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    The most popular and well-funded breast cancer organization in the United States is most easily recognized by the name Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Since 1982 the non-profit breast cancer foundation has spent over a billion dollars worldwide to promote cancer prevention, however, their financial rating and view of organic foods being unsafe has affected their popularity in the States as of late. Criticized for its use of donor funds and choices in sponsors, like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), cancer education by Komen is in full swing, with a huge push for mammograms all over the world, and has brought into question these means to an end, if there is one. Scientific reviews of mammograms suggest an increased risk of developing breast cancer from too much radiation, plus mammograms run the risk of false-positive readings. To boot, deep-fried meat consumption certainly doesn’t promote health and wellness, especially for women (and men) fighting breast cancer.


    Yet, the family struggle with cancer for Komen is real. Susan Goodman Komen was born in 1943 and was diagnosed with breast cancer by age 33, and died of cancer at age 36. Her younger sister Nancy founded the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in her sister’s memory in 1982. By 2008, the name was changed to “Komen for the Cure” and any organization that used ” … for the cure” in their title, on t-shirts or bumper stickers could and would be sued for trademark infringement. “Race for the Cure” became their signature event and pink ribbons the signature “decor” for each event.


    The Komen theme is “early detection saves lives” and this is true, but the push of buckets of fried chicken appeals to junk-science food addiction, obesity and clogged arteries, and consumption of monosodium glutamate (MSG), a known carcinogen, is certainly a far cry from anything anti-cancer.


    Consuming hydrogenated oils that come from genetically modified crops seems hypocritical, and worse, Komen Foundation does not even use the proceeds from the KFC sales as part of the contribution campaign – the very money that is supposed to be used to help find a cure, and though their website proclaims that “each bucket makes a difference …” (1) – – their disclaimer says they don’t necessarily use chicken bucket purchase money for finding a cure and that customer purchases of buckets “do not increase the total contribution.” Some would consider this fraud and very misleading to the people who really want to prevent breast cancer and not just walk, march or race at an event that says they support it.


    Pink Buckets of Hydrogenated Oil and MSG for the Cure?

    Many health enthusiasts believe there are already many cures for cancer, and prevention is achieved through the consumption of raw organic food and properly filtered water. On its website, Komen claims the benefits of consumption of organic food are controversial due to lack of research. It explains that higher nutritional value in food and less or no toxic pesticides has little scientific evidence proving benefits, even though there is concrete research that says the following: “Researchers have found that organically grown crops contain anywhere from 18-69% more antioxidants and 10-100 times less pesticide residue,” as reported by Mass Report and also the Guardian in July of 2014. (3)


    So instead, Komen sells bottles of alcoholic Mike’s Hard Lemonade and carcinogenic chicken at their events for the loyal supporters of their “search for the cure.” It has been revealed, through research, that acrylamide chemicals produced during frying process (of chicken for example) spur the growth of cancer cells. Plus monosodium glutamate, coating the skin of KFC chicken, is a known cancer promoter, so the marching public needs to reconsider exactly what they are marching for, why, when, and how they spend their money to represent what they want. Pink buckets for the cure, pink M&M candies (Mars company sponsored) made with genetically modified corn sugar, and “hard” (alcoholic) lemonade in a pink-washed bottle may just be a huge billboard announcement for getting cancer, not curing or preventing it. (2) It’s just common sense to not eat artificial colorings and processed sugars if you are trying to prevent or fight cancer, yet Komen endorses and promotes this lifestyle while encouraging donations to their auspicious organization that sports toxic products presented with pink logos and packaging by huge corporate interests at their events. Komen Foundation takes in more than $55 million a year from sponsors like PepsiCo and KFC, and CEO of Komen, Nancy Brinker – – takes home an annual salary approaching $700,000. Non-profit is looking much like cold cash profit to Brinker.
    December of 2014: Komen claims organic food may be harmful and not safe

    Recently, Komen (Foundation) has claimed that eating organic food could be worse than eating conventional (and/or genetically modified foods). Since most conventional corn, soy, canola and cottonseed are GMO, Komen is essentially promoting pesticide consumption as a staple food for people fighting cancer, promoting it all during cancer awareness month, where Komen is even sponsored by PepsiCo products and candy made from processed sugar. Komen warns their fans that research “… has not confirmed that lower amounts of pesticides are causally related to preventing certain diseases or conditions.” So then promotion of pesticides in food is clear of present danger? This is misleading and a very far leap. In fact, when plants are NOT sprayed with synthetic pesticides, they typically produce more phenols and polyphenols to protect themselves and these compounds have been found to have a powerful role in boosting the immune system of humans. The Komen “cause” is highly commercialized and could be turning sickness for a profit. (4)


    Per the Komen website safety page, it reads:

    “There is currently a lack of safety information on organic food conclusively due to insufficient human study. Organic food is generally assumed to be at least as safe as conventional foods.” (5)


    Komen Foundation also contends with research that reveals the bra-cancer link, showing 100 times higher breast cancer risk among 24/7 bra-wearers. In fact, women who go braless have as low of breast cancer rates as men. Komen sites no biological link has been proven, but biology is not the only factor at play with causes of cancer; moreover, most cancer comes from chemical consumption rather than inherited genes or gene predisposition, like the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. (6) Obstructing lymph flow could be a major cause of breast cancer, as well as using chemical-laden deodorants and antiperspirants that contain toxic and pore-clogging aluminum. Perhaps that is why most breast cancer tumors originate in the upper-quadrant of the breast closest to the armpit. Perhaps Americans are engaging in a killer culture that causes breast cancer while marching “for the cure” that is right in their own hands – – prevention. (7) By false-informing the public that organic food is not safe, the Susan Komen Foundation is quietly promoting genetically modified foods that contain pesticide, which cause cancer.(8) Similar promotion of GMO comes from Bill Nye the “Science Guy.” (9)


    Free mammograms by Komen accused of being “Scam-o-grams” that cause cancer


    Funded mainly by drug companies and mammogram manufacturers, the Susan G. Komen “for the Cure” Foundation and organization grows in financial power auspiciously while the conventional cancer industry grows. Mammograms have been proven to subject women to high doses of ionizing radiation and most possibly unnecessarily. The Komen Foundation auspiciously owns stock in General Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of mammogram machines in the world. Komen also owns stock in AstraZeneca, a giant pharmaceutical company. Dupont is a huge chemical company that supplies film used in mammography machines and Dupont is also a major player in the genetically modified crop “biotech” industry. The “Race for the Cure” could be a race to support industries that create chemicals that pollute farms with carcinogenic pesticides that breed cancer. The benefits of mammograms and their screenings may just be propaganda and false advertising that fuels the lucrative cancer industrial complex.


    False alarms, in other words, false-positive readings of mammograms is also very high. Up to half of all women who receive mammograms for a decade of their lives will have at least one “false alarm.” This is very stressful and can lead directly to unnecessary surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which in itself can cripple immunity and cause new cancers to develop in the body. Expensive chemotherapy drugs are made by the same drug companies that donate money to “Komen for the Cure” and promote mammograms. To ignore the harms of screening and embrace unnecessary chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is not preventative “medicine” or measures by any means. By misrepresenting statistics and omitting facts of science, Komen for the Cure is not offering benefits to women interested in preventing or curing cancer, but rather pushing a for-profit agenda disguised as non-profit, with plenty of corporate sponsors paving the way.

    Currently, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a company with assets approaching $400 million, and only twenty percent of these funds were reportedly used each year for research for the cure for cancer, where the rest goes to pay obscene executive salaries, cushy bonuses and to help fund “pink ribbon” corporate-sponsored fund-raising events. The Komen CEO and president makes half-a-million dollars a year plus, and that’s more than the President of the United States is paid. Critics now say Komen engages in crimes against humanity, targeting their “mobile cancer stations” at low income neighborhoods, like in Detroit, where breast cancer among African American women is far more common. (10)

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