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    Tamar Haspel is a Washington Post food columnist who often features her pro-GMO stance as aligned with agrichemical company interests. Her food journalism has carried her as far as winning the James Beard Foundation Award (cuisine writing) in 2015 for her Post column. The Biotechnology front website, Genetic Literacy Project, which publishes some of Haspel’s stories, is led by a nefarious man named Jon Entine, former Forbes.com writer, who was exposed recently as being a domestic violence “story” himself. Haspel moderated a North Carolina Biotechnology Center panel to push GMO business and strategic policies (money) in the Big Tobacco state. NCBC also has its hands in education. Haspel admits to accepting big money from big biotech as long as there are other companies at the events that are non-profit, so she proudly mixes the two. In a Washington Post chat, Haspel was caught answering a question about whether she receives money from industry sources and biotech “front groups.” (front group means the best “used car” salesmen). During a Twitter conversation, when referring to how much money she made, she typed: “Since any group believing biotech has something to offer is a ‘front group’, plenty!” (1) (2)


    Pro-Industry Propaganda Conferences and Glowing GMO Columns in the Post – No Surprise

    Most readers of the Washington Post would like to read actual news when they read the paper, but with Tamar Haspel at the wheel of the adulterated food conversation, they’re getting complete fiction – the industry-hack-written propaganda reiterated that says consuming chemicals is good for you, and chemicals are good to spray on the soil, the crops, the animals and the children. All chemicals are wonderful and are backed by solid science so never worry if it says “peer reviewed” or “GMO” it’s good to go. There is a horrible conflict of interest here between Haspel’s beat as a food columnist and pocketing a small fortune from the likes of Monsanto. How could you ever say anything bad, or ask any tough questions, or challenge the “norm” or even report the real news on food, agriculture, organics, and sustainability? Tamar Haspel is reporting fiction, much in the way best-selling fiction writer Amy Harmon is selling the public on the false benefits of GMO. (4)


    Buckraking is Compromising the Objectivity of Journalists Worldwide

    Buckraking is the practice of accepting large sums of money for speaking to special interest or business groups, especially when viewed as COMPROMISING the objectivity of journalists (think of Clinton’s speaking fees). Which company will Haspel write about next, a sponsor or a co-sponsor? Will she write for a for-profit company if they hand her lots of cash as long as there’s a non-profit over in the corner at the event, even if she doesn’t collude with them? Is that the cover story Haspel will continue using to justify her interactions with the most hated, sinister company on the planet–Monsanto? This is the epitome of buckracking. (5)


    Get to Know the Shills of the Biotech Industry

    In “slang terms” they would be called the “players club,” but in the health realm they are deferred to as the GMO propagandists. Jon Entine, Kevin Folta, Keith Kloor, Amy Harmon, Tamar Haspel, Poul Thorsen, Gilbert Ross, Henry Miller – these are some of the best paid puppets of the chemical agriculture industrial complex of the USA. This is a deep-seeded interest in controlling the world’s seeds, modifying them by inserting the genes of toxic pesticides, and declaring it’s the way to save a starving, depleted, diseased world. These are the “headmasters” of propaganda, (3) the worst type of character on earth that sells poison under a cloak of “journalism” or “education.” Biotech “front groups” employ, enlist and recruit “players” who will say what they want, when they want it, and on cue at any conference, lawsuit, testimony to public officials, testimony to federal regulators, testimony to city council, to the FDA, to the CDC, to whomever. The players club means you are 100% sold on the topic of genetically modified organisms in anything, anywhere, anytime. You will speak only positively and never negatively, always selling the public on the safety and security of the whole industry and chemical-agriculture or “chem-ag-science.” (7) (9)


    These shills are also often hired as character assassins, to take on the people who ask the toughest questions and who lead the organic industry in their fight for clean food. Were Hitler’s hired hands, his scientists and propagandists, innocent of the crimes of killing humans (Jews) with deadly chemicals? Does it matter if it happens overnight or over the period of ten or twenty years? Is there a difference in this pesticide genocide of Americans we are witnessing, or has muddy, dirty journalism polluted the thinking waters so much that the Washington Post can get away with promoting RoundUp’s glyphosate via Tamar Haspel’s food column?


    As recently reported by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of NaturalNews.com,

    U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the fraud and corruption surrounding the food industry, launched an investigation into the intimate and unethical relationship between the biotech industry and university faculty and staff, which is used to manipulate public opinion about GMOs and to coerce the government into passing legislation supportive of Big Ag’s patented seeds and pesticides. The investigation, which is still ongoing, reveals how biotech industry giants Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences and others, buy academics employed by taxpayer-funded universities to push GMOs and lobby Congress to pass legislation favorable of their products, with one of the most high-profile examples including attempts to derail states’ rights to enact GMO-labeling laws.” (6)


    On October 16, Haspel is scheduled to speak to the Cornell Alliance for Science, a pro-GMO group that is petitioning against U.S. Right to Know’s FOIA requests. The “players club” is up-in-arms that they’ve been uncovered, that their tracks have been revealed, and that they are shown ON PAPER colluding and conspiring to spread propaganda as worded and ordered by Monsanto, whether indirectly or directly.


    Investigation of the agrichemical industries and the front groups, professors and journalists who speak for them

    The police always know when they’ve “hit a nerve” with a criminal or conspiracy advocate when the suspect gets really defensive “out of the blue.” Similarly, it’s easy to see that Tamar Haspel is wrapped up and hogtied in her dealings with the biotech industry as the U.S. Right to Know FOIA (freedom of information act) requests have “come home to roost” – putting her own words on the public chopping block thanks to a corrupt public scientist from the University of Florida, one Dr. Kevin Folta, GMO salesman and huckster extraordinaire. Folta and Haspel are involved and collude in the same set of documents viewable right HERE.

    Haspel has been critical of the FOIA requests, freaking out on Twitter calling the man responsible for the exposure “mean-spirited” and says Gary Ruskin (head of USRTK) is involved in a “self-interested attack.” So this means that it is mean-spirited to report a criminal for criminal activity? Maybe next Haspel will refer to Ruskin as “Un-American” for exposing the auspicious and nefarious collusion of Biotech, the USDA, the FDA, public scientists, academics, reporters and journalists who all promote chemicals in the US food supply.

    Is the New York Times also “mean-spirited” or selfish for publishing the collusion? What if your doctor was prescribing the wrong drugs for you because he was paid by some Big Pharma company to say they were perfect for you? Would it be selfish or mean to report this? Haspel is desperately trying to muddy the waters and put U.S. Right to Know group on their heels, but it’s not working out for her. The U.S. Right to Know is a consumer advocacy group that exposes what the food industry doesn’t want American consumers to know, so neither Monsanto or Haspel will be able to stop them from publishing the truth, especially when public scientists are involved, whose information is subject to state public records requests, investigation and publication. (8)

    Haspel is knee deep in it, as they say, and her pro-agrichemical stories are not award-worthy journalism but rather regurgitated GMO propaganda she’s obviously, and according to her own words, being compensated quite well to promote. There’s no writing or “reporting” your way out of this one – Ms. Haspel. This is the definition of shill for those who are not aware–just ask Kevin Folta – GMO-pushing horticulturalist from University of Florida (10). Colluding with Jon Entine and the nefarious PR firm Ketchum is the ultimate bottom-feeding for GMO propaganda.


    Mainstream media journalists are Monsanto operatives

    It’s hard to believe but it’s true; several Monsanto operatives have been uncovered as prominent persons, including best-selling authors, celebrity entertainers like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and journalists for some of the most popular newspapers and online news sources, such as Forbes.com, the Washington Post, Discover, Slate, Nature, and various “science-based” websites. Many of these charlatans openly admit to accepting funds to speak on behalf of GMO technology and hawk whatever products, processes or toxic herbicidal applications the corporations tell them to hawk. They’ll work it into their repertoire or they’ll simply say what they are told in order to keep getting paid. Whether or not they know the true health and environmental detriment GMO besieges upon us, they are actively and aggressively promoting something that is in direct conflict of interest with their career choice and those career ethics. Top it off with character attacks on clean food activists and it’s delving into sleazy, evil and capitalistic ends to justify criminal means. (11) Tamar Haspel needs to go back to farming oysters on Cape Cod and writing about cuisine, preferably that which is not GMO.



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