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    The Hollihoax website has been set up to obfuscate the truth and it uses medical reports from dubious sources and without the patients’ permission!

    The website is hosted by:
    Host: ned.enixns.com
    Hostname: ned.enixns.com
    ISP: Pulsant (Scotland) Ltd
    Organization: Pulsant (Scotland) Ltd
    Country: United Kingdom
    Longitude: -0.130000
    Latitude: 51.500000
    ned.Enixns.com IP Location
    IP location of ned.enixns.com
    Country: United Kingdom

    From their blurb on LinkedIn, it can be seen where they are coming from. It states quite clearly

    We are proud holders of The Royal Warrant for our IT Services to The Royal Household and all our data centres run on renewable energy sources making us one of the most efficient data centre providers in the UK. [Emphasis added]

    Follow this link to see exactly where the IP address is located: IPLocationFinder.com

    You will find it conveniently based in London. Now who in London would have access to Scottish court case files?? THE CROWN of course!

    Not only did they try and cover it up but also tried to rubbish the claims as paranoid delusional all with paid psychs working for the “Crown” of course. Need I say more?

    Editor’s note: the excerpt above seems to have been removed from their page description on LinkedIn and replaced with a more formal company stance.  This specific quote cannot, therefore, be verified at this point.  

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