokesperson, philosopher, financier, and the original coder. Certain volunteers that contribute to WikiLeaks’ functionality include Asian dissidents, mathematicians, various journalists and even start-up company technologists from the US, Europe, Taiwan and Australia. The number of registered volunteers totals more than 1200 people. Unlike Wikipedia and having no association with it at all, WikiLeaks does not accept user comments or edits of any kind. Wiki, in fact, in not a brand name.


    Up until August of 2010, WikiLeaks was hosted by a Swedish company called PRQ that provided highly secure, no-questions-asked services, but now WikiLeaks is hosted mainly by a different Swedish internet service provider, Bahnhof, which is located in a former nuclear bunker; however, other servers hosting WikiLeaks are spread out at undisclosed locations all over the world.


    Sweden was a home “office” of choice because their nation offers legal protection to the disclosures WikiLeaks makes on their site. The Swedish constitution protects WikiLeaks by forbidding, by law, any administrative authority from making inquiries about the sources of any type of newspaper, thus preventing any authorities from eliminating WikiLeaks or even limiting their free speech online. Top that off with the fact that WikiLeaks keeps no logs and uses military-grade encryption to protect sources and its confidential information – also known as “bulletproof hosting.”


    The goal of WikiLeaks

    According to the website, WikiLeaks’ goal is “to bring important news and information to the public… One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth.”


    Julian Assange has also attested to a goal of WikiLeaks of ensuring that whistleblowers and journalists are NOT prosecuted for emailing classified or “sensitive” documents. Their online drop box is a secure and anonymous way for sources to leak important information to WikiLeaks.


    Over the past decade, WikiLeaks has released massively significant documents, uncovering hidden, illegal, and secret government covert functions, many of which have become front-page news in the media. Some of the early releases included massive overcharging of US equipment expenditures and holdings in the Afghanistan War, revealing massive corruption by the industrial war complex. Other leaks or releases included the gunsight footage from the July 2007 Baghdad airstrike that killed Iraqi journalists (aka the “Collateral Murder video” involving an AH-64 Apache helicopter).


    Later on that year, WikiLeaks released the Afghan War Diary of nearly 80,000 documents revealing secrets of the War in Afghanistan, including later the Iraq War Logs. This mapped out over 100,000 deaths from insurgent attacks, many of which had not been previously published. By 2011, WikiLeaks was publishing almost 800 secret files relating to Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the mistreating and abusing of prisoners there.


    The secret files

    These were secret files the US government did not want the public to know about. This is about the time that Obama and his cohorts decided to try to extradite Assange to Sweden so they could trick him and bring him back to the US, either to be put in prison for life or executed. Much like Eric Snowden, Assange is a hero who exposed the extreme corruption of the Obama Administration, the US government in general, and the covert illegal activities that abused people around the world, stole their rights, human dignity, personal freedoms, and this exposed the persecution of whistle-blowers by a rogue US government.


    August 2012: After figuring out that the UK was not going to help Assange escape the wrath of the US government, Assange sought refuge and was granted asylum by Ecuador at the Embassy in London, where he remains today. Much like Donald J. Trump, President-Elect of the USA, Julian Assange has been wrongfully accused of assault on several women, which has all been a ploy to extract Assange from his reclusive refuge so that he can be tried for treason (even though all he’s done is publish leaked documents revealing deep state corruption of US intelligence and misconduct).


    One of the greatest “hackers” to ever live, Julian Assange began his hacking career under the name Mendax, along with his “partners in crime” Trax and Prime Suspect (aka The International Subersives). Assange has been known to hack into the Pentagon and US Department of Defense fcilities, the US Navy, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Xerox, and even Australia‘s Overseas Telecommunications Commission. Assange has never served time for hacking because of the absence of malicious or mercenary intent. (2)


    In fact, Assange has even gone so far as to assist the Victoria Police in apprehended exploiters of children and has help them with prosecutions of sex offenders in Australia. Assange has given advice on computer security and has thousands of subscribers to his co-founded company Earthmen Technology (1998).


    1999: Assange blows whistle on voice-data harvesting technology

    Assange publicized the patent granted to NSA in August of 1999 and said it should worry people, because everyone’s overseas phone calls either are being tapped or were soon to be tapped, and even archived by foreign spy agencies. This he said was part of the systematic abuse of technology by governments who oppose the fundamental freedoms and privacy rights. Assange went further to describe that the internet, our “greatest tool for emancipation,” was being transformed into the “most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism” that the world has ever seen.


    2015: More than 10 million documents exposed by WikiLeaks

    The world’s most persecuted documents are now available for the public to witness. A giant library of over 10 million documents have been published by WikiLeaks, and they really reached the world “map” when they began publishing documents supplied by Chelsea Manning–footage that showed US soldiers killing 18 people from a helicopter in Iraq. After that, a quarter of a million diplomatic cables were published along with war logs in 2010 and 2011. Of course, US Vice President Joe Biden has referred to Assange as a terrorist, since he exposed the corruption of the US Government. Others have called for his assassination, just as they have Eric Snowden.


    Anyone who exposes the corruption of the US government is always referred to as a traitor or terrorist in order to convince the American people to never try to expose any fraud by their own government. In fact, Obama has persecuted the most whistleblowers of any US administration yet.


    Assange wins awards, even though US officials call him a terrorist and try to arrest him for espionage

    In the face of all the controversy, Assange has won not only the Sam Adams Award, but the Le Monde readers’ choice award for person of the year, the Time readers’ choice award, Rolling Stone’s “rockstar of the year,” and was runner-up in Time’s person of the year award. He even got a deal for his autobiography worth over $1 million. Assange also won the Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal for Peace with Justice, an award only ever given to three other people, two of which included Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama.


    Assange is about the farthest thing from a terrorist you can be. In fact, he exposes the funding of terrorism by the Clintons, which is one of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election for US President.


    WikiLeaks helps dismantle the Hillary Clinton run for the White House

    The WikiLeaks’ troves of leaked Clinton Crime Family documents were released in waves during the last few months of the presidential campaign, and email after email showed Clinton lying and being two-faced about the very promises she had recently made to the American public and her supporters. She openly spoke in emails about open borders, supporting the TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership), gun control and gun confiscation, racism, slamming and degrading of the middle class, Jews, blacks, Muslims, and more.


    Other documents WikiLeaks published showed Hillary’s contempt for human rights, personal freedoms, freedom of press, freedom of religion, rights to medical choices, and Monsanto’s heavy funding of her campaign.


    Like Eric Snowden, Assange uncovered massive fraud and conspiracy inside the ranks of the highest government officials of the USA, so of course they began going after him to shut him down, and began their investigation as a criminal investigation, trying to prosecute Assange and WikiLeaks under the Espionage Act of 1917, using the “Fast and Furious” gun-running crook himself US Attorney-General Eric Holder to lead the charge since back in 2010.


    They used a state-sponsored federal grand jury they conjured up in Alexandria, Virginia and claimed they had a “sealed indictment” for Assange. The FBI, now uncovered as just another agency with its leaders who have been bought and corrupted by the Obama Administration and Bill Clinton, was also part of the “active and ongoing” investigation at the time.


    In fact, WikiLeaks published Snowden documents in 2014 showing the US government putting Assange on the “201 Manhunting Timeline” and urging “allies” to open criminal investigations. They even went so far as to propose to NSA (National Security Administration) to designate WikiLeaks as a “malicious foreign actor” so they could increase surveillance against Assange and his team of whistleblowers, who continued to publish troves of documents ousting the outright criminal acts of the US government.


    Google hands over all their emails and metadata to US government

    January 2015: WikiLeaks reveals notice that Google succumbs to charges from a secret grand jury that originated a warrant to scrub millions of private emails and metadata in order to find dirt on WikiLeaks and Assange in order to be able to declare espionage, or conspiracy to commit espionage, or conversion of intellectual property belonging to the government, or anything else they might dredge up (illegally) for bringing down one of the greatest whistleblowers of our time.


    They were looking for any kind of computer fraud they could chalk up as a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or just general conspiracy–which could put Assange away in prison for 45 years, or maybe life. This so-called witch hunt by the government in collaboration with Google was all later confirmed to be true in a December 15th court submission.


    American politicians call for the assassination of Julian Assange

    In 2012, the Foreign Minister of Ecuador granted Assange political asylum at the embassy in London to protect him from the US secret investigation and calls for his assassination from none other than US politicians. In hindsight, we see how powerful Wikileaks would be in dismantling so many of the lies purported by Hillary Clinton, her whole network of cohorts, the mass media, including CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Boston Globe, Politico, Forbes.com, and the list goes on.


    Emails that were hacked proved Hillary had great contempt for the very people she claimed to be representing, and her abuse of power as Secretary of State, using that position and the Clinton Foundation in a huge “Pay to Play” scheme of bribes and money laundering.


    Assange has since made the Ecuadorian embassy his home, where he resides comfortably in a studio apartment, equipped with computers, phone lines, sleeping quarters, a treadmill, and his sun lamp. For three years, police were stationed outside the building waiting for Assange to exit so they could detain him, extradite him, and basically sell him off to American politicians for assassination or to be “suicided,” like so many other enemies of the Clinton Crime Family, also referred to as the “Clinton Body Count.” (7)


    Assange speaks directly on the bad judgment and health ills of Hillary Rodham Clinton

    February 2016: Assange declares to the world: “I have had years of experience in dealing with Hillary Clinton and have read thousands of her cables. Hillary lacks judgement and will push the United States into endless, stupid wars which spread terrorism. … she certainly should not become president of the United States.”


    July 2016: Based on FOIA requests, WikiLeaks begins the ultimate dismantling of the Clinton campaign for President by releasing State Department emails sent and received by candidate Hillary from her private email server when she was Secretary of State. Emails and documents from the DNC itself (Democratic National Committee) reveal the DNC favoring Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and completely undermining his run for the bid to represent the Democratic Party. Hillary was found to be one of the main players pushing to indict Sanders.


    Assange even revealed that Hillary Clinton was taking drugs for Parkinson’s disease, and the public would soon notice her symptoms, including strange head and eye movements, fainting spells, recurring sicknesses, and more. The cover-up of Hillary’s bad health was over and had been completely exposed, thanks to WikiLeaks. Assange was like the Achilles heel of the whole Clinton Crime Family network.


    August 2016: Assange’s lawyer in the UK was found dead, apparantly hit by a train when committing suicide, but WikiLeaks revealed later it was not a suicide, but rather an assassination. Hillary Clinton told the world afterwards, during one of her insane debate rambles, that she thought Assange was a Russian agent and that the Russians were working with Julian to make her lose the election and thus exploiting information leaks for their own interests. On the very next day, a man tried to scale the embassy walls where Assange resides, in an apparent attempt at his life, but he was caught by embassy security. There was no proof that the Clintons hired a hit man, but theories abounded. Assange spoke to Fox News afterwards and said Clinton was causing “hysteria about Russia.” (7)


    2016: The October Surprise

    Julian Assange never endorsed Donald J. Trump for President, but he did prove to be a crippling whistleblower of the fraud of the Clinton campaign. Troves of campaign-damaging emails that rebounded from insider to insider of the Clinton campaign, including those via Robert Podesta and Cheryl Mills, and more that were found on the computers of Huma Abedin and her estranged, sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner, surfaced and disgraced the Clinton “machine” at its most vulnerable time–before and after the final debates before November 8th. (3)


    Thanks to WikiLeaks, Americans were quickly waking up to all the real scandals Hillary and Bill Clinton were not just an integral part of, but who were facilitating for pleasure, money, and pay-to-play state favors that turned into billions of campaign dollars. By the end of October, more than half of all voters in America had made up their minds to vote for Donald Trump, but the silent storm was not so evident, and the Clinton Crime Family was still convinced they would win the election.


    Timeline 2011 – 2015: Documents exposed by WikiLeaks

    April 2011: files related to the Guantanamo prison were released


    July 2012, WikiLeaks publishes the Syria Files–two million emails from Syrian political figures and associated companies


    October 2012: The “Detainee Policies” – over 100 classified and restricted files from the United States Department of Defense covering the procedures for handling detainees in U.S. military custody.


    April 2013: WikiLeaks publishes 1.7 million U.S. diplomatic and intelligence documents from the 1970s, including the Kissinger cables.


    November 2013: WikiLeaks publishes complete draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – revealing high level government corruption of trade and GMO/Monsanto political push to control food and medicine rights of other nations, including regulating state schemes for medicines and medical devices in order to give big multinational pharmaceutical companies control over national decisions about the health sector.


    June 2015: WikiLeaks published “Espionnage Élysée” docs showing NSA had spied on the French government and detailed economic espionage against French associations and companies. (You see how American government commits crimes and then accuses whistleblowers of those crimes as being traitors themselves).


    July 2015: WikiLeaks published documents show NSA tapped telephones of German federal ministries, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, for over a decade.


    July 2015: WikiLeaks publishes top secret letters from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) illustrating the position of negotiating countries on “state-owned enterprises” exposing the set of regulations against them, all to benefit the transnational corporations.


    Also July of 2015: WikiLeaks published secret intercepts showing NSA spied on the Japanese government, including the Cabinet and Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Mitsui. This espionage revealed the delicate US-Japan diplomatic relationship and Japan’s position on climate change issues.


    2016: Democratic National Committee email leaks begin


    July 2016: WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails and more than 8,000 files sent from or received by Democratic National Committee (DNC) personnel, of which many contained personal information of donors, plus their home addresses and Social Security numbers. Several of those emails criticized Bernie Sanders. (6)


    October 2016: WikiLeaks releases beginning of series of emails between Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta, including Hillary’s paid speeches to banks.


    October 2016: US Secreteary of State John Kerry pressures Ecuadorian government to sever Assange’s internet access (which only succeeded for a couple days).


    Thanks to WikiLeaks’ Assange, Edward Snowden, and Donald J. Trump, the American citizens (and the Constitution) win the 2016 US Presidential election

    As a result of a better informed public, the US Presidential election for the year 2016 came out with truth as the victor. Freedom of speech, press, food and medicine are also the victors. Via social media, mainly because the mass media censored everything WikiLeaks revealed (with the exception of Fox News on occasion), the truth came out about all the lies and deceit in which the Clintons engaged. (5)


    Harmonious with the first Amendment, WikiLeaks provided a massive inside look at how corrupt American politics had really become, working in tandem with the mass media, globalists (like George Soros and Bill Gates), Wall Street, and powerful, greedy corporations (like Monsanto and Bayer) that fund dirty campaigns in order to control and manipulate regulations, commerce, agriculture, medicine, industrial war complexes, and much more. (4)


    WikiLeaks record for authentication remains in tact

    After years and years of false accusations and purported theories that Julian Assange had ulterior motives, Wikileaks has proven to publish accurate and reliable, unaltered and unedited documents by the millions. Like no other library of information currently available, WikiLeaks offers insight to a world of political corruption the public may otherwise have never known.


    The key publications have been proven through cryptographic signatures of the companies they pass through. WikiLeaks has endured intense criticism, mainly from Clinton supporters who simply could not and did not want to believe just how corrupt their candidate really was, along with her closest cohorts, including her husband and President Obama. Even the FBI admitted corruption by the Clintons but refused to indict her (for reasons we will all find out soon enough). Julian Assange has sworn his commitment to publishing information that informs the public, even if those in power vehemently oppose him.


    The WikiLeaks machine has exposed the vast corruption behind the Clinton Machine and has helped change the course of both the US nation and the world for the better, helping to elect a Washington outsider who is not bought by corporations. Assange revealed that Hillary Clinton was bought by Monsanto and was part of a massive money-laundering scheme she called a charity that was in fact a scam to line her pockets, using her pay-to-play scheme that included Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble and a multitude of other ill-regarded multinationals. (8) (9)



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