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    Fanaticism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a “fanatic outlook or behavior especially as exhibited by excessive enthusiasm, unreasoning zeal, or wild and extravagant notions on some subject.” (1) Vaccine fanaticism is no different. It is characterized by an unwavering devotion to vaccines without any thought to the very real risks and dangers caused by vaccines. Vaccine fanatics deny that any risks exist and declare that those who even question the efficacy and safety of vaccines are the dangerous ones to society.

    Many vaccine fanatics believe that those who question or oppose vaccines should be punished, even to the extent of rounding them up and jailing them. Their solution is to forcefully vaccinate children against the wishes of the parents, all in the name of the ‘greater good of society’. Despite what the American Medical Association has said in its own ethical code about mandatory vaccines, vaccine fanatics believe that forcing vaccines on others is the only solution. The AMA is very clear about patients having the right to determine their own course of treatments. Their ethical code clearly states “Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor.”(1) Despite the fact that the AMA is against forcing vaccines and treatments upon patients, vaccine fanatics believe that no one has the right to make that decision for themselves and for their child; they believe that everyone should be vaccinated, by force if necessary.

    In their efforts to force their beliefs on those around them, vaccine fanatics will go to great lengths to try to convince others, and to demonize anyone who doesn’t share their point of view. This kind of zealous ideal used to be reserved for matters of religion. Religious fanatics also tended to demonize others, these were the people who ardently believed that their religion is the only “true religion” and everyone else is going to hell. Vaccine fanatics believe that they are the only scientifically minded ones, and everyone else is scientifically illiterate. In reality, it is more scientifically illiterate to blatantly ignore the dangers involved in vaccinations. (1)

    Even the manufacturers of vaccines freely admit that there are risks involved. The claim by vaccine manufacturers is that the benefits of vaccinating outweigh the risks. As more and more vaccines are brought to market there appears to be no end in sight to all of the “necessary risks.”

    Just this past year, the CDC issued a public apology over the flu vaccine as it was found to not be effective against the current strains of the flu. It also came to light that the tetanus vaccines being forced upon women in Kenya were laced with chemicals that caused sterilization. The women and girls who received these tetanus shots were not informed of the dangers. Even with numerous scientific studies to support the fact that vaccines are not as effective as fanatics claim and that in fact, they’re very dangerous, vaccine fanatics simply ignore the reality of the dangers of vaccines in their quest to force vaccinations on the rest of society.


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