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    Syngenta AG is the world’s largest crop chemical producer–a biotechnology company. Sales of Syngenta AG’s chemical genetically modified (GMO) seeds is about the same amount in US dollars as the entire organic food business, according to 2014 statistics, which equates to $15 billion per year. A global Swiss agrochemical business formed in 2000 in a merger of Zeneca Agrochemicals and Novartis Agribusiness, Syngenta AG ranks third in the world for sales of genetically modified seeds. Syngenta’s own “seeds” run much deeper than the year 2000, and in ways the history books in schools will never tell. In fact, the Novartis side of Syngenta is really a conglomerate of three other “crop-protecting” chemical companies, Sandoz Laboratories, Ciba and Geigy, which started added carcinogens to crops for profits way back in the mid-1700s and late 1800s.


    Also, Zeneca Agro was a piece of AstraZeneca (Imperial Chemical Industries) of the UK from the early 1900s. In 2004, Syngenta went to work on American corn and soy, just as the European Union (EU) ended their 6-year moratorium on Monsanto’s GMO corn. At the same time, Switzerland started a 5-year ban on GMO farming, undermining the Syngenta agenda of spreading chemically-laden and patented seeds throughout Europe and on their “home turf.” (1) (2)


    The Big Six: Main competition for Syngenta includes Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow and Dupont

    Just last year, Monsanto tried to buyout Syngenta for a figure approaching $40 billion. Monsanto then sweetened the deal and “upped the anti” but still Syngenta rejected and ended negotiations by August of 2015. The chemical pesticide business has never been larger and more monopolized than it is right now. We are almost back to the days of IG Farben, the pharma conglomerate that Hitler utilized to decimate 6 million people in WWII, thanks to the use of fluoride, nerve gas, insecticide and experimental pharmaceuticals created by the same scientists that work for these biotech seed monopolies today.


    All the agri-business Big 6 companies deal in chemicalizing corn and soy with fungicides, insecticides and pesticidal-gene-infusion of seeds called “transgenic,” where unnatural insertion of other organisms genes that kill insects and weeds are inserted into the plant DNA in laboratories, before the seeds ever touch soil. In 2014 alone, Syngenta’s “crop protection” products bankrolled them $11 billion just in the US total sales, which accounts for three-fourths of their total sales income. The Environmental Protection Agency likes Syngenta very much ($$$) and approved their “triple stack” corn seeds with their INSECTICIDAL TRAIT gene, that kills corn pests. Dow cross licenses this with Syngenta for soybeans also, called “Herculex,” –a combination of the names “Hercules” and “Lex Luthor” – the villain from Superman movies (supposedly to be an inside joke at Biotech).


    20 years after the end of WWII, toxic “Atrazine” weed-killer gets introduced for use in US corn, soy, cotton and sugarcane

    How quickly did the US agri-businesses begin putting cancer-causing chemicals on US crops after Hitler used the some of the same ingredients, like Zyklon-B, to murder millions of people in gas chambers? Twenty years. Atrazine was also used on residential lawns, golf courses and agriculture across America and Australia. The EU banned it while the EPA says it doesn’t affect animals. Big lie. Crops pollinated by bees are of major concern to the European Commission, but in the United States, where regulatory agencies are revolving doors for Biotech reps and scientists and CEOs and CFOs, hardly a chemical is ever banned, especially since Biotech began their reign and infiltrated the US government and the FDA, CDC, USDA, EPA and AMA in the mid-1980s.


    Though bee pollination is crucial for the survival of most food, US regulatory agencies look the other way when paid the right amount of capital and investments and stocks and promised profits, including those that accumulate from Big Pharma companies that manufacture chemotherapy and expensive hospital oncologist equipment. Fifty years later and cancer attacks one out of every three Americans and KILLS half of them, and the “March for Cancer” is all one big fraudulent propaganda machine to garner even more cash capital from the misinformed masses who feel sorry for their friends and relatives that are dying from cancer right now. So much for the “war on cancer”–rather it was a war “for” cancer going on behind the scenes across America and infecting the corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, you name it.


    Galecron insecticide removed from markets in 1988 because studies proved it causes cancer–then approved at lower doses for cotton!

    Syngenta’s predecessor Ciba-Geigy, as mentioned earlier, manufactured and marketed chlordimeform insecticide (Galecron) in 1966 and it stayed on market for over twenty years, before regulatory authorities pulled in after citing LONG TERM TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH that was ongoing at the time clearly showing Galecron WAS CAUSING CANCER. What did Syngenta do in 1995? They covered US workers’ medical treatments who were exposed to it in high doses (they called it “employee health monitoring”), as they found the insecticide’s metabolites in their urine. That’s when Ciga-Geigy (the old Syngenta AG) lowered the poison dose for cotton use. It took twenty two years to ban it after that. In 2005 Syngenta reported they were still “monitoring” employee health at the Switzerland site. So much for US worker’s health and well-being, and every American that consumes genetically mutated “Frankenfood.” Syngenta also dabbles in bio-fuels and ethanol, which ruins the engines of automobiles over time (like “cancer” for cars and trucks).



    2001: Syngenta fights Bayer over patent infringement for their bee-killing insecticide of the neonicotinoid class

    The US Patent and Trademark Office settles suits for patent infringements for biotech patents of seeds and chemical pesticides manufactured for GMO corn, cotton, soy, canola and other synthetic vegetables for oil and food production and processing. Syngenta won the patent infringement battle against Bayer for their neonicotinoid insecticide in 2001. Then, Syngenta sued Monsanto a year later for antitrust violations regarding corn and soy patents. Monsanto countersued and they settled years later, in 2008.


    May of 2012: Atrazine poisons water supply-subject of class action lawsuit by city of Greenville, Illinois

    Atrazine, in turns out, doesn’t just kill bees, but adversely affects the health of humans by showing up in the water supply. Who knew? Syngenta and the EU, that’s who knew. That suit was settled for over $100 million, which tells you how much Syngenta profits from its manufacturing, marketing and sales. One hundred million dollars is just a drop in the bucket for Syngenta. Six other US states have sued Syngenta for the same reason in federal courts just since 2010. Now Syngenta is facing multiple lawsuits from farmers and even shipping companies over “Viptera” GMO corn. More than half of all US states have cases involving losses in US grain market prices and financial HARM thanks to Syngenta’s Viptera. These same court cases contend that Syngenta acts irresponsibly.


    Syngenta gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to US federal candidates and political parties

    The biotech giant contributed lobbying “expenditures” to the tune of over $1,000,000 in the US in 2012.


    November 2013: Chinese officials destroy a US grain shipment containing Viptera–leading to $3 billion in US losses

    All US shipments of genetically modified and compromised grain were rejected by the Chinese two years ago because they contained the Viptera grain. This caused US corn prices to drop $4 per bushel. Even though China later approved the GM corn, it was too late and the US market remained tanked.


    2012: Syngenta covers up data from 1996 (that they found themselves from research) proving Bt corn kills livestock

    Animal feed is a sensitive subject, and farmers all across the United States have to make big decisions about whether to feed their livestock what they would normally eat, or go cheap and feed them genetically modified corn, soy, alfalfa and processed pesticide-laden foods proven to give laboratory rats cancer. Here is top notch validated and independent long term study on GM corn and GM soy and the effects on shortened animal lifespan and toxicity reveals horrific golf-ball sized cancer tumors within months. (3) And then there’s the sheep study. (4) (5)


    Jump back to 1996: Syngenta’s Bt 176 corn kills 4 cows in just TWO DAYS

    An important study was cut short when four cows died after only 48 hours of consuming Bt 176 Syngenta corn. Sound the alarms. The farmer involved first started feeding his cattle the toxic corn in 1997, when Syngenta was allowed by the government to run their FIELD TRIALS on farmer Gloeckner’s land. Three years later, the only food the cows were eating was Syngenta’s Bt 176. So much for natural grass and natural alfalfa that the cows would have eaten if living free. Five years later more cows died, and then more, and by 2002, Gloeckner removed ALL GMOs from their diet, but not soon enough to avoid intestinal damages and DECREASED milk production.


    Still Syngenta tried to cover everything up in the 2007 civil court case. Syngenta had already forked over a sizeable sum to compensate Gloeckner for more than 60 deaths from his herd caused by eating Bt 176 Frankencorn. Biotech companies would rather settle with millions of dollars than to admit their “science” is quack, and that synthetic pesticides and chemical herbicides and spliced pesticidal genes are toxic to anything and everything that touches or eats them regularly, including the lab rats, the dairy cows, the dairy farmers and the other humans roaming the globe, eating blindly.


    Gloeckner discovers Syngenta’s study on Bt 176

    The farmer was joined in his mission to sue Syngenta by a German activist group. Syngenta lied to beat court cases for years and this time it all backfired. The toxicity study that proved the GM corn killed cows was Syngenta’s OWN study, which completely destroys the typical biotech narrative that says they run their own safety research before field testing and before selling to the farmers and public dangerous and even carcinogenic feed and food. Plus independent studies reveal the same cancerous effects, which are now all redeemed by science-backed and science-based evidence run by the biotech criminals themselves.


    2015: Syngenta still promise high yields through monoculture, while they ravage the soil of minerals and feed animals synthetic pesticides

    The practice of monoculture means the farmers aren’t rotating crops year after year and they’re not looking after soil health anymore. This is what Biotech contracts bring to the table for farmers of all sizes across America–small, medium, mid-sized and large-scale included. This is what the contract demand, or farmers lose their leases, equipment, animal feed, and get sued additionally by huge corporate agri-businesses that ruin their lives, land and livelihood in the process. Syngenta is one of the Big 6 and is no different than Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow and BASF in this regard. (10) It’s a formula for money for biotech and a formula for failure and sickness for the farmers who are sold on it and buy into it. Soil loses selenium and chromium from GMO, nutrients that were abundant in soil before the 1990s.


    Animals die of “unknown causes” and suffer ailments, which are really digestive nightmares, severe bacterial imbalances, severe hormone imbalances, and cancer that goes undetected and untested because the CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are wrought with disgusting, toxic and prison-like conditions for the animal quarters. Immunity of the farm animals and the humans is compromised by Syngenta’s crop chemicals and seed chemicals and pesticide-laden produce. It’s just that simple and insidious.


    The Big 6 Biotech companies are the companies that want complete control of the world’s seeds, so that they can infuse pesticide genes into all of them and then put their investments and capital into stocks with Big Pharma names written all over them. When country all reports to the doctors and hospitals for the pain-relieving drugs that are advertised on television (with all those crazy side effects), companies like Syngenta are empowered, but when consumers are aware of their rap sheet of falsified research, huge cash settlements for killing cattle with GM corn, and lying in court, then Syngenta loses business and power, (9) and the organic communities can strengthen their mission. This era is the end of the “golden rice” myth and the deconstruction of the thirty-year GMO lies and deceit.


    In fact, a fictional “World Scientific Consensus” about GMO has been perpetuated over recent years in mainstream media outlets and is proclaimed as “science” and “science-based” and “evidence-based” by the very manufactures, distributors and sellers of genetically modified organisms in agriculture in the United States of America. Yet, there is no world scientific consensus on GMO. It is a completely fabricated version, since scientific safety research – and that which is NOT done by the industries in question, is not readily made available to the public.



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