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    It was thought for years, and still is by many today, that Dr. Jonas Salk, the “God” of cult pharmacology, invented the polio vaccine, but in actuality, he really did nothing more than conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients, and now his whole history has come into question regarding bioethics in general. In fact, Dr. Salk had nothing to do with the decline in mortality from infectious diseases whatsoever, including polio.


    Beginning in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in deaths from ALL infectious diseases, receding to minor levels by the early 1900s. Why? History shows us that societies underwent a transformation to healthier living habits, and vitamins were discovered that increase immunity, like vitamin D. Yet, behind closed doors, the American Medical Association would prove to be the starting ground for a massive fear and propaganda campaign waged by the pharmaceutical manufacturers, and aided by scientists who faked test results on vaccines for money. The media, including newspapers, medical journals and magazines would also play a major role in suppressing information about natural immunity, including now the television news. Rather the media would push horrifying pictures of the few people, including children, that suffered paralysis from Polio to scare people into believing in vaccines and chemical drugs. America was trained a century ago to fear infectious disease without questioning science at all, and let the government inoculate the “weak” and “immune deficient” human body, that is riddled with genetic flaws and susceptibility to germs, bacteria, viruses and anything the CDC, FDA and AMA say is a pandemic.


    Key historical information is missing from the allopathic “dictionaries” and the mouths of physicians across America. Facts and figures must be discussed and considered, from long-overlooked medical journals and books, including myth-shattering graphs revealing the mass decline of infectious disease before vaccines, and before antibiotics and pharmaceuticals came into the picture at all. The medical profession is trained to ignore the truth. Live virus vaccines against paralytic poliomyelitis carry with them the inherent difficulty of controlling live viruses once they are placed in a live person (in vivo). (1)


    The true story of polio involves vaccine-induced paralytic polio caused by the Salk vaccines. In addition, Dr. Albert Sabin’s version of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) continues to cause paralysis in vaccine recipients now, in 2015. History may prove that the dreaded virus that crippled our ancestors was injected into people as part of a sick medical experiment. The same historical trail of evidence may uncover the truth about smallpox while “dissolving illusions” and hypochondriac-driven myths of the Western allopathic medical world. (2)


    The Decline of Infectious Diseases Came BEFORE the Vaccination Propaganda

    Unfortunately, infant immunity has been misunderstood by immunologists. Interrupting normal immunity with injections of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and combinations of live viruses that can work in tandem can be completely unpredictable. Pro-vaccine doctors often cite “peer reviewed literature” to prove points, but a closer look proves the opposite, which reveals a sick population of vaccinated children those same pro-vax physicians supposedly care for.

    Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in the deaths from all these infectious diseases, decreasing by the mid-1900s to very low levels. By the 1920s and 30s doctors were very relaxed over the same diseases our mass media present today like it’s the plague. Most infectious diseases were simply holidays from school for kids who had normal immune systems that weren’t beat down by carcinogenic “medicines” and suffering inflammation from neurologically-impairing heavy metal toxins. Today, Western Medicine has frightened parents into believing their children will likely die young if not inoculated with a schedule of over thirty injections by age six, starting from the day the child is born. Measles, small pox and polio are not the plague or Ebola. Any well-nourished child who gets adequate vitamin A and D will normally recover just fine.

    The allopathic approach to medicine simply fabricated the information that led the public to believe that normal baby’s and children’s immune systems are “defective” and “inadequate” and must be shocked into action with a potent adjuvant like aluminum. To make matters worse, for decades, polio vaccines injected into tens of millions of people contained SV40 – – which are cancer viruses. This was admitted by a top level Merck vaccine scientist named Dr. Maurice Hilleman. (4)

    It is an historical fact that up to 98 million Americans were exposed to hidden cancer viruses when they got injected with the supposed “polio vaccine.” Dr. Jonas Salk co-authored a clinical trial that injected experimental flu vaccine into male patients at the state insane asylum in Michigan. Dr. Salk (3) then exposed his human “lab rats” to the flu several months later. He used senile victims so he wouldn’t have to obtain rational consent to participate in his criminal experiments, otherwise, his unethical and illegal tests would have been impossible to run. Salk was functioning in utter violation of medical ethics and the law. Still, for decades the vaccine industry has openly allowed criminal scientists to operate its clinical trials, even when human victims are abused, permanently injured or killed in the process.

    Big Pharma manipulates history to convince America to vaccinate

    By the late 1940s and 1950s, U.S. pharmaceutical companies were growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to members from I.G. Farben, Hitler’s pharmaceutical regime from WWII, getting out of prison and going to work for the United States, in the realms of pesticides, fluoridated water, chemical-based pharmaceutical prescription drugs, synthetic chemical food additives, chemotherapy, and of course vaccines. Then came the boom in prisoner experiments funded by the US government and huge corporations. By the 1960s many US states allowed prisoners to be used as medical guinea pigs, much the way Hitler used Jews for dangerous, unethical, sketchy and unfounded medical experimentation. Salk was no hero of science, but the pharma-funded criminal racket of allopathy has published that he was a hero, because the medical industry needs people to believe 100% in vaccines and chemical medicine in order to maintain billion dollar industries like cancer, diabetes and the fear of infectious, but mainly benign diseases. (5)

    For example, Associated Press reports that in 1963, “Researchers injected cancer cells into 19 old and debilitated patients at a Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in the New York borough of Brooklyn to see if their bodies would reject them.” This was a pharma-funded experiment conducted by another criminal-minded researcher claiming to be carrying out “science.” Infecting blacks, Jews and prisoners was and is considered acceptable by Western Medicine in the mad, mad search for the cure for diseases that rarely threaten life. In fact, in widely covered congressional hearings in 1973, pharma industry officials admitted they were using prisoners for testing deadly chemicals because, “they were cheaper than chimpanzees.”

    The Great Sixty-Year Lie Continues for Uneducated Americans

    As history shows, Dr. Jonas Salk was implicated for taking part in a criminal conspiracy. The credit given Salk for ending polio is based on fraudulent misrepresentation of historical data, with help from the corrupt vaccine industry, in order to convince people that vaccines ended polio. The polio virus is now paralyzing increasing numbers of Pakistani youth and nearly all cases are occurring in children ALREADY VACCINATED. Last year alone there were 136 cases of infected youth and 107 of those had been administered multiple polio vaccinations. It is believed now that because viruses are injected LIVE that the child injected becomes a carrier for the first few weeks after the injection, thus disproving the entire “herd theory” that if all the vaccinated children stay close and keep the unvaccinated children at bay, nobody will get sick in the vaccinated bunch. The Western world has fallen for the sixty year polio con, hook line and sinker.

    OPV increases Polio cases of paralysis for the children of Pakistan

    Pakistani kids are being paralyzed, arms and legs, thanks to the oral polio vaccine (OPV) given to kids as many as four times before age four. (6) Many science professionals believe the type of polio vaccine administered is a significant cause of the problem.

    The IPV, or inactivated polio vaccine, developed by Jonas Salk, uses dead cells of poliomyelitis, whereas the OPV, or oral polio vaccine, developed by Albert Sabin, runs the virus through multiple animals in order to weaken the strain rather than kill it. The “deadened” but not dead strain is then injected into children’s muscle tissue with mercury and aluminum in order to conjure up artificially-enhanced immune system fight or flight reaction. The problem is that the vaccinated children are already struggling with compromised immune systems (7) from the rest of the series (schedule) of vaccines, and therefore may not be able to even fight off the weakened but live virus that’s hiding inside muscle tissue and traveling through the blood, sometimes crossing the blood/brain barrier with heavy metal toxins and carcinogens that are quite often used as emulsifiers. As these children battle the live virus, they are contagious and can SHED the live virus by simply coughing, sneezing or sharing food or drinks with other children. In fact, soon after vaccination, weakened polio virus can be found in children’s fecal matter. This can easily spread to communal water sources. Coincidentally, OPV is the vaccine “of choice” in Pakistan.

    Is the polio vaccine the cause of most of the current outbreaks? If there were no vaccines, would infectious diseases even be an issue today? There are to many loopholes and memory holes in the statistics to verify that, but what an act of insanity it is to implant infective products of disease into the bodies of hundreds of millions of healthy children in the US and around the world in order to prevent the possible development of a few mild cases of small pox, measles and polio. (8)



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